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Hi Octinoxate, sadly I know nothing of steroid injections.

RW, I am most impressed with the 6:30 mile! That's really really good.

Ris, good luck with the easing back into it.

My runs are going ok, my race is in two weeks so I'm in the tapering part of the plan which is quite nice!! I have been having some leg pain in the first half hour of the runs, but inconsistently, so am just keeping on. It always goes away after awhile which must be good? Anyway I am getting pretty excited about the race and really hope it goes well. I don't think I will be all that fast but fuck it, it's my first one so we'll see.

I am considering registering for a couple of halfs in interesting cities next year as an incentive to keep it up over the winter, there is a half in Prague at the beginning of April, how cool would that be?! There is one in Paris in early march but that sounds pretty cold and it might be a bit early. It's funny because I know I can't justify a city break financially but if I'm going there for a run then I can sell it to myself more...

Anyway I have also had some extreme chafing from my running bra lately, I have had to resort to a secondary one to let the scabs heal. Runner's World mag says you should go through about 3 bras in the time you go through a pair of shoes: is this true?! Do you guys go through them that quickly? I guess it is definitely time for a new one for me but don't particularly want to pay for one now!
Oh, Fina, Prague is so pretty in the spring! You should do it! And beer is still relatively cheap there, so celebrating afterwards won't break the bank!

As for sports bras, I have four that I rotate, so I'm not sure how long they last. I like the Ventilator Bra by CW-X. Their bras are comfy, well-made, and long-lasting, so they're worth the price in my book. Same goes for the Pro-fit bra by Brooks. I love a bra that makes me forget I even have boobs when I'm running. If the chafing isn't reduced by a new bra, Fina, you could always try Body Glide.

Sorry, Octinoxate, but I'm afraid that I'm not much help in that department either.

Wow, Dragon! I'm so glad that I know someone else who's going into a yoga teaching program at the same time as I am! And I'm within walking distance of the Slope, so we should definitely try to take a class together one of these days. And good luck with the interviews! It'll be sad to leave such a great company, but I've learned recently just how important health insurance is, so I hear ya.
Can anyone give me recommendations for workouts that would help me train for a 5k? I know, I used to do this all of the time when I ran in HS. But 10 years later, the game has changed. I dont really remember what I used to do specifically. Plus, I think I need workouts that are tailored more toward the 30 year old recreational runner vs. the high school competitor.

I just started running again. And right now, I'm running 2 miles 4 times a week. I am planning on bumping that up to three. But other than this, what can I do to get ready for the race? Or better yet... those of you who run 5ks, just tell me what you do. The race is October 14th. Thanks, in advance.

Hi Yummymum! I think a lot of what you would have done in highschool wil still work for you. The speed work especially. I know it seem silly to do it on your own but it will make you faster and more comfortable on race day. So things like 400m repeats (all out trying to make each one faster) on 2 mins rest, 800m all out (well a little easier then the 400s) on 3 minutes rest, pace work (1km at race pace or timed pieces... we did a work out the other week that was 1 min race pace, 1 min easy, 2 min race pace, 1 min easy, 3 min race pace, 1 min easy repeat three times). Make sure you get a good 10 min warm up in before you do any of these. I suggest running to a local track (if you can find one) and do them there. Makes it easier to measure how far you've gone. I don't know about other workouts. I generally train for endurance races so it's a bit different. But I think some of the principles might be the same. A long slow run (maybe 7-10km for a 5k-er) and a tempo run (slightly slower than race pace) for a shorter distance (maybe 5k so you can feel the distance) once a week. So that would make 3 practices a week. The TnTers and running group people who do 5s and 10s would know better then me though... anyone?

Ris: welcome back! I'm excited to hear that things are getting better finally. Awesome to hear about the swimming!

Fina: I'm jealous that you get a chance to run in all those beautiful cities!!! good luck in your race! And no matter the time it'll be your personal best and fantastic I'm sure.

Happy training!
Hey, just on the off chance that she lurks in here:

CONGRATULATIONS TO MINOUSKA for doing the NYC Half on Sunday!

It's so great to see people smiling their asses off as they cross that finish line!
I went to watch Ironman Canada this weekend. It was amazing. It just gave me more modivation to keep going and push harder. I have said in the past that I won't go unless I can qualify (which may be a bit of a challenge to say the least). And Triboy has said all along that he would never do one because of the swim. But even he is thinking about doing one. So the plan (all though tentitive) is to maybe do Ironman Wisconsin in 2008!!! and then try for IM Canada for 2009 and if I don't make it I think I'd sign up for 2010. IM Wisconsin is a good option since Triboy's family cam e come watch. It's incredible to watch. I was choked up watching my friends (both of them first time iron(wo)men) cross the finish line. I can't even imagine what it will be like to hit that tape in 2 years.

In day to day news... my IT band is really starting to get to my head. I can't run and I can't bike for long periods right now. I can only hope that it'll ease up before the half marathon in October.
Race report: I did the half-marathon yesterday. It was ok but harder than I was expecting. I think I did a really good job of talking myself into believing that 13 miles isn't really very far, but yeah, it is!! It started out pouring, evened off to a steady drizzle for the first hour and then stopped mostly for the second. My time was 2:11:55, which was a bit too slow- my goal time was 2:10 but I lost a couple of minutes when I stopped to pee and had to queue for a loo. So if I hadn't had to stop, I would have made it. Anyway, I know what I need to do to improve for the next one. My friends were all way faster than I was so I can't help being a bit disappointed with my time, still I did just about what I was expecting so that is pretty cool. My next race is a 10 K in a month, will be nice to train for a different distance for awhile.

