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Full Version: Whatever IT is!...the ebay thread
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Do it foryoursplendor! I got one for Valentine's Day from my bf and it's awesome. I play it all the time. You can get a mod card and download games for it, so it can actually be quite cost efficient as well!

Now I have an ebay problem. I bought a pair of jeans on March 20th and still haven't received them! The seller sent me a message saying they were shipped, but that was at the beginning of April and I still haven't received them. I just sent her a message asking if there is a tracking number, because I'm worried they might have gotten lost. It's very frustrating!
Lananans it could be a customs thing, but if you haven't got it yet I think you should start an "Item not received" claim through Paypal - i think the deadline to do that is 45 days? I'm not sure. When the item arrives you can stop the claim, or if you get a refund and then it arrives you can pay the seller again through Paypal. I'd start a claim and explain to the seller that you just don't want to miss the deadline for doing that.
I hope it's turned out well for you Lananans, I know that can all be such a pain.

My closet is bursting at the seams so I've listed a lot of new never worn dresses and I'll be adding things over the next few days. I'll probably be listing comics and old issues of Bust and Bitch in the next few weeks as well. My stuff is here ---> Corner Market

I have a bunch of collectable kitchy stuff, but I haven't decided what to do with it. Spring cleaning is hard!
QUOTE(lananans @ Apr 23 2009, 01:35 PM) *
You can get a mod card and download games for it, so it can actually be quite cost efficient as well!

What! I did not know this, but thanks for telling me! I am SOOO going to get into this.
These are so adorable
Foryoursplendor -- -- that's the one that I have, it works really well!

girl - those are really cute!
Not sure if this is the right place to post, but here I go....

Hello Ladies -
I’m selling a like-new Print Gocco Kit for Paper & Cloth (silkscreening kit). If anyone's interested, please visit:


Thanks! xo Olive
Olive your links aren't working for me.
Sorry about that - My item is no longer on eBay, but here are the correct links:

Thanks for looking! Olive
I have been limiting my ebay habit because it could easily get out of control. But the rush. The RUSH of a good deal! I went on idly yesterday looking for a gift for my auntie's birthday & found the perfect thing, it was a SUPER low-ball "get your attention" price. I tested the waters, realized I was up against a couple nibblers. I wanted it. I came, I saw, I sniped. I got a $150 MSRP item for $52 including S&H. I also got a $95 MSRP item from the same seller for $38. I LOVE YOU, eBay!
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