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Wow, Cinegirl! That's amazing! You could totally do the NYC half on Aug 27th!

Ok, so I did it. I went to a meeting and registered with TnT, or as I prefer to call them, TIT. Training starts in May. The marathon's Oct 22.

I was looking though my giant packet of info, and they had "Group LSD Run" scheduled for each Saturday. I thought to myself, Hey, just like high school! Um, turns out it does not involve acid, but in fact, stands for Long Slow Distance. That doesn't sound nearly as fun.
I've always liked the term Fartleks. LSD is a great one too. Like the terms, don't like doing them though.

It's race week! I love race week. Easy workouts and lots of sleeping. Got the prerace email this morning. They are staring slowest to fastest swimmers. Which works out ok for me. I get to start somewhere around 10:15... much better then the 8:30 start. Spring races are great for the pool starts (i.e. one at a time). It's going to be a shock in the summer to start mass style in a lake.

Cinegirl: how many people raced in that race the other week? I was watching the Vancouver Sun Run (10k) on the weekend and there were over 50 000 people!!! I didn't do it for that reason. I watched it across the bay and it was like watching a hairy catapiller of people.
one more month and this big fat exam will be behind me and I can start running again. and drinking. hmmm...maybe not a good combo. shall I alternate nights?
Cinegirl especially, but really all of you, your stories are very inspirational.

Chani, there's always the Hash House Harriers.
I got hit by a car today while on a ride. I'm fine and so is the bike but I'm pretty shook up. It was their fault (I was in the traffic circle first and the hit my right side head on... see my rant in cobs for a recap). I was extermly lucky. So this is just a reminder to me (and from me to you) to beware the idiotic driver on the cell phone/doing makeup/not watching the road/speeding/not stopping at stop signs. And smack the car, yell at the driver, give them the finger - they deserve it. Oh and they just drove off. Didn't even stop. I'm glad they have scratches all over their bumper.
Ugh! They drove off? WTF is wrong with drivers? I'm really glad that you're ok, Runningwestward, but that's awful. I can't believe that motorists just don't think about the consequences when they drive that way. It's like, Don't you realize that you may end another human being's life? And if for some demented reason that doesn't really bother you, don't you realize that your own life will be ruined as well? That's why I think the Ghostbike project is such an important reminder. Last week, I smacked the back of a double-parked car as it almost backed into me while I was waiting at a red light. The guy's window was open, and he shouted, "I SAW YOU THERE!" I smacked the car again and screamed back, "THEN WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU BACKING INTO ME?" Asshole.
I hope you're okay, runningwestward :-(

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. There were about 6000 people running in the race I did a few weeks ago. I have four more coming up in May/June. I was supposed to do one last weekend (a 4.8K) but it was raining buckets and I don't have a raincoat and am not that hardcore. Yet.

My next race is a 10K on May 20, to benefit healthy kidneys.

Rock on everybody...
I had a mechanic look at my bike on Thursday and found out I had to true my rear wheel. So I spent Friday running around town trying to find a shop that could true it that day so I would have it on Sat for the race. La Bicicletta saved my life (I love all of the peeps who work there!!). So Friday night I packed my gear and went out to say at my Nana's so I could get to the race easily the next day. Saturday was miserable. Woke up at 6 and things were ok... warm enough to do the race in my cossie. Got to the course at 8 (they were still running the kids of steel... man they are fun to watch... little kids, big bikes). I didn't race until 10:30. By that time it was raining and cold. None of us had long sleeves or tights to throw on after the swim. I had a hoodie that I had my mom pass me as I exited the pool and did the transition. But it was so heavy from the rain by the end of the ride I had to leave it behind and run in my cossie anyways. I have never been so cold and wet in my life. But it went well considering. It was just nice to know that most of the competitors were in the same boat. Personal best in the ride. Need more work on my run (especially the transition from the bike). And I finished 17th so I'm pretty pleased. It was a tough field (there were a lot of elite athletes as it was a provincial team qualifying race). Next race is in 4 weeks. Happy training to everyone! Keep up the great work Cinegirl!
Congrats on finishing 17th and your personal best in the ride, Runningwestward!

