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The half is a dream that has vanished into the ether, because it is too expensive. I'm going to modify my goals this year to be improving my speed in 5 & 10Ks, and run a 10K at a 10-minute pace. I think that's a great goal for me, given that my 10K pace on hills hovers around 13-minutes.

Plus I might have other issues preventing me from training for something that hard... more later if it develops.
Took the baby and the husband out for a brisk walk today and actually had MrChani break out into a jog! My husband has always been firm that he will never be a runner, but we did walk 1 min run 1 min for about 4k today! It was really nice and he wants to do it again! That would be very good for our family (the baby had fun too!)
My foot has been fine for the last 2 days, so I'll keep doing my physio and cross my fingers!
Cinegirl, I agree - I think I may be looking for a PB in the 5 or 10 rather then training for the 1/2 next year. It's way easier to find the time for speedwork then for Long Slow 20ks! We'll see what's going on at the local running room after we relocate. And.... cinegirl! The suspense is killing me!!
me too :-)
Can you at least give us a hint cinegirl?
any swimmers in this thread? I just joined a team and have been impressed with my ability to make the intervals . I swam 3600 yrds yesterday. It becomes a mental battle to get through the sets but I made it!

Way to go LadyJ! Did you join a Master's team? When I get a "real" job I'm planning on joining another swim team outside of my tri team to get the extra swim instruction. The distances become easier as you go. I find I have to listen to a certain song just before I get in the water and get it suck in my head. That way when I really just need to complete a distance I can start my internal soundtrack. I find trying to focus on stroke and style for a long distance makes it go so much slower. What are you going to do with it? I personally love open water swims. The wetsuit makes you so fast (if you get the right suit!).
I'm a swimmer! I'm a swimmer! Good for you LadyJ! 3600 yds is certainly something to be proud of!

Hope everything's okay, Cinegirl. :-)

Ris, how did it go? Yes my allergies are insane. Hopefully the immunotherapy shots will help, should know something by fall allergy season.

I've decided that when I decide to run another marathon (or train for another marathon as the case may be), I'm not telling anyone. It was horrible when I had to drop out of the race two years ago because of my feet, and I had to explain it to all of my friends and co-workers - not fun.

Glad your feet are doing ok, Chani.
I did join a masters team at the YMCA were I work. I teach water aerobics classes on mondays and wednesday then stay to swim after that. I totally do the thing with the song. It helps with pacing. I am only a swimmer, no running. I hate to run.

I ran a 5K once to try something new and wanted to do it in under 30 minutes. It took me 28 minutes which included the time it took me to puke before crossing the finish line. I promised myself I would never run again and haven't since.

I live in chicago and the thought of swimming in lake michingan disgusts me. I did by a pool pass for laps so I can swim laps in an 8 lane 50 meter pool outside. It is heavenly.I want to start competing again.
Ris, do be careful. Where is the pain? You should probably see a specialist. Remember, if you push and make it worse, you'll just be out longer...

So I just came back with my new bike! Well, new to me. I am very impressed with myself that I got it up my three floor walk-up without too much aggrevation. This means I'm committed to doing my first triathalon in September!

My swimming is not great, I'm so impressed with you swimmers. I took a technique class last year, so I think my form is fine, but I have so much trouble with my breath. It's so weird, I can run 20 miles and be just fine, but I have a hard time coordinating my breath while I swim. Does it just take practice?

Yay sporty busties! Off to yoga.
nothing to report, not this month anyway... is that enough of a hint, runningwestward? ;)

I would love to find time to swim on my non-running days, but it just seems like I can only find 3 nights/week to workout. I've been amazed to see that running is sculpting my arms. That's pretty darn cool.
Ris: I feel for you. Keep us in the loop about what's wrong.

What kind of bike did you get Dragon? What length tri are you doing? Don't worry about the swim. Get through it as best you can. Don't try to go your fastest in the race. Save your energy for the run. Work on your endurance in the pool. As for the breathing thing. My boy has the same problem (he used to stick to duathlons but I wouldn't date him until he sucked it up and started REALLY racing). One thing he wasn't doing was forced breathing out. Makin' bubbles... the good kind. So it might seem "beginner" to do this but try this exercise to get you comfortable with breathing. Hold a flutter board at arms length in front of you and stick your head in, face down. To breathe tilt your head to the side (as you would in crawl) keeping your eyes more forward (my coach says to look at your hand in the water). This will get you used to a bit of a roll when you breathe. When you get good at the breathing in/out thing then try a crawl and fool around with number of strokes and when you like to breathe. I find I can go 3, 4, or 5 strokes for my first few 100 meters then I have to drop it back to every other stroke. But in the end as your endurance improves you will feel less and less winded at the end of your sets.

This weekend's training involves a climb up one of the local mountains... 800m elevation gain... in 7km. I hate going up! Sunday's better: open water swim and a distance run.

Happy training Team Bust!
cinegirl... those possibilities do put all sorts of long-term plans on hold, don't they! I can empathize! Ah well, sounds as if you'll be busy "cross-training" about 2 weeks from now!
Oh that is exciting cinegirl! Have fun with all that cross training!

Never made it up the mountain this weekend. Too hot. But i am getting my bike overhauled today and a new gear ratio! So hills will be a bit easier. My bike was geared for a much stronger man as opposed to a woman with smaller quads. This better help my climbs! Did go for my open water swim though... nice and easy, still adjusting to the wetsuit. I'm doing a 2k open water race next weekend. Should be fun. No pressure of having to ride and run after.

