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Full Version: make me GORGEOUS.....working in the glamour industry.
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Do you who work as hair dressers and stylists consider your work a craft? I think it is (or can be). I am hoping to go to school soon to begin a career as a NYC stylist. I have never cut anyone's hair, though. Is this a problem??? Should I try to get some experience before attempting this? Advice/encouragement please!
nah...they teach you in school what you need to know in cutting terms. as long as you have determination and creativity and are responsible, you can do whatever you want. go for it!
caroline, i'm not in the glamour industry but i sometimes lurk in here. i thought i'd add my two cents, though, if that's okay. i am currently in my second year of massage therapy school, and started this new path when i was 29. my point is that i had never massaged anyone (besides the occasional foot rub to family members), and i had no knowledge of anatomy or physiology. seriously, i think i knew the name of one muscle in our bodies. and i really didn't know very much about massage therapy - and it's a lot more than i imagined. there are people in my program who did have a lot of previous knowledge, but i don't they're any further ahead of me now, given that we've learned a lot and had time to practice our skills.
anyway, i think what msgoofball said is true - if you are determined, then go for it. good luck!
This is sort of off topic, but I'm at my wit's end and maybe someone can help me out. Although I've never been to Beauty School, I've been working in the salon/beauty supply management field for many years now. I've always worked for big corporations, and have recently been hired to set up and run a brand new beauty supply store that a small businessman with NO experience in the field is investing in.
My problem is that I can't seem to find wholesale distributors for some of the most common Beauty Supply products (most of the "for sale to the public" hairdye lines most specifically.)... I am dealing with West Coast, Maly's, Cosmoprof, and Burmax, but none of them carry the lines I really need to get in. Any advice would be appreciated.
hmm....i would check out and put out a bulletin on the board and see if there are any takers....
guerilla feminist makeup artistry - slipping 2 issues of BUST in with the stack of magazines i gave to the 17/18-year-olds I have for prom apointments this weekend. "just go through these and see if any of the looks inspire you."

i can just see my little goslings sifting through the one-handed-reads experiencing their awakenings.

oh the keys we hold in this industry! a little shimmer on the inner corners and a little toughness in the whatever-ya-wants!
this weekend in Las Vegas is the Hair and Nail Convention - $40 at the door - sat sun and monday...! i wish i could go....but i thought i'd share the info.
Oops, I posted this to another thread by mistake.. I am tryyying to make a career change from graphics designer/production manager to hair styling which might sound silly but it's what I want to do. I'm actually a finalist in a scholarship competition at a major cosmetology school and need a model for the final leg of it! (I have to give someone a style make over from head to toe w/o cutting or cloring hair). I was wondering if any one has ever tried anything like this and has any pointers? I was wondering if anyone has ever had to get a model before ? (I'm afraid I have to hire someone since my friends seem unreliable these days.) And I was wondering if anyone in NYC might want to volunteer? This is all a long shot since I am a total amature, I have never given anyone a makeover and, in fact, look pretty sloppy in an "arty way", ha ha, but..
I know here in Vancouver, craigslist is a great resource for people looking for hair models. I can't see why it wouldn't be any different in New York.

Good Luck!
caroline no.....totally do the craigslist thing...we did total makeovers in our class on a small scale but you need an actor/actress wannabe that needs a gig...and reliability is a must for this kind of thing...but i am sure you know that already.
I actually had to get a hair model for a job about 3 months ago. It is hard...make sure they absolutly are reliable. And a tip if you do someones hair or just meet someone that you think would be a good model ask them, it is good chance that they will do it. Who doesn't want to be a model?!
hm, wonder if this thread still exists? i am about to start cosmetology school. i'll be going part time while working full time. any tips???????? eee!
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Try to manage in a good way your time. You have to make a balance between work, studies and time off.
those jobs sound like fun! hard work, but fun!
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