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Full Version: what ever happened to art busties???
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thanks sonik!

if any of you are feeling apathetic, here's a fantastic resource to boost your creativity:
Does anyone know any good sites for looking for art related jobs? I am neither a graphic designer or illustrator, and thats the only type of jobs i can find on the sites I've found. Any suggestions?
what kind of jobs are you looking for, tankgirl? i've always found to be a good resource, both as a place to look for jobs and as a place to post your resume. i'm not sure what services you're offering, but if you give me some more specifics i might have some more ideas.
i use craigslist right now, and every post i respond to i get no responce... either that or its all web jobs. basicly i have my bfa in fine arts and ive been out of school for a just a few years. right now im working in retail, my job is fine for now but im very uninspired working there.
my dream job would probably be working at a diy family type art gallery but i havent really found any resorces to find stuff like that. i worked as a screen printer for a while but that too was a lot of work and no creative input and plus working with kids still in high school made me really hate the job. id also like to be an artists assistant, i think that would be a great job, ive actiually done it for a summer and really enjoyed it. i live near boston, ma if that helps any.
ahh, boston, i went to art school in boston! i have to say, though, i wasn't too impressed with the art scene outside of the art schools though. gumby_cc is an artist in boston too, she might have some suggestions if she's around *paging gumby!!* ....what you could do would be research a bunch of galleries and send your resume to them. look in the dig or the phoenix for art openings and go check them out and if you like the gallery, send them your info. you could also try a staffing agency; i know psg is based in boston and they have a big creative section. again, it's mostly design and illustration, but you might find something that suits you:

not sure what your current retail job is but working at an art store or a coffeeshop is a great way to meet other creative types and network.

also, does your school have any sort of alumni employment assistance program? i know mine did if you were in the immediate area--you should look into that. good luck! and just keep at it--if you want it, and you work for it, it'll happen.
wow mouse.. thanks for the link to love it.
no prob, knorl smile.gif my problem is, when do i find the time to do it??

anyway, updates from me: i quit my job. friday will be my last day. i'm SO thrilled to leave there. i have gotten a new job, and it's the same sort of thing (t-shirts) but it's a more couture, better quality, more creative company and it looks like a great place to work. first of all, it's about half the commute, which is fantastic--and they have staff brainstorming meetings weekly and have a ton of art books lying around and people bring their dogs to the office and they give you "homework" like "go research 70's rock posters/typography/so and so artist/arts and crafts movement/etc and come back with ideas". they really push the envelope creatively and that was something that was sorely lacking in my old job. there, we mostly copied what other people did and a lot of things weren't allowed because the masses won't buy it. but at the new job, we're the ones people copy. i start the 19th and i'm super excited.

furthermore i've been doing a lot of pro-bono illustration work. i know, i know, i ranted about this earlier but i really thought long and hard about it, nobody's given me any trouble yet and every single piece is the kind of job i'd love to do for money but don't yet have the portfolio or contacts to land: i've done work for a really great local music newspaper, getting to illustrate bands/artists i'd kill to be associated with, i'm doing a gig poster for a friends' band who just got signed to bjork's label, and i'm doing the flyer for the mess with texas party at sxsw. i justify the free work because right now my design work is paying the bills quite well, i can afford to a: be choosy about what illo jobs i pick and b: not expect illustration to make my living; and because these are all pretty prestigious projects that will give my portfolio a lot more "pop-culture" cred.

oh and i'm also doing freelance textile design........but i'm not having much of a social life hah!

ETA: realized i already posted about the job--well i got it! yay!
CONGRATS!! That's great news, Mouse!
On the pro bono stuff..maybe you could see if you could get something else in return. Like, you help people now and maybe they can help you with something. Not really like quid pro quo, but more a way of exchanging favors when one feels up to it. I made fashion illustrations for my galpal and she made me a coat. I drew some more, and she gave me a considerable discount on a custom made summer jacket. Maybe that local newspaper could feature your work when you have new illo pieces ready. Bands you'sd kill to be associated with..that's a good thing yes? If so, why not send those bands a copy of the drawing you made, with your contact info. A ticket for the sxsw party? One can always try...and no hassle with taxes!

I'm currently working on artist portraits, as a means of updating my portfolio and to show i can do it. I drew Iggy Pop, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Missy Elliott. Now i'm working on portraits of people in hiphop, since that's the music i really dig. You know, Def Jux label, that kind of stuff. Since people like El-P (just bought a ticket for the show in Amsterdam!) and Cage have new releases due this year, i treat that as a deadline.

