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new Scoop at the Grey Matter site!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Alex. Hate him. How could he?!! In other news, I've decided I approve of Meredith and Chris O'Donnell.
ditto to what I was thinking faerie (he's Such an ass), but yanno..something tells me this may turn the whole situation around for of those life-altering corners in his life. that - or he'll push it too far once & for all finally & get kicked out of the program by addison; who I continue to like more and more. why doesn't she seem to get the same respect the other "big Dr's" get there though?

felt bad for izzy bc she's feeling so shut out of george's life w/ his mcdreamy (is there a nickname for her yet?) and what is UP w/ his hair??

mere w/ mcvet. yes. he's ok. like his earthiness as in kindness towards animals bc that's pretty much a surefire sign of inherent goodness and I like how he told her to shut up (bc she did say that to him when he first asked her out'someone just needs to tell me to shut up when I ramble') bc it shows he's direct and can be In Charge. something I think she needs w/ all her pent up knittiness.

my heart hurt for burke last night, really.
I love classical music and was feeling what they were playing and to have been the one to be responsible for the loss of that?

great show last night & worth the wait for, and next sunday looks as good. yah!
OH, wow...last night, was so great! Its silly how much I look forward to this show, but it never disappoints.

Alex made me furious last night, but Ioved Addison's response, and I'm sure she'll teach him a lesson or two. I do really like Addison, her character is so well crafted, and I love that they keep adding layers to her....I feel like I'm allowed to want McDreamy to be with both Addison and Meredith, right?

Oh, but I do love Mer with the vet too...he is so kind, and I think its good for her to be with someone who does not work at the hospital, she needs something fresh in her life and disconnected with her work.

Yang and Burke continue to be my favorite couple on the show, though...oh, I cried for Burke and that surgery, and Christina comforting him was really a beautiful scene.

And that LOOK from McDreamy at the end there....ooooh, that was smoldering, and made me like him a little less. I can't wait for next week's epi!
Anyone have any idea what the violin piece was? It reminded me of one of the Bach violin sonatas... but I'm not sure, and definitely no idea which one.

Alex reminds me of someone who has a shaky self-image and seizes on one thing to focus on as "My Thing" (he even said something to that effect when working with McDreamy a couple of episodes ago?) and works it even when it's not appropriate. He's SO freaking judgmental - just because these folks have bad communication in their marriage doesn't mean it's his job to break that barrier. Just because he's so determined to be honest/direct/no bullshit doesn't mean everyone else has to meet his standard or face the consequences.

McDreamy thought Meredith had slept with the vet so it made him hot to go home to Addison? Feh. Why wasn't he hot for her before?

I think Chris O'Donnell is better looking now that he's more mature. I liked that *he* liked that Meredith wasn't afraid to get grungy "birthing a horse." (FWIW, I doubt in a city the size of Seattle that a small animal vet would also be doing large animal stuff, but birthing a horse is more dramatic than birthing puppies, I suppose.)
was it itzak pearlman playing maybe? I know my classical flautists but not so my violinists; made me realise that I love classical violin almost as much as flute. I actually even have my grandmother's childhood/child sized violin hanging on my wall.
if the music was bach (who I normally am not such a fan of) it was Lovely.

I loved what addison did for rose the preg woman and how she made it seem like her tubes being tied was a legitimate by-product complication of her c-section.- the woman had, after all, already had what- 2 or 3 others?
addison has such a good heart, which is somewhat ironic that she does ob work as she herself as no babies, which is maybe part of the draw?
yes turbo totally- -so-many- layers and she keeps getting better.

I kinda felt like mcdreamy came back to their camper and ravished addison as more of a " I'll show Her" kind of caveman response to seeing and Assuming meredith slept w/ mcvet. men are like that sometimes, but I might be wrong.
addison perpetually gets the short stick end and makes me feel bad for her altho maybe not so much This Time! ;)
- where were the mare's people when all this birthing and bonding was going on too?
love this show! (yes turbo, that much me too, nerd club, party of 2?)
I love Addison. I know she originally came on and we were supposed to hate her for cheating on the husband but damn, I love her! She's so incredible and strong. She's my favorite on the show and I want her and McDreamy to stay together.

