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awwww sweetheart!
i have a light purple, pink one, with a white AB crystal at the center - but it isn't the same as the red cherries. It's just as sparkly, but it lacks the something or other of the red one and maybe wasn't as perfectly crafted, so I never bothered posting it.
i want to send you one of them through letter mail as a gift cause i have two of them and cause you're lovely. If you want it just PM or email me where to send it. that way you can decide to give it to your friend or keep it for yourself!

Lananans I've sooo been there. I got lucky last night - the seller sent me a 2nd chance offer because the winner backed out. I didn't get the bargain I originally thought I could, but at least I got the item at a decent price (I tell myself). Sometimes I even forget to bid, thinking early on "well I don't want to start too soon and drive up the price. I'll just wait." & end up kicking myself. I've recently started to just bid my absolute maximum, & that way if someone else snipes it I don't really feel bad about it because I know there's no way I would have wanted to pay more.
Hey Catlady I see you posting around but no response, so I think it's safe to say you're not interested. I'm going to go ahead and schedule this for my auctions this weekend then.

Lananans I forgot to ask you, are you going ahead with trying etsy?
no! wait!! i didn't get a chance to get through the threads today!! me likey!! i'll PM you....
vixen -- not as of yet, haven't had a chance to go thrifting yet... I do want to get started though. What about you?
I tried to go thrifting yesterday. THe bus didn't run to where I wanted to go, and I got sketched out as I got closer and closer to the thrift store. If I go I want to do it in a car, so I can have a quick getaway.... Also, the bus only runs to the one store I was trying to get to 'during rush hour', and it was most definitely the middle of the day.

Oh well.
QUOTE(lananans @ Sep 14 2008, 05:35 PM) *
vixen -- not as of yet, haven't had a chance to go thrifting yet... I do want to get started though. What about you?

I haven't either, I made an etsy profile though.

Hey Lananans (and any other canadian ebayers), they're having a listing fee reduction day tomorrow. The details are here.

It's basically 5 cents to list any item, the only stipulation is that you have to indicate the shipping cost within the "Give buyers shipping details" section of the auction. This is a pain in the ass for Canadians and I've accidentally under-charged on shipping many many times. Items that are over 2 cm thick qualify as parcels in Canada and have varying rates. Even when I've used the little pamphlet they publish with their rates, I've been surprised at the post office. Some different things that might help (I'm writing this mostly for Canadians, but might help others too):

-getting a small electronic scale (goodwill sometimes has them. check craigslist. you can get them on ebay too - the cheapest i have seen there is about $25) & measuring tape and checking items against the Canada Post website:
consider the size and weight of packaging too

-using ebay's shipping calculator in your listings once you have the correct weight, measurements, and shipping method for your items. I don't use this because I just don't trust it not to make mistakes.


- calculating a flat rate for your region (for me there's a difference, but not much to ship to places within Quebec and Ontario), and one for the rest of the country, u.s.a., and internationally. This means you might be out of pocket sometimes by few dollars or cents, but it makes things less confusing for the buyer.


-using Canada Post's Flat Rate boxes. These are only available for use on ebay and you have to print your shipping labels through ebay or paypal.
I ordered a few of these boxes, but I haven't had a reason to use them yet. They are only really practical if you're shipping heavy items that would definitely cost more otherwise - so not clothing. Books are good, heavy collectibles..most magazines don't fit unless you put them in diagonally.

-it's sometimes cheaper to send multiple thin items (cds) in separate packages, than as one large, over 2cm, package.

-definitely do a search and see what other Canadians are charging for shipping items like yours

-allow yourself a modest handling fee for packaging if you can't get it for free. This also offsets your flat rate estimates. Also - be creative about packaging. I don't use post office issued bubble envelopes & plastic envelopes, I make my own. For beautiful, waterproof wrapping, my secret is the dollar and discount store plastic table cloth. Not the vinyl, textured kind (labelling doesn't stick) the flat kind. Use at least two layers to protect and conceal your packages. Use a good quality sticky tape to seal them. They come in pretty patterns, I think they are great. Underneath, I use tissue paper and/or bubble wrap all around the item.

Okay that's all I got.
Thanks for the advice vixen! I got an email about that and was thinking I might list some things later... keyword later, as I just quit one terrible job yesterday and am on my way to an interview for a second.

I'll let you know if I do!!
So.. question for those of you a wee bit more experienced with ebay..

I bought an ipod from this guy who had good ratings, and then I got an email saying that USPS had received the electronic shipping info... but it isn't recognizing that it has been shipped. I emailed the guy asking about it and he said it was shipped the day it was paid for.

It's probably just a mix-up, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this?
"Electronic shipping info received" just means that a label was printed out. It doesn't mean the package was shipped; it could still be sitting in the guy's house with the USPS label on it.

Alternately, it could have been shipped as you were told but the post office didn't scan it. They don't scan every package with a label, so it might show up at your door tomorrow but still say "Electronic shipping info received" online. HTH!
To add to what Ululah said, I don't know about the States, but 'Expediated' Canada Post items are tracked when they're shipped within Canada, but not going to the states - so an American buyer will see that the "electronic shipping info" was received, but the message won't change even after it's been shipped.
Thanks.. the seller says that he sent it, so I guess it'll get hee nay day now!

