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Full Version: Who will be the next American Idol?
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Apparently not just me.

OK, someone said that one of the girls "accidentally" flashed the camera. Any idea which one?
Umm, I disagree! I think there is a very good crop. But then again, I didnt watch last season. Once pickler and paris are gone, just about anyone can win and I'll be a happy camper.

Alright- what's up with Andrea Boccelli (god I know I butchered the spelling)? Can he not see? Why are his eyes always closed???

Judges were harsh last night too. I think they are very obviously trying to sway the vote. They want a guy to win.

Once pickler and paris are gone, just about anyone can win and I'll be a happy camper.

Yummymum, I agree! Katharine, Chris, Taylor, and Elliott each make me very happy in their own way (although Taylor was off his game last night).

Yes, Andrea Bocelli is blind.

The judges were so hard on my girl Katharine! I was stunned by their comments, because I loved her performance.
u can tell simon wants kelli to be voted off..
I think the themes and song choices this year are terrible, I can't believe people clap for that noise half of the time. I'm this close to not watching it anymore, it just seems like the judges are blatantly trying to sway the votes - why don't they just annonce the winner already and save our ears from this torment?!!
I was completely shocked when the judges were so harsh with Katherine, as I heart her and thought she kicked that song's ass. (I also heart her boobies, but that's neither here nor there. :-))

Of course, I am also convinced that the show is fixed and that the judges' comments are not meant to sway the votes (which in my opinion don't matter a bit) but to preemptively justify the outcome that the producers choose. But that's just my personal conspiracy theory.
I have often wondered if the show was fixed.

I missed Kat and Elliot, came in just in time for Kellie again with the song butchering. From the recap Kat sounded awesome as usual.
I third the Kat, Chris, Taylor, and Elliot grouping.

I did enjoy Chris learning a new technique- (the laying on the ground to learn using his diaphragm)

And what do we suspect Paula is on?
Oh no! I had no idea he was blind!!!!

Anyway, yes, I heart Kat too. They were totally off base by criticizing her. I hate it when they trash people for singing a "Whitney song-because she's the best and they could never compare". GET REAL! I mean, sooner or later someone else is going to sing it. I'm sure they are just talking down to her in order to sway the votes over to the males. BASTARDS! And here's another thing. STOP with the themes each week. Just let them sing what they want. Hell, most of the time they critisize it's because the singer just wasn't in their element. Example: Mandisa getting voted off after Country week. This system just doesn't give them the best shot. They should be free to choose each week what kind of song they want to perform.

But one more thing about Kat- she totally had a VPL last night in the hip region. She needs to work on the undergarment situation.

Chris was awesome last night!

Personally, I think Paula's a pill-head.
I think the worst part is, who's songs do they think they're gonna pick - I'm sure they have a list of songs to choose from, so someone must wanna here a cover of Whitney or Mariah 'cause they keep putting them on the list. If they don't think they'll be able to live up to the original, then it shouldn't be a song choice!
I almost feel sorry for the singers if they do choose one of these songs, 'cause no matter how good they sing it - it's NEVER good enough!
And we bid farewell to Kellie!
yummymum I noticed the VPL too, aren't the stylist supposed to take care of that kind of thing? Aside from that, I thought she looked hot!
yummymum I noticed the VPL too, aren't the stylist supposed to take care of that kind of thing? Aside from that, I thought she looked hot! And I guess after rereading you post, that I'm agreeing with you
Whew! I started to worry when they paired off Chris/Katharine and Kellie/Paris. I knew the way it should go, but that's not necessarily the way it does go all the time. (Yes, I am still traumatized by Constantine getting voted off too soon last season...*sniffle!*)

Farewell, Pickler...I enjoyed you for a while, but you're not good enough to compete with my top four.
So now we're down to Chris, Katherine, Paris, Elliott, and Taylor? Geez, for once we might actually have a bit of drama in the last weeks!
*does the long-promised wee dance for Kellie getting kicked off*
And I loved that they didn't have time for her to sing at the end, either.

Sapphy, I too was vastly traumatised by the untimely booting of Constantine last year; it was what convinced me that the show is in fact fixed. It just seemed a little too convienient that he was kicked off the week after his band's cd was released.
(Random thought--are you on any of his/the band's fan boards? I've seen a 'sapphire' screen name there occasionally.)
Alright, I say Paris goes next week. After that, it's a toss up! I have no clue who would be next!?