Meanwhile, I don't like Meredith. She's too whiny and self serving. Plus the whole sleeping with everyone right off the bat thing makes her come across as too needy.

I love that George came back home. And also I'm lovin Izzy's pain with Denny(who incidentally is the dad on Supernatural and damn damn damn do I have a heated crush on that man!!).

As for the vet man, he's pretty hot too. I hope Meredith doesn't mess it up.

I just can't believe Alex. I was So pissed when he did that. He potentially ruined not only Addison's life, but Rose and her family's as well. What an ass.....

I like the vet with Meredith tho. And Addison has grown on me. Can't wait for next week!
Agreed Alex is an ass. I was ready to chuck something at the screen. But the woman whose tubes Addison tied really pissed me off. Her "oh well" attitude to Addison when she put her neck out on the line to try and help her was infuriating.

I just thought she was so rude about it - especially voicing the "christian" thing. Isn't lying and ruining someone's career a sin? She had the chance to come clean when Addison asked her to let it be known she wanted her tubes tied, but she refused. Oh she made me pissy....
Octobersky, I had the same reaction to that woman too. I wanted to hit her through my tv.

She acted like such a bitch over the whole thing when it was Addison doing her a favor. And if she has such an issue she could have just told her husband to fuck off since it is her body. I hated how she used his religious views as a reason to be spineless.

sooo pissed about that one.
I loved that George came home! I hope Izzy can become friends with ...what's his girlfriend's name..Callie?

I LOVE Addison too! But I don't necessarily want her to stay with Mc Dreamy. She deserves better. Whatever happened to McSteamy? He went back to NY. I thought he was going to fight for Addison more than that. Maybe he'll be back?

I hope Addison makes Alex's life a living HELL!
As for Meredith sleeping with men too soon, yes George was a big mistake, but I really don't think she had a chance/ability to resist McDreamy and now McVet. McDreamy for obvious reasons, and McVet was so friggin hot when he started going on about why she should sleep over with him.

Funnily enough, I live in Los Angeles and saw the actor who plays Alex on Saturday night at a French Restaurant in Hollywood (La Poubelle). He was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. I don't know him as a person at all, but found myself glaring at him in contempt, as if he really was Alex.
On the grey's podcast awhile back Shonda mentioned that they have Mcteamy for 5 episodes, so whatcha wanna bet that he's in 4 of the last 5 epis coming up....I wouldn't mind laying my eyes on him again...McDreamy, McSteamy and Finn....doesn't get much better than that...
Woah! I just read Justin Chambers' profile on imdb and he has FIVE children all under the age of 9, including a set of twin girls (the eldest). He apparently also has a twin brother. He is older than I thought too, 36 on July 11th.
I'm confused...I thought she didn't have sex with th vet but was just coming down from having a shower. It seemed clear that's what happened to me, given that Chris O'donnel was downstairs while she was up.
Erinjane, she didn't sleep with him - yet.

FAQ's from the Abc site.
some of it old info ( I didn't know izzy had given up a baby?!! I really gotta rent the 1st (?) season on dvd to get caught up) but some good insight too.

celemine- you should have thrown a baguette at him- he probably would have taken it as a compliment :-)

turbo.. filmy images of a menage et quatre' w/ mcdreamy, mcsteamy, mcvet and myself...
they really do have some damn good lookin' men on that show- but wait! I almost forgot BURKE! and Georgie can run out to get comfort food and..
can anyone say McORGY?! ( I should be ashamed of such thoughts but sadly, I'm not!)

did you all know that at the abc website under Fan Gear you can order t-shirts that say both
"Team Addison" and "Team Meredith?"
cute, but I really truly don't know how I feel about it anymore.
McOrgy....bwahahahaha!!! I love it - and I *want* it! How could I have forgotten the very intense very hot Burke?! Silly me!