So, this Saturday is that 5K that I mentioned a while ago. It's supposed to rain. I know that it's only a 5K, but I don't usually run in the rain. Any suggestions?
Thanks Ris. If it's going to be warm enough (above 10C) then wear shorts unless you have a light pair of running/sports tights. If it's going to be colder some tights or even waterproof breathable pants (which I personally hate) would be a better choice. Sweat pants will get too heavy when wet. If you wear shorts be sure to warm up a bit for the start that way your muscles won't be too cold. For a top I suggest a light water proof shell - breathable if you can. MEC up here (REI is similar down there) (and most running stores have them too) has some light biking jackets (longer over the butt) that are great to run in as they don't act like a sauna and and don't get heavy. But though they are breathable they are warm so you might not need much under it once you get going. I usually just have a tanktop under it. If you are going to get a jacket look for one that has pit zips. And again like the bottoms don't wear fleece or a sweater you might find it gets heavy when it's wet. And a hat helps too. Keeping your head dry will keep you warmer and if you feel too hot you can take it off and cool down a bit. I live on the wet coast so I know what it's like to run in the rain. It's totally a mental thing. If you can keep yourself somewhat dry without adding bulk and weight you will be happier in the race. Good luck Ris!
Anyone here use a running stroller? We're looking at a Chariot Cougar 2. If you've got any first or second-hand reviews of them, I'd love to hear it.
ETA: Wish me luck getting back into it!
Hey, Runningwestward, thanks for the apparel advice as well as the enthusiasm over in the other thread. So, the weather turned out to be gorgeous. It was a huge event with lotsa hoopla. I finished it in 31 min, which is just a minute over what I had hoped for. I don't have an exact time because we weren't wearing chips. I just saw 31 on the digital timer at the finish line and can't remember the seconds. (Not like it matters much at this point anyway.) So, that puts me at a 10 min mile pace. I'm seriously considering doing another 5K this Sunday which will be one of my 9 planned qualifying races for the NYC ING marathon in 2007. (Yes, that's right, I haven't even run my first marathon, and I'm already planning my second one. Actually, I just want to have the option of doing it. Plus, all these races this summer will prepare me for the even in SF.)

I have my TnT season kick-off tonight. The Manhattan and Brooklyn chapters are getting together for what I think may be kind of like a pep rally-- lots of enthusiasm and bonding with teammates as well as meeting our coaches and mentors. Our first training session will be Saturday morning. Saturdays will be our long run sessions. Tuesday evenings will be structured workouts, e.g. technique, interval workouts, tempo runs, etc. We're also supposed to do 2 or 3 "easy" days away from the group as well as at least one cross training day. It's both exciting and a little frightening to think that the SF marathon is less than six months away.

I've been doing a lot of yoga. I also ride my bike a couple times a week. Does that seem like adequate cross training?

Chani, I don't have anything to contribute regarding stroller selection, but I just wanna say that I'm in awe of people I see in the park running with them. I feel like running with a water bottle is too much for me to deal with, so I really am impressed with those of you who can push a small person on wheels. Amazing.
Ris great work!!! I'm glad someone else has "the itch" now too. I love that several day after rush of "when can I do it again?". As for the 30/31 thing... you were on gun time right... unless you were right at the front you probably took a little longer to get over the starting line so I'd say you are right on the money. Not having a chip is frustrating in big races (even though the offical results are from the gun time knowing your true time is so great).

THat running group sounds awesome! Are you with a good group? It makes such a difference on the long runs if you have someone to talk to. How long does the program last? That's a lot of Friday nights to give up ;) I remember my friend having Sunday morning runs like that and when the distances got up about 20k she just couldnt do them unless she had a good sleep the night before. But it paid off in the end and she was happy she did it. Personally I'd rather Saturday morning then Sunday... I'm usually too bagged to do anything exciting Friday night.

Six months is loads of time. I think you'll be surprised. It doesn't take long to get to the point where you can handle the distances. As for cross training cycling is great. So is swimming but that's one that you need to be fairly proficient at to benefit from it. I know a lot of people who swear by water running. I've never done it but if you tend to get bad knees then this might be a good option according to them. I've seen people doing it at my pool. They have a floaty thing that goes aroung their waist to hold them upright and then they move their legs in an exagerated/modified running movement. As for distances to go... 1km of running is 4km of biking and 1km of swimming is 5km of running. So 10k of running is 2km of swimming or 40km of biking (suddenly the triathlon distances make sense... I never thought of it that way before... cool!)