So do you guys think that Kelly will get a country music recording contract? I'm thinking she might. Yea, she's not the sharpest crayon in the box. But she's plenty marketable. And look at Josh Gracin from season 2 - he's still going!!

Llamas, no, that's not me you've seen on those boards. I have not kept up with Constantine, although I read somewhere that he was getting a TV show...and that Kelsey Grammer was involved...I think? Did I hallucinate that?
Sapphy, yes, you're right about the Kelsey Grammer show, altought the status is rather sketchy right now.

Though I still lurve Constantine, he is on my temporary shitlist, as he quit his band last month. Which I think is massively stupid, as they toured in January, I saw them, and they absolutely rocked. And I'm desperately in lust with the bassist now, but that's beside the point. :-)
I just want Katharine to win. Or Elliott, on whom I have developed a bizarre crush, but I'm not unrealistic enough to think he'll even make it to the final two. If Taylor wins, I am resigning from the human race.
I think it'll come down to Katherine and Chris. Is it Katherine with an "e" or an "a" in the middle?
For top 3 I'm picking Katherine (fairly sure it's with an 'e'), Taylor, then Chris, in that order, even though I think Chris should finish higher than 3rd. Just a bit of wishful thinking on my part, as I don't want AI to try to have him make a pop album!
So what did you all think of last night's performances? I was actually very entertained by Taylor (no flames please).

Is it time for Paris to leave yet? I dunno - tonight might be a shocker. ?
yummymum, no flames here! I heart Taylor and he was definitely on last night.

And I'm a bit bored with Paris...
Elliott is safe!!! Yay!!!!!

Yeah, he probably won't win, though. I'm guessing Taylor will win, because he's always been the top one in the polls at or the official American Idol website. I do like Taylor, but I got a little tired of his shtick after awhile. I loves me the sweethearted nerdy soul boy.
I didn't think Paris would be the one to go last night, I figured it'd be Elliott. I haven't liked him from the beginning - he's just so... safe. And he's got something weird going on with his face from the nose down that really distracts me. I didn't think he'd put a whole lot of heart into his last performance, but Paris didn't do what she could have with "Kiss." I'm not a huge Prince fan, but that's a really fun song with a lot more potential than she made of it.

I've got my money on Chris to win it all. It's about time they had a "rocker" in their winner ranks. Even when he's bad, he's still good.
so....elliott is the one i want to go but i have to admit he was one of the better performers last night. and my beloved CreamyBoobs was really just not stepping it up but i don't want her to go. who do you think it will be to leave us this week? who do you think it *should* be?

also: what did you think of the ryan seacrest dollar comment? personally i was strangely less offended by that than i was simon and his faux chivalry.
The next American Idol should be:


I don't know how accurate that link is, but it's been right before.
dude. i'm sorry but how will they market him? a whirlwind dinner theater tour of retirement homes?!
Divalla, I think (from something his mom said in one of those warm-n-fuzzy profile pieces) that Elliott actually has some congenital health weirdness, and I wonder if that's what makes him odd-looking.

I didn't think any of them were so spectacular last night, but honestly, the format is so forced (making people sing styles of music that their voices/personas aren't suited to, truncating songs arbitrarily at the time limit, etc.) I don't know how anyone shines, ever.
Who gives a shit about marketing when you listen to music? He's the only one with soul! (Although: Have I ever actually bought any "American Idol" related merchandise whatsoever? No).
missthing, i wasn't asking for myself personally, i just happen to believe that is a factor in who wins the show (yes, i think it is somewhat rigged).

vesica, i heard diabetes. was there more?
Unfuckingbelievable-Chris was voted off.
Noooooooooooooo!!! Oh my god. I haven't been this upset over Idol since Constantine. Oh, Chris. I voted for you, man. *sniffle*

Re: Elliott's strange appearance, in the video interviews of him at Graceland, they shot him from some weird angle that totally made him look like a werewolf. High hair, furry face, pointy teeth. Poor guy.

*sigh* Chris.
omigod! The way Ryan completely sucker-punched him with the results? awesome.