They covered Izzy's adoption storyline early on in this episode...done *very* well....I work in adoption, so I always wince when I hear a show is doing an adoption storyline. But, I did get to help craft the adoption storyline on ER a few years back, and got kissed by Goran Visnjic on set....mmmm....hott docs!

I'm not sure I could wear a GA t-shirt, no matter how much I love the show...
Ohhhh my Turbo, color me *jealous*! I heart Goran Visnjic :-)
goran visnijic- isn't he slovakian?
he is totally melt your skin hott, *much* jealousy turbo.
and for the slightly off thread sinful confession of the day:
once, in a lifetime far far removed from the one I inhabit now: I had a brief fling w/ a sexyhot slovakian professor I worked with. that accent.. those smoldering eyes..damnit that the sex was awful (can you say 'where's the beef?')that made it a Lot of sizzling, b u r n i n g buildup to a sputtering 1-night-only event. mcbummer.

I think we should contact the show w/ the mcOrgy idea.. I bet it'd sell!

how many seasons has ga been on for now?
I'm not even sure I got in at the start of this one, so am not sure how much I've missed to catch up on but am wanting to bc I know from the blog it's all about to come together at the finale.
OK this might be getting to picky but I was annoyed that they referred to the violinist as a "jazz" violinist but then all the music they played as his music was more classically influenced. That just struck me as odd. Don't get me wrong. The music was beautiful and I am not particularily a jazz violin fan (I have played classical violin for 18 years and am not switching teams anytime soon).

I really like the fact that Mere knows that McDreamy and Addison are having bad sex. It's exactly what I would want to find out after hearing an ex has a new girl in his life whilst I'm still bitter about it.

I want in on the McOrgy.


Okay, I am over Alex's character. I wish he would do something interesting instead of the shallow angry out-to-piss-off-everyone thing. All the other characters are so complex, but he just seems so two-dimensional.

I'm also in on the Addison love.
Ok, ya'll are in on the McOrgy, we'll just take turns and be leisurely about it - there should be some chocolate sauce involved, most definitely....mmmmm....

This is just the second season of the show, and freckle, I highly recommend the season 1 have some McDreamy anytime you want...oh, its good. I can't wait until season 2 comes out. I wish they'd release epis now on iTunes...I'm sure I'd buy them, AND get the season 2 dvds.

running - good point on the violinist...could they not find some good jazz violin, if that's what the character was supposed to play?

I think Goran is Croatian, if I remember correctly...but wherever he is from, he is hott hot hott!
DId they actually refer to him as a jazz violinist in the show? I noted that they referred to him that way (someplace - where was that? a fan site?) and was a little confused.
running & vesi- yes, I think they did say 'jazz' but at the same time classical was in the background,which also confused me too as it had me flashing back to Burke & George playing in their apt and it was more jazz sounding. I just discovered jazz last year (after ok I admit it, really disliking it as it seemed so undisciplined from the classical background I have) and took note of the discrepensy. these things DO matter.

there is some abc special on today or tonight about the show.. might have been on the Today show already.. the mr & I saw a add for it w/ them talking about McDreamy last night & I got excited and he said 'you Really LIKE him don't you' and I actualy blushed. like, I'm 6 and have my first boy-girl crush. was almost sorta embarrassing, lol.

lot49- alex as 2d yes. but I think it's just been awhile sinse we've seen his deeper side, which we Have seen. either the izzy-denny sit, or the kick-your-ass addison is going to turn him around. I'm hoping for addison personally bc she deserves much more than she's been getting.

am going to look into renting season 1 bc am pretty sure have seen it at blockbuster but am not sure my heart can handle the overload.

ok, back to bed bc I am nasty sick today :-(

paging Dr's Burke...Dr Sheppard..Dr..
So happy that they depicted an epileptic well in Sunday's show! It made me so happy that I think I will write them a letter. But, I kept thinking:"Wait! Shouldn't you be on Boston Legal?"