Portraits can be viewed on Go to 'illustration' and then click on my name (second from bottom).

I also volunteered to be in the committee of Nieuwe Garde (see couple posts down). So now i have meetings every week, i meet new people and i am assigned to do things i have no experience with. Colour me excited!

man, sonik, your stuff is so good. you deserve all the recognition you're getting, and more. i'm always blown away, especially by your backgrounds. i have a lot of trouble with backgrounds myself--i like to put people in white space. no no no.

i love the portraits, especially the missy elliott one!

and yeah, it goes w/o saying that i get into all the newspaper's parties and so forth--they're really just a fledgling publication themselves, they look really pro but it's really independent and nobody's making a profit yet. they only feature music and do an issue every week, one touring band and one local band--the touring band gets an illo and the local gets a photoshoot. since they relaunched it i've done illustrations for two of the three issues.

that's a really good idea about sending the illustrations to the bands themselves smile.gif thank you

man, i need to go to bed.
Mouse, I just got my page. hee hee! And congradulations on your new job---it's so thrilling to be moving on up (and away from a job that is bringing you down). And congradulations sonik! I love both your illustrations.

Tankgirl, Boston is a pretty suckie place for an art scene...that's why most people I went to school with who are really into establishing their art career end up moving after graduation...not to say that you can't find anything's just really really hard. There was a job opening in an art gallery on Newbury Street a few years back. What ended up happening is they were so completely swamped with resumes (mine included) that they canceled the search and just interviewed a couple of people from the resumes they got the first day.

One place to look would be on the SMFA artist resource center, theres a lot of different artist related jobs posted and you don't need to be a student to access it. You can check it on the SMFA website. and what mouse said, too. she's so smart smile.gif
Thank you thank you for the kind words, Mouse and Gumby. It means a lot to me!

I studied a lot of films when i was in art school. On the couch in my room, putting the video recorder on 'pause' and then drawing the scene i selected. After doing that a couple of times i would switch off the tv and make drawings myself. This way i practised at watching like a camera. In my mind i circle around an object or situation, wondering what the best angle will be, trying out a couple of things. That's how backgrounds became important. I've always sort of worked this way, but when i found out it was my forté i tried to get better at it, to improve myself. It was a lot of work, it (sometimes) still is.
Anyway, i sometimes like to draw outside of a frame, which is hard for me, because i get sucked into the scene-background thing again. Oh well, i should take my own advice and practice at that too.

Isn't it weird that Boston is no fun, art-wise? I've never actually been there, but it's a city with a lot of history, right? Hmm..

I'm so hyper at the moment. It must be because i drank 2 large mugs of coffee. I swore off coffee last week, just to try. Maybe i should build it up slowly again;)

that's a brilliant idea, sonik.....i actually had a teacher once give me a similar exercise for studying composition, but he said specifically hitchcock movies! hah!

it's funny, cos boston has some fantastic art museums and several really stellar art schools. i think part of the problem is that the population of boston is primarily either old moneyed boston brahmins who don't give a hoot about contemporary, independent art, or students who don't have the knowledge or resources to make it happen yet. and it's so close to new york, which has such a fantastic art scene, that it can't compete and doesn't really try to. the attitude is sort of "well, why do it here when you can do it in new york?". weird. that said, there're always one or two little start ups that are really promising, and just keep at it.

i didn't know smfa's artist resource center was available to non-students! that's a great idea for tankgirl.
thanks for the advice everyone! im actually planning on moving out of new england in a few years but i really cant do that until i make some money. the boston area is just so overpriced for the jobs available.

the school i went to also has a page with jobs listed and i have had good luck with them in the past. i was just looking to expand my horizons a bit, because i feel like im stuck in an art bubble and need an outsides advice.
it really hasnt done me much use talking to people that are in the same situation as me because chances are, if they fund a good job offer, they wouldnt tell me because they would be after it lol.

but anyway... thanks for the links. ill poke arund them and hopefully find some things im qualified for, as well would halfway enjoy.
You people know these sites?

