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the Facts of Life 2 season (1 & 2?) is out on dvd now!
think I will ask for that for mother's day- yahhhhh!
yay thread revival! The Facts of Life went on forever, but those first seasons were the best...before they outgrew boarding school and turned into entrepreneurs. Does anyone remember the name of their store?

Someone mentioned Kate & Allie in this thread and I found those on DVD too.

ETA: Went looking for facts of life info and found this:
I didn't realize it was a Different' Strokes spin off... and George Clooney was on it?
Their store was "Over our heads", I think, to reflect their economic status.
George Clooney has been on every show ever at some point or another. Good love his big curly 80's hair.
Heh...what was the name of the dude he played on Roseanne? The factory foreman...Booker?

Yeah, big poofy hair, like Rob Morrow on Northern Exposure. Loved it.
Is it weird that I've had a crush on Jason Bateman since I was a little girl and he starred in that show,"It's your Move"?
I don't watch much TV, but I realized recently that he's on a new TV show, and I still think he's hot.
Maybe this should go in celebrity crushes.
omigawd, saktii, you havent seen Arrested Development? I know TV can be evil but should should really check out the dvds (its off the air now). Jason Batemen is the lead character and hes adorable!

Back to the 80s,...the other day I had the "Small Wonder" theme in my head. I remember once in grade school there was a new student, and I talked like a robot to her to freak her out. I thought I was so clever.
I've seen arrested development and must be the singular person in the country that just didn't get it.

but yes, jason bateman looked really great it in, sort of ageless from his earlier days.

I miss 30-Something!!
Damona You bring back so many good memories. I had a cabbage patch kid who was named Zara too. But her middle name was Glorina. I changed the name of my first cabbage patch kid. I cried because her name on the birth certificate was Lily. Lily was an old lady who lived in our town. I don't know for some reason the association disturbed me.

I love puffy paint. We had crazy amounts of it.
I desperately want this cool Rainbow Brite tee
hey, if you like Rainbow Brite check out my paintings of them (done in my style) here. scroll over the thumbnail squares.
Oh my God, Greenbean! I love your artwork!!!
walmart ( I know) has cute 'I Love the 8o's/VH1' t shirts, light blue w/ swirly rainbow colors on them. I bought one, excited, but they run *small*. like, the XL fit, but was snug across the chest, like it's teen sizing, which come to think of it, probably is.
don't they realise that teens (at least my Tween anyway) Make FUN of the 80's for the most part?
they don't deserve cool shirts like that.
I'm probably older than most of you here anyway though & don't mean to offend any true youngsters!
Greenbean, your site is great.

freckleface, offend the youngsters. They can take it.
Thanks! I think my artwork is heavily influenced by girly 80s cartoons like RB, Jem, and Beverly Hills Teens.
I loved Jem too, but think I was "too old to reasonably watch it" when it came out, wasn't that w/ all the holograms and special effects?
I don't remeber Beverly Hills Teens at all.

thanks bunnyb, and you're right!
incidentally, you look like my older sister's best friend from our hometown in IN, only w/ red hair. (that's a huge compliment! :-)

today is the 25th year anniversary of the first known case (or death from) of AIDS, but I think I heard they initally thought it was some mysterious strain of flu. 25 years ago would have put us in 1980, I was not quite 10.
I think now to how my parents must have felt for our futures, the fear as it dawned on everyone (remembering this too) how horrible it was, and the optimistic projections of how soon there'd be a Cure.
I have never known anyone with Aids.
freckle, I take it you mean kittenb? freaked out for min there as I thought about what photo could possibly be around here of me and who was stalking me! we seem to be mixed up sometimes - easily done as have very similar names and are long lost relatives - but she's someone I don't mind being confused with!
oh oh Oh!
yes, I meant kittenb. criminey but I need to pay better attention!
Okay ladies, I turn 30 next month and my brother and my husband have decieded to throw me an 80's Birthday party....I love them but I know they need help, any suggestions?
I love PeeWee!!! I know I am 26, but I am checking that out when they start showing episodes.

leggings are coming back in.
I don't know how I feel about it though, yah bc of the comfort factor, but nay bc I lean towards wearing them w/ blocky thigh-legnth sweaters that I know Now are totally unflattering on me at this height. I need to re-learn how to wear them apparently, bc according to all the "in the know" fashion mags, they're here to stay.

beaniegirl- have you figured out a theme for your party yet?
aside from roller-skating, which wasn't original enough to post, I don't know. maybe strawberry shortcake, or rainbow bright ?
I hope you have a great time :-)
saktii, I can't believe you remember It's Your Move. So many people think I'm making it up! I was in fifth grade and it was my favorite show. I remember one week it wasn't on because the president was on. I wrote president Reagan an angry letter and sent it to the Whitehouse....ahhhh the 80's...
Crazyoldcatlady's post in Growing Up Girl reminded me:

This year is the 25th anniversary of THRILLER


the 50th anniversary of THE SMURFS!!

We need one more to form the 80's child triumvirate.

So, I bought a copy of the smurfs season one on ebay. I'd forgotten how delightful they are, with their cheery songs and simple way of life.."Papa smurf! Papa smurf! Gargamel's gotten into the village!"

And I don't know about you, but I'm planning to learn the Thriller dance this year, once and for all.

I always preferred Gargamel to the smurfs.
I felt the same way. He was definitely more complex, dark and misunderstood than the smurfs were, a real underdog. Wouldn't it have been cool if he could've just caught ONE smurf to show the other wizards? I also felt sorry for his cat. Now on 2nd viewing, I find him much less sympathetic. I still feel bad for Azreal.
The good women in the community forum supported the idea of using one of our two 80's threads as an 80's (and probably a bit of 70's) trivia thread.

I'll try to get it rolling; whoever answers gets to ask the next question, yeah?

What was Mrs Roper's first name on Three's Company?
QUOTE(girl_logic @ Jul 31 2009, 10:34 PM) *
I'll try to get it rolling; whoever answers gets to ask the next question, yeah?
What was Mrs Roper's first name on Three's Company?

I believe Mrs. Roper's first name was Helen? - not 100% positive though
QUOTE(jezabelle @ Aug 1 2009, 08:31 AM) *
I believe Mrs. Roper's first name was Helen? - not 100% positive though

survey says yup. your turn.
ooh I have one! What is the name of the bully who terrorized Arnold on Differn't Strokes?

What actor portrayed Herman?
I always thought it was just "the gooch" didn't know he had a first name too. i have no idea who played him..
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