And have I said I'm so proud of you!!! Because it's cheezy but I am. Wicked good job!
Ris: I'm so excited for you! In a few years, when the pregnancy/newborn/toddler/pregnancy cycle is over for me I'm hoping to do TnT as well. I'd be thrilled if you kept updating here - I'll live vicariously!
And hang on to those complimentary phrases about women with running strollers... we'll see if I manage it or not. Damn, they're so expensive I guess I'll manage it if it kills me! :-)
I went out for my first run the other night. Just 25 minutes of run 2min walk 1min. It seems ridiculous, but starting that way kept me injury-free last time and I'm in no huge rush to get back to race pace. It's just nice to be out.
This morning I ran another 5K. My time was about the same as last week's, however, this was a big milestone--for I ran it mildly hungover on only 3 1/2 hours of sleep. It's not like I'm going to pull these shenanigans often, but it's just nice to know that I can if I have to. ;) Oh, and I certainly wouldn't be able to do this before attempting a longer distance!

I did take a nice 3 hour nap afterwards to make up for last night's lost sleep.

Thanks, Chani! And Runningwestward, cheezy support can often be the best kind. Thanks.

So, to answer your questions, TnT lasts from now until race day, which is Oct 22 for those of us who are running SF and Chicago, Nov 5 for those who wind up getting into NYC. So far, I've only run with the Brooklyn group, which meets on Saturdays. It's a much smaller group, so I have a feeling that those are the people I'll develop friendships with. On Tuesday nights, Brooklyn and Manhattan come together in Central Park, and that group will be massive.

Yeah, I'm thinking about taking a swim course this summer as another form of cross training. My technique is limited to leisurely swimming, monkeying around on the diving board, and Marco Polo. It would be nice to swim in the ocean with confidence.

Chani, that doesn't seem ridiculous at all. It's important to stay injury-free. Nice work!
First run with my Chariot Cougar 2 today! It was surprisingly easy, except when running into the wind where the extra drag was very challenging. My upper body is a little sore now tho. Probably that will improve as I get more used to steering the thing. Chanibaby loved it - he was cooing and babbling the whole way! Yay for freedom!
I'm joining a triathlon training group. Or at least trying it on for size tonight. I'm gonna get my ass rocked. We're doing at 16k time trial ride. And then tomorrow is the intensity run. Ok I'm nervous. I get the impression that some of the people in this group are pretty darn good.
WEeee I'm hot and sweaty and happy happy happy. Forgive the double post but I'm too excited. I love my new training group. The people are awesome. The level is perfect. I'm middle of the pack right now but I know it'll just push me to pick up the pace and work harder and harder. And the coaches are awesome. Positive and funny. There are a lot of people who do Ironmans (full and halves) which is intimidating but I like the speed of the sprints and olympics. Yesterday was a time trial ride (I surprised myself and kicked ass in it... I nearly squealed when I saw my average speed over it was 34k/hr) and today was a lactic burn workout (jog warm up run up a 1k hill to the track and then 6X400m sprints with 90secs rest then jog home - lesson from that: I suck at hills and sprints). I won't know what the longer rides and runs are like until next weekend (race on Monday so weekend off) but I hear that we do 80-90k rides and a 12-15k run. And I'm still debating on the swim practice.

How's the cougar doin' Chani? When's the next race Ris? How's trainign going cinegirl? Are you ready for your 10k?
Baby's been sick with a fever, I've been menstrual, it's pouring rain here and my exam stress is OVER THE MOON thus no cougarage. 2 more weeks and I can make running my #1 priority again. I'm counting on you grrls to help keep me motivated!!
am gearing up for the 10K tomorrow morning - hope it doesn't rain. if it does, I won't race but I'll run the 10K at the gym.

training is great - am aiming for the NYC half at the end of august... and possibly beyond :-)
Chani, I hope you and the baby are feeling better!

Keep it up, Runningwestward!
(The next race is June 4th. 4.8 miles to celebrate the 48th birthday of NY Road Runners.)

It's not gonna rain today, Cinegirl! Woohoo! I'll be running approximately 10K in Prospect Park at the same time that you'll be doing the race, so I be running with you in spirit!
(Oh, and I'm doing the half in August too!)

Just stopping by for a little inspiration, which is badly needed at this hour before the coffee has kicked in and I'm about to head over to the park to gut out several miles instead of sleeping in and brunching.
Hope you get better soon Chani and baby too. The poor cougar (and you) not being let out to run.

Good luck Cinegirl (though by this time because of the time difference it's more like How'd it go Cinegirl?).

