Hi. You're probably sick of reading the same thing over and over again but I just realized, just by reading what you posted that I might have the same problem (forgive my english, it's not my first language...)
Is it possible that a big change in your life makes you have small panic attacks? I have the weirdest problem ever... whenever I eat in front of other people that are not my family or close friends, I get nervous. Then everything around me seems to start crumbling down. I realize it has nothing to do with the people I'm with, I know it's all in my head... the thing is that I used to be the most social person before, and I still don't mind speaking on the radio or in front of a camera or sometimes in front of big crowds but I still have to think twice of going to the supermarket and having to deal with the fact that I might run into somebody I know and that I'll have to talk to that person. It's been getting worse in the last months... Do you think I should see a doctor? I don't want to start taking about a million pills a day... what do I do?