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Full Version: Who will be the next American Idol?
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I sure hope Taylor wins! Kat is great and all, but Taylor is so un-the-norm that I am pulling for him. It would be great to have OPTIONS out there in the music industry. Enough of the Justin Timberlakes, bring on the Taylor Hicks! (Although, I have to admit to gleefully dancing around to JT's songs now and then...)
Katherine is a good singer, but she's pretty boring to me. There is nothing special or different about her. I think that this was solidified for me when she sang "Over the Rainbow". How many people sing that song at things like talent shows and things like that? She sang it well, but I was like, "Meh".
Now, Taylor is pretty cool. He has a different style of singing, we can't forget he plays the harmonica, he has those crazy moves and he has fricken grey hair! haa haa, I hope Taylor wins.
I am pulling for Taylor as well, so I second everything Jojodarling just said (including enjoying some Justin, hee hee).

I can't believe how close the votes were last night!
Give us Taylor!!! I have a long standing love affair with bluesy harmonica players, and Taylor's voice, instincts and soul make him a cut above anything we've seen on idol yet....he's a different cut, to be sure, but I really hope that he wins. And if he doesn't I bet he puts out a fantastic album anyway, and I'll be in line buying it the day it comes out.

Kat...I wouldn't walk to the corner record store to buy her stuff. Its nothing I haven't heard a hundred and fifty times before.

I would love for Idol to for once *broaden* the american music scene....
I'm wearing a black arm band today. TV done broke my heart...

No seriously, I figured that's how it would go down. But did you SEE how close those votes were????

Now I'm pulling for Taylor, too. That website has always been on the money, and always had Taylor as #1. I'm pretty confident he's gonna win.

Oh, and I thought the whole home town parade thing was really sweet. I guess they do that every season, but I usually miss it.
I'm still mourning the loss of Chris.
I tuned in last night to see who got voted off, but other than that..none of thm do anything for me at all. Kat has a good voice but she just reminds me of pretty much every other female who has made it in to the finals pretty much.

Nobody hurt me but I don't care for Taylor. I think he has some talent but he's just not my style.

Be it Kat or Taylor who wins, I just can't see either going extremely far with their career.
OK, keeds, what did you think? Did anyone even watch last night?

And where did "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" come from? I think I've heard it before, but had no idea it was a current hit. (I don't listen to pop radio.) V. cool song.
I missed it last was too nice outside to stay indoors...

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is by KT Tunstall, and her album is just about the best thing I've heard in ages....she's got quite a range in styles.
Taylor all the way BAYBEE!

The songs that are their first singles are so lame! Kat's was definately the worst. I was hoping that Taylor's wouldn't be so "inspirational" and slow, but it was. However, I thought he rocked it.
Ok so we all know that Taylor wins by a landslide. See predictions. They're always right on.

But can I just say WTF? Why bash Kat for her "It' my destiny" song? Doesn't American Idol have those songs written for them to be their first singles? GOOD GOD... we all know they wanted a male to win this time. But could they have set it up any better? Sure, write a crappy song for her that does not show her talent and then give her a bad review afterward. I just don't get it.

But seriously, I do love Taylor. And I'd probably end up buying BOTH of their albums.
Oh my goodness, I had never thought about it that way.
It is so fixed.
So very, very fixed...but once I realized that, it became fun to guess who the producers would favor for business reasons!

And I'll be perfectly happy with whomever wins, as I like them both, but it seems obvious that Taylor is it.

Speaking of Taylor, I want the purple velvet jacket he wore last night!
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OK, people may fight me on Taylor, but isn't it fair to say Elliott is WORLDS better than Katherine? OK, she is technically good, but she ain't got no soul, man!
the very first week of the "top 12" I said it would be awesome for Taylor to win...just cause I'd like to see what the record industry would do with him! I loved yummy chris, though...lesigh...
Anyway, after the last 2 weeks, I've changed my thinking to be that Taylor should win b/c he's just GOOD. Not yummy, but good.
Taylor was great last night! I was actually clapping and cheering in my living room, because I am such a dork about these things.

That song they gave him to sing, his future single, was definitely more lame than anything I think he would normally sing. But because he's so talented, he made it work--an awesome version of a sappy, boring song. Kat did not manage to do the same with hers.

