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where is this blog, of which you speak?
The blog: Grey Matter
sassy....the season 1 dvds are well worth the $20....I ripped mine and put it on my ipod, so I have have Burke and McDreamy anytime I want. Sick, I know.

jojo - I LOVE your idea - I think Mer and Addison should totally give McDreamy a slap around, and then go drink and make out...that would be good television indeed.
addison yes, but w/ meredith? blah.
maybe izzy though...!!
thanks for the link!
I know this is all old news, but I am still enjoying catching up through sunday night re-runs, all the stuff I missed before.

it's not so much of a spoiler as I anticipated, more making the pieces fit much better by learning the backgrounds.

like last night,, cristina's ectopic/fallopian tube pregnancy- I didn't know about that!! and how she hadn't told burke yet bc she was going to break up w/ him anyway. - O_ M_ G !!!!!

and mer's crazy mother being admitted for her alzheimers, and thinking poor george was her ex husband thatcher and sweet georgie finally going along w/ ( w/ the aid of alex for the idea) and getting her to stop treating people (mer) so badly & how docile she then became.
go Georgieboy!!

and then of course, mcd calling addison 'satan, but I prefer supreme ruler of the dark underword, although, I will answer to either.'
I like her that much more now, but it seems she had a bit more spunk back then, and it makes me kinda sad.

am very glad I've resisted renting the season's on dvd at the video store, bc I still have my sunday nights w/ them and it keeps me ready for september. this show also makes me want to get tiVo, so I can watch it whenever and as often as I want.
I'm a ga junkie, I admit it. but hey- I still got my sunday nights w/them too!

FINALLY, there is part 2 of shonda's update at the grey matter.

freckle - THANK YOU!!! *runs off frantically to read the update* has some great clips of GA, if you have a hankerin for a specific epi....

I know this was posted a while back, but I had to bring it up.

"I think I just figured out what would have been the BEST outcome of Meredith & Derek getting it on: if in the middle she'd started crying and they had to stop. "


That gets me deep in my belly. Meredith doen't deserve a hacked hair of my Georgie's head.
And I thought the prom idea was cute. If anything it was memorable. I like what was said on the blog about everyone being dressed for a funeral with the defeated Queen Izzy leading the procession, head held high.
Scrubs is the most genius comedy!!!
Scrubs review- I Love this show!!! I haven't seen a show like this in a long time and enjoy a different approach to the typical comedy sitcom on TV today. I grew to lovebuy scrubs season 1-9 australia because after you watch them over again you get to really learn the lesson the episode was trying to teach its audience.
One thing that really makes the show unique is the way that they always find ways to incorporate things from past episodes, as far as flashbacks and why certain things are the way they are. Hilarious show, great Scrub 1-9 seasons dvds with lots of cool extras including bloopers and interviews with cast members about how they got cast for the show and their favorite moments from season 1. There is no show better I can't wait to see the rest of Scrub dvd box sets starting this month!
Watch Scrubs and you'll get hooked!
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