Anyways, it was a good show. Although, I wanted to kick Alex in the balls. But, I've felt that way about him for awhile.

I like Chris O Donnell on the show. He's really cute, but no where near McDreamy. :-)
freckleface2727 t=0
go to the fan video, second or so down.

think I just fell in love w/ mere and mcd again..
Anyone else think Meredith should've slapped Derrick? I don't care how McDreamy he is, she would've been totally justified.

But he's still hot.

btw, the Scary and Damaged vet totally melted my heart tonight! :-)
I was a weepy mess after tonight's epi. Seriously, when "Big Jim" went in to the guy's room I lost it. Well, I am a crampy emotional wreck anyhow, but the show sure didn't help.

Ah, I can't believe how catty Izzy and Mere were being, "tell her to wash her hands". I love them both, but they really were acting about as mature as 6th graders in the school bathroom when the new girl walks in.

I heart Addison and want to kick Alex square (pronounced Sqaw) in the nuts! <~~ heh, doing my best Eric Cartman there. I am glad he was there to do the c-section, but why did he still have to a dick afterwards when Addison told him he did a good job?

Yeah, Mere shoul'da kicked McDreamy where the sun don't shine too, I mean seriously. I am so glad she called him on his bullshit like that. Double standard, chauvinistic crap is what it was.

Oh and poor Denny, and wow, poor Izzy too :-(

And I really like scary damaged vet a whole lot also. I like the way he handled Meredith trying to back away, it was cute and heartfelt.

But George is my favorite. I wish he would have stood up for Dr. Torres without her having to ask him. Lets hope he gets some cajones and does from here on out. I think she is good for him, it's about time he had someone ga ga over him. He is just so adorable :-)

And did I say how freakin' glad I am to have stumbled upon this thread? I looooove GA and had no idea this was here until last week.
I sobbed and giggled throughout the show last night too, it just gets to me, you know? cathartic.

did you all notice that the interns call addison {the}'She Sheppard' now? I thought it was hysterical.

next sunday is the season finale, but they said it's over 2 nights.. umm, which 2?
I think the finale is next Sunday and Monday...

OMG, this epi just made me cry and cry - so many touching moments...big Jim, and Karev saving the baby, and Finn who is more wonderful every week....I just love this show so much - can't wait for the DVDs to come out!

And I am so damn proud of Mer for standing up to Derek like that, not getting pety to mention that she hasn't slept with Finn yet. I like the toughness in keeping Derek out of her business. I am proud of Mer for moving on, and for making movements toward dealing with her brokeness with a partner who seems more equipped to handle it. And am I horrible for wanting to see McDreamy suffer just a little seeing Mer engage in a more balanced relationship.

SheSheppard rocks my socks off...she's stealing my heart from McDreamy, that's for sure. I'm betting McSteamy reappears next week though...hold on tight...
*sigh*. I missed last night's ep. Whatthehell was I even doing?
I have to say, last night's ep was a downer for me. By the time the vet was telling Mere about his dead wife, I was like "I can't take it anymore!! It's too sad!"

I know this is what I get for watching a hospital drama. And GA is so much better than just a hospital drama. But I definitely want some silliness in the next ep.

