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This show is written by assholes!! What a stupidly dramatic episode....and to take so many characters down into a murky pit of ethics, love and bullets....argh....Shonda Rimes better fix this good tomorrow.

Honestly, I still can't figure out how even a person in love would risk someone's life like that, and their own career that they've worked a decade for....that, well, that's just idiotic, and where was Bailey? Even on a busy day, wouldn't someone else be checking in on the dying heart guy.

George....its hard to choose between family and a new girlfriends, but damn, he's gonna hurt Callie.

And Mer is going to hurt Finn, and why can't one person on this show be happy?

And beautiful Burke, lying on the concrete.....oh, my sweet Burke, you must recover!!

Tomorrow night cannot get here fast enough.
You KNOW what they're gonna do, don't you??

I mean, you know, right? yeah...

They're going to leave us hanging over the edge for 14 weeks, with some seriously fucked up quagmire of "Grey matter" at the end of the episode!

If you think it's all tied up NOW--just wait 'til tomorrow night.

I'm so into these damned shows....


Shark-jumping, anyone?
I dunno if its jumping the shark just yet, but at this point, I am hoping Izzy gets would be the only reasonable thing to happen.

I AM hoping for a McSteamy sighting though...anyone else with me??
This episode just made me sad and angry. I don't know if I like this show making me feel like this.

I really disliked Izzy in this episode. I hope she gets fired too. What she is doing is completely unacceptable.

I feel terrible for Addison. McDreamy is being a McDick. I wouldn't mind a McSteamy sighting.

Oh Burke. He better be alright.
Thought the episode was a little boring.
Izzy annoyed me beyond belief. I like Denny, but Katharine Heigl sucked something awful last night in the acting department. My husband started laughing when I threatened to hit her through the tv.

Meredith is an idiot. The beginning with the girls being a bitch to Callie made me hate all three of them. I mean seriously hate them.

But then Callie needs to grow some in the right way.

I love Addison and felt awful for her last night. I was on her side 100% last night.

Burke: oh my. He better not die or else.

Right now I'm at the point where I just can't stand Alex, Meredith, Christina and Izzy. The rest of the characters I like and are well written. Those four are awful.
I was disappointed.
no tears.

don't know what to feel right now.
i hope they save denny. burke hopefully will be ok. i hope they arrest that jerk who shot everyone. i am sure they will - but they did not concentrate on that storyline enough - i kept forgetting why all those people got shot. izzie will probably get will only be worth it if denny is saved. christina and her bitterness are getting old. at first she was funny and witty, now she's being bitchy.
freckleface, i feel the same way.

do you think they'd off burke and izzy, though? i don't think burke will die, but i do think denny might (even though i love denny). and i hope izzy is consequenced in someway and the whole thing isn't covered up by her friends. and she was one of my favourites in the beginning!

loved addison's speech to derek, and i liked the fact that the chief held her hand at the end.

guess we'll see what happens tonight...
I think Burke will be ok - re-watching clips in it looks like it might have been a shoulder wound. Still doesn't answer my question why Burke would be in the Ambulance Bay when he should have been coming from the Helicopter pad on the roof...

I love Addison more with every episode, and she deserves a man who loves her - McSteamy or McDreamy, she's a helluva woman and surgeon, and she should have happiness, even if everyone else is miserable on that show.

Denny signed the DNR, right? Anyone else think that was a lovely way to foreshadow his death, and it'll all be Izzy's fault....make that a one way ticket on the crazy train, please.

Its all I can do to stop myself from looking for spoilers for tonights shows....7 hours to go. I think I can make it.
IZZY SUCKS ASS! Yeah, that was some serious Actors' Studio acting. Ick. She was so shrill that my cats were running under the bed and hiding during her breakdown scene.
aaahhh! i forgot about the dnr!! i think you are right, turbojenn.
I totally agree, turbo, I think Denny's gonna crash, there's the dnr, it'll all be Izzy's fault, Burke will live but will be in surgery or whatever and can't save Denny (just my guesses). I have NO idea what they're gonna do with Izzy, do you really think they'd get rid of such a major character?? I thought she acted well, but was totally nutso. And I also don't know if I can watch the show if it's gonna keep this level of intensity.

But I though Callie and Meredith made nice at the end, and all will be ok there. I wish Meredith would just go for Finn fully, though, and get stupid McDick out of her head. I heart Addison.