I'm up bright and early for a group ride. Weather's not looking so pretty here in Van-city. Big surprise that: it was nice and hot all week and now that it's the long weekend (May 2-4 - it's a Canadian thing) it's overcast and threatening rain... could also be that way because it's race weekend and WHY should I race in nice weather?!?! It's becoming an all too familar trend. At least this time it will be over 10C. <grumble>
ris - I'm doing that 4.8, too! Maybe we can say hi?

How did it go today? I had a good time, but ran slooooow, as usual. So I signed up for a class through NYC road runners because I have definitely, definitively hit a plateau and I want my ass kicked so I can start improving. It starts Thursday.
RWW - I didn't know you were a canuck! Sweet! Babe's better and I've got 6 more days before I leave for Ottawa to write the Big Quiz. This weekend my 3 non-studying hours are being spent visiting family from overseas, but next week I plan to do a short run everyday just to clear my head.
I've got to find my rainjacket... {wanders off to check upstairs closet}
Ooooh, Cinegirl, keep us posted on how that class goes! And yeah, let's keep in touch about the 4.8. I'll be running it with this triathlete girl who I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with. She said we can run it at my comfortable pace, but part of me, of course, wants to impress. ;)

Just when I felt like I wasn't getting any faster, I managed to do the Prospect Park loop (3.35 miles with some major hills) in record time yesterday. I had expected to be slow and exhausted by the previous day's double-loop, but I managed to do it at a pretty good pace. Today's my day off from running--well, today and Friday. But that means one thing: YOGA! Yay!

Keep up the good work everyone!
We've had crappy gusty cloudy cold weather all weekend darnit! However, I did 4k today. I think I'm running better with the stroller - having fun with the baby instead of keeping an eye on my watch.
I did prenatal yoga but never cross trained with it. I can see how it would be great strength training though!
(stumbles in tired and cold and sore but happy)

Another race in the crap weather. But at least it was warmer then the last one. The course was harder too (hilly) but I still shaved 3 minutes off! So I hit under my traget time of 1:15. I'm chuffed... though my run was crap again... but as my teammates (I love it! I have teammates!) pointed out it was a harder course then the previous one and therefore I probably ran better. I like their thinking. We stuck around to watch the elite athletes... crap they're good... the winning time was 54min!! (with 1:02 for the women). Those guys are fit!

So I guess the next little while I'll spend working on upping the run pace and working on the bike to run transition (ooo pain). I can run a lot faster then I do in races (which really shouldn't surprise me but it's frustrating). And I think my bike will improve quickly with the new training approach.

Chani - you're in Hamilton right? I used to live up the way in Oakville! Are you staying down there now that you're done school?
Ris and Cinegirl - you should get Team Bust shirts :-)
RWW: Great run, grrl, congrats! Team Bust... I like it!
We're actually moving up to cottage country in the fall. One of my criteria for relocation was that we moved to a town with a Running Room and my wish has been granted! We'll see how things go this summer and decide which clinic to enter in the fall. Probably just the 10k, since they train up to 16 or 17k - we'll see.
Hey, Westward, congrats on shaving a few minutes off your time! That rocks!


I took a yoga class that was more challenging than usual on Monday, so my upper body is still sore from that. And last night I got my ass kicked by my running group. I am a mess today.
Yay! I had my first real run (not walk run) today and just did 4.5 k and am feeling great. It took me months to achieve that when I first started running 2 years ago! I wonder if it's residual fitness, or I'm just more used to running despite the discomfort of being tired?
Yay Chani! That's exciting!

I am hurting today. It's my left upper back (where I usually get stiff and sore and have muscles that feel like well done steak). The funny thing is that I was surviving with it until I went to wash my face last night and in one movement I went from fine to crippling pain in the muscle. Ouch ouch ouch. I need it to sort itself out today on my day off (oh I have never appriciated a day off until now). Any advice on quick fixes?

I'm doing a 3 hour ride tomorrow. Eek! I wish I could just do f-all today to rest for it but I have to go to the lab and continue image analysis.... kill me now.

Ris and cinegirl you really should make t-shirts and take a picture at the 4.8. Go team! I want a Bustie team... Vancouver Busties? Anyone?
Go, Team Bust, go!!!