Two weeks 'til race day! Next triathlon that is - next week doesn't count. I'm getting excited. I hope my riding gets better. I've been having some really crappy rides the last two weeks. I'm getting really frustrated. Triboy (as I will take to calling my partner) has been making crazy advances these last few weeks and it's starting to get to me that I am not seeing any improvement. Or at least such significant improvement. The race will be the real test. I'm aiming for sub 2:25.
I've been trying to develop faster sprinting speeds, but as I run, only the distances I can run seem to increase. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get faster sprints?
Howzit Team Bust? In light of my open water swim this weekend I thought I'd give you all a general idea of what open water starts are like. I've only open water started in Ontario and the people there were pretty good. In some places they pull at your suit and drag you down. I hope BC tri-ers aren't like that!

AmazingBass - have you tried doing some sprint training on a track? Short distance repeats (400m, 800m etc) on a 2 or 3 minute recovery? I do them once a week with my team (plus two longer endurance runs a week). Also you can do striding exercises to lengthen your stride. It's about lengthing your stride and getting your legs to turn over faster. Any advice from those TnT runners?
I've never done striding exercises, but I naturally have such a long stride that people often comment on it when they see me run. It makes me feel more like I'm gliding than running. Still, what striding exercises are there? I guess I could go even longer...

I have tried running sprints with short recovery times between, to little avail. I haven't tried your exact regimen, though, so I'll give it a try. I think my biggest problem is that I have a mental block about going all-out for a short distance; it just feel more natural to glide over a long distance. The event for which I'm training is short distance, though, so I have to do something. Thanks for the input.
Amazing_bass- you sound like me w/ long strides but slow turnover. The boy and my dad hate running with me because they are both 6' and I am 5'5" and we all have the same natural stride distance (my legs are not even exceptionally long!). I am the same in running, swimming, biking. My body prefers long and hard strokes/strides with a lower cadence/turnover. One thing to work on for speed in running is to actually focus on your turnover (I have no idea what is the right word for this in running, in swimming turnover, in biking cadence, what is it for running?) as opposed to speed - purposefully take shorter strides but maintain speed. You learn to quicken your turnover that way and then when you go back to your natural long stride you can aim for the same turnover while increasing speed.

That said... other things to do for speed-building...


I do modified fartleks. I run kinda fast (10K pace) to warm up, then slow down to a jog for a minute or so, and then run as hard as I can until I can't anymore. Then I walk quickly until I can breathe again (max 1 minute), and sprint again until I can't run anymore. Repeat until you can't stand it for one more rep.

One of the sets we used to do when I was a "serious" swimmer was sets of 10 X 50s on 1:00 - swim under water the entire first 25 yds, then sprint the second 25 yds back. It simulates sprinting the last portion of a distance race, when you're already out of breath and dying from getting to VO2 max. I haven't exactly figured out how to translate that to running just yet... It's hard to hold your breath and run at the same time!

I also like to do negative splits for speed work, although I haven't been running at a track in quite some time.
I use turnover for running too. For a running version of Risala's swim workout, my coaches will make us run up a really steep long hill (the kind with stairs instead of sidewalk) and then do sprints. The trick on repeats is to keep the recovery short enough that you don't fully recover (lactic acid wise) but get your breathing and heartrate down before you go out again. Also don't just stand around for your recovery. Lightly jog until you have to start again.
I read the fartleks link, and it looks like a good training program. The name prompts too many juvenile jokes, though. :-)
Well it's been another great weekend of training in my camp. Howzit all going with you? Cinegirl? Nudge nudge wink wink. The open water swim race went really well. I finished in under 35min which was my goal. I got confused coming around the last buoy and had to follow someone and missed my chance to sprint the last few hundred meters. And ultimately she beat me by 2 seconds and was unfortunetly in the same age group so I missed out on 3rd in my age group. Poop! Today Triboy and I went up and rode and ran the course for next week. I was feeling pretty nervous about it until today. The ride is good except for the nasty 2.5k climb that we have to do 4 times. And the run is on trails... though one section is pretty hairy and a threat to general ankle health. Feeling much much better about it though.

Have you picked a tri for September Dragon??? How's running going Chani? Is the husband getting on board with it?
Stress fracture. Yup.

After that last post, I hit the treadmill. It was my first time running at the gym since starting training with TnT. The treadmills face a wall of mirrors. I was shocked to see that I looked like a runner. My upper body was relaxed, I looked strong. I started with a 10-min mile pace which was easy until just after I'd completed the first mile, then the pain came back. It was pretty mild though, so I pushed ahead, increased to a 9:30 pace, but then the sharp shooting pains that I had felt a couple weeks prior started. I stopped immediately out of fear that I'd wake up unable to walk like the last time.

I found a sports doc, thanks to a fellow BUSTie, got checked out, went for an MRI, and it's a stress fracture... in my friggin' sit-bone! I've been ordered not to run, bike, or do yoga for SIX WEEKS. By the time I get running again, I'll have lost out on 9 weeks of my marathon training. I'll be crawling through the NYC Half, and I'll probably wind up walking a good deal of the marathon itself in October at this rate.