The 2 top ones i check on a regular basis; k10k contains interesting links and a job offer here and there. Also collaborations/ projects under 'specials'. Designiskinky and k10k are the same kind of thing (as is newstoday, but sometimes k10k and DiK have the same newsitems). DiK is in Australia and k10k in the U.S.
Wooster collective is a great site about street art in all his forms and contains all kind of links. Wooloo is a portfolio site; you can mail your work. Boingboing is a meta blog, great one btw.

mouse, congrats on the new job, sounds great.
sonik, cool illustrations!
tankgirl, good luck with your search. you may stumble into something that's more creative than you expected.

i graduated with a BFA in fine arts and a concentration in photography, and worked as a newspaper photog for about 5 years full-time after a brief stint at a stock photo agency. i loved the freedom it allowed, with time and creativity, but i quickly got tired of working weekends and holidays and getting paid so crappy. i switched back to stock photography but as a photo editor for books, picking photos and arranging photo shoots. i thought i was selling out and hated the idea of a 9-5, but it's more rewarding than i thought, looking at all sorts of images all day and learning about topics i never might have before. we're working on a book about dorothea lange and it's like i'm curating a show of her work! and i still shoot lots for fun and freelance for some papers.

anyway, i've always looked for and found a few jobs at mediabistro , but yeah, it's mostly publishing jobs.
I am walking down a street near my house and I see a clapboard that says, Kids' Art Classes- X Art Center
I think to myself, "I would love to teach kid's art classes. That would be so great. I should come back and check it out someime." And then I think, "Who am I kidding. Come back when, on my day off when I'm bored? Because that's today."

So I walk in, introduce myself, chat a bit with the woman there, Melissa- fourth year at my art school, at which I am only a first year- other 3 teachers there are also from my school. I tell her a bit about myself and she asks for my resume and anything I have about what I've done. And she says, "Oh, well send me your resume and come in for a class and we'll see how it goes." She gives me the schedule and it so doesn't work for me but I'll MAKE it work. If I get it.

I'm so scared, I'm so scared, I'm so fucking scared. What do I do? I need my resume to be impressive, but not embellished. I need to be honest, to be myself, but also to get it done.

I'm so proud of myself for being brave on walking in there, but I don't know what to do next!

I organized and ran a drop-in youth group for grade 4-5's a few years ago with my friend which also included some art related stuff, I've helped/mentored/tutored my friends in art classes, and I've got one year of university (pre-art school but mostly art credits)

Can you busties be of any Help? Or moral support?
Whoohoo! Glassyk!

That's awesome that you walked in! If they didn't believe in you, then they wouldn't have offered a class to you! No one wants you to fail! You are gonna do really really great. I was really nervous before I taught my first class too, but as long as the kids have fun, it doesn't really matter if it didn't turn out how you like. Many congradulations!!!!!!
glassk, there's no reason to be worried or scared!! you sound perfect for the job. the youth group thing is great since it proves you have great organizational and leadership skills, and that you have previous experience working with kids. the mentor/tutor thing speaks to your patience and ability to communicate. you already have the art skills, you know how to impart them to other people, you've worked with kids, and you ran your own freaking youth group--i don't see how they couldn't want you. seriously, you sound GREAT on paper, there's no need to worry. believe in yourself!

(ETA: i started my new job! it's so frigging great! compared to my last job, it's a goddamn dream. my commute is a third of what it was and i don't even have to get on a freeway...if there weren't skyscrapers in the way i could see my house from the office. they have creative meetings every week, everybody is really funny and laid back and friendly with each other, and my creative director is so super nice and communicates well. it's like night and day. i'm thrilled. wanna know what i did for a good portion of today? painted. actually got up out of the computer chair (which btw is actually ergonomically correct and doesn't make my feet fall asleep like the old one did), got watercolors and brushes and bristol, and PAINTED. i've been there three days, and two of the three i've spent doing artwork WITH MY HANDS, OFF THE COMPUTER. hallelujah)
Somewhat cross posted with (from??) the Kvetch up thread:

I've been busy; i meet lots of new people and i am much less stressed than i was a couple of months ago..i met some interesting and highly inspirational people who changed my outlook on life.

Some posts down i wrote about drawing musicians and stuff. When i had finished a couple of those drawings i thought it would be nice if i made portraits of people whose music have had a huge impact on me (and i would like to work with them!). I made two drawings of emcees i respect very much, and last week one of them was performing in Amsterdam. I went to the gig, carrying with me packages containing the drawings (which gave me 5 chances), a personal note and my business card.
After the show i gave it to him and he was surprised, i guess that is because he was expecting to have to sign something, instead of being given something. I think he recognised himself in the picture because he said 'wow!'. The drawings are much larger that what i'd given him (i'll send the large formats to the record label anyway), but i think it's good to do this kind of thing face to face. He' a very sympathetic guy, very down to earth. I was psyched i managed to do this and give it to him, because when planning this thing i was very nervous (read: scared shitless, very chuffed that i overcame the nervousness).