It was nice to see Elliott and Chris in the audience, appearing to have a genuinely good time. And Constantine was there too! :-)
Chris was hella yummy, I gotta say. Well IS still, I'm sure. I'm surprised they didn't play him up as a sex symbol. They sorta did, but not as obviously as with Ace.
DUDE-ok, so i know this should probably go in the "celeb sightings" thread, but I was out to lunch today with a friend, and who was dining a table over but one American Idol cast-off/"Wife" Beater Scott Savol.

We then wondered why we kept running into Idol rejects, as but not 8 motnhs ago we ran into Corey Clark on a flight to Vegas. He macked on the flight attendant the majority of the time.


I'm so glad he won....watching him really just makes me smile. Such passion, and love for the music, and a truly nice man. I'm lovin' it....even if I still wanted to see more of Chris Daughtry tonight. ;)
ok. what i don't understand is, i'm watching it right now. katherine mcphee just finished singing a duet with meatloaf. on the west coast, he hasn't won yet, because it's only 8:30 pm. but...........american idol is filmed on the west coast, so he HAS already won..........MY HEAD HURTS.
Yeah Taylor is right! I liked Kat, too, but its great to see someone aged (for Idol years) who doesn't seem to be stylized win!

Yummy Chris=really sexy=holy god, moxieman would have to compete...
Pretty-boy Ace=boy band sexy= sexy in a 14 year old girl's crush way.
So I was on my way to work this morning, and these DJs were talking about the AI votes. The conversation went something like.... Did you know that there were more votes cast on AI than in the last presidential elections. What do you think that means? Other guy: I think it means we need to get out and vote. First guy: No I think it means we need to revise our voting system so that you can call in or text your votes. And they were totally serious!

Alright. Are they really that stupid or just hard up for something to talk about on the radio? First of all, people vote NUMEROUS TIMES and that is why there are more votes than in an election. And second, that is exactly WHY that method of voting would never work. I know I'm getting all worked up over nothing. But I just hate blatant stupidity like that, especially from DJs. UGH!

Alright... so I can't wait to buy Taylors CD. How bout you?????

Well.....they could actually assign each citizen a personalized code # like when they send you your telefile thing, and you'd have to enter your social security number, so double votes wouldn't be counted. I don't think it's the absolute best idea out there, but I bet it would result in more voters - but probably not 63 million or whatever. I've read that they do block "power votes" - when someone votes more than a certain amount of times the excess isn't counted, but who knows how many that is.
I thought Chris and the singer from Live sounded great together. I also loved Mary J!! Meatloaf did NOT sound so good...what was up with him? And Prince!!! That was awesome. I thought since his Jehovahs Witness conversion he didn't perform "sexy" stuff anymore.
Dammit! Ate my post.

Anyway: SOUL PATROL!!!!!

I actually missed the show last night, so I missed Prince doing two new songs!!!! Dudes, I missed out.

The thing about Chris is he has the same last name as Bill, the divorced guy on "King of the Hill." So whenever I see him I do my Bill voice and say "mah name is Bill Daughtry...and I'd like to...dedicate this song to...a very special lady I know...her name is...Peggy Hill..."
I've never bought an American Idol CD before, but I am really looking forward to buying Taylor's. WOO!!! :-)

I love the fact that he won. It's nice to see someone win who has paid their dues doing the bar scene as an actual working musician. And the fact that early on he seemed to have no chance (Simon didn't even want him), but gained such a huge following, is great. I admit I got a little teary-eyed when he sang his victory song.

What is going on with Clay Aiken??? I didn't even recognize him!
can we talk about that AMAZING sequence where the little clay-aiken-wannabe came up to sing and FREAKED OUT when clay came on the stage with him? seriously that was the best thing EVER.

what was up with the high homoerotic content of that episode? my god! prince, brokeback, male bonding, giving little clay his wet dream right there on the!

What was funny about it was that "little clay" did not GET IT when the CA started singing and kept singing with him. Ryan had to go over and stop him! LMAO!

