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Full Version: Married and Being the Other Woman Too
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To all you women out who've been cheated on; im sure its no picnic. Youve every right to rant and bitch and be all bitter, vengeful, and vindictive. Still the fact remains that there are plenty of help you could get, yet none for all those women who are truly in need of all the help we can get(aka. OW). YES, i said it. WE can get(me being one of them). Cheating women are usually insecure women that suffer low self esteem, feel inadaquate, not good enough, and perhaps even scared of having a real relationship for fear of getting hurt. So i must brazenly step up and admit that YES i have cheated , with a married man. Nevertheless I DO have my reasons, as do all the other women. We are NOT all self serving whores. Perhaps a minority. But not all. I also believe that it has plenty to do with our childhood and growing up. And on a personal note, my father has abandoned me and my mother when i was as young as 2-3 years old. He still remains a stranger to me to this day. To make matters worse my mother passed away when i was only 10. And having lived a vagrant precarious life everyone ive ever loved / cared about has left me, abandoned me or rejected me through out my life. I can share the painful story of my life but i know this is not the place to do it considering i know that im not going to get any sympathy. Especially not from the women who have been cheated on. But all im asking is to try and understand where some of us are coming from. I know it STILL wont justify anything but ill take my chances in the hope that you just might understand.
I understand personal responsibility and respect for others. I've even heard of a few folks whose moms and dads weren't great to each other, but who still behaved like they had some sense of those things as well.
Im afraid i dont quite follow you maimy, please do elaborate on your post. And i also appreciate you posting a friendly reply devoid of swearing and name calling.
Demoness, the only unfriendly person was Abbey who is not a BUSTIE, just a one time poster who obviously has some personal problems.

Please know most BUSTIES will not be rude to you.
Thanks girlygirl. I'd no clue you guys were going to turn out to be some of the warmest, most supportive, congenial, and consoling women out there. So to all you Busties; Thanks again for all your warm, amiable support. I love it here.
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