Hey, Glassk, how are things with the job? Like others have said, good for you to just go in and do it! Recognising fear and going over it. Keep us posted and good luck!!

And how're you doing Mouse? Your job sounds great!
sonik! that is SO cool. what emcee? and yeah, i bet more often than not they expect to have to sign things instead of being given a gift. i bet you made his day.

i'm doing well! i've been doing more illustrations for the local music newspaper and then through one of their editors i got a hookup for another gig at an alternative paper in long beach, which is really cool. i just finished an illustration for them and the editor really liked it. i also have the tiniest possibility of another project which is so cool that i'm not going to jinx myself by talking more about it. and my fulltime job is still awesome, and i wholeheartedly love it if i ignore the tiny voice that keeps nagging that i don't want to be doing apparel graphics my entire life.

oh, and apparently american idol contestants wear my company's shirts on tv. wtf.
Mouse, that's wtf indeed! Your work is going around, that's awesome! Fingers crossed for that new cool project! SO good to hear things are going your way! And please ignore the nagging voice; through this job you get experiences you wouldn't have had otherwise (it looks good on you resume, right?) and you get to know people who might one day be of importance in your own network. Or they might just put you through to other people who might be important for you. Maybe it seems like a longshot, but these things happen unknowingly, you know, that in hindsight you see you've actually benefited from something or from knowing someone. This job is partly an investment you make for your own future as an illustrator.

The emcee was El-P, ex-Company Flow, he founded Def Jux, the New York indie hiphop label. The show was great, btw.
Feminism & Art section in Washington Post

Ello art busties!! I'm new to the board. I've been rooting through all of this forum, though. I was hoping some of you would be assistance to me, you all see quite wise. I'm currently a fine arts major, and have contemplated art education. I know that both don't guarentee jobs anymore, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice to give. It's almost time for me to decide, so I'm keeping brown paper bags close at hand... to hyperventilate into. Also, if it would be wise to just do both... this is sort of what I wish I could do but skeptical because of the load and not to mention student loans. Any help would be great! I love all of your artwork, it has inspired me so much. It's wonderful to have creative women to look towards. Ya-ya! Thank you thank you thank you. blink.gif tongue.gif
hey annie! welcome to bust. first stop, hie thee to the newbies thread and introduce yourself formally and review our guidelines (DON'T start any new threads EVER, unless first fully approved by the community forum, on pain of bustie death, being rule #1, 2 AND 3).

after you've done that, come back and read the rest of this post tongue.gif

re: your question, i'm not sure what your school offers or whether you're talking grad or undergrad, but my art school offered a five year program for art education which included a diploma degree for art (just studio, no liberal arts, so it wasn't a bfa) and then teaching certification. you might look into whether your school offers something like that. there's also the option of taking some basic education classes at a local community college and then transferring the credits. if i were you, i would probably try really hard to do both, but only if you really *WANT* to teach and aren't just using it as a "if i don't get a job just doing art" backup. good luck!
Oh oh oh! I have news!

I didn't really have anything more to say because I didn't hear back from them after I dropped in my resume so I thought, "fuck it."

Than I got an email and it said, "Why dont' you come in?"

It wasn't so much an interview as it is, I start on the 14th and I teach 2 art classes to 2 kids twice a week. Now I need to make lesson plans and I'm in just up to my nostrils. Not quite over my head but I'm going to have to pay attention if i'm going to be able to breathe. OOOOH! I just got back about 20 minutes ago.

anniejwill- good look. nice to meet you smile.gif I don't have advice except for if you see something interesting, walk in. It really cannot hurt.

Smiles and hugs all around.
EEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! what awesome news, glassk! of COURSE you got the job! let us know how it goes for sure smile.gif
congradulations glassk! that's fantastic! don't be nervous, it will all just come naturally! yay!
Anniejwill: not to worry you ofcourse, but what job is secure in this day and age anyway? Like Mouse said, if you think about teaching as a backup i would go for what i *really* wanted. I have seen so many people in my artschool struggle through the load that is art education and teaching education at the same time. Some teach, but that's because they have their hearts set on it. The people who were much more interested in art related jobs for themselves never did anything with their teaching grade. Not to judge this; teaching and doing something with art like being an artist or designer are equally valuable. You can make it as an artist if you really want to. Good luck!! Let us know what you decide.