I am engaging in my first foray into eBay today. Wish me luck!
good luck!
Fuck me! I'm in a bidding war! I am NOT giving up until I get my shit! It started at $19.99 & is now up to $102.03!
Huzzah! All hail the conquerer AP! Ten pairs of most excellent vintage eyeglasses will be shipped to me tomorrow!
Haha! The glory! I've had my eye on these but i don't think I'll bid on them. I love their rotund quaintness.
Yay AP!!

I got my ipod in the mail today... thank goodness, I was getting worried.

Kids these days...I don't know when I lost track of fashion, but these jeans Whaaaaat?
are going for over $900, and the bids are still coming in - with 6 days to go!
That is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. I could make those jeans, take some scissors to them, and go romp around in the dirt. TA DA!
So I guess I know what I'm going to do with the thirty year old thrashed Levis I found in the basement.
I'm sure you could pay any mechanic a lot less than $900 for a pair of his old jeans.

That's ridiculous. Think about what else $900 could buy.
Oh. My. God. I can tell that this is going to become a problem . . . it's just too much fun bidding on shit to see how cheaply I can get something. I won an auction today by pocket change on some really cool frames today. Bad, AP! Bad, bad!

I've never really understood gambling. Now it's like, why gamble when there is such a rush from a good deal?
I'm confused-now the auction for those jeans is down to $560..what happened to the $900? Maybe a few people pulled their bids after they realized the absurdity of spending $900 on cruddy jeans.
I do not get those jeans. OK, I've heard of japanese kids spending like $1000 on a pair of mint condition Levi's red-line jeans from 1930 or something, but THOSE ARE HISTORICAL AND IN MINT CONDITION. The jeans on ebay are new and made to look like shit! I don't even think they look good on those photos of the models on the runway.

uh... i'm super tempted to get this freeboard. it's a special kind of skateboard that has 6 wheels instead of 4. it rides more like a snow board. you can skid out n stuff. and they usually go for 3 or 400.

but i was planning on getting a drop longboard which would be better for my knees (i'm old).... but god this is such a good deal... :/
That deal is SICK. If I hadn't discovered my horrendous limitations last week or so, I'd be on it.
Curse you people! In just two weeks, I now own almost twenty pairs of fab vintage glasses. And some seriously hot ones are on the block in a few days.
I bought a Pampered Chef pitcher yesterday on ebay- it's kinda cool- it has a handle on the lid attached to a plunger-like device, so if you have orange juice or tea, something where it settles, you pump the handle a couple times and it mixes it. There's a gallon size and a 2-quart size. I had a gallon-size before, but the cat knocked it off the counter and cracked the plastic. It never fit well in the fridge anyway (and it was ridiculously big for the one can of frozen OJ I'd usually make), so it gave me an excuse to buy the smaller one.

I'm also bidding on this vase. I've seen it in catalogs for a couple of years now and I've really wanted it. Now I can get it for super cheap!
ooh polly, my mom has one of those. she is obsesed with pampered chef.

I am trying to stay away from ebay lately. My bank account/credit cards are angry with me.
Anyone selling on Ebay lately?

I might be putting my comics up, but I haven't decided which ones yet.
I might list a load of stuff this weekend. I have a billion items to sell taking up room in my flat, and they're doing a listing deal all this weekend in the UK where the listing is free if you use a 99p starting price. I'm finding it really hard to be bothered with it at the minute though!

Yeah I've been thinking of going the 99c route with a bunch of items...however when I did the calculation (listing fees, final value fees, paypal fees) I found that if you list in auction format and the item actually goes for 99c, you end up with 50-60 cents net.

Some days I look around and think, 50 cents per item seems like an okay way to start the new year in a tidy house. But when it comes to actually having to do the work, photos, descriptions, uploading, listing yadda yadda, I lose interest in that.

I'm thinking that a few lots of items at a higher starting bid will feel more worthwhile to me and less work as well. We'll see.
My secret vice is Judge Judy - When I saw the commercial preview for this episode, where JJ is hollering "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!" I knew it would be an instant classic.

Judge Judy vs Scamming E-bay Seller for your amusement.

This seller blatantly scammed a buyer. She listed a phone on eBay but put that the buyer will be getting a PHOTO of the phone. People, of course, didn't read and were P'd when they only received a photo of the phone. Well Judge Judy had a field day with this one. And a well deserved one at that!
Why do people put shit on ebay if they aren't willing to haggle? I thought that was kinda the point. I want this watch. It's listed at $30 off the MSRP, which is good, but I'd still like to haggle it down ten bucks.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Feb 2 2009, 02:18 AM) *
Why do people put shit on ebay if they aren't willing to haggle? I thought that was kinda the point. I want this watch. It's listed at $30 off the MSRP, which is good, but I'd still like to haggle it down ten bucks.