I've been pretty depressed about this. But last week, Tri-girl convinced me to go with her to the Y and do some laps with a pull-buoy to immobilize my legs and make it all about upper-body. It's really the only thing I can do for cardio while I heal. The first swim was rough. I was sooooo frustrated by it. I love the water, but I'm one of those horse-around leisurely swimmers. You, know, handstands and Marco Polo--that sort of thing. I hadn't done laps since girl scout camp in 6th grade... and even then I wasn't that strong a swimmer. I had no recollection of proper form or how to breathe. It just felt so weird, and then add in the fact that I wasn't allowed to kick, and I was ready to give up after 15 minutes. Hated the condom-head cap, hated the tight-ass goggles, hated the fact that I had to squeeze my 10-lb-heavier-non-runnin' body into a sporty one-piece, hated the stupid pull-buoy between my legs--just wanted to be in the park running again.

And man, oh man were my arms SORE the next day! My neck wasn't happy either since I'd held so much tension in it for the first half of the swim. I had been lifting my head and then turning it instead of just pivoting my torso and letting my head follow. I didn't like the idea of keeping one goggle in the water with my head to the side. I felt like I was going to swallow half the pool that way.

Well, Tri-girl dragged me again on Monday, and I don't know what the hell happened to me over the weekend, but right out of the gate I was swimming better. I was breathing better, my form was better, and I was faster. She drafted off me for a while, and we even raced. She beat me, of course, but by a hair... and that's without using my legs. But she may have been holding back to boost my confidence. She's sweet like that. It's all part of her master plan to get me to be a triathlete. Um, not bloody likely!

So, I've bought my own pull-buoy so I can do legless laps at the gym on my own. I'll still swim with Tri-girl once a week because she's a good teacher who has a great perspective on it as she just started swimming last fall herself. But I think if I want to keep up my cardio endurance while I'm healing, I'll need to swim at least 4 times a week.

Oh, Westward, open-water starts are why I think I could never be a triathlete even if I do get to be a strong swimmer.

Chani, how's it going with getting the hubby into running?

RisaLa, I owe you an email, but there's just soooo much that I think you should just come out for a long weekend and we can chat over drinks.

Dragon, which tri are you doing in September?

Damn, this is long. I'll save anything else for another post.

Go, Team Bust!

Stress fracture in your butt? How did you do that? (Though as a side note our pick up line in anatomy was "Can I palpate your ischial tuberosities?" - Can I feel your sit bones? - can I grab your ass?). But back the more important stuff... your mental well being. How are you holding up? I'm glad Tri-girl has you swimming (she's my hero of the day for it! Getting a non swimmer in the pool is a hard thing to do! Especially when they are frustrated about training related stuff). I'm glad you are starting to get the hang off it. It's a great cardio vascular thing. As for feeling behind... that is a hard thing to come to terms with. I think you'll be surprised as how fast it will come back especially since you are swimming. Ask the doc about when you can do non weight bearing stuff like water running. That will help retone your legs before you start road running again and might make you feel better when you get back out there.

Down time is part of training - just sometimes it doesn't happen when we want it too. You'll come back stronger and more determined then before.
Oh geeze, Ris that sucks so bad. But hey, swimming is so good for you!! I've been swimming a bit lately, now that I'm allowed to as much as I want. My shoulder still gets worn out pretty quick but supposedly that's normal for where I'm at (7+ months post-op - err, maybe I didn't mention that here, shoulder surgery for a torn tendon Nov 29 of last year). I guess it takes a year to get your endurance back to where it was. I would love to come out for a long weekend but unfortunately it's not going to happen this month. I am going to push on my mum (if I go out there without her again she will probably kill me) for August or September. Ooh NY in August... my favorite! HAH.

Anyway. Hope you feel better very very soon. Keep up with the swimming, it is a great workout and you may even be able to use your legs before 6 weeks is up, since swimming is so low-impact. Can't hurt to call your doctor and ask I suppose... just be careful pushing off the walls.

Please please please please be careful when you come back from the DL. Seriously. DO NOT push yourself too hard or you'll just hurt yourself again, and probably worse. Believe me, I've learned this the hard way (hence my slow foray back into the world of swimming).

Hope everyone is doing well... Dragon how's the new bike??

Yup yup! It's race weekend. I'm very stoked. We're leaving town at 5:30am (eek) to get to the site at 6:30. The race starts at 9am but there's a lot of set up and you have to get shuttled out to the start. I don't know how I'm going to fit in a warm up. At least one of our coaches is coming up (my favorite one too) so he'll have some good advice. My body is starting to feel rested. I've got a few more days of taper left so it should feel like a brand new body come Sunday morning (or at least that's the plan). Now I'm jut trying to deal with the mental build up. I think I've put more stress on myself about this then I realize. Part of it is that my coach has told me that he sees a lot of potential in me and that with the right training and race prep (i.e. warm up!) there is no limit to what I can do. We'll see how this race and the two others go this summer (that's a pretty big season... 6 races!). Next year I think I'll move up to long distance races (half and full irons). I've signed up for the Victoria Half marathon in October but won't start focusing on that until after the race in August is done. To get psychological I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff with my life right now and that I can choose to walk away and take the safe route of a career and a "normal" life or I could jump and see what I can do. The career and the pressure to focus on that will still be there in 5 years so why not take the chance to live a dream right now when I can. It's a little scary but I'll know what I want to do in a few weeks I think. It's too big to think about.

Where is the rest of Team Bust? I am addicted to hearing your triumphs and tribulations. I love this stuff! That's what I love best about my tri team we laugh and cheer each other on. It's not always super serious. It wouldn't be fun if it was. I think that's another big issue with training in general: keeping it fun. The things I remember the best after a training session isn't how much the 5th repeat sucked it's the funny comment someone made that made the rest of the group laugh despite being tired and sore.