Only a few more hours! Eeeek!
A few more hours!! Yay! Is it just me, or did Izzy freak you out?
Callie and Meredith made me happy that they are at least trying to be friends. I'm also stoked that Addison finally blew up at McDreamy, in front of everyone.....

Izzy totally freaked me out, and someone capable of behaving in that way in the workplace...should not be a surgeon. And Shonda Rimes better have something good, and a little less intense up her sleeve for tonight.

I chalk all this up to sweeps month stunting, and it really pisses me off. I'd rather have more character nuanced themes unfolding in a more natural pace.

McDick. I like that. He doesn't deserve Mer or Addison.
I actually didn't think that meredith was that mean to Callie at the beginning. I thought the other two were, which seems so out of character because I can't figure out why they don't like her.

I thought Meredith was just being quiet and awkward because Callie knows all about what Meredith did to George.
izzy is crazy. i mean, how did she get so attached to denny so quickly? it seems like the type of situation where if he did actually live and get out of the hospital, they would try to date and not really have anything to talk about anymore. and now she's risking her job and his life. totally lame and crazy.

the actor who plays denny also has a recurring role on supernatural on the wb. that show's season finale left his life up in the air, too. i figure that he's only going to live on one of the two. it would suck for him, though, if he was killed off on both!

i was annoyed at the end when meredith was hugging finn and saying "i love him so much," because it seemed like she wasn't really talking about the dog anymore but about derek. i hate him. what a jerk. he has no right to be angry at meredith because she has a new boyfriend, and he has no right to keep stringing addison along because he thinks its the morally upright thing to do or something.

there's something about callie that weirds me out. i want to like her, but i just don't really. i'm trying to keep an open mind.

i'm going to an end-of-semester dinner at my professor's house tonight, but think i'll make it home just in time for the final finale.
I liked Callie at first but she seems to be getting more intense and mean, where as at first she was intense and playful (with George). I still want to like her, but am kinda afraid of her.

Izzy was out of control! I hope Denny lives, but I have a bad feeling about it. Izzy will probably get fired. She should. I mean, really, that's some unethical behaviour.

Burke has got to survive!!! Please!
Oh My God! I can't stand it when season finales end on cliffhangers... I had a feeling Denny was going to die. Damn.
Hah, I like watching tv by myself so i can cry like a baby.

I didn't really mind the cliffhanger. I really like finn but I want her to go with Derek, but then again, I really like finn. :P
I also suspected Denny would die. I was mad at Christina but I was really happy at the end, and I liked that George talked to Callie.

I thought it was a good finale. (No six feet under, though)
I loved it when Callie helped Meredith and gave a dirty look to Derek.

I'm surprised Burke would still want to be with Cristina after how she acted to him.

I wonder what Izzie will do. Maybe she'll work at the bar?

I hate hate that Derek and Meredith had sex. I was wishing and hoping they would never get back together at all.
wow. That is all I can say. ... will try to articulate tommorow.
that's all I can say.

parts were cheesey and other parts literally blew me away.

be happy (and well) in the light our dear friend.
we will always miss you.

I don't believe that Izzy's resignation will stick. (altho, I have read she's made a movie soon to be released so maybe she really Is off the show? NOO!)
alex showed once again that he did have a heart in the tender way he handled her, almost... overshadowing maaaaybe?

to me it was pretty clear that mer was going to choose derek again. was alittle skeevy that they went at it on the gyno table tho, makes me kinda think of the ones I've been on before and shudder.

addison could have looked Much prettier than she did tonight at the prom, she's a georgeous woman and the dress and color did her no favors.
they really didn't do anything w/ her character tonight; no real cliffhanger with her, no progression beyond derek sweetly asking her to go w/ him to the prom. a promise and then That, which of course she might have a vibe of, but is essentially in the dark again. after her screwing up her courage to ask mer directly what was going on (very way cool), it seemed out of character for her then to leave the prom solo and the 2 (ok 3) of them together. if derek hadn't given meredith 'the look' over and over, this never would have happened, again. I was actually talking to the tv, saying ' stop looking at her like that! you have no right!' and then she actually does say that to him a minute later.
damn those eyes. but I have to tell you, while I'm not sure finn is the right man for her either, I'm not feeling her w/ derek totally anymore. but I don't want him w/ addi either.
I like him, sweet eye candy that he is, but you know he's just sort of bad mojo for women.
dare I say philandering man-ho? (w/out insulting women in the process!)