Glassk: Congrats! Let us know how things are going! It's great you acted on an impulse and decided to go in (i learned to do that the hard way!). Best of luck!!!

I finally started a blog. It's in my native language, Dutch.But if y'all want to take a peek anyway, it's here

i wish i could read dutch, sonik! *shakes fist*

do you draw from photographs often?
No, i don't. I prefer memorizing stuff in my head, this gives me more freedom when drawing. And the fun of it is that it almost always turns out a bit different. But i learn how to observe, this way.
I sometimes use photographs as research material, like when i want to capture the atmosphere of a certain environment or city. I wish i could fly to NYC to draw sketches and then head back, but my funds don't allow that, i'm afraid.

I got an email yesterday, directing me to this site it took me a while to upload shit, but it looks quite nice, the site etc. Maybe it's something for you guys in here?

My initial idea was to blog in English, but my boyfriend thought it would be good to start in my native language. You know, write stuff and then see if things catch on. Writing in Dutch allows me to be a bit more humorous. When i was in the U.S. for the first time and meeting Busties, the thing i found the hardest was to jest in English. In my own language it comes naturally (no laughs guaranteed!) but man, i never thought of that.
smile.gif that's how I work, too, sonik.... it's good to put things in your head. biggrin.gif

I taught my first class yesterday holy SHIT IMPRESSIONABLE YOUNG MIND who listens to EVERYTHING I say, smart and quiet and little-girl. Heehee... I love it.

I was teaching drawing, and using warm and cool colors to make something 3-D. I think she learned something. smile.gif
so i finally figured out what im going to do and im very happy about it. i started doing pet portraits for friends and family and now im going to start a site and start doing them for extra money. hopefully i can get someone to help me with web stuff because im terrible at it. so anyway just thought id drop in and spread the news. i still have to keep my retail job, and its getting busier and im getting tons of hours which is both a good and bad thing since i dont have much free time to draw. hopefully it will work its self out smile.gif
Whee! Congradulations Tankgirl! That's awesome!

I'm excited too because I haven't applied to a juried show in like three years, but I did a month ago and I got a piece in! Yippee!
congrats tankgirl and gumby! wooo!

tankgirl, a couple of words of advice on webdesign: simpler is ALWAYS better if you don't know what you're doing. sans serif looks cleaner than serif on a screen; don't EVER use comic sans. arial and verdana are the way to go when you're using fonts on the web. make sure your images are aligned and the same size. don't use a background image or try and get all fancy unless you know you can do it WELL; for portfolio sites spare is best--you want to showcase your art, not your webdesign skill. you can teach yourself A LOT from places like and also, splurge on getting your own domain name and hosting service; it'll make you look EONS more professional--nothing says "amateur" like a bunch of angelfire ads at the top of your page. has free hosting for small bandwidth (i'm sure you won't need much--i have a ton of images on my site and i've never gone over their bandwidth quota for the free hosting) and their domain registration is something like $30 a year. it's completely, utterly worth it. if you have any more q's, feel free to PM me!

ETA: speaking of tankgirl and art........have you seen the new ashley wood illustrated tankgirl? she's coming back, and the art is totally different but actually GORGEOUS and the reviews say the writing is just as good as ever. i'm excited!
Cod, am i GLAD that you said not to use comic sans serif. I notice the font everywhere nowadays and it looks awful. Over here in NL we have, it's the dutch friendster. You wouldn't believe how many people think comic sans serif is the only appropriate letter to use. Even on a non professional personal page like hyves it looks dumb.

Tankgirl, be sure to ask enough. You already wrote 'extra money' so that's a good thing. Anyways, profit is not a dirty word.

Gumby, congrats with getting a piece in! Let us know when the show is up!

The Dutch Federation of Designers has aired a cyberzine with all kinds of stuff that refer to illustration and the like. It's oficially up as of today. Unfortunately for you guys it's in dutch. But i was asked to write for them, and i got positive reactions, so if anyone knows cool stuff i can write about let me know (keeping in mind your mentioning of ashley wood doing tank girl, Mouse!)