I got sent down to the advanced beginner class- try as I can, I am running a minute behind the rest of the class. The coach says that three weeks in that class should get me to a 10-minute pace for a 5K, and then I'll be able to come back up. I'm sad, but if it works, then great.

However- I did great tonight. We did a total of about 5 miles tonight, with 2 of those miles for training. I did the first at 11:25, and the second at 11:35. So I'm no slouch. Just slow. Ish.

Go runningwestward! You will ROCK this weekend!

I'm sorry, ris :-( But take care of yourself, okay? You've got years of running ahead of you. And you'll rock the cross training & get better quickly.
Well I lived. Which is actually saying a lot at this point. I was doing wicked coming out of the water. Top 10 in the women. Not shabby. I flew by a lot of people on the first bit of the bike.... but then it all went to crap. I don't know if I screwed up my meds or what but I started getting an asthma attack on the first trip up the nasty 3km grind. I would just start to recover and make up ground through the rest of the loop when I would hit the hill again and have to ease up or risk a full blown attack. 4 times round. It sucked. My bike time was awful. And then the dust on the run just continued to aggrevate my breathing (I wasn't the only one). Why they put the run along a hydro access road that is SAND is beyond me. But I finished. 20min slower then what I was aiming for based on my sprint times. And I was weezing so bad as I crossed the finish line the medics were called. I cried out of anger and frustration the entire way home. Triboy was so great about it. Letting me be sucky. He had a good race. Finished 5mins ahead of me despite a slower swim (but a great swim time for him... we were both really surprised by how fast he was in the water). But we both agreed that the new course for that race was horrible and we won't be back next year. Next race is the first weekend in August. Aparently the bike is rolling hills. I'll have to wait to see it I guess. But the good thing is I don't think I could be worse then I was on Sunday smile.gif
Oh RunningW that sounds terrible. I'm so sorry to hear it. Do you carry an inhaler with you?
That sounds tough, RunningW. How are you feeling about the next one?

I am in the midst of training for a half marathon the first weekend of Sept. It's going really well in some ways: I sucked it up and started getting up at 6 a few times a week to run in the mornings, which makes my free evenings so much more enjoyable. I had a tough long run on Sunday though, I should be up to 10 miles by now on the training plan but I had to stop at 9 cos I was so knackered and hot and! Will try for 10 again this weekend and I'll make sure to bring some water with me which should help. I need to get more comfortable with drinking on the go anyway.

I've never run this far in my life so I'm doing really well. I am doing the half with a few friends so am motivated with hope that I can beat at least one of them (not my friend S who is doing a 7.5 minute mile though!). I'm at about a 10 minute mile but I hate interval training so am probably not getting any faster.

Anyway best of luck lassies!
I'm doing better. I brushed off my ego and let my lungs heal. I'm back at it. Had a wicked ride last weekend. We went out to the delta where it's nice and flat. We did team sprints for fun. Me and three really strong boys and I kept up. They were really surprised that I could take my pulls (turns at the front where it's really hard) and keep the pace. I'm a sprinter not a climber that's for damn sure! The next race is rolling hills. We are off to ride the course this weekend to see what it's all about. I've done well on courses with rolling hills in the past so we'll see.

Fina - are you fueling during your training runs? That might be part of the problem with getting tired. I generally don't fuel much beyond water on work outs less then an hour but on my longer runs and really long bikes I need something more. I've been doing research into this for the last two days. Learnt some things that I thought would be helpful to pass on to Team Bust! Most of you probably know most of this but I thought I'd just write it out quickly anyways. First water: the body can only absorb so much in an hour. Unfortunetly this amount is not the same as what you will sweat out. So don't try to replace ounce for ounce when you're out there. Get some water into before you go (1L in the two hours before you go seems to work well. Stopping 20minutes before you leave). The rule of thumb I was give was 5-7oz every 20minutes... which if you have a fuel belt with little bottles is about one bottle every 20mins. If you carry a water bottle it's one bottle in an hour. Simple! Carbs are a little harder. I have found that I feel ill when I take some sports drinks (like Gator-yuck-ade). Gatorade uses simple sugars in it's mix. Which leaves you with only 50cal in a serving which is not nearly the 200-250 they advise you to be taking in (again don't try to take in what you will use). But doubling up the strength of the drink doesn't help because that screws up the concentration in your stomach which makes you all bloaty and sloshy... go for the more expensive stuff that has complex carbs that allows for greater calorie comsuption in the same volume. Then fill out your carb requirements with gels. (and I seem to remember a gel debate a while back... I have a new favourite... Gu! Gu TriBerry rocks!) I am still feeling ill though so I kept going with my search for an answer. It might be due to electrolyte lose. There's not enough electrolytes in those drinks to make up for what you lose (and I am a salty sweater.... I've had my legs licked by dogs because I'm salty at the calfs!!!) so I'm now going to start experimenting with electrolyte suppliments during training. Any thoughts/experience with electrolytes? Things get more complicated in longer efforts. I'm going to start using drink stuff with small amounts of protein in it for my long bike rides to see if that helps my performance and so I can get use to it for races. Next year I'm making the move to half ironman length (or 70.3 as they are known down in the States). 70.3 sounds scarier... that's the actual distance you have to cover. Eeep!

Happy training!
QUOTE(runningwestward @ Jul 20 2006, 05:37 PM) *

Me and three really strong boys and I kept up. They were really surprised that I could take my pulls (turns at the front where it's really hard) and keep the pace.

