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Full Version: sooo tired... can't sleep. INSOMNIA.
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GAAAAAAAAAAH! Its 5am and i'm still up. What gives. My body feels very tired, achy and stiff in my joints. But I cannot sleep. I should have jumped on that last half bottle of wine!!! Dangit.
finally, a good nights sleep, thanks to Simply Sleep, by the makers of Tylenol.
Fuck, I'm trying to get off the stupid fucking trazodone which according to most doctors isn't supposed to cause withdrawal. I'm so freakin' tired since I've lowered my dose. Gah!
I heart ativan.
I just can't deal with this lack of sleep right now. I'm in the last three weeks of my undergrad and I'm just going to have to go back on the full traz dose. This really pisses me off because I was assured by two separate doctors that there should be no kind of withdrawal symptoms. But google 'trazodone withdrawal' and the reality is that it's a big problem, and most people I've spoken to online said they went through some form of withdrawal.

Last night was another sleepless night. I ended up getting up around 2AM and taking some nyquil because I was so frustrated.
I've had a raging case of my stupid insomnia for a few days. I'm so tired, and I know that as soon as I get in bed I will crash. But I can't get myself up out of this chair. I think about all of the effort it would take to turn off the computer, turn off the lights, turn down the heat, get undressed, put on jammies, brush my teeth. I'd sleep here in my Lazy Boy if it didn't give me a sore back.

So stupid! I love sleeping! I love being in bed. But I just can't make myself do it. It's not like I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I like posting on Bust, but now I'm going through threads that I have absolutely no interest in.

Last night I broke down and took a melatonin. But I hate taking drugs.

Grumble, grumble.

erinjane - withdrawl sucks! I went cold turkey off of Wellbutrin a few years ago, and I was so dizzy for a few days that I had to hold on to something when I stood up. It was like the world was moving without my permission. Did you go back on it? Are you tapering off again now?
p 176, i totally agree...simply sleep by tylenol is the BOMB and it is helping me get through graduate school.
i love simply sleep also. but i feel bad - last night 'simply sleep' and i had a hot date, which i broke :-(
so now i'm still tired! :-P
temazepam and triazolam were the only things that worked for me. These are both sedatives and are lovely. Unfortunately, these babies come at a price which i can no longer keep up with sad.gif boo

ah la la...
i am awake still, my heart palpitating from dark chocolate, and i can't sleep. it's almost four in the morning.
oh my. it's hard to force myself to sleep. i stay up writing and obsessing and writing more.
My pattern:

Almost always easy for me to fall asleep... but I wake up too soon. Esp. with depression. Waking up super early (3AM) tells me that I'm blue about something... even if I don't realize it

... very hard for me now to sleep for more that 5 hrs at a stretch, and often sometimes much less. This deficit leaves me seriously exhausted around 8-9 PM. (Which degrades my social life & my sex life.) But if I go to bed then... I wake up around 2PM. The worst! So sometime I have a heavy nap for an hour, between 8-10PM. Either I sleep with the light and the radio on (which awakens me in about an hour) or I have someone get me up. This can be very difficult, getting up then. I then stay up until 11-12 PM. Sometimes I then get into a "second wind" which then makes it hard to fall back asleep. I that case, I take melatonin, which I've just come upon in the past year. Much appreciated! It usually works.

When I wake up too early, I listen to the radio which I keep by my bed. News or music. This keeps my mind passive, my anxiety wheels from spinning. An essential aid, for me. I keep it on a timer, so that it turns off, in case I go back to sleep.

I'm now worried that this evening exhaustion is going to get me killed, when I sail off the road or into incoming traffic, asleep. I've fallen asleep once while driving, but fortunately was woken by the rumble strips. Thankfully!

I feel that if I had regular exercise, that this would help with insomnia-- not to mention depression, weight, blood pressure, etc etc.
I enjoy riding my bike... but don't do this enough.
I'm up writing. I know it's only 1, but I woke up at 7 this morning. I think it'[s due to depression and aniety due to this foot injury. Ugh...