One thing I know that went wrong with this race was just having enough energy. I assumed that the "refreshment stations" on the route would have energy drinks as well as water (or they would just be called "water stations", right?), but no, it was all just water and I didn't get around to getting anything in advance. I think I really could have used a carb drink either right before or halfway through. Between 9 and 10 miles felt like the longest mile of my life and I was hoping to finish the last couple of miles strongly but was pretty tired.

Also some of the race markers were missing and that was a drag. Just seeing the number really helps.

And I am seriously considering the Prague half in April! I really want to do it.
Wow Fina. Congrats on your mini-marathon!!! That is a great time. I'd like to be able to do a mini someday. But I'm going to take it slow, do some 5ks this winter and increase my mileage for spring.

I did a 5k this weekend. It's the first one I've done in a while. I just wanted to get a time to see where I was, since I hadn't been timing my training runs at all. 25:30. It's a starting point, at least!
Way to go Fina and Yummymum in your races!

That sucks about the lack of energy drinks at your race Fina! You'd think it was back in the early 80's when they really didn't know anything about fueling. Have you seen the video of Julie Moss at Kona in 1982? she's the one who had to crawl to the finish when she couldn't walk anymore because of dehydration. They raced on bananas and water!!! It's on YouTube at One of the most intense things I have ever seen. But anyhow... PRAGUE!!! That would be so awesome!!!!
Uh, and now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Congrats Fina! That is sucky about the energy drinks. I can't remember, do you hate gels? Might be worth looking into for your next race. I also heard that they ran out of WATER at that race, from some folks who finished far behind you (your time is great, by the way!)

Congrats to Minouska, too! I didn't know you were distance running, girl, that's awesome.

So, my race is now 2 1/2 weeks away. I'm feeling pretty ambivalent about it, truth be told. Partially because I'm not in the tri-environment of my old job, and partially because the logistics of the thing are complicated. I don't know, I'm really enjoying the training - I'll have to wait and see how I feel, and quite frankly what the weather is like. I was able to pull my water bottle, AND drink, AND pull it back while on the bike the other day! Twice! So that was exciting.

In other news, yoga training starts this weekend. yay! Ris, I was just at your studio today, took the uber-advanced class. It kicked my ass!

RWW, how's the IT?
RW, wow, I had never seen that footage of Julie Moss before. Fuck I really think I would just quit at that point but I guess you never know what will make you keep going.

Thanks Dragon, that's crazy that the ran out of water, seemed like there was loads left when I passed through. If I had known there wouldn't be any energy supplements I definitely would have taken a gel despite hating the texture... I will try some others out during the winter training. I will probably take one just in case for the next long one. My next race is a 10K so I think I'll be ok for that one.

I find it incredibly stupid timing that two days after my half there was a guide to your perfect race day feature in the new issue of Runner's World. Will definitely keep that for future use as there are some really good tips and I know I was not eating enough protein, not hydrating enough and running around doing too much random stuff all weekend prior to the race.

It's good that you are enjoying the training still, Dragon, are you starting to taper?

I really need to get my ass in the pool soon as I think the lack of cross-training is hurting me. Plus it is already almost dark when I get up to run in the mornings (I live verrrry far north, further north than Moscow even, so while the long days of summer are divine, the long nights of winter suck some major ass and creep up on you pretty damn quick) but so far I have stuck with it.
Okay busties, I'm sorry to come into this wonderfully bright and vivacious thread and rain my gloom down on it but I need some serious advice. A few months ago I bought a bike and it was too small for me and I developed a hip injury of sorts. My hip started aching after exercize. It progressively got worse through running and walking and now it aches most of the time. Never during exercize or anything but a few hours after for a few days at a time. I went to the doc for it and he said it sounds like a sports-related thing but didn't tell me what to do about it. has anyone had a similar experience or am I the only one???? thanks.
hi Cloverbee! Hmmm, it does sound like maybe your bike caused an injury to your hip... I'd go to a sports doctor or someone who specializes in hips. You probably need physical therapy and to either change whatever exercise you're doing, or take a break altogether. But a proper sports dr. can tell you exactly what... It sucks, I'm sorry. I get tight hips when I run or bike a lot, and I don't feel it when I run or bike, but I feel it during yoga. I don't have a whole lot of other experience with hip injuries... anyone else?

As for me, well, I think I'm skipping my race, which is a week from today. I don't know, I'm just not that into it anymore. Part of it is logistics - when I signed up, I had Fridays and Saturdays off, now I have Sat-Sun off. It's a Sat race, so I'd have to leave for Connecticut on Friday night after work, and the trains don't allow bikes during rush hour, so I'd have to take a late train, then get up at 6am... and my bf will be out of town now for work, he was going to get up with me, so I'd be doing it alone, which I don't really want to do for my first tri. Does that sound lame? My momentum is just gone.

The training served its purpose, I lost the weight I wanted and tried some new things, so I don't feel like it went to waste.

I also started my yoga teacher training and that seriously is taking up all my time, along with my new job. Anyway, maybe in the spring. Or maybe it's not my sport. My knee has also been bothering me a lot, and hurts if I do 15+ miles of biking - it would hurt in certain yoga poses. I haven't run for two weeks, and it doesn't bother me at all. I think for the fall/winter I'll step up the swimming and do lots of yoga, see how that goes for a while. Don't worry, I'll still lurk heavily in this thread, and throw in my .02!
Just getting a chance to check in after my 5k on Saturday. There wasn't a lot of people there. And the course really sucked- road race, out and back, a couple of long steady incline hills- YUCK! But I am happy to report that I took 2 minutes off of my time from the last 5k. I was shocked! Anyway, I'm pumped up now. My next race is the Race for the Cure. So I'm already thinking of times, pace, and how that will go.