I actually liked Mere and Izzy's cattiness...I like that they're adult doctors and yet like 12 year olds. It's those subtle emotional issues that ring true on GA -- Mere and Izzy blow off steam and bond with each other by making fun of Callie (and their characters aren't deomonized for it, they're just more real).
i love ga, i really do, but i am kind of wanting more of the medical-y stuff and the medical drama. i love the character development and all that, but i want that to be more secondary than it has been. does that make sense? the episodes with the bomb stuff, those were my favourites - and i want more stuff like that!
i watched last night's epi at work - and had to fight back the tears. i think had i been at home, i would have been bawling.
and i am in on the addison love! :o)
I liked the cattiness too, because it was real. I can totally see me acting that way, out of pure cattiness. They will warm up to Torres, it will take time. Y'all know how it is :-)
I cried hysterically when Alex saved the baby and then when the father went in the intern's room. My daughter, who is 8 mos old, just kept grinning at me and I just kept crying and saying "I'm ok, he's saving the baby.". Pathetic really.

I just thought this was the best episode. I loved everything.

Where was Burke going in the helicopter in next week's scenes? Hmm... Oh, and is it really Sun. and Mon. for the finale? Or 2 Sun.?
I watched this episode again last night with my roommte, who is a TV writer, and she noted (and I agreed) how terribly it was directed, but how well is was written. It was just that all the actors seemed to be chewing up the scenery and were doing these long, drawn out monologues, rather than quick dialogue (like real life), and that the director was just letting them go without reigning anyone in.
But the peeing topless thing... in front of pretty much strangers... WEIRD! My roommate pees with the door open and that freaks me out and I can't see anything! I'm still on the fence about Dr. T.

I can so identify with Mer right now it's scary. I'm so glad she stood up to McDreamy - I don't have to the guts to stand up to mine right now - I couldn't imagine seeing him everyday. I'm liking SheSheppard when she's not around McDreamy. I kind of hope she screws him over too leaving him in the dust of two women.
runningwestward - me too! i think that would be great if addison left mcdreamy - (he seems so smug with meredith and i am happy she stood up for herself). but if she left him - would that mean she would leave seattle? because i am loving her more and more and don't want her to leave the show...
from the abc newsletter I signed up for...

"This Sunday on Grey's Anatomy...

In this emotional two-night season finale, Burke and Izzie desperately seek a new heart for Denny, while Cristina suddenly finds herself in charge of the ER. Elsewhere, Derek holds the life of a friend in his hands and Meredith and Derek meet about Doc. Don't miss both nights, Sunday, May 14th @ 10/9c and Monday, May 15th @9/8c! "

they also have a quiz, which side are you on, meredith's or dereks? and I went w/ mere, but then think it messed up bc it didn't show the results.
hell let me just see if I can paste the whole page here..
My roommate and I are betting that Alex had a little change of heart over that baby, and that he'll switch to obsetrics (sp?) now... betcha it happens!!

I can't wait for Sunday/Monday. We're making a party of it at my house.
I dunno, I feel like they're grooming Alex for ortho - they're the jocks among surgeons...or if McSteamy comes back and takes him to plastic....could go either way with that one, but I don't know about obstetrics...

I am SO looking forward to Sunday and Monday - wahoo!!
Right on. Two evenings in a row -- Woot!
runningwestward: do you know which song of Bach's was played on 4/30's episode? Concerto in D minor maybe? and any idea who it was performed by?
I'll have to listen to it again. What scene are you thinking it was in, the surgery or after he dies?

I'm so excited about the next two nights I could pee my pants. Damn being on the west coast... we have to wait three more hours.
tepedy - I know they mentioned what piece it was on the podcast - maybe give that a listen so you can see what the piece was...

Can't wait for tonight and tomorrow's epis! I hope Denny makes it through....
What did addison to say to McDreamy that Yang, Meredith, and the Chief heard? Stupid new-fangled remote contraption...hahahaha
Koala, she was talking about how Derek didn't get jealous and angry when she cheated on him, and then when mcsteamy came and and rubbed it in derek's face, how derek still didn't get upset, but that he got furious because Meredith is dating the vet.
(more or less)

Holy fuck. I can't even wait one evening for pt. 2!!!!
whoa. not expecting that.

izzie was freaking me the fuck out.
my first double post ever! i went so long without one.
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