I'm worried about moving in with Mcgeek ande my money situation. I lost my job due to this foot thing...


finally another person in the insomnia forum with lyme disease too. i'm sorry you have lyme disease too. do you think your lyme is contributing to your insomnia?

i was diagnosed with lyme in november 2006. i've been symptomatic since 1994 (age 14) and my longest lasting symptom is insomnia. i've had it ever since 1994.

i would definitely like to discuss the lyme + insomnia thing more. are you still on treatment? have you found anything helpful?

i'm on IV antibiotic treatment. my symptoms aren't classic lyme (primarily neurological and neuropsych). misdiagnosed with depression, anxiety and later bipolar disorder. i started getting bladder irritation in 2004 and it took me 2 years to get a lyme diagnosis. i'm in canada where "we don't have lyme" (so the doctors love to constantly tell us -- yeah right we totally DO have lyme ugh stupid doctors). anyway please share more info about your lyme experience and insomnia when you get a chance.

i can't link my insomnia to any particular phobia. i am guessing it is from the lyme disease and i worry it won't go away (so maybe that is a phobia? i dunno). or maybe it is caused by some co-infection.


QUOTE(Megnog @ Jan 31 2008, 10:08 PM) *
I went to the doctor today and I have some interesting news I thought I would share with you all, it might help you. In September of 2006 I was diagnosed with lyme disease, which I have since linked to my insomnia(it causes fears, body aches, joint problems, problems getting comfortable). The doctor I speak of is my lyme specialist, but she's extremely knowledgable in all areas. (I got lyme when I was a baby, fyi), I have always been really afraid to fall asleep, still am. Night time rolls around and I DREAD it, so I stay up as long as I can. I'm strait up afraid to fall asleep. She's been testing me on a lot of different sleeping remedies, and today I finally fessed up to my BIG FEARS...root problem of why I can't sleep. I don't like talking about it because its embarrassing. She told me that I sounds like I have a form of post tramatic stress disorder....nothing terrible ever happened to me, but I had terrible things happen in my imagination when I was younger. This has been happening for so long now that I have linked falling alseep with being afraid and feeling vulnerable. She said that I can reverse this with sleep therapy...its a link in the brain. I'm so happy, I thought I was crazy for being so afraid....every night I think robbers are going to break into my house and murder my entire family. Anyways, theres hope I feel like. I thought maybe some of you have the same problem? Linking something to sleep....hence not being able to sleep. And if you have any questions about lyme feel free to ask.

ps: coela, what's zolpidem? doctor gave me a handful of lunesta I can sleep, for now.

I realize this is a probably dumb thing to ask, but do you know anything about sleep hygiene? I could give you some tips if you want. I have a lot of problems with insomnia due to stress myself.
I haven't been able to sleep for the past week. I think I got a total of 6 hrs. I do have alot going on in my life. I'm trying not to take an sleeping pills because I'm afraid I'll be addicted to them like my cousin was. Anyway...I'll try to get some sleep tonight. Maybe I can take two PM's to help me sleep.
Y'know, TNR, if you don't have a headache, the Tylenol isn't really needed. You do just as well with an OTC bottle of it's active sleep ingredient, diphenhydramine AKA plain old Benadryl. Most OTC sleep aides are pretty much just Benadryl.

I myself have a chronic neuroimmune disease (EG; Lyme's, rheumatoid arthritis, FM, Lupus, etc.) & suffer from a sleep anomaly. I don't sleep much at all. It's embarrassing. I went on a six day long trip with a friend & didn't sleep for five whole days! By the end of night five, I was exhausted & just kinda collapsed.

I've done several sleep studies to no avail. I do NOT have apnea or anything like that! They think I have an alpha delta sleep anomaly, which basically means weird pain & that I never get a really deep sleep. I've followed regimen after regimen. Set sleep/wake time, no alcohol/food/caffeine/etc, cut out distractions, only use the bed for sleep/sex, blahblahblahblah. None of it fucking works. I follow all their directions to a T & I'm still not sleeping!