Not much to add. I've diagnosised my tight IT bands as a writing related injury (I'm writing my thesis). Long story short: I cross my legs (as you would on the floor) when I write in a chair. This shortens the IT bands and so when I get up to run or do anything I get pain. So I can fix this!

Cloverbee: My IT band issue is around my knees but it can hurt up higher on some people. I suggest lots of stretching and going to physio if you can afford it. Another thing you can try is deep muscle massages.

Yummymum: way to go on your race! that's awesome to hear about the 2 minutes! that's huge!

Dragon: do stay and chat. I started tris to get into better shape. I love how lean and fit I am in the tri season (though right now I'm starting to get mushy again). Having a race or a goal to aim for just drives you to push harder. But you do want your first race to be a good experience. I had no one cheering at mine and it really wasn't that great... but now I have parents and friends and team mates. Makes a huge difference. So save the experience if you are a little unsure about this one. There is always next year!
Hi Everyone.

Re: the steroid injections, I am a pro! hehe

I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was fifteen. I had been running track and cross country since I was 10, so this was a huge blow. Anyway, the only thing that saved my joints and allowed me to continue running were a couple of steriod injections. They were a godsend for me. I had it really bad in my knee (had to get fluid drained...). I spare you the grossies, but my point with all of this is that the injections basically healed my knee (and a few other "parts" later on).

I'm 31 now, and thankfully my RA burned itself out. I currently race mountain bikes, ski, snowboard and am a dancer in a West African performance dance troupe. I have to say that without the early steroid injections, NONE of this would have been possible.

What kind of issue are you dealing with that you are considering them?

Let me know how it works out for you.
This weekend was tough. I was supposed to race in a half marathon but with the injury I wasn't ready. It was hard seeing everyone in their race shirts the next day. I still went and got mine (it's really nice). So what's the rule here? Do I still get to wear it even if I didn't race?

In more exciting news, I got a job and will have to spend some time on Vancouver Island. I'm planning on doing my swim work outs in the same pool as the national triathlon training centre. Maybe I'll see a few famous triathletes!
Hey, Westward, congratulations on the job! Sorry about the ITB issues. Tri-girl is at PT right now for that very issue. After her last tri, she was really hurty, so she went to my sports doc. I feel bad for her, but something was bound to happen sooner or later-- she's a triathlete who doesn't stretch... EVER. I'm getting her a yoga workshop for absolute beginners. I've been trying to make time to teach her myself, but it's been hectic.

I also have a race shirt from a half that I had signed up for before getting injured. I'm not sure if there's a rule about it, but I don't wear it in public.

Cloverbee, how's the pain? Gone yet? If not, have you tried a foam roller? In between PT sessions, Tri-girl is supposed to roll her IT band area out and ice it daily.

Speaking of yoga, Dragon, which poses are hurting your knee? I've been having some pain too, but I'm convinced it's from so much sitting for meditation, chanting, Kirtan, anatomy classes, etc. I hear you on the teacher training taking up soooo much time. I'm in TT a total of 10 hours Sat & Sun, then Mon morning I have a mentor meeting and then an asana class, Wed I usually go for two classes in a row-- one is an alternating anatomy/Sanskrit/chanting/Kundalni workshop and then I usually take another asana class afterwards. Then I'm there again on Thursday morning for asana again. And somewhere in there I have to fit in a weekly buddy meeting. There's soooo much written work-- every two weeks I'm turning in about 15 pages. But before that, I have to get all the reading done. (And that's on top of the work for the 9 credits I'm taking at Hunter this semester. Not to mention, this is why I'm on my computer at this hour.) But I love the program, love the teachers, love my classmates. I love getting into the nitty-gritty details of every pose and exploring the different ways to do them for different bodies and capabilities. We spent all of last weekend on inversions. I felt like it was worth the tuition just to watch the two owners of the school demonstrate them. We were calling them "Crouching D and Hidden J." Have you had time to swing by and take class since you've started your TT? Does your program do community classes after graduation? If so, maybe we can try to go to each other's.

Congrats, Yummyyum on knocking a couple of minutes off your time! That's great, especially given all the inclines.

Good luck with the swimming and crosstraining, Fina!

I haven't been running at all. I miss it. I just don't have time, and I'm deathly afraid of hurting myself during yoga TT. I've got a pass to the campus fitness center now, so I'm thinking that the two days a week that I'm there that I should hop on the treadmill at the end of the day. Even if I can just bang out three miles each time to get myself back into it, that would be great.

Ok, back to that assload of homework.
Pigeon pose is notoriously bad for your knees.
Oh, Runnning, I'm sorry about your race. I think both you and Ris can wear the tee-shirts, absolutely. You've done enough races to earn a tee.

Ris, Crouching D and Hidden J, I love it! They are amazing, that pair. Yes, I've taken a couple of classes there recently - I needed to use up my class card - but no more until I've met all the requirements for training at my own studio, I'm afraid. Sounds like your training is much more intensive than mine, which I've heard and which is why I was hoping to train at your studio... but I do like my training, I like the studio owners and the other teachers who help us break down the asanas. I've been practice-teaching my friends and family and that's great, it really helps. I'm way behind on my anatomy reading.

I should have contacted you about this prior, but I was also at the kirtan on Sunday... I'll send you a private note about that, don't need to hog up the thread on yoga.

