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Okay, this must be a new fad. I'm on live journal, too. Feel free to add me as a friend:
Is there a Flickr group for busties? I'd start one if anyone's interested.
I am attracting the very, very crazy peoples on my blog these days.
I'm an old school LJer (remember the days when you had a certain number of invites and people were falling over themselves to get one from you?), but I stopped for a while. I've recently created a new journal, and suddenly, I'm having a bit of... well... e-culture shock, so to speak.

I know that, once upon a time, I used livejournal to meet and socialize with some of the most amazing, fascinating people I've ever known... but... well... I don't remember HOW I did that! I'm joining communities and making random friends, but I'd love to get to know some BUST-ilicious gals. I met some of my best friends on LJ (all of whom have long since stopped journaling), and being the social lady I am, I'd love to make new ones! if anyone's interested. smile.gif

(P.S. I second the need for BUSTie flickr group!)
Has anyone heard of IMVU; I stumbled upon it recently and would be interested to hear if some knows what it's like. If it's easy to use, cool people ...?

A groovy weekend to all Busties!!! biggrin.gif
I am living in a state of tooo much to read; yay for RSS feeds. Since LJ has essentially replaced my need for a phone:
QUOTE(girlbomb @ Nov 10 2006, 03:15 AM) *

I am attracting the very, very crazy peoples on my blog these days.

I'll take the crazies over the spammers--well, maybe not a daily dose of whackjobs, but it's quite disheartening to log in and see five new comments in moderation all turn out to be ads to increase my breast size.
QUOTE(curioushair @ Nov 12 2006, 11:29 AM) *

I'll take the crazies over the spammers--well, maybe not a daily dose of whackjobs, but it's quite disheartening to log in and see five new comments in moderation all turn out to be ads to increase my breast size.

Yikes! Looking at those crazies... I'll take the spammers. Spammers generally cite sources before spewing drivel, and do not consider editorial rants with book binding a reference.
I'm also on Blogger now:
Hello hello!

Bunnyb had told me about a myspace and a livejournal thread, is this it?

Myspace: (my profile is just half filled in there right now)

On livejournal I am theogferret

I have a blogger account as well but I pretty much just use that to post comments in other blogger journals. I think I'm imdancingbarefoot there too.

Feel free to add me, busties! Although, if you can, send me a little note so that I know who you are, especially on myspace.

hey dancingbarefoot! I've added you on the myspace! Although there is a myspace thread too - I'll go bump.

I too would like a BUSTie flickr group - I'm msmornington on there. and LJ. and blogspot.
QUOTE(mornington @ Nov 15 2006, 08:47 AM) *

hey dancingbarefoot! I've added you on the myspace! Although there is a myspace thread too - I'll go bump.

I too would like a BUSTie flickr group - I'm msmornington on there. and LJ. and blogspot.

I saw your add and have added you also! Thanks for bumping the other thread, I can stalk people on both. Mind if I add your lj as well?

I am all for a bustie flickr group as well. I don't have much loaded onto flickr yet, I just opened my account.

Does blogspot have a way to make friends groups or is it just the links list?
I blog on MySpace
feel free, dancingbarefoot.


oh yes. you love it. pleeeeeeeease.
Oh Lawdy. Mornington, I am cursing you so much right now! wub.gif
Okay. I have 4 blogs now. Here's the 4th one, musical blog. I absolutely LOVE this website! I can listen to music on my i-tunes and it pops up on my blog (you download the software for it first), but it's easy to download. You can talk about music and create your own radio stations when you enter an artist like the one you like. A "music quilt" appears next to the music you are playing with photos of the artists you just played. It generates a musical chart of your top songs. Here's my profile:
This is a favorite blog of mine: The Feminist Pulse
hey everyone, I'm on el jay and myspace--look me up on this same name =)
musicfit - I'm totally addicted to myself. Any other busties use it? If so, it might be worth creating a group. My profile name is the same as here -

Friend me!
prophecy and elise, i joined and i'm tinkering now ...


just what i need, another reason to be online
i luve R&B.... has r&b music for days

I Luv R&B
Bumpity-bump for Nickclick.

And since I'm here, I may as well whore out my blog. I've been kind of lazy with the posting, I'm trying to get better about that. <a href="">On livejournal, I'm TheOGFerret.</a>

Oooo . . . this is also reminding me that I need to get on the Flickr BUstie group! More procrastination from Chemistry homework!
thanks i'mdancing, see you there!

my livejournal blog , i'm hoping it will be a photoblog, and kick my ass into taking more photos!
Glad I could help! Did I friend you on the lj? I'm pretty sure I did earlier, I should go double-check.