Ryan: "people say that you're going to be the next American Idol"

Chris: tries to compose an 'aw shucks' modest face and think of something wittily self-depreciating to say

Ryan: "Chris, you're going home"

Chris: face freezes into Frozen Mask of Shock and Hate

In others news, I am simultaneously repulsed by Taylor and totally hot for him.
i think chris' ego fanclub trip was part of his undoing. ppl don't like to see someone get uppity before they've closed the deal.
>i think chris' ego fanclub trip was part of his undoing.<

How 'bout it? "Just so you know - it's boxer briefs." Though I s'ppose it would be hard to not let all that shit go to your head.
for sure it's hard. that's why so many celebs crash and burn. we're very cruel to our icons in many ways. i thought he was a little goofy but it didn't bother me; but i do know lots of people see that and think "my but aren't you confident? i can fix that".
I thought Chris was going to win without a doubt! Shocked, I am. I LOVE Taylor! He's so himself, such a beautiful weirdo, but I can't imagine he'd win, being all gray haired and all. Hate to say it, but he looks too old. The kids won't buy it. Now I think Katherine (sp?) will be the next idol. She has that certain sparkle... I like her. I even like Elliot b/c he's so cutesy goofy looking. And they all can really sing!
I'm sorry. It's Monday morning and I just have the urge to say.... SOOOOOUUUULLL PAATRRROOLLLLL!!!!



Ps. Did I mention that I had a dream, or perhaps a nightmare, this weekend, that Taylor Hicks was my boyfriend. Ya, I have to get a life. soon.
I'd take Taylor Hicks as my boyfriend - send him my way!

Chris was my pick to win, but I have to say, I would never buy any of his music. I think he's talented and deserving, but just not my thang, style-wise...he sounds like every Licoln Park-Limp Bastard-Nickel-Penny-Rob Thomas-Man Band out there. Not original, but he is talented, for sure.

Now Taylor, I would buy his music for sure. I'm certainly out of the Idol target demographic, but Taylor is more like something I would purchase - I like a little original twang, and looks don't matter so much to me. Hell - my 30 year old husband could be Talyor's brother with his slightly pudgie middle and mostly gray hair. ;)
turbojenn, can I just agree with everything you said? As long as they let Taylor keep his style, I would enthusiastically buy his cds, more so than any other contestant this season.
I can just totally picture myself in the kitchen, dancing to Taylor while I cook dinner....that is the kind of music I love...something that makes me wanna shake my rump. And that's the kind of music I buy.
Incidentally, guess what I just won on the radio--AI tour tickets! And they're not even on sale yet. Taylor and Katherine's boobies and Chris live; yay!
oh, and don't forget elllllllllllllllliott.
Y'all know I'm Elliott's bitch, but I gotta give props - Taylor totally kicked ass tonight. "You Are So Beautiful" was for tear-making! Oy!

We tried to vote for Elliott, but the lines were busy (goes to check
I agree. I thought he did a phenomenal job on "You Are So Beautiful," it was quite touching.
There has been some great talent this season. I'm still upset about Chris (*sniffle*) but am trying to move on.

I want Taylor and Katharine to be the final two. No offense to Elliott--he definitely has grown on me. I have just loved T. & K. since the beginning. All three of T.'s songs were great last night. Kat was so-so for me. "Over the Rainbow" was fantastic, but "I Believe I Can Fly" was not right somehow. I think I just like her better when she sings in her lower range, when she has her bluesy vibe going on.

Elliott has a great voice, but lacks personality or showmanship. When he sang the Ray Charles song last night, he had the perfect chance to show some energy and really cut loose (the way Taylor did on "Try a Little Tenderness"), but...he didn't.
Katherine is good, but I've always found her Too generic, like there's passion missing or something. I dunno.

Elliott sings the music I'd be most likely to buy and listen to, that's basically the bottom line for me.
Oh damn. Well, I pretty much figured this is how it would go down:
Llamas.... congrats on winning those tickets! I took my daughter to the first AI tour, with kelly, justin, etc. It was fun, even though we sat up high and couldnt see anything. Oh.... and we're going to see kelly again in July.

Katharine really redeemed herself last night. Taylor did great. Elliott was good, but not good enough to stay, IMO. With Kat and Taylor left, I'd be happy with whoever won. Although, you know that I'm secretly pulling for Taylor, since he IS my boyfriend now. :-)

Did you hear that Daniel Powter is going to be performing at the finale?

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