My life....exciting times. Choices have to be made, art-wise, and i don't know what to do yet. I slept 'til late and i'm going to take a long walk now. I'm working on a series of drawings about the walk i take through my town every morning before i go to work. It's for a publication, and there prospects are exciting as well, so i'd better go and get on with it!
I'm a designer and visual artist. I agree with the others that you want to keep your site simple. It doesn't mean that simple has to be everything lined up, asymetrical, and/or the use of strickly san serif fonts, most fonts now show up on the web - this is your site and your vision. I had a designer professor who once said, 'rules are made to be broken.'

Actually if you find yourself a good WISGWIG (what you see is what you get) web design program it will make your life a bit easier. I have Dreamweaver which is pricey I will admit, but does the job as far as helping put together and maintain my website - alot of companies use Dreamweaver. Also, I have a free website through geocities, it has minimal ads and many people have pop-up blockers now so my ads don't show up if you use a pop-up blocker on your browser.
uhh.....i ain't a jerk, but if you can't put down $30 for a domain name and free hosting, maybe you should be charging more for your art? don't sell yourself short, and don't settle for the lowest common denominator when promoting yourself. it's the difference between getting professionally printed business cards or printing them yourself on your shitty desktop printer on copy paper. people notice.

and just cos you CAN use fancy fonts doesn't mean you should. rules may be meant to be broken, but you gotta know the rules first to break them effectively.

just sayin...
I found this posted on an illustrator forum. Never mind the cynical tone (which is actually quite funny) wise words and help is being offered when it comes to promoting yourself as an artist.

how not to display your artwork on the web
bahaha sonik i was just coming in here to post that exact article!
thanks for the replys! I have been talking to my family about this, and strangly enough they really want to help me out (they usually dont give 2 shits.)

My brother has a friend whose going to school for graphic design and he might help me out with the design. I have plenty of friends who are graphic designers, but I sorta think it will be neat to have a student get some experience, plus he will work for free. I see what you guys are saying about it being simple, I whole heartedly agree. Theres nothing worse than a gaudy webpage that isnt acessable, and doesnt get you interested in what the site is supposed to be highlighting.

Putting the site together has been put on hold for a few weeks unfortunatly, but fortunatly because I just got a job offer (in the art field) I've been wanting this job forever and totally gave up the thought of working there because they weren't hiring. But to my suprize, now they are. This is both good and bad. Good because I'm getting what I wanted. Bad, because I need to put my portraits on hold until I figure out my scedual, and because me and the boy have decided we are moving states away next year. I never thought I would have this dilema, I've always had bad luck at finding appropriate jobs, make little money, and end up working at a shitty retail job... sigh.

P.S. I did see an add for the new Tank Girl, At first I was apauled. Come on, Tank Girl wearing a business suit and high heels WTF... But I REALLY like Ashley Wood, I was big into Popbot for a bit so I'm excited that hes doing it. I guess I'll see how I really feel when I read it.
woo tankgirl, congrats on the job! mind if i ask what it is? it's hard to balance a professional job in the art field that's not QUITE your own, with your own work--i've been struggling with that the past year, and while the "real job" has given me a ton of experience that i wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and i now have a great design portfolio, but it's only been in the past few months that i've started to get my illustration work, which i consider "mine", together. good luck!

and yeah, i was freaked out by the business suits at first but i think the way he explains it is actually pretty brilliant:

"We were concerned that she didn't make her re-appearance in the same, tired old clothes that she bowed out in some twelve years ago. What was alternative, upsetting, anarchic, and just plain odd-ball back then has since become common place. Mainstream media smothers us daily with punky chic, and modern day babies can be seen sporting spikey hairdos and Travis Bickle T-shirts. The uniform of the cultural revolutionary has been sold to The Man. So how to rebel? How give the finger to the fashion fascists? Normal is the only way ahead. Dress like a high school teacher from the mid-eighties, or pick clothes from your boring aunty's wardrobe. The only way left to rebel is to dress like you're not rebelling."

so i originally came in here to post this link:
they are a great wallpaper company that's doing the same thing is with t-shirts--you can submit a design, as many as you like, and the designs are then voted on and one will be printed as wallpaper and you win $500. it's apparently an offshoot of threadless and i know with threadless you get to keep the rights to your own design so while i can't find a terms thing on the naked and angry site i assume they function the same way. i'm already trying to reconstitute my avatar into a full print--y'all should submit too!