I had my first running class on Thursday night. I initially signed up for Advanced Beginner because it said that for Intermediate you had to be able to run for 3 miles at an 11 minute pace, and my best pace has been 11:45. But I showed up and talked to the trainers and they said that I should be in the Intermediate class b/c the Advanced beginner class was doing run/walks, and not even cracking 2 miles at that.

The Intermediate class was great. I kept up for the whole thing - I did come in last place in my group's second speed trial, but I ran the whole time and I noticed that some people were walking on the way back. I slept like 10 hours last night and am sore today, but so excited for my next class.

Tomorrow morning I meet my friend in Williamsburg for my long run, which is about 4.5 miles. She's much faster than me, so we run the first 2 laps around the park together, with me working hard to keep up with her, and then she leaves me in the dust and I finish up at my slooow pace. And then we have tacos and play with her dog. It's a lot of fun.

I just found this site called It's a training site where you can post your workouts/races and compare with other people. If anybody joins up, I'm listed there as ne2dane. (Old high school nickname.) Anyway, if you sign up, let me know...
Hey Team Bust! How'd the weekend training go? I had a wicked time of it. Long hilly ride on Saturday out in the boonies (yeah no traffic). Man it was hilly though... my butt was screaming on some of those climbs. And then we did a run through the park out there (5k easy on trails) to get a feel for the bike to run transition. I wimped out on the ride and elected to not go with the people climbing the mountain (the blessing(?) of the west coast... the hellish mountain climbs) but I ran with the "fast" people after and kept up! Today was a swim workout in the morning and a 1.5hr run. Then me and a teammate made a few pit stops on the way home to try on wetsuits. So funny. So sweaty. So tiring. But I found one I like. But it's a little more then I wanted to spend. DON'T get yourself into triathlons unless you have a job that will allow you to afford it! I'm a student and I think I'm just crazy! So I'm assessing finances and making the one last effort to find a used one. I need it for next weekend (our first open water swim!!! SOOOOOO excited!). OK I just totally tri-geeked out on you there. That what happens when you spend the entire weekend with trigeeks. Sorry!

Cinegirl - that's awesome about the group. You must feel wicked about it! Good job! With the time trials the first is always the most brutal But now you know how they go and you will only get better. I have a good feeling about this. You are totally going to surprise yourself in the next race.
No worries about geeking out, Westward. I, personally, like hearing about it. In fact, I just spent the majority of my weekend with a tri-geek, and have had an introduction to what training entails.

Cinegirl, that's great that you got into the intermediate group. I was shocked at the beginning of the TnT season when I was able to run with the intermediate group. That's what's so amazing about running--you're constantly surprising yourself with what you can do.

I missed my LSD run with the group on Saturday morning. It was the aforementioned triathlete's fault. So, we went for an evening run instead. Over 8 miles--my longest distance to date. This just proves to me how much of it is psychological. I don't think I would've been able to run that far and that fast (relatively fast for me) without someone there to impress.
thanks for the encouragement!!
Okay, so I'm totally getting slower. I just completed a 4.8 mile race and my pace was 13.09!!! WTF?! It was a very hilly course - seemed like the whole thing was uphill, but this is ridiculous, right?

This speed training class better work. I'd be happy with an 11 minute pace for just plain running.
That loop is pretty hilly, Cinegirl. Plus, your muscles may have been fatigued still from speed training. Don't get discouraged.

My pace was a little slower than usual as well. I was still tired from the 8-mile run the day before, and I had barely slept all weekend. Plus, I had a minor calf pull to contend with. But I would've been even slower had the aforementioned triathlete not gone all evil gym teacher on my ass during the race. Well, it wasn't like that the whole time. At first she ran along side me, being the encouraging cheerleader. Then once that started to lose its effect on me, she ran backwards in front of me and started singing cheesy songs. The laughing messed up my breathing and my pace a bit. Then she turned into the harsh mistress/psycho gym teacher and started screaming at me. That totally worked until I got fatigued again. So, the promises of sexual favors started, followed by a little catch-me-if-you-can game, and finally a sprint to the end in which she let me win by a second. Who knew races could be so much fun?

I got my ass kicked in yoga today though. My quads were shakin' somethin' fierce!
Cine: I'll say the same thing my teammates said to me after a hilly run course that left me discouraged because of the lack of change. It was a harder course. You probably ran better then before but the hills got in your way. How were you feeling through that race? Did you feel better? What about heartrate and all that?

