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Full Version: V-I-B-E-OL-O-GY
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Not to sound like a complete idiot or anything but i just HAVE to ask. What on earth is a rabbit? Is that like a certain type vibrator? *puzzled*
Yep, it's shaped like a rabbit. I find the animal ones a little disturbing. That's just me, though.

BTW, theredhead, did that catalog ever get sent out?
Okay, I am so happy there is this thread, though it looks inactive.

I have been considering doing this for a while, too, because of the opportunity to teach people about sex and to help people learn about their bodies. But of course, I'm totally dismayed about the cheap products and the questionable creams ("Numbzit" fer chrissakes!)

I think lotions and gels and shit are nice, but it's mostly bullshit -- what I want to sell mostly is toys and spend time talking to people about what their options are, not hawking a buncha ridiculous shit like pencils with dick-shaped erasers and stuff.

And the more expensive kits have the good toys in them (the best one I've seen so far is Passion Parties) and the cheaper starter kits are full of bullshit creams and lubes that look like they'd give you a UTI in less than 30 seconds.
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