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Full Version: Sexy Girls Unite...Once Again!
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i love it when i'm at home lounging around in a ratty old tshirt and track pants, hair a catastrophe, smudgey makeup, giant winney the pooh slippers from my five year old on my feet and i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and i look gorgeous in a mussy kinda way. if i were a boy then i'd want to grab and mess myself up some more. i think any man i let see me like that is so lucky. ha.
I feel sexy when I don't need a man. It's so fucking empowering.
I feel sexy when a guy laughs at one of my silly jokes or witty observations.
I feel sexy after I shave my p*ssy. Yes!, it feels so good and so sexy! Especially cause' I periodically let it all grow back into a mess, and then I shave it again, and feel really really sexy all over again.
I am feeling really beautiful right now. You know how sometimes you get those days when you feel gorgeous and think "Who could resist me?" :-)

I am pale and soft-featured, with small dark eyes, shadows underneath my eyes, small cute lips, long glossy dark hair, long fingers, bony wrists, long arms and legs on a 5'4 figure, strong booty, big full breasts that I like to bounce around when I dance and I love to feel the strength in my back and in my waist when I move and practice balletic moves. I've been told that I'm beautiful, and I can be charming and sweet when I want to be, and sometimes I love to feel beautiful and flirt with men and lock eyes with them for a few seconds at a time, working my flirtatious charm. I secretly have crushes on old men who look like Willie Nelson or John Hurt, but I stick to making eyes at young guys who looked scruffy and cute (and who every girl wants).

I did yoga tonight and felt so catlike and graceful and euphoric. I love the feeling of having full D-cup breasts on a curved pale body.

I've been really busy with schoolwork, and have been really happy with all the writing I've accumulated, and with my pieces being published online. I had an internship with the Village Voice, and Friday I get to interview a photographer for Venus magazine! And I'll be out of college in a year, my parents moved far away, and I'll be able to find a new place to live in once I research and take some chances during the winter and spring breaks.

At these times I feel like a real little lady when I wear makeup, have fresh-smelling hair, and walk like a sophiscated young woman. When I'm feeling this beautiful, I would think, "I should be fighting them off with a stick! I'm an intelligent pretty lady!"
i'm glad this thread didn't die :-)
great post anna_k!
I feel sexy when I wear my cute little black pumps and they poke out under my black slacks
felt sexy yesterday walking on the sunny streets wearing my first ever sunglasses smile.gif
i felt sexy last night when mrfj came to bed and started rubbing my ass and was so overcome with it's lusciousness and had to have me, right then and there, even though he'd already bent me over the couch a few hours earlier...

It would be a shame to let this thread shrivel up and whither away.

My hair was sexy this morning after I washed it with a spicy-smelling shampoo. Every time I got a whiff of it today, I just wanted to eat it.
I feel sexy when I just finish working out even though I'm a sweaty, stinky mess.

raisingirl: what kind of shampoo do you use that smells spicy?
anna k
I feel good about exercising too, I feel drained but euphoric.
I feel sexy when I'm wondering naked, after shower or what not and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Also, I always feel crazy sexy after I get a new haircut, or dye my hair.
aunt agonist
oh. i want spicy shampoo! sounds fancy.

i feel sexy when people pick up on my idiosyncrasies (good thing my feeling sexy is not related to my ability to spell!!!). like, i say fancy a lot and when i notice someone i think is cool picking it up i go 'hey. i do that! yay!'

i feel sexy when skirts swish when i walk. or when i'm wearing big ole clompy boots and drinking beer out of the bottle and blowing smoke rings. i feel sexy when i read dirty but literary books. or when i'm listening to my sassy music on my ipod. like i have my own little secret sassy soundtrack.

i feel way sexy when i change a tire (i can do it in under 5 minutes -even without a hydraulic jack!)

i feel sexy when i embody contrast. i.e- i can rip an apple in two with my hands (rawk!) so i did that in order to make an apple pie with home made crust the other day. it was a HARDCORE pie.

i feel sexy when i dance and all the gay boys at the club wanna dance with me and tell me i'm fabulous. it's much more of an unbiased fabulous then if someone who preferred my gender told me that.

i feel sexy when i snuggle up in bed and i feel like i look cozy and adorable. i think 'man. i would TOTALLY wanna get down with me right now! look how cozy i look! if i wasn't me- i would totally be jealous!'

i feel sexy (this one's strange) when i wash my face with oils and then take a milk bath. ah- the luxury! it just feels like this very sensual ritual and like i'm pretending to be cleopatra.
anna k
i feel sexy when i snuggle up in bed and i feel like i look cozy and adorable. i think 'man. i would TOTALLY wanna get down with me right now! look how cozy i look! if i wasn't me- i would totally be jealous!'

Me too! I would feel beautiful and special and hot and think, "I am such a catch, who wouldn't wanna snuggle with this?!"

I love dancing and feeling the weight and strength of my booty.
I feel sexy when I have an orgasm.

I feel sexy when I have finished working out, and I have buckets of sweat pouring off me.
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