Yup, tree, pigeon is what does it. But not nearly as much when I don't run or bike, which I think is a sign. I have to return the cervelo to its rightful owner soon. *sigh* I'll miss her, she was a spicy and fun little bike.

Trying to keep up with the swimming, but this yoga training is really taking over my life... hope everyone else is doing well!
I'm trying out yoga this wednesday with a few friends. I think it will really help me feel more comfortable and less tight all the damn time. Especially in the ITs. Ris, Dragon: any advice... I've done a few classes at my old gym but this is a yoga studio (Bikrims). If I like it I'm going to have to figure out a way of shoving it into my training schedule... it's the off season and I'm feeling super busy with training and I'm not cycling! How the heck do I do it in the summer!!!! I think it's the shorter day light hours and the fact that Triboy wants me to swim with him so I have to swim in the evening instead of the mornings which I'd rather do and was doing before. Ah well. I'm on the waiting list for a few swim groups so hopefully in January I'll get invited to one. I'm not training as hard right now (except for swimming because I realize I have a lot of work to do to be able to keep up with the group I want to get into). As a side note: fins rock for kick intervals. I did a 1000m of kick yesterday. I thought my legs were going to fall off. Fins are tough but I am going to have stronger swim legs in no time with them.

Oh! oh! I forgot to say I signed up for a 10k in a few weeks. Another race with a great t-shirt. So regardless how the race goes (it'll go but will be slow) I get another good technical shirt. Racing for the t-shirts!
"Racing for the t-shirts"-- I love it, Westward! I think I saw a book title about racing that was, <I>Anything For a T-shirt.</I>

Oh, Dragon! I was at the Kirtan too! Sitting way in the back against the wall because I was dead tired from being there all weekend. It was nice, but I had so much more fun at the birthday kirtan in September.

Westward, reactions to Bikram vary wildly. For example, I refuse to call it Bikram yoga because I just don't consider it to be yoga. First of all, in yoga, you generate heat from within and don't rely on external heat to warm your muscles. When we practice at my school, we steam up the windows. Bikram studios have mirrors-- depending on an external image hinders your ability to really feel the alignment internally and adjust accordingly. Bikram's all about pushing. Yoga is about being where you are and surrendering to that. Pushing is how you get hurt, and as a triathlete or runner, yoga is supposed to help you prevent injuries. For example, the two directors of my school told us stories of where pushing got them 15 or 20 years ago when they first started practicing. One of them TORE her hamstring-- tore it as in stretch, stretch, stretch... POP! *shudder* The other one cracked her labrum which is the cartilage that lines the acetabulum or hip-socket. *ouch* Both of those injuries required surgery and a lot of healing time. So, yeah, any form of aggressive "yoga" can do you far more harm than good. But then again, I know some people who love Bikram. But come to think of it, all of those people have never tried any other form of yoga.

Oooooh, I learned a great IT band stretch from a dancer friend in my yoga program she taught it to me and a pilates teacher who's also in the program and we really felt a good stretch.

ITB Stretch
- Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you.
- Separate them about 3 or 3 1/2 feet.
- Sit up straight.
- Roll your right hip out and your left hip in. (Your right pinky toe will be on the floor, as will your left big toe. Your left butt-cheek will come off the floor a little.)
- Raise your left arm. Keeping your legs as they are, hinge forward with a flat back. You'll probably only come forward several inches before you feel an intense stretch in your ITB. If it's tight, maybe just an inch or two. If it's super tight, just sitting up straight with a raised arm will do the trick.
- Repeat on the left side.

Seated spinal twists can help with ITB as well. I'll think about any yoga poses that really help.

As for pigeon, I think it depends on what kind of knee issues you have. Flexing the foot helps to stabilize the knee. Also, if you take a bigger angle with the knee and put substantial padding under your hip, it will be a much gentler version. I liked pigeon when I was running because when you're upright in the pose, it stretches your psoas (a major hip flexor) on the side with the leg extended behind you, which can get so tight in runners that it causes lordosis (sway back) and can lead to back issues later on.

Speaking of running, I'm attempting a 2-miler on Saturday. I'll probably jog and avoid hilly portions of the park. Wish me luck.

Ok, gotta run to my yoga buddy meeting! Go Team Bust!

Westward, everything Ris said about Bikram I second. But my parents love it - both former runners, and they think it helps keep them flexible etc. I'm not a huge fan also as it's a set series of 26 poses, and one of my favorite things about vinyasa yoga is the flow and mix of poses, one into the other.

Ris! I was sitting in the back too, but near the door. I was right in front of the people with their backs to the wall. Um, I left a bit early - I think I would have been more into it if it was my home studio, you know? But the music was beautiful and I was pretty into the chanting. Oh, and we are living the same life - I just got out of a CUNY school.

Gotta run to yoga class! Hoping to swim tomorrow - made it to the elliptical yesterday but even too much of that can tweak my knee a bit...

Team Bust, rah!
Did any NYC members of Team BUST watch the marathon? I got to see Deena Kastor run. Man, she's bad-ass! Tri-girl and I were screaming our lungs out for her, which was really cool because we were standing at a point on the route in Brooklyn where there wasn't much of a crowd. I had to trot off to yoga school, but Tri-girl went to volunteer in the park with her running group. They stayed into the wee hours with the last few gallons of water at mile 24 to cheer for the last participants hobbling through long after everyone else (including the NYPD) had packed it in.

