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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Sybarite, what's this? A fried scone from Northern Ireland? More details, please. I'm curious because, when Sheff & I were in Salt Lake City, I ordered a scone with my breakfast & they gave me this sweet frybread thing. Not at all what I was expecting! We were very confused & wondered why they thought this deep-fried thing was a scone! It was tasty, but it didn't meet my personal definition of a scone.
Hee hee, we are a blood-thirsty lot, aren't we? Reading these posts just reminds me of that part in Alice's Restaurant: "Shrink, I wanna kill. I wanna kill! I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth! Eat dead, burnt bodies! I mean: Kill. Kill!" ('course, Arlo's dad was from Oklahoma, too...)

I didn't finish my last semester in cooking school, I think there must have been a seminar there right at the end on how to be a raging psychotic about overcooked meats....

L&P is a brand of worcester sauce, which is apparently so not HP sauce! tongue.gif I'll have to put pepper's recipe on my foodie "to do" list, which is becoming as long as my "to read" list....

mornington, I too have love for the ostrich burger! I think there's an ostrich farm around here somewhere, too. Have you ever tried a buffalo burger?

My dissection classes in high school were also the ones that had lunch break in the middle, so if this stuff made me squeamish I'da been Olson twin skinny....
RV, a potato scone is different to a traditional scone. If a traditional (English) scone is somewhat like a US biscuit: doughy, crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle, usually eaten sweet (w/ raisins or clotted cream or jam)... a potato scone is thinner, usually in triangles, but still doughier than a piece of bread. It's made with potatoes so is quite stodgy and savoury. They're available at most (but certainly not all) shops, in the chilled section due to the potato content.

My boy, sick puppy that he is, once fried them with chorizo, resulting in savoury fried triangles that were bright orange. Instant heart attack, but so yummy.
are potato scones also called potato cakes? If so... I could eat them until I explode. Although possibly not with fried chorizo.

I've never had buffalo - buffalo mozarella, yes. There's a buffalo farm in wales or somewhere that is apparently the only farm in the uk that survives without the aid of grants blink.gif . I'm adding it to the "animals to eat" list. I am unashamedly carnivorous.
Potato cakes are latkes, a traditional Jewish (ashkenazic, anyway) food. Grated potato and onion fried into delicious little cakes, yum! I think they must be talking about something else, though....
Mornington, bring me the cow, I'll cut off what I want & ride the rest home. Rare is a cold red center. Bloody as hell. A good vet can have it back on it's feet in a half an hour. Gimmee that tartare! Although, I do like my steak Black & Blue. Almost charred outside & cold as my fiendish little heart inside. Hah!

I have a pound of fresh ground buffalo that I'm gonna make tonight with fresh greenbeans.

I like the latkes. With some sour cream. They're better than hashbrowns.
the potato cakes I'm talking about must be the scones then. They're not those latkakes, I know that... they sound good, though.

Seriously, if I had access to all the food that gets talked about on here, I'd weigh at least half a ton.
It's all about moderation, baby! Eat mostly good stuff & you can splurge on something trashy. I had a beer (Or two. Or a few.) & a cheeseburger & onion rings last night since I'd only had water, fruit, yogurt, & antioxidants all day.

I had a slice of whole grain toast, a hardboiled egg, & a bell pepper for breakfast. I eat bell peppers like they were apples. Veggie goodness!
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 1 2006, 12:06 PM) *

Although, I do like my steak Black & Blue. Almost charred outside & cold as my fiendish little heart inside.

Where I grew up - take a wild guess where! - we called that "Pittsburgh rare."
::tiptoeing my vegetarian feet around the meat talk and HAGGIS, ahem, Bunny -- I much prefer Pavlovas, if we're going to talk about Scottish food::

MsP! I lived in the 'burgh for a couple of years. No offense to your hometown, but... (HEAR ME OUT! heh) I miss it in a weird way even though I'd never really want to move back there (I just like bigger cities). I miss Enrico's biscotti (I told Quantum to go there on her visit, I wonder if she ever did, but I think she didn't), I miss the Warhol, I miss all those yellow bridges, and I like saying "yinz" and "yunz" from time to time, too. It's an interesting little city.

Seriously, all this talk of food is making me gain weight...
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Aug 1 2006, 02:15 PM) *

MsP! I lived in the 'burgh for a couple of years. No offense to your hometown, but... (HEAR ME OUT! heh) I miss it in a weird way even though I'd never really want to move back there (I just like bigger cities).

Um, I moved out too - I live in DC. I'd have happily stayed in Pittsburgh, though. MrP and I lived in the South Side. We could have afforded a house there, rent was cheap, there was a ton to do, we had lots of friends, we could get around without a car, and it was close to my family. And for Italian food, it couldn't be beat - I can't find shit here to compete with the Strip District. But, I got my masters there, at Duquesne, and after two years still couldn't find a decent job, so there wasn't really a choice. I've had no problem finding work here.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving DC too, but I could have made it in Pittsburgh, no problem.
Pavlovas are Scottish, raisingirl? Fuck me, we're good us Scots wink.gif .

Potato scones are traingular and very Celtic; don't think you'll know them morn as my aunt always buys them when home in Glasgow and freezes in bulk load. The Irish were right on with potatoes (being half, quarter whatever Irish I love my tatties).

Bought B&J whiches tonight and Chocolate Brownie (although I wanted Chocolate therapy); oh and white stilton with apricots and goat's cheese and a cheddar and branston pickle lunch pack: yes, I'm a huge cheese lover. Busties are costing me money!
MsP, I hear you on all those counts. Ah, East Carson Street! Nice. I was in a little more quiet hood, the one of squirrels. rolleyes.gif It felt neighborhood-y and my rent was soooo cheap. Damn! Too bad the job situation was a little bleak and not what I was looking for. Anyway... yeah, there's no place like the 'burgh.