poor addison. they should have brought mcsteamy back to dance her into the moonlight and away for good. (but not bc I want her to leave grace!)

loved george and callie. how hurt she was.
how approaching Manly he was in being straightforward in his explanation, and how vulnerable she was in admitting that she hated being so into him. I will now pretend for the next 14 or so weeks, that the 2 of them are busy falling madly in love with one another and that's why they can't be on my tv every sunday night. :-)

burke and cristina.
he she they will be ok.
she got knocked a loop and so especially did he w not just his health but his LIFE and I hate that she choked in the OR but this will either make, or break them. it was so painful to watch him waking up in the surgery, I couldn't watch. put my hands over my face. oy vey.
I hate to see people suffer like that, although it was kinda cool to watch denny's heart beating right after that.

what a roller coaster!

rip Doc the dog, I sobbed 'puppy oh puppy.' ( I'm a sap when it comes to that stuff).


how long before the next season starts again?
is it Really *14* weeks away?
*sigh* i kind of figured that denny was going to die. as i said below, he has a role on another show that has been getting larger as the season went on, and i think they probably want him as a regular next season. oh well. i don't think the relationship with izzy was tenable anyway. those kind of relationships, that arise out of intense and unusual circumstances, don't hold up well under the pressure of the everyday and normal.

i thought the dog metaphor was rather heavy handed. the whole *he was a good dog,* *he was really your dog,* *our dog has died.* thing, when they were obviously talking about their relationship. and then the end where derek and finn are calling her like two owners trying to find out which one the dog really loves. bleh. but, if we carry the metaphor out, they already put the dog/love to sleep, so i think she's going to pick finn. it was goodbye sex. and i think i could see it in her eyes at the end.

i don't think izzy is really off the show. something about alex's reaction makes me think there's a new plotline brewing there. plus, her movie is indie and in very limited release. i've seen the previews and it doesn't look that good. i don't think we have to worry that she's going to become a big movie star.

i don't know. callie may have redeemed herself a bit tonight. i think callie weirds me out because she is so intense, like jojodarling said, and we dislike in others what we dislike in ourselves. you don't even know how many relationships have ended for me because i was too intense. seriously, several guys actually said that to my face! i think it's just uncomfortable to see someone else act like that. and on tv, which is usually not so honest about such things. you don't normally see women like callie on tv: not white, not skinny, a little weird, a little damaged (but not in a vulnerable pretty way like meredith), intense and driven. i don't know. i'll have to think more about this.

i really liked the scene where the chief thought he was going to try and break each of them individually, and instead he got their deepest fears about being a doctor.

i hate derek.
Wow....what a finale, I'm so glad that last night was much gentler than Sunday, I could not have taken another epi like Sunday's.

I hate that Mer and McDick got it on again....I'm hoping that was goodbye sex, but I doubt it. I still hope she chooses Finn, even if its only temporary. But now that the dog is dead, I'm betting Finn quietly disappears from the show.

I do need to visit tonight and rewatch some scenes. I think my favorite scenes were the chief's interviews - that was a brilliant foil to expose the issues each intern is working through.

And Alex! He really showed his true hand last night, and that was wonderful to see, I was getting tired of him being an ass.

I'm not too sad about Denny dying...they handled that part well, it wasn't dramatic, and Denny was happy with his life, finally. So its ok.

Doc putting a dog down on a show makes me *sob* whether its Animal Precinct, or GA....RIP Doc.

And Callie - I love her for being tough, ballsy, and just putting herself out there, and really, I think she is so sexy, I love that they have a curvy woman on the show and she gets to be strong, smart, AND sexy. About damned time. She and George just make me smile.
I loved it when Callie said, "I hate it that I'm so into you." She's nasty because she's feeling vulnerable and she's afraid she'll never mean as much to George as his "family," and it's particularly bad that they're women, one of whom George has/had a thing for - I'm sure I'd be alternating between Clingy Basket Case and Snappish Get-the-hell-away-from-me too if I was in the same situation. I get the feeling she's not used to falling hard for someone and it's freaking her out.