Anyhoo... guess who ran this week... and twice! It was slow going, but Trigirl and I ran 2 miles on Tues morning, and 2 again today! It was her first run in 6 weeks since all that ITB stuff started. It was my first run in FIVE MONTHS (not counting that less-than-a-mile crap I tried to do once on a treadmill in August.) The last time that she and I had run together was that race we did at the beginning of June. And Tuesday just happened to be our 6 month anniversary, so it was a great way to start the day-- especially since the reason why we met was running. We celebrated further by going to this great restaurant that we also hadn't been to since that race day. (It was two days after that race that I had that awful run when the stress fracture reared its head.)

I was expecting it to be just as hard as when I first started running, but it wasn't. Don't get me wrong, it was hard and I was slow, but I was actually able to do it. Muscle memory is an amazing thing. Plus, I'm sure the yoga helps in terms of strength. I just have to work on getting my feet to turn over faster and on cardio endurance. I can't wait to be able to talk and run at the same time again!

Tri-girl just signed up for what will be her first half iron-man! And I'm going along as Gear Bitch once again. It's not until the end of August, so she has plenty of time to heal and get stronger. She was feeling discouraged after all that ITB stuff, but now that she has a big goal to work towards and she got the go ahead to run again, she's getting really into planning out her training. I know that nutrition always plays a huge part in endurance sports, but an event this long will make it more important than ever. Does anyone have any suggestions for books on nutrition?

Westward, how did the yoga class go? How's your ITB feeling? Have you had your race yet?

I promise, I'm not turning this into the yoga thread! But I just remembered something that I thought I'd share: When I told my sports doc that I was going for my yoga teacher certification, she exclaimed, "YOU'RE NOT DOING THAT BIKRAM STUFF ARE YOU?" I assured her that I wasn't and she shook her head, adding, "It's sooooo bad for you. How many people have to get injured before they realize that?" Yeah, there's that, plus I agree with Dragon, I'm not so into that set series either. That might be ok in the beginning, but I think it would get boring and I'd check out mentally in no time. I like classes that have a theme-- strategically crafted sequences that work you toward something specific. Or in your own practice at home, it's great to be able to listen to your body and put together a hip-opening sequence or whatever it is that you feel you need that day.

I found some stuff on Yoga Journal about yoga as a form of cross training. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll find links to articles about yoga for runners, cyclists, swimmers, etc.

Dragon, I can't remember, are you swimming with a group or on your own? I'm thinking about taking a swim course with your peeps in late winter or early spring. The pool at Hunter is being renovated which puts a damper on my original plan to swim after class once or twice a week. I'd have to go over to the Brookdale campus for that.

Ok, I have homework that I should be doing. Happy training, Team BUST!
I went and I HATED it. It was horrible. I backed out of a few poses out of concern for my knees. It was boring. And I can see how easily you could do damage. There was no flow to it. So yup, I'm not going back. I'm going to try another place just around the corner from me that comes recommended by a friend's PT. Their schedule isn't as good but we'll see how it goes.

My race is next weekend. The monsoon season has started here... it's a two month thing where it pours buckets for a day or two and floodes the delta and causes mud slides and then poof the sun comes out for a day or two. I'm pretty good about running in the ran. The last few days though... not so good. I finally finished my thesis and have no energy. We'll get up and run tomorrow though and again Monday. I realized though that I need to start running smart, not just running in a race. It's more weak spot in the tris. So I'm going to try to find another road reace or two between now and the half marathon in Feburary and maybe do some 5 and 10k's in the spring along with the triathlons.
Ris, I'm swimming alone... but I haven't been doing much of anything lately, other than yoga. I was actually out of town marathon weekend and flew in that morning, so I had to have the cabbie drop me in a totally different neighborhood so I could take the subway home. He kept insisting he could drive me into a certain part of Brooklyn, and I was like, "No, man, I promise you the road is closed. I've run this thing several times, trust me, I know." I was so strung-out and exhuasted that when I got home and watched the race on tv, I boo-hoo'ed my head off. I miss it. I really, really, miss it. I know it's better for my body to not run any kind of distance - but man, there's nothing like a good marathon.

So of course, I got up and ran a loop of my park the next morning. I might head out this afternoon or tomorrow morning too.

Those classes are great. I have a mini-crush on the swim teacher. He's a total cutie.

West, good luck on your race!! And yeah, try a vinyasa class. My teacher tries to be so diplomatic about bikram - apparently it's bad form in the yoga community to talk badly about other teachers or styles, but he admitted that he thinks it's not a great practice - think of it, sweat is your body's cooling system, and in a heated, humid room there's nowhere for your sweat to go. It's like deliberately going for a run in the hottest, most humid time of day. Very bad for you.
Well life happened and I didn't race this weekend. Poop. I was really sick last week (like end up in emerg because it might have been appendicitis sick). But I'm ok! Triboy raced it. In the horizontal rain and cold. He said it sucked. But still I wanted to run. He pretty much had to tie me to a chair to keep me from running. So instead of the "Fall Classic"last weekend in a few weeks I will run my own "Autumnal Contemporary 10k solo race" on the same course just to get a time trial in. But I still got a nice technical shirt. And if I run the course then I've done the race (ok a few weeks late! but still) and I'll get to wear the shirt no problem!!!

