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Full Version: I'm Not as Witty as They are...The Gilmore Girls Thread
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NO! no no no no no no no......
I think I am going to cry...

thankyou for that polly, and it just reinforces, the show is going down the tubes.
this is so sad it is almost painful to watch anymore :-(
I thought last nights epi was better!
not starfabulous, but at least we Finalllly learned w/ an " a- Ha!" why luke was being all weird about keeping lorelie away from april and it's a valid, un-lame reason.

yah for rory for calling the sr huntsburger up by the balls, but I totally think she's only
still there bc of guilt.. tho did the preview of next week hint at a pregnancy? yikes!

found the post-lane's wedding hangover dialog w/suki in the inn kitchen forced and contrived, and the same w/ luke calling lorelie freaking out.

but.. overall I think it was one of the better shows in awhile and I hope, am hopeful, that maybe they can still restore it to it's past whimsical glory?

bonnie bell lip glosses-- when I was a teenager I used them bc they tasted so good-- now as a <coughcough> "grownup" I use them bc they have great lip spf. :-)

ps: I am totally hoping that lorelie & april's mom get to be good good friends bc to me they are so mirror image of one another.
I saw a small interview Amy Sherman did for I think TV Guide mag a few weeks ago. She talked about leaving and the poss that this may be the last season of Gilmore Girls . If the show does contiune then next year will be the last.

The show has had it's up's and down's but all in all I have loved it and it's really sad to see it go. Gilmore Girls to me is one of the few shows that shows women who aren't 2-D boy/man crazy,rail thin walkings advisement.
tonight is the Finale' .. !!
Alrighty, I'll go first.

I was pleased with the end. I think Luke has been a jackass, he's the one who ruined their relationship. Plus I think the whole damn relationship between the two of them this year has contributed to some of the downfall of this season.

I like her with Christopher. Even if it IS for cheap tawdry sex. I love it.

And I don't think I've ever seen Rory cry like that. I almost started crying with her. Poor thing. I've been starting to like Logan more and more so I'm sad he's gone(though I don't think for good).

All in all I liked the end of the season.
I thought the performances were excellent last night. Rory's end of the episode break down was heart-breaking.
Charli, I'm with you. Christopher has grown up well. But, I think that Lorelai is going to regret this hard core.
lorelie looked kinda shell-shocked at the end, like 'what the fuck have I done NOW?'
I dunno, I kinda expected them to have had sex the night of Lane's wedding and she ended up so drunk, yah they faked us out but it's still alittle contrived; I mean - what else Could they have done to leave us on the edge?

my standard for this show is high I realise, but I so miss the old rambling monologue days of lorelie chasing butterflies w/ her thoughts.
her speach to luke reminded me of that some.
am so glad she finally told him all she'd been holding in too, about past damn time!

rory saying goodbye to logan. I cried. how she has grown up.
I was just happy to see Sonic Youth!
I know, I liked Rory's ending more than Lorelai's. I really felt bad for Rory & Logan, and I'm a hardcore Logan not-liker (hate's such a strong word!) I'm glad Lorelai finally put her foot down with Luke because he is being ridiculous, but I'm sorry it had to end. I'm not a huge fan of Christopher, so I wish that hadn't been the result.

Who were some of those other artists? Obviously, I recognized Sonic Youth and I knew Sam Phillips...who was the first woman who was outside Luke's who Taylor went off on? And the guy singing with the keyboardist with the funny glasses (reminded me of The Big Lebowski!)
Sparks were the dudes on keyboard.
Joe Pernice was the first guy that Taylor came across.
The older guy was whom my husband referred to as "The Naked Trucker". Okeee

And Yo La Tengo were the trio on the corner.

The woman at the beginning was this actress from 24 who I guess was on some earlier GG episodes as Kirk's girlfriend.

yeah, i figured that pretty much all of those street musicians were *real* bands, that's a very gilmore girls kind of thing to do. i thought i recognized sonic youth. i'm a really big music person, but for some reason i often have no idea what bands look like or know any of thier personal info (sometimes don't even know their actual names). it's kind of embarrassing when it comes up in conversation. but i think it's the music that matters.

anyway... i'm glad that lorelai finally laid down the law with luke. unfortunately, i don't think he really understood that she was serious about the ultimatum and that it really is over. i used to like luke, but they've done to him what the often do to love interests in the show; they start off all wonderful and then make their characters inexplicably turn evil or dumb or self-centered or something. they did it with both dean and jess. and with digger and christopher, and now luke. not with max, though. he was a very sympathetic character and i think lorelai did him wrong. and logan has always been an ass. if anything, he's gotten slightly better as time goes on.

