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thanks edie!

ETA: while looking through the thread. i found a reference to this link:
so star, i don't fit into the saturn return age bracket, but i'm assuming there's not a hard and fast rule for those eligible? 'cos i think the description given in that link is my current state of affairs.
Well, while your "official" Saturn Return doesn't happen until you're 27 1/2 (the length of time it takes Saturn to get its cranky ass around the sky once), depending on what aspects (angles w/in the chart) it's making/made w/other planets, you could start feeling it's effects as soon as 25 or continue making them well into 30.
Your best bet would probably be to get a chart ( is a good site) and look at where Saturn is and what angles it makes w/other planets. There's a minor shakedown that occurs in your early 20's that gives you a heads-up to what you'll need to look at during your SR~around 25 or so.

In any case, I'm sorry if things are going badly for you! :/ SR's aren't ALL bad, though--just MASSIVELY life-changing. I had my daughter when I was 27, and she's CERTAINLY been "life-changing"!! biggrin.gif
Ooo, I just noticed this thread. As much as I would love to pretend I'm not into the 'new age-iness' of astrology, I do find it kind of fun. I don't read my horoscope every day; hardly ever, in fact. But if I'm thumbing through a 'women's mag' with a horoscope section, I'll read it for fun & kicks. I know next to nothing about moon signs, planetary placement, retrograde, and all the other stuff that goes into an astrological reading. I generally tend to use astrology when I'm meeting someone new for the first time, whether a date or a friend. The two books I most often turn to are Linda Goodman's "Love Signs," which has a chapter for every astrological combination, with both male and female sun signs (e.g., male Virgo/female Scorpio, and vice versa), and Suzanne White's "The New Astrology," which is a very interesting hybrid of western and Chinese astrology. She wrote a chapter combining all the western signs with all the Chinese signs (e.g., Libra Snake, Libra Horse, Libra Monkey, Libra Dragon, etc.). I really like the combination of western and Chinese astrology and Suzanne's take on some of the signs. She can be kind of harsh at times, but overall, I find it a lot of fun, and it's obvious she really put a lot of work into the book.

To get down to the nitty gritty, I'm an Aries; an Aries/Rooster, if we're doing the western/Chinese thing. I'm definitely not the typical Aries written about in most astrology books, though. Most of the ones they write about are kids who had good parenting and could develop that innate self-confidence that supposedly comes so naturally to most Aries people. I was raised by a parent with borderline personality disorder, which meant she was uber hyper-critical, narcissistic, and literally unable to accept and understand anyone else's feelings but her own. That didn't do a lot to foster the supposed 'natural' Aries confidence and extroversion, so I don't really exhibit those behaviors. However, I *do* have a lot of personal strength, which is maybe part of my Aries inheritance. If I really believed in all that stuff. As it is, I just look at it as a positive personality trait, one I'm fortunate to have.

Anyway, if you're interested in checking out your own western/Chinese horoscope, here is a link that you might find interesting. It takes you directly to Suzanne White's page, which does feature some marketing for her book. But if you scroll down the page and enter your birthdate, you can read a free snippet of what Suzanne wrote about your "new astrology" sign in her book. I am, apparently, "the crafty chatterbox." Chatterbox...well, yeah. Crafty? I'm not so sure. I'm not really into craft projects and I've never been a very strategic thinker/planner. I've never been very good at disguising my intentions.

Ah, well. All in fun.

Queen Bull
QUOTE(edie52 @ Nov 4 2007, 03:13 PM) *
I don't know much about Saturn return... from what I understand it happens in your late twenties?

This is way late but I just checked out the link that doodlebug posted below. Reading the physical description of a Gemini was totally uncanny. Almost everything was right on, and some unusually specific things: "birdlike" features, very long arms, prematurely grey hair. Weird.

ha, i know this was a way back when post, but, I noticed that too with the Taurean features. From the thick curly hair to a rather *cough* voluptuous nature. haha. That right there is one of the things that draws me to astrology, its one of those kinda 'new age*' fads, that can be applied to the actual person. smile.gif

* i use that term loosely since people have been looking at the stars since they could see that far.
Queen Bull
Ok, so this is like double posting or something, since im right below as well, but i digress....

Could a Saturn return start to affect you as early as. say.... 19? ha. Just wondering because things have been kinda gummy lately, and does that imply that when i hit 27 or so, my world is gonna be spun around like its being flushed? *nail bites*

But anyway, to introduce myself astrologically, ha, ive already posted in the Newbie thread, but , im all about busting down barriers. XD

Anyway, I was really giddy to ind this thread, I think its great that people are discussing Astrology outside of the guidelines of Cosmo Mags perfect love match pages. *not that there is anything expressly wrong with those either.

But i digress, yet again, ha, im a little [ok, ALOT] ADD, apologies. OK. --

Im a Taurus, well, Taurus/Snake, depending on your particular School of astrology. I fit the bill pretty well, as i posted a moment ago, i found the physical description uncanny, even from the semi accurate halls of wikipedia. But beyond that, Im earthy and hippie, not quite dippy, i tend to stay pretty grounded, im calm, until that one thing sets me off, then im literally a raging MESS. I have a strong Libra rising, so i get alot of that coming through. Over all though, im pretty text book to my influences, right down to a healthy sensuality.

ha. So i guess thats it, Im sure ill be posting alot in this thread as i love this stuff, so see you around ladies! smile.gif [and gentlemen, to be PC...]
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