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It looked to me like you could alter their templates somewhat if you knew how to do that sort of thing. I, however, did not and just picked out one of their templates. They have a link that gives info about altering them.
Sometimes you can dig right in and play with the html, but that usually involves a lot of swearing and throwing things.

(Granted, this is coming from someone who spent an hour deciding her site's color scheme, and a week designing the banner--which she still is unhappy with--but spends approximately five minutes a day providing actual content. It's kind of like having a puppy. You really wanted that puppy; you begged mommy for that puppy, and now you have to walk and feed it.)
Pimping my site...

Check it out, yo!
Well, okay. I'm not here to "pimp" anything [insert eyeroll here, heh], but who else here is in LJ land? I feel like I'm missing a ton of you.
Time again for my annual "hey I have a live journal" post. Its "Craftydevil" on live journal. Add if you like.
sassypants, i just added you...
Here I am. I can't wait to start digging into fellow bustie's blogs!
here's mine:
Enjoy!! cya
I have a few - I'll post two ;-)
Does anyone here have a library thing page?
Just to let everyone know, when you friend a bustie on LJ and you choose a different screen name, it's a good idea to identify yourself (as your bustie screen name) so that we know who you are. That way we don't have to play the "identify this bustie" game.
Ok, so, A: the dingo got to me at ate my ole username up. so evrythngisrosie ain't rosie anymore. lol.

and B: I've started a blog b/c I am moving to Ireland for two years to get a grad degree! Yay! I hope you all enjoy reading it as I so enjoy reading yours. Feel free to comment and let me know you found it on Bust b/c that'll just make me feel special! here's the site!
Who is bananabambam?
same here, time for the ol' annual add me on lj if you like announcement. Same name.
Zora, I'm still wondering the same thing!

Ophelia, I see you around on everyone else's LJ, so I'm adding you to mine. :-)
Hey raisin & ophelia, thanks for adding me on LJ. Until this morning, I was livelyupurself here. But coincidentally, this morning when I went to sign in it said my account was invalid. So I switched back to yuefie. Weird I know, especially since it was right after I left a reply to raisin on LJ saying I was thinking of being yuefie again anyhow. Hmmmm, maybe the dingoes heard me? :-)
Hey-o! I was just getting curious about the whole blogging thing and was wondering which site you'd suggest going through. So far, people seem to like Blogspot and LiveJournal. Is there one that you'd recommend starting with? I'm hoping to go the free route. Is enabling the ads worthwhile, or is it just annoying? Any advice for beginners sounds good.

Thx! :-)
i'm on lj, as are many busties, and i like it. it's pretty bare-bones, but works well, and has a nice coversational quality to it that i liked.
Hi Lorewolf,
I only recently started blogging and use and am really not an expert in things like this at all!!! - but somehow it is easy to handle and though there are hundreds of things I don't understand I have already managed to have some photos on my blog and for the ads I have to say that if they take too much space so as to distract you reading the blog (or worse are blinking!!!) than they are
totally annoying. If ads at all, I would prefer buttons.
lorewolf, you should get an LJ. It's so nice. You have your little friends list and you get to get so much closer to people than you do on Bust. Plus, the comments can turn into little conversations and there are tons of communites for whatever you are into.
I see a lot of busties with a lot of the same people on their lj lists but I don't always know who is who. (I should really check back in the post in the bustie community and see if anyone has added to the bustie name-lj name entry lately.)

If anyone is interested, and/or knows who I am, I'm crushedglass on LJ. Feel free to add.
Thanks, BUSTies! I kinda started something on LJ, but it's a different persona for a site that my friend and I are trying to start up.

I'm a big fan of the BUST community and being Lorewolf, but my childhood friend and I do art and have adventures as Tard_Boy and Omega_Tard. It was for that persona that I started up The Tard Cave.

Thanks for your help, and I might just start something up for myself as Lorewolf, which is what most of my friends know me as online. I'm still working on this one, though.
Check out this little gem from Connie Chung. I think she's ready for American Idol!
I've done this before, but (a) I'm an attention-whore and (b) the old list seems to have disappeared yet again. So, yes, hello, I'm on livejournal under the same name, and I'm dying to meet more busties, especially seeing as I spend bugger all time on this site any more...

Its mostly about midgets, and albinos, and albino midgets, but feel free to add :-)

*waves and gestures and that*
I'll ask again...

Who is bananabambam?

I'm just curious. PM me if you don't want to say here.
If they area a bustie, raisin, they may be an ex-bustie and no longer read the boards. If you're desperate to know, why not ask in bustalicious if they're a member?

Or, y'know, comment in their journal...

Random people do friend one on LJ though, they may not even know you. I have to admit I've stopped friending the occasional randoms back if I don't know them, unless they have a very engaging writing style.
argh, dammit, they deleted the archives just where I wanted to read. Anyone got much of a clue how to play with the templates in blogspot? I'm html-stupid.

I've started a blog. I'm such an online tart - now all I need is an LJ and I think I'll have the full set.
it's called "Sensible Susan And The Ladylike Punk. i have no idea why.
Wow, Girlbomb_redux, I read your blog entry entitled This is how it goes (the link may lead to the latest entry, which changes over time, so the link may not always lead to the right place), and it perfectly describes the bitter feelings I’ve always had about death! I still can’t view it as positively in the end as you can, though.