I know that in our culture it's not considered medically wise to put a person on longterm sleep meds, but often that's the only time I get an effective amount of sleep. I don't like the meds, though, because they make me sleep for crazy amounts (ramelteon or triazolam) or give me frightening dreams (zolpidem or eszopiclone) or just make me feel funky.
With the sleeping pills that make you conk out for too long, could you cut them in half? I've done that before and it seems to work, but it's messy, and doesn't taste all that wonderful for a few seconds. I just grab a big scissors and cup my hand around it.

I wish I could help, despite my recent encounter with you. I'm not the sort to hold a grudge. This is all I can think of.
when I can't sleep (occassionally to often) I take 2 Calms Forte' tablets.
you can take more than that safely but 2 makes me pleasantly drowsy to drift off and for someone w/ an over-active mind, it's great.
they are homeopathic (health food store) and are also used for anxiety.

have been meaning to post that for a long time but procrastinated.
hope it is not a repeat, if so- sorry! rolleyes.gif
Calms forte, you say? I looked it up, it doesn't sound half bad. Does it give you the crazy dreams? A lot of the homeopathic stuff gives me crazy dreams. The melatonin, the valerian root.

When my mom was at her sickest & couldn't sleep, we did a lot of herbals teas to soothe her. The chamomille was particularly effective.
chamomille is one of the active ingredients in it ap.
it's good stuff and no, has not ever given me weird dreams and I am one of those people w/ super sensative chemistry where I get the 1-1million people kind of side affects normally.
I'll try it. Been losing sleep a lot lately due to bad nightmares and new crying puppies...

Just spent the last few hours chatting it up with an old friend because I simply cannot go to sleep. I am wide awake as we speak. This is pathetic. the last two days have been rough. My husband will be up in 30 minutes and i'm still on the computer. When he went to bed I was on the computer. This cannot be good for my body at all. Crap!
i am finally going to sleep. it's 4:17 a.m.
Well I don't know if its this election anticipation, job hunt stress, or my growling tummy that has me wide awake. Just saw the hubby off to work. I'm so anxious to find out what's going to happen today. I can barely stand the wait. LOL Hope all you busties are getting some rest these days.

I try not to be on the computer after a certain time at night. It helps.
I also like the smell of lavendar. It's very calming.
so it's not exactly 3 am, but i would like to go to bed. i've been ohsotired. and now, thankyou 8pm ginormous diet coke, i can't. i just keep ruminating on things and my brain won't shut up but i'm restless but paradoxically tired...

i thought i'd come in here to try and vent and see what's keeping me up, other than aforementioned caffeine OD, but i'm just sort of blocked.

/completely useless post
gah lately ive been struggling to actually go to bed/sleep before 4am. quite often not sleeping til 5. which would probably all be dandy if i didnt have early classes to go to each morning and a heap of work waiting when i get home

i blame depression but becoming increasingly worried i have some kind of sleep phobia. is that even possible:/

useless post also

gonna read through all your old posts for advice on how to do the whole sleeping thing
Another useless post. I blame the computer screen (and coffee in the 4:00pm hour). And cramps. Damn it all. I want to fall in a deep, restful sleep, the kind where I wake up 9 hours later not thinking I moved from the position I fell asleep in and feel 1000% better than the day before.
My problem lately isn't falling asleep but waking up in the middle of the night. I don't think I've ever fallen asleep so well as I have been lately. I just tell myself I'm not allowed to think about anything real (work, family, friends, upcoming plans, etc) but just let my mind wander and I'm out in probably 15 minutes. I can't ever remember falling asleep so quickly. But often some time between 5-7 I wake up and stay that way. My heart starts to race and my mind won't shut off and I'll sort of fade in and out of restless periods. I'm hoping this passes once winter is finally out of sight.
Freaking hot flash...

It's 3 a.m., and woke up drenched. It also doesn't help that I'm thinking about the dog being sick either. Plus, I found out the real estate agent who had an appointment with tomorrow basically canceled on me. Asshat.
Things I have noticed that help me--keep in mind these don't work all the time.