Honestly? As a seller, this gives me hives. It's so hard already to turn a profit on ebay, that when someone tries to challenge my Walmart prices I just ignore them in order to be kind... But I'm always looking for the cheap stuff too. There is hope though - a lot of sellers add a Best Offer option on some of their listings inviting people to email their offers instead of settling for the listed price.
See, now if it's a Walmart price, I'll buy something right then & there. Fuck everybody else, I'll give you what you want cashmoney. And I pay within five minutes of purchase & I always leave glowing feedback on a positive purchase. I want transactions to be as pleasant as possible, I have only been disappointed once & it was my own damned fault.

*But* a big part of the allure of eBay for me is the thrill of the hunt. I miss going out to the big Mile High Flea Market on weekends & haggling with people. Yeah, now I'm doing it in my underwear from home & I'm not gnawing on a BBQ turkey leg, but I still miss the commiseration between buyer & seller. I am a psychotically loyal customer when I find somebody I like.

And the watch? Is almost five years old. Depreciation, yo. And the seller he says he has upwards of six. But I wanted it enough to go ahead & eat the extra ten bucks when he said he'd ship it for free.
Free shipping lol my hat's off to your mad bargaining skills I can never pull that off.
Well, I also expressed some interest in a few of his other watches coming down the pipeline soon. I don't think I'll buy the MAD expensive one (Even though it's listed $100 off MSRP.), but two of the others.

I got my watch today & it is hot!
What kind of watch did you get, Aural? I'm not normally a watch wearer, myself, but I stumbled across some lovely old ones on Ebay. Now I'm stuck on finding the perfect art deco watch from the 1930s. Surprisingly, there still seems to be quite a market for these and there are a lot for sale.

My most recent Ebay purchases include a black brocade trench coat and a plain brown tweed skirt (for work).
I just sold THIS on ebay tonight, I'm shipping it across the border and am feeling all anxious about breakage and abuse in transit. Any packing tips??
I LOVE eBay. It's the first place I go to if there's a DVD or a book I want. It and lovelovelove.
But I do hate it when I leave a positive FB for a seller, and s/he doesn't have the common courtesy to do the same for me. It's happened a few times now. I just don't get it, nobody's so busy that they can't stop and give some FB.
I haven't bid on any auctions or BINs lately, but I think I'm due for a new tube of Ganache lip balm.
i go through phases. no ebay, then binge.

bought mom an-8 pack of lifetime movies for her birthday. yay guilty pleasures!

i bought a hammock. for my apartment. the inside.

i've been fighting to get a cheap iphone headset, on try #3 (adding iphone app to the phone this weekend so i can get to it without a laptop wink.gif )

been eyeing a yellow ed hardy hat. i know, i know. a thousand lashes with a wet noodle.
i bought one of theeese eyeshadow sets because this youtuber (panacea81) always raves on about them and when she uses it the effects are always really great and bold. i'm sceptical. i've bought unbranded makeup before when money's been tight/got bored in the supermarket, and its always abit poop. like the colours are all wishywashy then you step out in a slight breeze and whoosh, no more eyeshadow. this probably shoulda gone in the beautiful thread...

i also bought a dress that i was totally in loveee with. id seen it in a shop but they didnt have my size left so i was overjoyed when i found a brand-new, my-sized, cut-priced one on ebay. then it got 'lost in the post' (that old chesnut). gutted. got a refund but i still woulda preferred my dress:(

i also bought this geeky/granny-esque page magnifier haha. for like a couple of ££. gawd knows how much that is in $$ nowadays:/. i have to do lots of reading/studying and it's not kind on my poor eyes. especially when they give out photocopies and print 2 pages on 1 to save trees and whatnot. not a very exciting purchase, but practical none-the-less.

theres a lovely vintagey dress im waiting to bid on too. i would post a link but i dont want anyone to steal it from me dry.gif
i get ebay rage
Crinoline, I don't know if you read this thread, but this makes me think of "you" for some reason
I just bought a pair of jeans on Ebay - they're the same design as this one pair that my mother has, but I can't find in the store anymore. Must be last season or something, but I should have them soon!

I'm thinking I'm going to put a couple things up on Ebay today. I sold my old iPod last week, and made $90! I got a blackberry with a good music player, so just didn't need it anymore.

I like the watches I see on ebay - I'm just afraid that they won't fit once I get them - I have thick wrists, unfortch.

vixen - did that item ship okay?
Good luck lady!
It shipped great, encased in bubble wrap like woah.
Encasing things in bubble wrap like woah is pretty much my ebay shipping philosophy.

...I sold my external hard drive! Sixty more dollars for me, woohoo!

eeeek~ I just spent an ungodly amount on an antique Coke machine. One like this, the v-81A. It's in pretty pristine condition too.

I'm calling it an investment. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. tongue.gif

(I'm actually thrilled, because when I was a kid my parents had a little store and we had one of these kids drew straws for it and I lost to my republican brother)
Holy Crap, I want a pink Nintendo DS lite so badly! I'm just getting on ebay as soon as I get home.
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