I feel like I'm going backwards too. My asthma isn't responding to the meds... I get attacks on climbs on the bike when the lactic acid builds in my legs. I'm going back to the doc tomorrow. I got myself a heart monitor so I'm trying to learn to follow that. Any advice? I think the increase in training from 8 hours a week on my own to 16 hours on a team has something to do with it to. My past weekend involved 6 hours of training total. Intense! This weekend will be similar - but it's fun. We had our first open water swim on Sunday. So cool. I can't wait to get back out there. This weekend we are doing a practice triathlon.

Happy training! Keep up the great work everyone!
So I went to the doctor again (so glad to be Canadian... "free" doc visits, subsidized meds as a student: reading the SCREWED thread reminds me not to take it forgranted). The asthma has been getting worse. Attacks are a little more frequent and definetly worse when they do hit. They are hitting on the climbs on our rides either early on in the ride (lack of warm up) or later (end of the "refractory" period). And last night they hit at track practice during a 1k sprint repeat. Told the doctor all of this and she looked at my chart and then told me that the meds I was Rxed last time could have an additive affect on my attacks. Meaning that when I did attack they would be worse. So she figures that the dosage I was on was too low so I was getting attacks still but they were worse because of the meds. DAMN IT! That's scary! (Just so you know I was on Advair - the purple disc thing). So now we are letting that clear my system and are going to try just long acting beat2 agnoists (Advair has those with corticosteriods). Problem with these is that they are on the IOC restricted list which could be an issue in the next few years as I try for worlds (age group worlds... not pro! (yet)). I just want to breath normally!!

In good training news I feel like I'm making prgress again. My body doesn't hurt anymore (man those first weeks with the team were killers) and recovers faster. I'm actually back at the gym again too twice a week for strength training. I nearly had a heartattack when I saw the tone I've gotten in the past few weeks!

Ris: running with someone like that with the teasing and competition thing... so great. My new boy is on the team and he tries to keep up and sometimes can catch me but that just pushes me to sprint the last little bit. Can't have him win!

Hellotampon (thought you might stick your head in here): I'm so all over talking about bikes if you want my two cents. I've done the commute thing, the mountain bike thing, the road thing, the tri thing, and I'm pretty darn handy with fixing them too.

Happy training!
Hi all. Thought I'd pop in and say hi, as I hope to be posting in this thread more.
I started (a tweaked version) of Couch to 5k last night and it was pretty brutal -- I'm definitely at the Couch end of the spectrum right now.
I love reading all the progress reports here; they're really inspiring. Can't wait until I'm doing hills or 8 mile runs!
did we all train ourselves to death?

I have a 5-mile race tomorrow.
blah! Plantar fasciitis!!!
Chani - have you seen a podiatrist?

Cine- how did the race go?

Congrats on getting started Bokovtoo! Good luck with the program.

Runningwestward - I hope your asthma lets up. I have allergic asthma and it's been HORRIBLE lately, to the point where I was afraid to run, so I know how you feel.

Hmmm now that I think about it I'm not sure if I've posted here. Not training right now for anything concrete, but maybe I will be soon. :-)
I think I found an asthma solution. Formetrol seems to be the ticket. I haven't weezed since and I'm pushing myself to try to weeze. I have to admit that I was a slacker this weekend. We elected to do a shortened ride and go to the gym on Saturday rather then go ride and run the course for the race in a few weeks. Sunday I wasn't feeling well in the morning but went out to our practice anyways. I got through the swim but as I came out of the lake and started the transition to bike (practice tris) I vomitted so I got to sit out. Instead I learned to get on my bike with my bike shoes on teh bike rather then my feet and to put them on once I get rolling on course. Pretty sweet trick. All the cool kids are doing it. Next is to learn the flying squirrel manuver of launching yourself on the bike from a run through the transition zone. Up and over the seat, landing safely and getting your feet on the pedals. The one good thing about a slacker weekend my legs no longer feel like they are about to go on strike.