1. No coffee, caffienated sodas, or tea after 2pm.
2. Regular exercise, but not within 2 hours of your sleep time.
3. No TV, computer, loud music, movies, or riveting reading 1 hour before bedtime
4. this is the most important one--REGULAR BEDTIMES!!! Get in bed before 11pm every night without fail. Even one night off can set off days upon days of circadian rhythms.
5. NO SMOKING or secondhand smoke. Nicotine is a powerful stimulant, and even being in a smoky space and not smoking yourself you can ingest enough to keep you awake.
6. This one is obvious, but NO ENERGY DRINKS OR DIET PILLS! Besides being bad for your heart due to being massive amounts of amphetamines, they will rob you of sleep even faster than coffee or Mountain Dew.
7. earplugs and sleep masks are your friend.
8. alcohol is actually not a good idea, because while it may help you go to sleep, it will make your sleep lest restful. Ditto for over the counter sleep aids and things like Nyquil.

Even with all these aids, if you are prone to insomnia you may still have it once in a while. Turn the clock around so you can't obsess over how late it is, and take a boring book to bed if you wake up. Stressing out about not being able to sleep will make it worse. As counter-productive as it seems, it's better to relax with a book at 3 in the morning than toss and turn and get angry and upset.

Insomnia is epidemic in this country, and it sucks big donkey ass.
Fellow bad slepper here as well. I never used to have trobule sleeping I used to be able to crash and sleep the whole way through but I wake up lots and toss and turn and stress. Normally now I get up around 2 for a couple of hours and go back to bed. I have trobule also shutting down my brain. I always seem to be stressing about work, money, flat etc. I get up and make a hot drink and normally watch some trash on the horror channel and I can fall back to sleep quite easily.

Up again. Don't think I'm gonna bother sleeping.
hi la! wub.gif
Y'know, I'd call you, but we both know my phone would die. And just so you know, I've been drinking ginger ale & Orange Crush. No caff!
Y'know, I'd call you, but we both know my phone would die.

awwwww man!
Looks to be another long night.
i took an hour nap after work today. i will probably be up *three* hours past when i normally go to bed. why is this disproportionate?

i feel like i am more awake now than i've been all day.
I've been having trouble sleeping lately, probably due to stress, and I tend to wake up in the early morning and have trouble getting back to sleep. I always wake up between 5 and 7, which makes going back to sleep almost useless because I barely have time to get back to sleep before I have to be up again, but those last few hours are some of the most important, and these false starts really fuck up my day. I don't usually have a problem getting to sleep - a few pages of a really dense or boring book and I'm out like a light - but when it's already light outside it really doesn't work so well. I work at a fantastic health food store where they sell natural sleep aids in every form you could think of - teas, loose herbs, tinctures, pills, aromatherapy sprays, etc. I found these two teas that are supposed to treat insomnia with herbs like chamomile, skullcap, hops and passion flower. Does anyone have any experience with these teas or the herbs in them? I noticed Aural recommended chamomile, so I'll have to give that a try.
i had my first nightmare in a while yesterday afternoon. and, this week i keep waking up with headaches :-( i wish the rain would stop.
p, are you and I the same person? That keeps happening to me as well!
As for today, my stupid cat and dogs woke me up at 5:30 chasing eachother...

Damn Sun insomnia....
Fucking A. Cramps and back pain due to the period. Woke myself up and the puppy sleeping on the bed.
Damn Daylight Savings time.
It's 3:37am. Do you know where your AP is? Sitting in her office not working. Listening to music, which really isn't helping, she wants to go dancing.
This seemed like the best thread to ask this in. Anyone here have incidents of sleep apnea?
Because something odd happened a couple of nights ago. I don't know if I would characterize it as sleep apnea, but it was rather odd and startling.
Or maybe I just imaged it all.
I woke up partway. I was at this weird state of waking where I'm not sure who I am, where I am, which way is up, down, left, right, and what's that big furry thing next to my head. Well this time, I also felt that my respirations were slooooow and shaaallloooww. I was under the impression that I was about to die. When I finally woke up completely, I did a fair bit of coughing.
I don't know if I imagined it, or if it was really a problem. So I'm asking you all if you've experienced something similar.
omfg it's nearly 4am and I"m not tired at all. I am going crazy not being able to sleep. I just want to sleep!
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