And I'm sorry if I'm in the minority on this, but I feel a bit bad for Derek. In his head he really wants to stick with his marriage and let go of Meredith, but he can't because he's so in love with her, and he can't help it. I thought she was getting to the point where she could let go of him finally, but now...

I loved Izzy's dress. She looked so regal, even when she was walking down the stairs after they got her out of Denny's room. And I thought Alex was lovely with her. One time when his bluntness/"honesty" was the best thing for the situation.
A PROM?!?!?!?

I hated it.
Um, why do a bunch of interns have ballgowns and tuxedos just hanging in their closet? When did they go shopping? With what money did they buy these beautiful dresses? I know it's just a tv show and an excuse to get them out of their scrubs, but that really annoyed me.

As much as I want Mer and Der to be done (at least I think I want that), their sex scene was pretty hot.

I have to think about it some more and then I'll come back with more.
Meredith's pretty well-off financially, and I imagine Izzy is as well (from modeling). Maybe they had dresses already.

I agree the prom was a pretty goofy concept.
I thought meredith's dress looked like a black sack w/ sparkles glued to it, just awful.

I agree that izzy looked beautiful though, princessy for her prince. le sigh.

but Dr Bailey looked pretty fantastic too! esp for a woman who'd just given birth! who thought we'd see her in eveningwear And flowers?
I dunno. That show was so over the top with this one, I think I may have lost not only respect for it, but interest.

Getting that off the wall, no matter how dramatic people think it *should* be, makes me kind of sick.

Rated M.........for moo.
ABC has moved Grey's Anatomy to Thursday at 9/8 central in the Fall. I kind of liked it on Sunday but whatever.
Whew - I don't have anything to watch on Thursdays, so that's good news for me - Sundays always competes with my HBO shows, even though I can watch them anytime I want on OnDemand, I like having my HBO Sundays. They've trained me too well on that front. ;)
::small voice:: Maybe im just a hopeless cheeseball but I actually kind of liked the prom thing.
Sure the concept of it was far fetched but so are most things on TV. Besides I cried like a baby when I saw the cheif dancing with his niece .
Plus its always fun to see people dressed up :P

I really dislike Derek. I think Addision and Meredith are both to good for him.

I think Callie may be becoming one of my faves. I love her in all her weirdness and intensity. I also love that a full-figured, non-white women can be portrayed as strong. sexy and smart.

I thought the show while a little dramatic was really well done.
I cant believe we have to wait 14 weekss for next season.
Thursday? That's going to cut into my OC (yes it's cheesy but oh well)... guess I'll have to tape one, and watch the other.

I liked the prom.
New blog posting at Grey Matter
Thanks! :-)
I think I just figured out what would have been the BEST outcome of Meredith & Derek getting it on: if in the middle she'd started crying and they had to stop.

turbojenn are SO right.

I rewatched a bunch of scenes on youtube last night....still couldn't stop myself from sobbing when Doc died....Denny - no tears, but put a dog down on TV, and the water works flow freely....
vesi, ditto!

I haven't gone to youtube, bc I think I'm not ready quite yet, but maybe soon?

there's a thread on ga at another site I'm at, and let me tell you, I feel so *superiour* bc they for the most part totally don't get it.
reading their posts made me so immensely glad to be a part of bust online, bc (& of course I'm biased)I feel like Our analysis is so much deeper and clearer. am not sure what the differences are, bc it's a pretty diverse group of women, but just know, lots of lurve for all of you, even, or esp, when we have different points of view.

let's try & not let this thread totally die while we wait for season 3 please?

still waiting for shonda's blog, bc I feel like She will have the best to say about the last epi.

fyi Commander In Chief fans, I read in today's paper that it's been Canceled, tho they may make a 2 hour tv movie from it w/ the same cast.
yeah, I am definitely awaiting Shonda's blog post on the epi....and I hope Amazon is wrong and the DVDs come out before September...