Even as a child, I’ve always focused on the end results of my actions as the all-important bottom line. I saved money and seldom, if ever, procrastinated. My goal was always to END UP in the best situation possible, regardless of what I had to endure to get there.

One day, the inexorable thought occurred to me. What is the REAL end result? Sure, I did all of my work ahead of time, I saved my money, and now I can buy that new toy I’ve been wanting and have time to play with it. But that’s not really the END, is it? What happens after I put away that shiny new toy to tackle the next set of tasks and challenges? What about after that? And after that? And after that? And after that?...

I am born, then I die, and regardless of what arbitrary events happen in between, the end is always the same. I am dead. Aside from my attempts to grasp at religion’s unsatisfying promises of immortality, I’m dead and gone forever, as ethereal as the fading memories of a life once lived. Even though everyone is born with this biological death sentence, it still seems so unfair. Imagine how a mortal would be pitied in a world with immortality as the accepted norm.

The conclusion is as inevitable as death itself. Life is worthless. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach as I first pondered this inescapable truth. I might invent the first perpetual motion machine and live to be a hundred, or I might contract a disease that causes my skin to peel off like orange rinds and fall to the floor in black, shriveled clumps and die at fifteen. What would it matter in the whole scheme of things? I’d still end up the same either way. When I reach the expiration date stamped on my forehead, father time unremorsefully discards me like disposable biological trash, and from then on, I’m worm food. If I did invent that perpetual motion machine, my name would live forever in trivial glory, but I would still be just as dead. Life is worthless.

I don’t feel quite as inconsolably miserable now as I did when I had these thoughts, but that’s not to say that I have resolved these issues. It’s more like I just force this subject out of my mind, because no good can come of contemplating it. It’s amazing how easy it is to smile and laugh even after realizing that you and your loved ones are all doomed. Psychological suppression is a wonderful tool.
Congratulations Mornington on popping your blog cherry. I don't use blogger, but I know of a few books that might help with screwing around with code:

Publishing a Blog With Blogger
Blogging in a Snap

At least one of those books has some tips for fooling around with blogger templates. I read a bunch of books (like Joan Didion, I go to the literature) before I started mine, which was kind of useless, since I use typepad and they refuse to take the training wheels off.
amazing_bass maybe you should start your own blog. you seem to have a lot to say. it's a good outlet too.
That idea is worth some thought. The only problem is that I'll have a zillion thoughts in a short period of time, then my mind will take a vacation. I would lose a lot of readers this way. I guess if I just keep my thoughts in a word document and meter out the major updates once every week or once every couple of days or something, it would work out O.K.
Amazing bass, I wouldn't worry about readers. Most blog writers digress (present!). It's sort of the rule rather than the exception. (For example, I love fourfour, not only for the witty America' Next Top Model/Janice commentary, but also the unexpected photos of the blogger's cat.)

It's for you. There aren't many opportunities to write just for yourself, and publish. Take it. Have fun with it.
thanks for those books curioushair (and mourni for commenting. yay - I have my first comment!). I might just have to check them out so I can play with this shiny new toy of mine.
Has anyone else messed around much with posting pictures from your camera phone to your journal using flickr? I had a lot of trouble getting it to go phone to LJ but going through flickr has worked fine. So I've been pleased. And have been making many more silly random picture posts.
I'm glad you like the comment Mornington. Early greetings from Italy! wink.gif
Gah, I need to start updating my entries in LJ, it's just life happens... but yet when I get ready to update, I'm still at a loss anyhow. O_o I dunno. sad.gif
Anyone have that problem as much as I do...which is often?
I tend to have terrible gaps in my writing. I write a ton when nothing is going on and then during the times when I would most like the record, I don't make the time to write!

I played around a little with LJ Talk today but I don't know if anyone else is using it. Are any of you using it?
Another post to say that all Busties can friend me. I'm Zorazen on LJ and all my posts are friends only. I'd like some more LJ friends, just cause.
ok, i've finally put up my fashion blog:

it's basically a site about street fashion, designers, bad clothes, super-sick looks, and snagging the cutest digs for 25 bucks or less. i need an outlet for my obsessions and since i don't live in any major city i can't get a really cool job working with clothes. this seems like the next best thing.
Does anyone else here use typepad, and are you about ready to pull your hair out due to the "degraded service?"
Bumping this up for Prettynpink.

QUOTE(mornington @ Jul 1 2006, 08:43 AM) *

I've started a blog. I'm such an online tart - now all I need is an LJ and I think I'll have the full set.

Yes, I think you do need to get on LJ, you little tart, you.
Look! I'm on LJ now too!!! I'm one of the cool kids! Add me cause I'm still trying to figure the stupid thing out.
Consider it done!

"It's such a time-sucker," RG said as she went to compose yet another meaningless entry in her LJ.
now look what you've done, raisin. peer pressure I call this...

I joined LJ. I'm such a sucker
I'm adding you, sucka. Good job. ::cackling::
I succumbed to the peer pressure too (and the fear of not being kept in the loop wink.gif). well, either that or I'm stalking mornington...
I just nudged you, Bunny. wub.gif
I felt it! I'll update once I have something to say wink.gif. I've been checking in though.
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