i have mixed feelings about lorelai and christopher. in many ways i like him. he's cute and they have WAY better chemistry then luke and lorelai do. but from the conversation with the shrink in the car, it's clear that lorelai is settling, and i think that's really sad. also, i feel like tv often has this conservative nuclear family agenda even in shows that seem to be supportive of alternative families on the surface. i think that there is a drive to somehow reunite biological families when there are clear alternatives that would be work just as well or even better. like how friends felt the need to reunite ross and rachel at the end of the show. mcdreamy going back to his wife in grey's anatomy. heck, dean going back to his wife.

oh man, how funny was the pot subplot in last week's show? i thought that was classic gilmore girls. and a needed comic relief given all of the recent heaviness.

I can't believe I missed it. I haven't seen a single new episode all season. Stupid, stupid job. Thank god for televsionwithoutpity.
Um Hellptampon,

I don't know if your response was to doubt what I said.

They already mentioned Sonic Youth. I was just listing the other bands and one of them was Yo La Tengo.
I think she's just exasperated that she missed the episode.

Don't worry hellotampon, they'll replay it- probably right before the new season starts!
I know I'm late but I wanted to add my 2 cents.

I thought the last episode was boring. Rory saying goodbye to Logan? Sad, but not season finale material. And I thought it was so dumb how Lorelei ended up with Chris again: haven't we already been through this?

I don't think Chris and Lorelei will end up together, I think they have great chemistry but they've screwed up too much to make it work. What I think is that Rory and Jess will succeed where Chris and Lorelei failed. In a lot of ways Jess is Rory's Chris: kind of a bad boy who wasn't ready to grow up and ended up disappointing her, but ultimately made for her. Jess is starting to get his act together, he's going to come back and save Rory from becoming too conservative and boring, and they can finally be together (it'll probably happen at the end of the last season, as I don't see the actor coming back for any large portion of a season).

Also, I have to say I loved the episode where the Gilmores talked out all their issues and the camera went crazy. I thought it was really neat. The camera is usually so static when we're looking at Richard and Emily in their home, and it's a contrast to Rory and Lorelei's world. The Gilmore's have probably never sat down as a family and delved into all their issues, they like to pretend they don't exist. The camera movements really represented that change for them.

It'll be interesting to see how Zach and Lane function as a married couple. I thought it was pretty weird that they just all the sudden got married after being apart. They hadn't been going out that long before that. That said, I love Zach so I'm glad he'll still be getting lots of screen time (at least I hope that's what this means). Lane's storyline is one of my favorite parts of the last few seasons, which have been kinda bleak.
bumping this thread up for the new season.

did anyone else see the season finale?

luke's belated attempt to accept lorelai's elopement ultimatium was so so so sad. luke has been a total ass since the whole april thing, but that was really heartbreaking. you could tell that deep down he already knew it was over before he even made all of those reservations, but to have her really drive home the point by saying she slept with christopher... just so sad.

i wish, that things could work out between christopher and lorelai, though. it wasn't nearly as sad, but you could see that christopher was disappointed when he asked lorelai out on a date and she basically told him that it was one-night-stand depression sex. i just think that they have such great chemistry (way better than between luke and lorelai). and, if you remember, they were going to get married a few seasons ago, and the only reason they didn't is because christopher felt like he needed to *do the right thing* about gigi. lorelai may not be in love with christopher, but it's obvious that he's in love with her.

the rocket thing was sweet, i guess, but i don't see rory and logan lasting out the season. i've heard tell that marty might be brought back. or i could see them convincing jess to come back for the last episode or two and have the show end with them together.

i also think that we're going to find out that there was a mistake and that luke isn't really april's father. there have just been too many hints about this.

and (this is total conjecture, and i haven't heard any spoilers about this) but i think lane will get pregnant this season. she's obviously too young, but in star's hollow we don't have to deal with real life, and wouldn't a little rocker baby just be so cute. and having mama kim deal with the pregancy would be even more fun than her planning a wedding. hee!
Uh oh, two Gilmore Girls what?

oops. i didn't see the new one. i thought the policy was to resurrect old threads if they still existed.

i'll recopy my post into the new thread, which seems to be going strong.

Normally, that is the policy, but I think whoever started the new one didn't know to look for an old one. I asked the Lounge Lady to remove this thread if possible.

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