Is it sad that I would get Tivo in the fall just so I can rewatch GA anytime I want??? heh. I haven't loved a show this much since the good 'ol years of West Wing...
Seriously, WHAT is taking Shonda so long? I mean, it's Wednesday, for maude's sake! :-O
I know I will be in the minority for saying this, but girlgirlgag, you hit the nail on the head. This final episode was HORRIFYINGLY AWFUL! I don't know if I will want to watch this show next season, as it is obviously turning into another ER. Over the top, bad cheese. A PROM????!!!! Ick. I felt NOTHING about cancer girl whatsoever, not a shred of sadness, it was just so obvious that whole idea for the prom was just an excuse to put in the one lamo scene where Meredith walks in with a dress so that the two guys can both look at her in awe at the same time (even though I totally agree with what one of you said that her dress looked like a black sack and was nothing to look at whatsoever). In fact, I thought all the women had horrible dresses and that the costumer should be shot for making such attractive women look so hideous. Izzy's dress was probably the worst though - that huge magenta thing from the 80's with horrible bouffant. Anyway, back to the real issues...I know a show is 100% awful when there is a scene in which a dog gets put to sleep and not only do I fail to shed one tear, but I start laughing out loud at all the ridiculous metaphorical bullshit spewing from the actors' mouths. Speaking of acting, has Catherine Heigl EVER had any training of any kind? She has got to the be the worst actress on television. And Meredith needs to seriously rethink all that botox in her forehead. In that "cliffhanger" (my ass), it was so obvious the extreme effort she was making to raise an eyebrow and express some sort of emotion, but it was clear that poisoned brow just would not cooperate with her wishes. That was also the dumbest and least sexy sex scene ever! And what was UP with all the bad music that kept on going through every single scene???!!! On a more positive note, Sunday's episode was as good as this episode was bad, so maybe there is some small shred of hope that this was just one seriously bad mistake that will not be repeated. Oh, and for those of you who will miss Denny, I do apologize, but I found myself yelling "DIE, DENNY, JUST DIE ALREADY!" when the bloodclot finally found his brain.
LMAO! celimene, i don't exactly agree with your post, but yeah it was funny.
does ellen pompeo really do botox? that would explain her lack of expressions when she's talking...i've been wondering about that...
the doc scene - i've had to put a dog down so that was sad to watch, but i don't cry about tv unless it's something really serious. 'he was your dog' 'he was a good dog' - how is that a metaphor for a relationship?? writers, help me out here...
all in all, i am addicted to the show though...own the first season on dvd...
talk to y'all later!
Translation: "We had a good relationship while it lasted, huh?" "Yeah. We had a good one." Not exactly Shakespeare, but there you have it.

I am only trying to give Ellen the benefit of the doubt with the botox assumption. Otherwise, I will lump her along with Heigl and suggest some acting lessons.
I totally get what you mean about meredith's forehead. like she really only has 1 or 2 expressions, 1 being that 'far off pensive gaze'
which is starting to come across more and more as kinda squinty. she also talks funny,, was thinking about this last night even, in the scene where she & mcvet are dancing at the prom, and he says very seriously " sinse my wife died, I've lived it one day at a time. but sinse I met you, I can't help it, I have Plans for us." and she says " yah. you-have-plans." with about all of the emotion of an automaton.

the dog scene was hard for me, but bc I think that is going to be what we eventualy have to do w/ our boy down the road and it tore me up. but- they should have made that scene longer, as they did use it as metaphor to talk about their why go to all the bother when surely there was an easier way?

the chief and his niece dancing, was good when she said that she'd known love, and that hit as she was only 17 and dying = dramatic sigh=, but the rest of it did seem alittle pointless beyond it. gratuitous I guess I mean maybe.

I defend izzy's dress though, bc I unashamedly LOVED the '80's! :-)
Freckle, I LOVED the 80's t00 (in fact, I have been working on putting together an 80's prom for my theater company entitled "Pretty in Pink"), but I hate it when people where 80's clothes in the present day when no 80's theme is involved. They are only good when one is TRYING to be tacky.
Celimene, I think that prom idea is really cute. :-) By the way, is the first season dvd worth getting? It was on sale at bestbuy the other day, and thought about getting it. Any thoughts?
it's up it's up!
Shonda's writing at the blob! I mean blog! :-)

and bc I am such a good bustie, I hurried back here to tell all of you before even reading it!
The prom was far fetched but I still thought the episode was entertaining. I wish that Addison and Meredith would bail on McDreamy and then wind up the bar, have a few drinks and get it on. Now THAT would be funny! I liked Denny and am sorry to see him go. I cried. Its true. And Izzy. Poor thing. Maybe she'll take some time to reflex and get involved in some acting lessons...*wink*. Cristina and Burke - meh- can't see it lasting. Callie and George however... I can see some fun there. He deserves a good time.
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