I've had a negative experience with Threadless. I felt that you just have to get tons of people to vote for you. Mediocre shirt designs get a lot of votes out of goodwill. Even though Threadless has sold numerous shirts with great prints, so i hope i'm not sounding too much like an old bitter toothless hag.
I submitted a design and i got a lot of shit from people who found my design was a copy of another illustrator's work. It didn't even come close. Just because i use clear lines and photoshop doesn't make my work a copy. I don't know..there were mainly guys submitting and praising eachother. I got all the shit.

That doesn't mean no one should try it. This was 4 years ago anyway...

Self promotion is such a trying, sometimes unrewarding thing... I have an art exhibit opening - tonight to be exact, I'm a PR person,for a gallery in MA, I know how to this stuff... unfortunately it seems RI papers are a bunch of elistests, who does a gal need to screw to get some publicity in Rhode Island! grrr.

If any of my fellow art busties live in the RI area its at Perkatory Coffee House (7-10pm) on Richmond St. next door to Club Hell.

thanks for reading to my rant.
Yeah, self promotion is a bitch sometimes..i think everyone can agree on that. Still, it's worth it to keep trying. It really takes time, but eventually it'll pay off. It's hard to think about that now when you see nothing coming of it, but if you're patient you'll reap.

hot-damn! i'm customizing sneakers for a show, but it's damn hard. I hate it when i don't have control over a situation art wise, but i have to suck it up for now i guess. i hope it turns out ok. I never go for ok, only for great, but we'll see...
been there and still there sonik, making art or designing for others isn't always as fun as they make it sound.
((muffy)) that's tough! i hope your show gets a good turnout. if i was in RI i'd come! if they won't promote your show in the papers you can always get some postcards or posters printed and just leave them everywhere you possibly can think of. i bet this show will have a good reception and then you'll get some publicity next time. good luck! let us know how it goes!

sonik, sneakers, that's awesome! will you show us when you're done?

i've been slowly getting more and more illustration work, mostly for an alternative weekly paper in long beach and a local music newspaper. i'm working on revamping my website and i need to design a new postcard for mailings. the illustration stuff really fell by the wayside for about a year now but i've been at this new job only three months and i'm already getting much money did you have saved when you went freelance, sonik? i mean as far as like length of time you could survive before you went broke? i'm thinking in about six months unless some amazing fulltime job falls into my lap i'm going to quit and start freelancing both design and illustration. i only hope i can keep it up...

i also have a technicality question regarding said revamped website. i can't figure out the best way to showcase images. common website etiquette says that you shouldn't have thumbnails that link to a frameset because then people can't link directly to specific images. but common website etiquette also says that linking to pop-ups is incredibly annoying, especially when people have pop-ups turned off. however, i don't want to link to an entirely new page because a: i don't like the idea of having two pages open at once for the same site and b: if you don't open a new page i hate having to always click back to return to the menu. i'm thinking of putting images in a frameset but having the ability to click on them to open a new page if they wanted to link directly to the image. any opinions?
mouse, Thanks. Some people actually came which was nice, and I got a lot of complements on my work yah! I have a mailing list, which includes some galleries that I've previously shown at & we have a bullentin board for the public to see at the cooperative gallery that I belong to.. so at least people actually know about it. I was just frustrated that the papers disregarded my press release.

I like the idea of thumbnails that they have to click on, I have that myself. I've been to a few websites that have something that is a little like a slide show that the viewer controls, it has a back and forward button so the viewer can kind of flip through the images...The Visual Aids website has it for their art galleries, it is actually different pages but you have the choice of which image you want to go to because the thumbnails are still at the bottom:
just a thought.
Just curious--Does anyone know of a good creative networking site?

Forgive me for the cross post, but I'm trying to get the word out to whomever might be interested.

The STL Craft Mafia is holding their first-ever DIY Craft Fair on August 18th, and we will be giving out free gift bags to the first 500+ people that show up. If you have an arty or crafty business and want a cheap way to reach like-minded consumers, including some small goods in these goodie bags with your name/business name/website info attached is a good way to do it! We will accept anywhere from 1 to 500 items from you.

Anyone who's interested or needs more info can email me at The deadline for submissions is July 31st. For obvious reasons, we won't be able to accept anything from large corporate and/or fundie groups.
thanks bustygirl, that's cool!

silver, i don't know about networking sites but i find that message boards are a good way to find other artists. what are you specifically lookinng for?
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