In more exciting news Triboy and I are looking at new bikes and are buying them in the next few days or at least ordering them. OMG I'm so excited I could pee! They are custom frames from Guru bikes. We're thinking the Trilite. Our pro friend is sponsored by Guru and has the super nice one. And so does the woman who was second in Kona this year. As geeky as we are we are going to get matching paint jobs (light gray and pink for me, flamingo pink and dark gray for him... there a whole thing with pink with us (it's the fastest colour you know!)). I am so excited about next season. I have now turned to a fresh page in the training diary and am starting training for next year. Goal setting time! I so far have one A race (the half iron in June) and a bunch of smaller sprints leading up to it. I think I'll find another half iron somewhere later in the summer too. I want to get my 10k to 45, and my olympic length tri down to sub 2:30 and my sprint to sub 1:10. I just can't get too caught up in the numbers noose or I'll pay for it like last year when I pushed too hard and had asthma issues all over the place. What about the rest of you? Any plans? Even yoga ones? I still haven't gone to the other place. But I will... I just have to get through my thesis defence on Wednesday and I'll be a free woman.
Yo ladies! Just stopping in to see how all of the runners/ swimmers/ bikers/ are doing! I've taken a week off of running due to a super busy schedule and a nagging calf strain. It's been good for me, I think. But now I'm terrified that I've lost something. I'm sure not much, right? Please say yes! :-)

I went to the NCAA Cross Country Finals yesterday near my hometown. It. Was. Amazing. Simply amazing!!!! Damn, those chicks are fast. And their muscles.... wow. Truly inspiring. I didnt get to stick around for the men's race. But I think it was closer than the womens. This Kenyan chick from Texas Tech beat everyone by about 20 seconds, I think, in the womens. I was just sitting there thinking that even the last place finisher would be able to beat me by at least a mile. smile.gif

Anyway, it gave me a little girl power inspiration and I wanted to share. I love seeing those hardcore women finishing a gut-wrenching race splattered with mud up to their waists!
Yummy, a week off is nothing! If you have a persistent strain it's probably a really good thing to do.

I'm easing back into running after 5 weeks off. I fell and hurt my knee, then a week later fell again at a ceilidh (tripping over someone next to me who fell first), hitting exactly the same spot, then after 3 weeks was away on holiday for 2 so figured I'd just give the knee a proper rest. I've been out twice since I've been back, just short half hours each, but it all feels good and I'm SO happy to get back into it.

Unfortunately I'm coming up on needing new shoes time and have just read a lot of shitty reviews for the shoes I thought I wanted. I have the Asics Gel Nimbus VIIs and love em but a lot of people on the Runner's World boards are having trouble with the VIIIs and there are no more of the VIIs in my size anywhere... not sure I want to take the risk.

I went swimming once while on holiday but really have made no effort to get into cross-training, it's always in the back of my mind though. I just need to find a time that will work. Finally the uni is rebuilding the squash courts so hopefully in the spring I can do that again too.

First race next year is a half marathon in March, so the goal for the winter is just to keep at it and not slack off!

Btw a friend of mine did the last half of the season locally a couple of weeks ago while I was away and did it in 1:31, a PB by 4 min! He is such a star!
Hey Fina. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I plan on going running tonight and easing back into it. My kids are gone for 5 days straight, so I'll have plenty of time for training. My official mini-marathon training starts in January, for a race in early May. I'm really excited because this will be my first half. So my goal is just to stay healthy between now and January- try to keep my base, but take it easy. I know that when that training starts it will be intense. My thing right now is watching my weight. Since I've been running more, I've lost about 12 lbs. So when I take some time off and dont alter my diet, I start to see a lb or two creep back on. The running is really the only thing that has kept that under control.

Anyway, I'd love to hear about any experience youve had with running the half! I'll be thirty this year. And after taking almost 10 years off from competitive running, I'm really pumped up about it.

Cross training question-- Do any of you find it difficult to really get a good workout from biking after running consistently? Ive never really been a bike rider. But I'm thinking about getting a bike. When I bike at the gym, it seems like I can go pretty fast for a long time and not really get my heart rate up. I dont know! Maybe I'm just not going far enough/fast enough? I have no experience with it, to be honest.

How'd it go last night, Yummy? My goal from now-Jan is pretty much the same as yours.

To be honest I've only done one half. Although I've been running recreationally for about 5 years this was the first year I started doing races and I'm 33. The half was hard, I had only trained up to 12 miles previously, and had only twice done more than 10 miles. I did a pretty basic 3x/week training plan which didn't take over my life unreasonably. I was really nervous before it started, it was a big race and there were tons of people. It was absolutely pouring (and cold) when the race started and I didn't know the bin liner/garbage bag trick to keep warm although it was ok after we got going and I got warmed up. I thought the adrenalin thing would kick in but not really, and I ended up mainly doing my usual training pace for most of it. I was ok until about mile 8 when I started not wanting to be running anymore. Between mile 9 and 10 was the longest mile ever! I kept at it but didn't speed up as I had originally planned. Mile 12-13 took forever and even the last .1 mile was further away than I expected. I finished in 2:11 and would have done my goal time of 2:10 if I hadn't stopped to pee halfway through. Overall I was really pleased and quite proud as I never would have thought I could run 13 miles in one go even just a year ago. Have to say I was really glad when it was over though and the thought of having to do another 13 miles of a full marathon at that point was (and still is) ridiculous!!

A month later I did a 10K and really liked it, it was more fun and the challenge was more to do it quickly than could I just finish the distance. Now that I am confident I can finish a half I aim to get faster and plan to do a mix of 10Ks and halfs next year. I have quite a few friends who run too, and even though most of them are faster than me it's still great fun to go to races together and our race planning in the pub gives me an incentive to get out there some days when it crap outside. My legs look amazing and I think next year if I am running 15-20 miles a week all year I'll be rocking.

Good luck with your training!
Thanks for sharing your experiences, Fina. I'm intrigued with hearing stories of how people felt while running a half or a full. I can't wait until next May!

2:11 is a great time for your first half! I know you said you stopped to pee. But did you take any water? I wonder how much time that would take off of your finish. I'm thinking the water is pretty necessary, however.