RWW - Good for you!! I remember being so surprised when I could go out for training runs with Real Runners and keep up!
I'm afraid I have not been running at all. I leave the house at 7am for work, get home at 3pm when it's 30 degrees outside, eat dinner at 6 and am too full to run, then watch So You Think You Can Dance and go to bed at 10. My motivation is gone gone gone.
I am going to have to really focus on building this back into my day when my contract ends and we move up north. I'm going to join the running room again and make a new beginning. Sigh.
I am so proud of all of you for making time in your lives to be active and to push yourselves and grow. Yay Busties!
Hi training busties!

Ris I just found your e-mail, wrote you back, and now have read in here about your stress fracture. That's terrible! But it will heal, and you'll be racing once again sooner than you think...

Sorry to be so MIA for the past month or so - busy busy times. My training is going ok, I joined a training group and that's helping out a lot. The swims are getting better, as is the biking. My knee is a little cranky here and there - I think the long-dreaded arthritis has finally come home to roost. the worst news is that I bought a bad bike. I finally showed it to my bike-geek friends and everyone recommended to trade it in if possible... they'd sold me a touring bike, which yes I could do the race on, but it was huring my knee due to its relaxed positioning - oh, the indignity of being 33 and unable to purchase a decent road bike!!! So I went back to the shop and bitched, they're supposedly getting something better for me, I'm to go pick it up this afternoon. In the meantime, my very sweet friend at work is loaning me her gorgeous, spicey, awe-inducing Cervelo. For those of you not in the bike-geek loop (and I just found this out), this is a top of the line bike. This bike cost more than the ibook upon which I type. Another friend joined me for a ride this morning and helped me figure out the shifting, and helped me get more comfy with downhills and speed (I'm afraid of losing control and hitting someone, probably a holdover from when I was run down by a bike some years ago). Anyway, it was super fun and I'm very excited. I can use the Cervelo for the race, too. Eeek!

I still don't know which race I'll do - my training group is for the Danskin tri at the end of September, but I might do one in Connecticut because then i can stay with my parents. The competitive part of me wants to leap straight into Olympic distances...

RWW, good for you to be back at it! I'm sure I'll be peppering you with questions as the summer progresses. And Ris, I'm afraid of the swim start too, but apparently that's what a wetsuit is for - keeps you bobbing like a cork.

Fina, it also sounds to me like you hit a wall and needed a little energy. I love Gu, chocolate Gu, and I'm ok with Power gel too. Clif shots upset my stomach, but I really want to try Clif blocks, candy-like energy chews. don't worry about speed when you're tackling a new distance, focus on the distance first, the speed will follow. Go team bust!!
Dragon - sooooo jealous about the Cervelo. Which one are you on? I'm a fan of the P3 but I am going to try everything when I'm in the market for a new bike. I'm a student so I can't upgrade for a while. A new bike that fits me perfectly is my first big expense. I'm riding a QuintanaRoo right now that fits alright but there are a few things I would like to be better. The price was fantastic and there are some really nice components on it that made it worth a lot more then what I paid. QRs are primarily designed for tris. Tri bikes are more like time trial bikes then road bikes. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have a TT bike to do tris. A road bike with clip on aerobars might be better for you. Road bikes do better on hills and are more comfortable for longer rides. It's highly recommended that if you are just starting then get a road bike. Go used if you can to save some money and to see if you actually like it. The pros usually will have two bikes - road and racing. The advantage of a TT or tri bike is that you will be a little more forward over your pedals and will save your muscles a bit for the run. But to be really effective with this you need to be aware of what you are doing. I think the most important issue with the bike is that you get something that won't end up hurting you. Be sure to get your bike fitted at the store when you get it. A good store won't charge you for this. They'll put you in a trainer or on rollers and adjust the saddle and handle bars and the rest to make sure it fits you right and that you are not loading any joints in an odd manner. Are you using clip ins? If you are you might not have the cleats aligned properly. And if you are in runners you might want to look into a cycling shoes. They have stiff solos and hold your feet in a place that will help with the knee alignment. But in the end it's what is comfortable and what you can afford. You'll spend more time training on the bike than racing so ask yourself: would you rather be comfortable for the three hour rides or 30secs faster on race day. I'd go with comfort. As for expense, scour the classifieds on craigslist or your state's/province's triathalon orgainization. (BC is TriBC, California is TriCalifornia). That's where I found my steal of a bike. You can find everything on there if you are patient. As for other equipment - do you have a wetsuit yet?

As for length I started out with sprints. It's a good place to start. You don't get overwelmed and you get an idea of what it's going to entail. You'll also find there will be a lot of first timers in the sprints and that might make you relax a bit. But that being said I know a few people who went straight into the olympic length and survived. Sprints are fun too because they are short and quick so you don't feel like dying after and you'll have positive associations with tris.
RunningWestward -- in June you posted about using Foradil/Formoteral. Are you still finding it works for you? And anyone else with asthma -- what works for you?

I just started running in the last year and lo and behold also found out I have exercise-induced asthma. (I just never exercised before to find out.) I've been given Salbutamol/Ventolin which I found worked the very first times I used it but no longer seems to have much effect. I'm going to ask to try something else when I see the doctor next week, but since I'm totally clueless about asthma, having only been diagnosed in my 30s, I have no idea if there are better and worse types of inhalers for this kind of asthma. I know everyone's different but I'd love to go in with some knowledge about what works for other runners specifically, since running is SO MUCH about the breathing and the lungs and what have you.