Oh and BTW, while weird, I kinda liked Clay's new hair. And it looks like he has gained some weight. Not all bad things.
i thought it was totally sweet and adorable. and clay didn't seem to mind them singing along.

kellie pickler makes me want to puke as much as escargot makes kellie pickler want to puke.
I thought Clay was pulling a Garth Brooks. Seriously. Its not horrible, but I probably wouldn't have recognized him if he weren't on Idol. Little Clay was hilarious....though I really could have lived without hearing more really bad singers last night.

What was up with Prince's back-up singers? It didn't really seem like they were in-tune, or quite on their marks.

I nearly choked seeing Hasselhoff crying...too funny!
I saw that faux Clay and real Clay thing on the news this morning - highlarious!

We watched the red carpet preview show (WTF? Do they do that every year?). The TV announcer guy said "and here's Bo" and you saw a long-haired blond from the back. Mr. C said "is that Bo Bice?" and it was Bo Derek. HAhahahha!!!
The little Clay sequence was one of the best things I've ever seen - seriously, that guy was just so happy it was almost painful to watch. And I love that he seized the chance to sing along with him, as if it was a real duet.

I'm a little ashamed of myself, but I just re-watched it three times in a row on YouTube. One of my favourite parts is when Clay comes out and people start screaming and little clay can't figure out why. He actually stops singing he's so confused, and you can tell he's thinking "is my fly open?"
Anyone watching this season?
yeah, and i'm totally surprised little miss baylie brown didn't make it through--i bet she's going to surface somewhere else though. like simon said, commercial with a capital C (which also means, i want to throw up when i look at/listen to her).

loved the boys beatboxing group--i want that jack osbourney guy to win.
I totally heart the Jack Osbourne-y/my friend's bro/SD conference-looking guy as well. He seems fun. The remaining Jersey girl annoys the hell outta me, though.

llamas, your avatar is cracking me up. i didn't get it at first.
Thanks mouse! I kinda collect HP icons, and that's my favorite.

Tonight's the first proper performance show, right? Should be interesting.
The Jersey Girl -Antonella Barba majorly anoyed me but her friend annoyed me even more! I thought the Jack Osborney guy was very funny.
Did anyone find last night's show to be a bit anticlimatic? More boring than not, except that the Jack Osbourne kid (Chris?) seemed to have genuinely pissed off Simon. That rocked. Also, Blake managed not to slaughter Keane, which I was happy about. But it seems that I'm going to be deprived of rocker boy eye candy this year. Alas.

I'm hoping the girls are more interesting tonight.

As soon as he started singing, I said, "Love." Then I said it about eight hundred more times. Then I clasped my hands and held them to my cheek and swooned. Then my husband got annoyed.

Love! Love love love love love love love love love! Love!
The girls were definitly better! Especially Melinda! She was a friend of mine growing up...and she is kicking butt on here! She and Lakisha were truely awesome!
I concur, the girls were definitely better! Lakisha and Melinda kicked ass, and I also liked Gina (though not her song choice!). Pixie, that's cool that Melinda is an old friend...she seems sweet. And randomly enough, I think the female contestants' outfits are much better than they were last season, when almost all of them needed to be sent to the CoF thread on a regular basis.
Well, I broke down and finally watched American Idol for the first time ever tonight. I feel like they could save us all a lot of time by getting rid of all the ladies except Lakisha & Melinda. Those gals are amazing!!!! Great voices & great stage presence, too.
Melinda kicked some serious ass last night. She's definitely my fave right now.
Melinda and Lakisha are as defintely in a different league than the other girls..Melinda is INCREDIBLE. She has such a command of her voice. For the boys....I really like Blake and Chris Richardson (I think that's his name)...can't wait to watch this week!
Tonight is the night. I feel that the girls are much more talented than the guys. I wish the voting was not based on gender. But it is an easy way to divide the people up.
Sundance and Sabrina - wtf?
I agree BunnyB. So who do you all think will be sent home tonight. Last night was painful for the most part. Of course Melinda and Lakisha ROCKED. Jordan also surprised me.
Melinda actually brought me to tears. She seems genuinely astonished by the response she gets, but her voice and delivery are so polished - if she doesn't win it will be only because people are stupid.
Yeah, Melinda is the best, IMO. I can't believe that Sanjaya is still on. What's the deal? He must have all of the tweenie girls votes.
So who went home?
Stephanie. Which is really hard to believe. I feel sorry for Sanjaya, it is like a joke on him.
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