I did fine getting back into it. Surprisingly, my legs were a little bit sore. I just need to establish an easy schedule for the month of December so that I dont burn myself out. I'm thinking only 3 days a week. I'm going to the meeting for the training group tomorrow night. I'm excited about that because it means meeting other people to run with. That is an extremely motivating factor for me!

So where do you live and what half-marathons are you planning on doing next year? I was going to do a 10k this month but I decided to wait. I've never raced longer than a 5k! :-o

I found a link about fueling and fluid in take that I thought I should post. Although it is from a supplement company called Hammer,, it outlines what you need to know about fluids and calorie intake. It has the same info that books on racing and training have but while using their products as examples. But it's free so hey! I personally don't like the Hammer products and prefer Gu and Gu2O. Just read the labels... there are a lot of choices out there. The one thing to think about that isn't mentioned is what you are training with verses what will be available on course. Must races will have gatorade on course so that will give you some calories and electrolytes but not much more and I know that there are a lot of people (myself included) who's tummy freaks on race day with the weird tastes and "foreign fuels" on course. Anyhow...

I'm with you on race planning Fina... thinking about it and making the plan and seeing your body change and become lean and mean is the best part.
Hey Yummy, I did take water at every station along the route of the half but only drank probably half of each bottle and didn't stop to walk while drinking. I lost about 2 min because I had to queue for a toilet but that's far preferable to being uncomfortable for the whole last hour!

I'm in Scotland so am planning to run halfs in Inverness, Dundee and Glasgow next year, plus hopefully one on the western isles if I can convince friends to do it with me and give me a ride! There are 10Ks in Edinburgh and Perth and later in the season in Inverness again. Last year I did the Edinburgh Marathon as a team of 5 relay and that was really good fun but this year they are restricting the relay teams to significant fundraising teams only and we're not sure we can raise the cash... I find it really hard to keep asking the same people for donations for charity races and am starting to avoid those ones now.

FWIW I am finding that taking 5 weeks off was way too long. I can manage the half hour runs but even working up to 45 min 3x/week is so much harder than it was before!! Plus I am so far north that it is getting really dark so early. Still am sticking to 3 runs a week, so success so far!
Quick fly by (or rather a ginger walk by... 17k run yesterday ooph). Triboy called me from the ferry last night to say that there was an interesting sidebar in Runner's World about doubling your run time in 5 weeks. He only gave me the schedule for the 60minutes to 120 minutes. It was something like this (provided you have been running about 60 min at a time leading up to this)
Week 1: 72 min
Week 2: 84 min
Week 3: 60 min
Week 4: 104min
Week 5: 120min

And then fitting in some shorter speed work and recovery runs during the week. It fits well for him as he's at 72min but not so well for me as I'm at 1:30ish. Thought it was interesting as it doesn't follow the usual 10% increase rule (increase your time or distance by 10% every week) which is the standard. We're going to give it a shot and see how it goes. He's been having some issues with his knee so he really likes the sound of a 60 min run. And really so do I right about now (maybe that's the general muscle soreness talking).

And in more exciting news, my tri club starts up again on Jan 7th! WOOHOO!!! AND I got engaged to Triboy while on our trainers last weekend! We met on bikes so it was fitting - though a bit dangerous as I nearly fell off my trainer when he pulled out the ring. Ok so the second piece of news is more exciting then the first so WOOHOO X2!
Congrats RW!! There is a wedding thread in Ab Fad when you start planning, I'd love some company in there!

My first race for next year isn't until March so I'm not officially in "training mode" right now, but am keeping to a 3x/week schedule and am now at 40 min runs during the week and an hour on Sunday. My knee feels fine so I am chuffed and plan to keep this up over the hols and then start increasing the sunday times.

I had a great run yesterday, after weeks of it being grey and miserable and wet, it was finally a crisp and clear proper winter day. An old guy stopped me though and told me not to run on hard surfaces or I'll lose my knees by the time I'm 45... I was like, where am I supposed to run, dude? Options are very limited around here and running in circles around a football field just to run on grass is not going to keep me interested very long. I don't have a car and any trails are so far away that by the time I ran there I'd be ready to turn around. So, whatever.

Still not cross-training much although I have been doing 20 mins of weights a couple of times a week... good enough for now.
Westward, that's fantastic news! And that is so adorable that he proposed while you two were on your trainers!

Have you two gotten your new bikes yet?

So, I don't know if I mentioned it, but at the very end of the summer, Tri-girl and I put in our applications with our charity of choice to run Boston in 2007. Three and a half months later, we just found out that we'd been selected for the team of 13 people. The problem is, that because it had been so long, we gave up hope of being chosen, and therefore haven't been training in the way one should for a marathon that is to take place in April. Four months is not enough. Also, Tri-girl's just coming off an injury and needs to play it a bit conservative for a while. The good news is that we talked to them, and chances are that if we apply for 2008 and let them know that we were accepted the previous year but were unable to run, that we'll be selected again.

Fina, I totally know the kind of guy you're talking about. When I was running a lot last spring, people were constantly telling me not to run on pavement, but where exactly are we city-dwellers supposed to run then?

Oh, and by the way, I'm officially a yoga teacher now. smile.gif
Woohoo times two for you too Ris! That's exciting about Boston! What was the charity? How much do you have to raise?