Right now my lungs give out WAY before the rest of my body does, and that makes me sad, to think I have much more potential than I'm able to perform. : (
Thanks RunningW and Dragon, I have not been running long distances for very long so am still feeling it out. I was vaguely thinking that I wouldn't need to worry about fuel until I hit the 2 hr mark, I think I picked that up from a guy who started with the gels at 2 hrs into a full marathon though so perhaps not so applicable to me. Regardless I had a really great run today, 1 hr 45 min, and could have gone longer if necessary but was still glad to stop at that point! It was a bit cloudier than last week and I did take water with me, I think it was just one of those good days though. I'm really pleased.

Gels have always scared me- seem a bit ooky- but today I picked up an EnergyGel and drink mix crystals so I will try them in the next couple of weeks just to see how it goes. I expect they will provide gels during the race so it would be nice to be comfortable with them if I need them.
Yeah Fina keep experimenting. I typically don't need gels until 15 miles or so, but my running partner, who is also a small woman, needs them at 5 (she fainted after a half marathon once, didn't have enough glucose in her system). What is your event, when is it?

Running, the whole bike thing is new and a bit intimidating to me. I had a total meltdown when I found out I'd bought a touring bike instead of a road bike - I have so little spare cash, just got out of grad school and am kind of betwixt and between, you know? I think for now I'll use the cervelo for this season (my pal who loaned it did Lake Placid yesterday, I'll have to check online and see how she did), maybe sell the very old trek road bike the bike shop gave me in exchange for the touring bike (gears way down that front bar), and try to buy a better one next spring, when hopefully I'll have a job in my field and a bit more money. The cervelo is making me want a better bike if I have one at all - it's an EC 90, maybe? Or is that something else on the bike? I'll ask its owner when she returns. I'm still too nervous a cyclist for clipless pedals - remember that I'm in NYC, and lots of my training takes place in parks where there is still fairly heavy traffic, motor and pedestrian, so I like being able to stop quickly. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll feel confident enough to move onto clipless... I can rent a wetsuit from the shop where I work. How is your training going? When is your next event?

Lyrae, that sucks! I know nothing about exercise-induced asthma, but I'm sorry to hear about it!
For fueling I've become a fan of do it before you need it because by the time you need it it may be too late. I only start using gels when I know I'm going for a long haul. I take one about an hour into it. Pair that with the 100 to 150 cal from the sports drink (the good stuff rocks! the stuff with Maldextose) then I'm getting my 200-250/hr. If it's just a short race like a sprint then I usually do a gel on the bike and stick with water for the rest of it. I like the caffine in the gels.

Dragon: bikes can be intimidating. It's hard to find a bike store that you feel comfortable in. It's taken me a few years to get in with the roadie stores around me but I think I've succeeded. If you have a good friend who knows bikes get them to go with you and help you read between the lines. It helps to have someone who knows what's what in terms of components and styles. I'm getting pretty good. I don't know the Campy component stuff but I do know my Shimano, my pedals, shoes, bars, styles, wheels etc. Don't hesitate to ask me anything at all.

Lyrae: I totally sympathize. Ass-mar sucks! But I am convienced there is a solution for everyone! Here's what I know and what I have gone through: the meds that end in -butimal are short acting beta agonists. These you take 15mins before with the puff inhaler and last about 3 hours. These are also considered the rescue meds that you would take during an attack. I found that since I do endurance type stuff it wasn't lasting long enough. There are combo meds that combine these with longer acting steriod type drugs (like the purple disc). You would take these twice a day regardless of activity. I had problems with these too. And they are expensive! Long acting beta agonists (end in -metrol) are like the short acting ones in that you take them before exercise (30min) but they last a lot longer. This is what I'm on now. I find it works alright. If I am not happy with this one then I will try mast cell stablizers which approach the issue from a different prespective (though how I have no idea!). In anycase you will still carry the ventaline with you as a rescue med. Lastly some things you can do to improve the situation. Warm up. It seems silly but it's totally important. I find I need about a half hour of low heart rate warm up to get to a point where my lungs will happily do a work out. So this is something like a slow slow job or easy ride. I start to push it towards the end of the warm up to see how hard I can go without feeling like my lungs are unhappy. Getting close to an attack without attacking will induce a refractory phase during which your chances of attacking are a lot less. This typically lasts for 3 hours. Which works for shorter work but not for the endurance things like marathons and long course triathlons. Get yourself a heart rate monitor and wear it when you work out. Keep an eye on what heart rate triggers your asthma and note what activities are more likely to cause it. High intensity, anaerobic work is one of mine as is lactic acid build up in my legs (like hill climbs on the bike).

Happy training!
Dragon, I'm doing the Glasgow half marathon, it's Sept 3.

My legs are totally sore in new and unusual ways today so I am definitely going to try a gel or carb/electrolyte drink on the next long run to see if it helps with recovery. I am so not looking forward to getting up at 6 to run again tomorrow morning. If it still hurts I might just go for a brisk walk instead.
Ris - how's the fracture situation? Poor (((ris))). How are you holding up? Is Tri-girl still dragging you into the pool? I hate downtime. The caged rat feeling sometimes gets to me.

Cinegirl - how is the running group going? Are you starting to feel better about it all?

In happy news I thought I share with you something I read about recovery. Aparently the best recovery drink after a workout is chocolate milk! It's in a really high end journal. They tried a bunch of different options on endurance cyclists and 1% chocolate milk works the best. So I went out and got some lactose free milk and chocolate mix... mmmm what a way to end a practice!
so, is this just a distance running/triathlete thread or what? couch potato that i usually am, i have never ventured in here before. but... i just got off the couch and joined a very casual neighborhod adult soccer league, and i'm totally psyched! anyone else do rec team-play sports?
QUOTE(runningwestward @ Jul 26 2006, 11:27 PM) *

Cinegirl - how is the running group going? Are you starting to feel better about it all?