Happy training!
ris: I saw one ages ago and had orthotics done and lost them on a redeye transatlantic. Last time it flared up was 10 years ago! Now I'm on a topical NSAIDs and stretching regime prescribed by my husband. It's better today than yesterday so wish me luck! Should I run on it tomorrow? Maybe just a short one - I'm loving the early morning runs... chanibaby is up anyways and it's cool and the mist is rising and we can scare the racoons out of the garbage cans in the cemetary and the baby laaaaughs!
Yes, Cinegirl. You've hit the nail on the head in my case. I kinda trained myself to death. I haven't run in TWO WEEKS. The day after my last post, during a 5-mile fartlek run in the rain, I started to experience pain which had me limping for a couple of days. I went to my doc last week, and it's still kind of a mystery. She told me it was most likely a strain, to rest, to take Advil and sit in a warm bath. If the pain persisted, I was to get a referral for a sports doc. Well, ten minutes ago I left a message with her receptionist saying that I need just that because it's not getting any better. What worries me is that what aggravates it is weight-bearing rather than stretching. If I'm on my back, I can stretch normally without pain. It's what I do while walking, running, standing, even sitting certain ways that bothers it. I hate this.


I'm pretty miserable not being able to run or do yoga. I've been hitting the gym every now and again to stretch and do some work on upper body and abs, but I NEED TO RUN GODDAMMIT!

The good thing is that I'm at that somewhat early stage in a relationship where it's getting serious, but it's also still total bliss--so that's what's keeping me sane throughout the whole non-running phase. Plus, it helped that last week she was in recovery from a tri, so we could be lazy together. But that week's over now, and I have to say that I was kind of jealous when she came back from her ride at 7 am this morning looking all invigorated and flushed. I really wish I had been able to head out there for a run.

RisaLa, what kind of allergy meds are you taking these days?

Chani, be careful! Don't do too much too soon!

Look at you, Westward, with all your fancy-shmancy tricks. Just promise us that you won't be spraying yourself down with Pam before donning your wetsuit. Ick.
Oy, Ris, I'm so sorry to hear that. You've had a rough couple weeks huh? Geeze.

As for allergy meds, yeah, let's see, what am I on these days... zyrtec, singulair, nasonex and immunotherapy shots. And patanol for the itchy eyes. And a boatload of hydrocortisone creme for my eczema. It is fucking ridiculous. I actually haven't been taking the nasonex for about 2 weeks, after grass season I am usually okay without it until early August. Oh that reminds me - you take nasonex right? You can get a rebate on every refill of it... I think you can get the form from

Yes Chani I would take it easy for a couple days to allow the inflammation to go down some. And see a podiatrist again, because it will only keep getting worse until you remedy the cause. I thought I had really bad plantar fasciitis, in fact it kept me from running the marathon I'd trained 6 months for, because I didn't go to the doc. Well finally I went, and as it turns out it was never plantar fasciitis to begin with... apparentlly my arches just fell very early. Which really sucks because if I had gone straight away I would have been able to run the marathon. Oh well.
Take it easy, ris - you have your whole life to train & run. I'm sorry things have been so rough but you are doing the right thing. Maybe you could swim instead?

I sucked it at my race on Sunday. I will blame it on the heat. I could only run for 2 miles, then ran/walked the other 3. Blech.

So the next day, I hit the treadmill & achieved a personal best - 2 miles in 20 minutes! So that gives me hope.

Today is sign-up for the NYC 1/2- hope I get in (though I am scared to death).
Did you get in, Cinegirl? It took me nearly an hour and a half!
Here's a direct link to registration in case you can't even get onto the main page.

Yeah, I know I have my whole life, but I've already committed to this marathon in October. I've already joined TnT. I'm fundraising. Everyone I know knows that I'm doing this. I'm hitting the treadmill today to see just how bad it is. Maybe I'll surprise myself and push through it. (Um, isn't that how I hurt myself to begin with?) No, my goal today is just a nice easy run. I'm going to see if inclines affect it, speed, longer strides, etc, so I know what to tell the sports doc.

Oh, and I've gained at least 6 pounds since I stopped running 14 days ago!

Be careful with the heat, Cinegirl. Even if that means getting up really early in the morning to run. Once I've healed enough to run outside again, I'm gonna have to hit the park before 7 a.m. if I wanna avoid humidity-related asthma.

RisaLa, I knew that your allergies were bad, but I didn't realize that they were that bad. That sucks. Thanks for the heads-up on the Nasonex-- that is the only allergy med that works for me. I've discovered that it even works on pet allergies as Tri-girl has a kitty. Luckily, she's not the kind of cat who likes to sleep on my head, but she's fairly affectionate. So, far, I've only been a little itchy a few times, but no sneezing or wheezing.
PS - Thank Maude the NYC Half starts at 7 a.m. That should take the edge off the August heat a bit.

Off to the gym. Wish me luck.
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