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Full Version: O, Say Can You...¿Si?: Adventures in Expatriation
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Okay, I can't believe I don't know this but... are DVDs from the US usable in Europe? I remember VHS was in 2 formats and didn't translate to European screens, so was wondering if this was also the case with DVDs. Cheers for any insight.
sybarite, there are different formats - US are multi-region and Europe are region two. However, it's easy enough to buy an inexpensive multi-region dvd player which will play both formats (also, some cheaper region two dvd players can actually play any format or there's some kind of switch/code that will do it). It's a lot easier to get around it now than with VHS, which is good as US/Canadian dvds are often so much cheaper or more readily available (i.e. some films are unavailable/ haven't been released in region 2).
Lys, anything about T&T to pass along?
US are region 1, not multi-region - ie, if you're in a region 2 country you need a multi-region player to watch US dvds.

I've heard you can multiregionise your computer dvd player by downloading some software - that's what I plan to do when I get to the US.
Ah, so they are - that's what I meant! Thanks maryjo.
Cheers all, much appreciated!

And raisin, unfortunately, no - my cousin didn't have anything really to share sad.gif
Heh. Almost forgot about that! Well, thanks for letting me know anyway.
hmmm. it never even occurred to me that i would not be able to watch my dvds from the states here. sad.gif perhaps that is why i can't seem to get my dvd player to PLAY anything, although everything appears to be set up appropriatedly? where/how does one go about finding a multi-region dvd player? does it have anything to do with the television, or just the dvd player???

and WHY do music CDs work in both places then? i wish that we could just get one standard and all go by it!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

some of you may know that i just returned from 10 days in the usa. can i just say that i was on total sensory OVERLOAD there??? there is just SO MUCH, EVERYWHERE! elle and i spent some time yule shopping, and whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i couldn't deal, i really couldn't. it was overwhelming.

I just want to lurk.
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