I'm at myspace, too. I'm not very good at the whole blogging thing yet, but I'm trying:
grrrl_riot is my new livejournal. To add me, Comment on the friends only entry. I am planning on keeping this livejournal and I will never let it die. Most entries are friends only, but a few entries are public.
I have a blogging question: say someone you know, marginally, from another message board sends you a private message saying, "Hey, I like your blog. I link to you, and would appreciate it if you put me on your blogroll," would you include this person? (This really did happen to me on another board, by the way, and is not a veiled attempt to hide the idenity of someone here.) I know what my answer is: no, but I feel like a big meanie about it. I haven't been blogging that long -- less than a year -- and I think I've pretty much followed "the rules" (though the longer I'm at it, the more I realize there are no rules). I liked being linked to, of course, but there's something a little sleazy about asking for a spot on someone's blogroll. The people on mine are sites I read regularly, or, especially, people who leave good comments on my site. That's also how I've gotten on a few blogrolls. This person has never bothered to leave a comment, by the way.

Am I making too much out of this?
Curioushair, I think the etiquette here is to politely ignore the request. Or am I just a stinkin' bitch?

Also, anyone on Facebook? Someone told me the youth of today eschews MySpace and is totally hanging out on Facebook now, so I joined, because I am nothing if not a pathetic joiner. So...please feel free to add me if you see me.
If you're a stinkin' bitch, I'm a stinkier bitch because not only have I been quietly ignoring his email, I inadvertently deleted it too. I was planning on writing him back, explaining that if I add him to my blogroll, I'd have to add everyone who asks me (or make up some lie, like I don't link to MP3 sites or something).

The junior college needs to add blogging 101 to their catalog: what to do when people actually read your site and kinda' sorta' like you.
hey bloggers, tomorrow is international women's day, as well as Blog Against Sexism Day

IPB Image
I started a photoblog over on wordpress's free site, I've used blogger before and for a free service, WP blows them right out of the water.

And I monkeyed around with my regular blog's design. (The one linked in my profile.) I think it looks pretty good, a little more girly than I'm used to, but good.
Hello all. I have set up a new MySpace page for a project I am working on, the Day of Action Against Street Harrassement. Check me out at and add me if you can.

Beauty & her Bass
I am blogging for the first time in my life. This is snip-its into my weight loss battle. Stop by and check it out...i guess. (Sorry, I'm still really shy about this whole blog thing!)
girlbomb, all the kids are on facebook these days rolleyes.gif . may I add you? I like collecting friends everyone goes "who's that?"
I just started a new blog the other day! It's actually kind of boring so far since I am using it to chronicle my move from Texas to Chicago. But maybe once I get moved it'll be more interesting. Anyways, here it is, if any one is interested.... dry.gif
Does anyone here use Vox?
Hey, MySpacers, I am one of my companies MySpace team. If you wouldn't mind, please "friend" . Apparently we have a "friend goal" that I would like us to meet.
since i've realized i have no life...i thought i would check out the livejournal that one of my friends got me into. so, i'm stargazer_75 on the bust site of can find me there.

oh, and i also realize that i do have a blogspot account from last year or so too. damn. i should get that going again too.
Bumping this because my old blog site died, taking 3-4 years of blog entries with it. mad.gif sad.gif

I've now moved over to Blogspot. Anyone else there? You can find me here.
kitten, I know this is not worth anything since your previous blog site is gone, but there's been talk of Livejournal possibly going under in the next few months...I don't know if I believe it, but 8 years of entries has me wanting to archive everything. This site allows you to transfer entire lj's and blogs into PDF files, or even order an entire book. The only thing is, I think you need to be using either LJ or wordpress blogs.

The site also hasn't been working for the past few days because there's panic over at livejournal and people think it's going to be shut down ASAP. I don't think that's going to happen but I haven't been able to convert mine to PDF yet.

Howdy online Busties!

I'm looking for some advice. I'm thinking of starting a blog (I think it will be fictional rather than autobiographical, but I'm still experimenting with drafts), and I wondered if you have any tips on where to do this. I'm basically an online numpty and know very little about these things, so any thoughts would be much appreciated. I can see a few people are on Blogspot, how are you finding that?

Thank you!
I've been blogging for years and recently have been getting more into vlogging too. It'd be great to have some more friends for those of you who use livejournal. Does anyone else vlog??

My written blog:
My photo blog:
I'm on LJ and hoping it stays up, as I haven't converted my entries. Then again, I've only been on a year, so I don't have a whole bunch of posts. Blahdeblog:
Thirties and splendor: you should definitely use the converter to put your LJ's into PDF files. I've had my LJ for 8 years so I definitely wanted to keep everything. It only takes a few seconds to do a year of files and then you just save it to your computer. FYI, I found doing anymore than 2 years at once wouldn't work. The files are nice in that they include pics, moods, music, comments, and they seperate it into years. I had some fun re-reading the other night.
There are 2 lovely blogs that I read regularly, they're pretty fun and sexy:

Girl With A One Track Mind

Naive London Girl
I blog on myspace.
Has anyone got any tips on where to write a travel blog? A friend of mine is about to go travelling for 10 months and I want him to keep us updated with pictures, maps, commentaries etc. Is there a template somewhere or do you think he'd have to design it all himself? Thanks.
Persiflager, has he checked out one of the mainstream sites like Blogger?
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