It's going great. I've got my 2-mile time down to 22:50, and my 5K down to 36 minutes. I hoep for more improvement!
Welcome Bklynhermit! Is it a league type thing or a drop in and make up teams thing? Those are fun. I played volleyball that way and it made the competition more playful and less stressful.

Cinegirl - that's awesome to hear. You're with TnT right?

I'm going back to the doctor again for my asthma. And to physio. The increase in distance for the half marathon has resulted in hip tightness. Plus I'm racing this weekend. Man oh man it's a busy time.

Happy Training!
I think ris is in TnT- I'm doing New York Road Runners & love it.
That's great, Cinegirl! You'll definately see improvement - the more you run, the better you get. Like anything, it takes practice. I've done those NYRRC classes, they're totally fun. I probably see you in Central Park sometimes - my tri group trains there every Tuesday night, and I always see Tnt, NYRRC, the Nike running group - everyone's out there.

Hey brklyn, I think we're in the same borough!

Pooey on the asthma, RWW! That's too bad - what did the dr. say?

Things here are good, despite the heat. I declined to participate in the hill repeats on the bike that our coach had scheduled for last night (!), swam instead. But I did get up and ride at 6am today - it wasn't bad, heat-wise, and we did a good 18 miles or so. I'm feeling much more confident on the bike, but still haven't mastered the art of drinking while riding - so I had to pull over to re-hydrate. Also, I am soooo picking up a neoprene seat cover today. The saddle on this bike - remember, a very nice loaner - is hard as a rock. Even with the cushy chamois, it's killing my sex life!

Onwards, training busties!
Well I started the new meds. First thing that I noticed was the minor heartattack at the cost. My med coverage through the school is crap and I haven't reached my deductible through the province to have it covered by the provincial healthcare/drug plan. But they seem to be working. They put my on a mast cell stablizer which suppresses the production of histamines as a response to dust and allergens and a combined long acting b-agonist and corticosteriod. Seems to work well at the "race" on Sunday. I didn't race hard for several reasons but I didn't weeze which was my goal for that race. Race itself was crap. My bike seat was loose and all over the place on the ride (40k of rocking all over the place) so I spent the first 10k debating on going back... but then settled into race but by then I had wasted some time... not a pretty bike time. And the swim was horrible... my slowest time to date and my slowest transition. I chalk that up to an upset stomach and the inablity to eat because of it. The run was ok. But the most imprtant thing... once I settled into actually racing (while I desided to get in to race a little too late) I had fun. I was laughing at myself the entire ride at the seat situation and then my quads were exhausted on the run because of the funny seat business. But no weezing! Weeee!

As for the meds and the upset tummy... they go hand in hand... hopefully I'll adjust soon... I am losing a lot of sleep because of it... side effects also include anziety and since I am already under a lot of stress with this thesis business I am not sleeping... fun fun.
Hope it continues to improve, RW, and that you acclimate to the new meds and get some sleep soon!

Bklnhermit, I used to play recreational water polo and innertube water polo, plus floor hockey, and loved it all, but haven't found anything where I am now. I really miss rec team sports but am not quite willing to be the one to start something up here!

I am still just looking for someone to play squash with too... the only possible people sound really good and will destroy me, plus the few squash courts around are really far away so I need to find someone with a car!

My half-marathon training is going well, decided I DO NOT like the texture of gels but am happy enough to take a carb drink with me instead of water for the long run. Ran for 2 hrs solid on sunday and feel really good, I think my legs are used to the higher distances now, rock. One more week and then I start tapering in preparation for the race. Still haven't done much speed work but I plan to do more. I do a lot of steps on my mid-week runs which is sort of akin to steep hill running and can't hurt anyway.
So RW, how goes it with the meds? No wheezing is a great start, if nothing else...

I know, Fina, the gels can be kind of nasty. I never eat a whole one at once, I can't stand all that goo squishing around in my mouth - I take about a half of one, in small bites or sips, at around 10 miles and the rest a bit later. If you want something more than the drink, you could try clif blocks, which are like gummy bears, very tasty, or jelly belly's sport beans. Or maybe the drink is plenty. How are the runs going?

So my cycling victory of the day: I managed to pull my water bottle out of its cage AND drink while riding, and did not fall over! I couldn't get it back in the cage, though, and had to pull over. Baby steps, baby steps...
Way to go Dragon! they do say that nutrition is the 4th discipline of triathlon... actually physically getting it into you is half the battle... the other half is getting the right balance of water, carbs etc.

As for gels... I'm telling you Gu is where it's at. Power Gel and Clif Shots are icky. Gu is good.

I have been weeze free for 3 weeks! Woohoo!!! And last night we did a mile time trial followed by 6 X 400m repeats on a dusty track that used to be my own personal hell of weeziness. But last night was wonderful. I felt powerful and at one point on the 400 repeats I felt all floaty and smooth. Coach Andrew was so pleased with me and we did the cool down together making plans for me for next season when I'm thesis stress free and I have my asthma in control. I did the mile in a little over 6:30 (PB woohoo!) and I was negatively splitting on the first 3 repeats (did them all under 1:30!). It was awesome! Too bad it's the end of the season but it is good news for the half marathon I'm doing in October. The next tri will be in March and I'm already psyched! Now I have to work on my riding. I'm so frickin' excited!
A 6:30 mile! Wow, RW! That's phenomenal! And I'm thrilled to hear that you'll be doing half-irons next year!