No new bikes yet. We are going to start the process in January after the Christmas madness. I am so excited about them though. Hopefully we'll get them before the duathlon in March. My coach suggested trying a du this year. And that race is really cold anyways so this will be good... I don't have to get my hair wet.
Two practices into the new year. Today was wicked: one hour in the pool one and a half hour run. I love this feeling. Tomorrow I start swimming with a swim training team in town. I'm gonna die. But I'm excited. Might as well just jump in both feet. Easing in??? bahhh I'll be fine... honest... but first I am in major need of a nap. How are all you doin'? I ate too many Christmas cookies so this training couldn't have started at a better time for me. I'm blabbering. Tired and excited.
How is it possible for powerlifters to achieve so much pound for pound strength? For example, Lamar Gant has a world record for deadlifting 5 times his own weight. I've been trying to get really strong without getting huge myself, so I'm looking for a detailed medical explanation of how this is possible. I searched the Internet but I haven't found any meaningful explanations, so I'm hoping a health professional, personal trainer, or physical fitness enthusiast here might be able to shed some light on the subject.


I'm also looking for effective supplements. For every one good supplement, there are probably 1000 placebos, and a bunch more that have hideous side effects. I don't have any idea where to start. If anybody has had any positive (or negative) experiences with any particular suppliment, please write about it.
Just paid my $$ to sign up for the 2007 New York City Marathon, which is taking place on my birthday this year!! I ran 9 qualifying races in 2006 for guaranteed entry. I'm so excited. This spring I'm going to need to work really hard to get to a base of 20 miles/week so that I can start training early summer. Or, I'm going to get pregnant and defer to 2008 (my ideal scenario but we'll see what nature has in store). I was ill for most of December/January and cut back to 6 miles/week, so I have my work cut out for me.
That's awesome news Cinegirl! What a way to spend your birthday! Don't worry about starting at the short distances again. It's easier to come back when you've done the work before. You'll be back in no time!

The new season has started. I've done a half mary already and have a duathlon next weekend. Just three months out from my first half iron race. OOOO plus we got our new bikes this week. So excited to get out on it when it finally warms up a little and stops raining (not taking this baby out in the rain!).
Has anyone ever done a century? (y'know, riding your bike for 100 miles straight. for fun.). I'm training for a half marathon right now, but I think after that I'd like to do more cycling and aim for a century in August. I'm a total fairweather cyclist right now, so it will take a bit of an attitude adjustment to actually go out in the rain/cold/etc. I've been thinking about for the last few summers, but I've never actually committed myself to a training program and goal date...

(I'm in awe of the marathoners and tri-types around here. The half is fully long enough for me at this point)
I've done one century ride during training last summer. I'm hoping to do a few this year. The trick is to start at a reasonable distance and bumb it up no more then 10% (distance or time) a week. So start where you are comfortable and just work your way up from there. It's a lot like increasing your distance in running. Fueling on a bike ride is a lot like it too. Be prepared when you go out and you'll be less likely to bonk (like I did on mine last year). As a bonus you can take solid food on a bike... it's easier to eat and doesn't bug your tummy as much as solid food on the run.

Riding in the rain/cold is cruddy. I have a hard time with it. If you do go out make sure to give your bike a good wipe down and lube the chain. Take you seat post out (marking where it sits before so you can put it back) and turn your bike over to drain the water.

And lastly I highly advise going to see a bike fitter if you are going to be doing the longer distances. If you buy a new road bike a good shop will do a bit of a fitting for you. If you aren't buying ask at a good bike shop if they know anyone. Some good shops will have people who can do it. Ideally it'll be someone outside of a shop who has a good reputation (and in some cases is a sports physio or something related -- the best one here is some guy on the North Shore who does fittings in his laundry room). It's worth the expense as you'll be more comfortable and can reduce chance of chronic injury.
I'm bumping this thread because I'm wondering if there are runners here. There's a big school track outside my bedroom window and I have been thinking of going out there, defying my lazy ways, getting my endurance and lean muscle up, but I honestly don't even know where to start. Does one just stretch a bit and run to exhaustion? Do you set a time and keep moving up? I'm embarrassed that I might only last 10 minutes. How long do people normally last when they start out? I've got nothing but running shoes and a dream here help!
Girl logic, I run pretty regularly, and since you don't have a recent history or running, do NOT run to exhaustion or run hard because you will only do damge to yourself.

The best way to start running is start with a brisk walk for a few minutes to warm up, from there run one minute, then walk one minute, alternate until you can run that one minute with no problem, the run two minutes walk one minute and so on.

Stretching after is very important and make sure you have good shoes, don't use the cruddy old ones you may have at home.
Thanks Culturehandy

QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 7 2009, 02:28 PM) *

The best way to start running is start with a brisk walk for a few minutes to warm up, from there run one minute, then walk one minute, alternate until you can run that one minute with no problem, the run two minutes walk one minute and so on.

that actually takes A LOT of pressure off. For some reason I thought I should just start sprinting or else it was cheating or something.
No worries. Don't worry about starting slow, when I started running I did it the hard way and ended up with rather nasty tendonitis, and I went for treatment, but soft tissue damage fucks you up. I still have to stretch it every day and it still bothers me some days.
Run for one whole minute? Aww man!

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, or if it should be in the general health thread, but it only happens with running, and has prevented me from even trying to train...

I have a weird problem with running - after running for about 45 seconds or so (sometimes I can go a few minutes) I get the weirdest cramp in my guts. It's not a lung/diaphram cramp because I used to get those when I was younger and less in shape. This actually feels like my intestines are yanking on eachother or something, it's a sharp pain that happens from the force of my feet hitting the ground. I've had this since I was really young, it was always there and has never gone away. Does anyone else get this or know what this is?
Yikes Angie, I've never experienced that kind of chronic spasm. Could it be a heel spur? Or something like it maybe.
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