I've missed you all. I had only been lurking because I just didnt have much to report until now. It's been a while, so you know this is gonna be a long one.

The good news is that my stress fracture stopped hurting a few weeks ago, so I was able to dive back into yoga. (Oh, and did that feel amazing!) I had to wait for a second MRI to see if I could go back to running. I got the results earlier this week: the fracture is still there, but stable, in the healing phase, and there's a reduction in edema. My doc said that I could start with 10-minute jogs on a flat treadmill every other day. If it hurts, I have to stop immediately. If it's sore the next day, I should call her.

Easing back into it at this pace and having lost 10 weeks of training means that I have to put TnT (marathon training) on hold until next year. And obviously I will not be doing the NYC Half (which I am registered for) on Aug 27th. I will be there in cheerleader capacity for my friends though.

Ok, so I was excited having gone back to my daily yoga routine and was soooo ready to try running again when I came down with Shingles. Yup, SHINGLES. This is just consistent with the kind of luck I've been having this summer, isn't it? I can't even go to yoga while I have this crap, which is on the left side of my torso, because twisting, bending, etc hurts sooooo much. I assumed that it would be itchy like chickenpox, but it's painful. The skin's surface stings and burns, and the muscles underneath feel bruised. I feel like I've been kicked in the ribs. I haven't been sleeping well because of the pain, and I can only lie on my right side. That means I'm a bit of a cranky-pants to be around. Plus, it's contagious for people who've never had chinckenpox before, so I just kind of have to lay low for now. Oy.

While injured, I kept up with my pull-buoy laps, but usually just once a week. I actually like swimming laps. Who knew? I enjoyed watching really skilled swimmers in the fast lane while waiting my turn. I appreciate any sport or physical activity that puts emphasis on form. It's the yogi and former dancer in me, I suppose. It's made me want to become a swimmer. I have way too much on my plate this fall to do a swim course, but I might give it a go after the new year.

Speaking of my full plate this fall, I am pleased to announce that I've been accepted in the yoga teacher certification program which I had been dying to get into. I didn't want to mention it until I knew that I was in for sure. I'm really excited about it!

So, even though my summer turned out to be fairly sendentary (um, I put on about 12 lbs despite eating super-healthily) I got to live vicariously through Tri-girl. I even got to be her "gear bitch" for the NYC Tri, which was her first Olympic-length. Man, that was fun!

So, Dragon, I'm assuming you didn't get a bike through work because they only sell custom-made (i.e. pretty pricey) bikes? I know that they're more than worth it, but most of us can't spend that much. (Oh, and as an ADD sidenote, if I do a swim course next year, it will be through them. I've heard nothing but great stuff about the coach from Tri-girl and the tri people at TnT.) And yay for not falling over while drinking!
And thank you for your email. I've been meaning to reply, but things have been a bit nutty.

Cinegirl, keep it up! Glad to hear that you're still with NYRR.

One note on rescue inhalers for asthmatics: Albuterol, which is the generic for Ventolin and Proventil, seems to work fastest with attacks. I had to use Ventolin instead once, and noticed a huge difference in how long it took to take effect. Good luck, Lyrae and the rest of my fellow asthmatics.

Yay, Fina! 2 hours! That's awesome! You're gonna rock that half!

Chani, you're going to find that motivation again, I just know it.

RisaLa, how's the shoulder holding up? How often are you swimming these days? Are you running again as well?

Hey, Bklynhermit! We're in the same borough as well! Good luck with the soccer league! Sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to meet people in the neighborhood. That's what I just love about Brooklyn.
RW! That is soooo awesome! Good for you, a 6:30, and negative splits to boot! Who's gonna kick some behind in her marathon? RW, that's who! What marathon are you doing?

And I agree, GU is the best of the gels - clif shots upset my stomach, but the clif blocks are pretty good.

Ugh, drank too much last night and missed my swim this morning, so I have to go later. And I planned my whole day around yoga yesterday, then the class was cancelled! Money is a bit tight and I'm trying to stick to the classes I've already paid for, the studio where I have an existing pass, so it was uber-annoying.

Ris, good news on the stress fracture. And hey, I'm doing a yoga teacher training this fall too! Are we living parallel lives or something? Aren't you in Park Slope too? And you totally guessed it, I so can't afford one of the beautiful bikes at work - I'm on a borrowed cervelo, borrowed from someone at work who also has one of the custom made gurus. Heck, I can't even afford a bottom of the barrel, new road bike! I got a very old, used bike that turned out to be too big for me, which I am now selling. I'm too spoiled with the cervelo, and hopefully next season I can afford a low-end new bike, or maybe a newer used bike. I'm doing the tri training program through work now, and I've taken the swim classes in the past, and I second your pal's opinion on the swim coach - love, love, love him. We're doing an open water swim next weekend, I gotta get a wetsuit!

I am leaving that job, though - I'll miss the perks like the classes and the general camraderie of folks, but I need to make more money, have health insurance, etc. (Fingers crossed on all my upcoming interviews, ladies!) If you come by in the next two weeks, be sure to say hi!
Hi everyone. I thought you active ladies would be the best ones to direct this question to: anyone have any experience with steroid injections? I have a case of PF (patella femoral) pain that just will not go away with physical therapy, and my doc wants to give me corticosteroids, which I know absolutely nothing about so far. I'm doing some research, but I'd appreciate hearing about any personal experiences y'all have had. Thanks.
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