Bunny, well, if I recall correctly, I had a Glaswegian (? that looks wrong) friend and she had declared summers as being Pavlova season. I had never heard of a Pavlova before we were friends. But I could have sworn that later on I had heard from somewhere that Pavlovas were actually from... New Zealand? Maybe named after Anna Pavlova? ::scratching head::

Gee, I still miss that Scottish friend, too (we kind of "split up" as far as friendships go a few years ago, but that's another story for another time).

And on that downer, I'm off.
well you have another *glaswegian (weegie pr. weejy)* friend now! I have loads of Glaswegian friends I no longer speak to!

hey, I'll stick with it being a Scottish creation cos I LOVE raspberry pavlova... although I've never heard that and, as far as I was aware, was named after Anna Pavlova too and not sure why we would do that; I assumed it was Russian.

oh well.
WEEGIE! Hahaha! You're sweet. See, yeah, I don't know about the geography. Now I'm all confuzzled.

Damn, I soooo want a raspberry Pavlova. I have work I should be doing, and I don't mean whipping up egg whites in the kitchen!
what is this raspberry pavlova you wenches speak of? wink.gif

Mmmm, good cheese. I love cheese far more than a lactose intolerant gal should. My sis and I went to the new Bristol Farms that recently opened in La Jolla (the ritzy part of San Diego) and nearly passed out from overload of choices. It's like a Whole Foods without the healthy slant. I could not even take in all the samples of gourmet delights they were peddling. They even had a sushi chef making rolls fresh, and featured sushi made with brown rice. I've always wished for that, as I much prefer the brown stuff because I like nutty flavor and texture of it. So, sis and I agreed that the next time we are entertaining we shall splurge and go there for goodies. And honestly, I doubt we will be waiting for such an occasion to arise. I see us there no later than next week, hee hee tongue.gif


Wikipedia'd pavlova and it is from New Zealand and named after Anna.

Ah well, we have mince and tatties and deep fried mars bar or pizza (heart attack in a box) wink.gif.

ninja edit: mmmmm sushi. I have heard good things about brown rice sushi but it's hard enough to find sushi here sad.gif.
Bunny, that's probably my favorite cheese of all time. So lovely & sweet! Makes a marvelous dessert.
That's it, I simply must find myself some white stilton with apricots. It sounds sooooo good! Anyone else ever had manouri? I get it at the farmers market and just love it. It fabulous crumbled on salads, and goes rather well with olives too. Mmmm, now I want cheese and olives for dinner. Darn you all!

I make my own sushi with brown rice - and its fine to make it with day old rice too. My fave maki rolls - sauteed mushrooms with garlic and rosemary, or cucumber avocado and just try it, and tell me its not the best thing evah. Mmmmmm.....I think I know what I'm gonna have for dinner tomorrow!

Someone must enlighten us on this raspberry pavlova goodness!
yuefie/turbojenn: pavlova is meringue, cream and fruit (usually) topping, my favourite is raspberry as the tartness of the raspberries contrasts nicely with the sweetness. You really must get a hold of one/or recipe somehow! To be without pavlova for me is unimaginable! It's my favourite dessert and that's quite the compliment!

rose, I thought of you when I bought it! I'm taking the cheese to a friend's for lunch tomorrow as she's as much of a cheese addict as we are!

Off to bed to have sweet sweet dreams ... of pavlova.
Oh yes, I must track down a recipe. Mmm, raspberries. I took the ones I had in the fridge and macerated them, crushed them up and threw them in to some lemonade. I love summertime.

yuefie, I too suffer for my love of dairy. Cheese absolutely kills me. Ah, but such a lovely death....

Am currently working on a wedge of applewood-smoked english cheddar (with Branston, of course! The jar'll be lucky if it sees the end of the week...). Saw the apricot Stilton but didn't take the plunge. Maybe next week.....

AP, ever get into Douglas Adams? I keep picturing the talking cow coming up to the table at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, asking what bits of it you'd like to eat tonight....somehow I don't think either of us would have a problem with such a restaurant tongue.gif
For dinner I ended up having a fresh mango, a few slices of fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato with some balsamic/olive oil drizzled over, a handful of olives, some whole wheat pita chips and sundried tomato basil hummus. Of course I had to have some of that raspberry lemonade with it. The next time I make to a real market (as opposed to what I have in this part of town) or back to Bristol Farms, I am getting some of that stilton with apricots, darn it!

Yes sixel, it is a lovely death. "So long and thanks for all the fish..." wink.gif

The Trader Joe's here sells stilton with apricots. It's not bad. I'm not a goat cheese person (except for feta- that's good stuff!) so I mostly pick the apricots bits out. But the cheese isn't too bad.

Mmm, buffalo mozzarella. I'm growing basil, so I'm looking forward to caprese salad!
QUOTE(sixelacat @ Aug 1 2006, 09:49 PM) *

yuefie, I too suffer for my love of dairy. Cheese absolutely kills me. Ah, but such a lovely death....

Am currently working on a wedge of applewood-smoked english cheddar (with Branston, of course! The jar'll be lucky if it sees the end of the week...). Saw the apricot Stilton but didn't take the plunge. Maybe next week.....

AP, ever get into Douglas Adams? I keep picturing the talking cow coming up to the table at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, asking what bits of it you'd like to eat tonight....somehow I don't think either of us would have a problem with such a restaurant tongue.gif

Ahahahaha! Yes! That would be funny. I read the other day where Whole Foods was no longer going to sell live lobsters because it was cruel. I thought that it was interesting. The lobsters were gonna end up dead & in somebody's belly anyway, does it really matter if they were sold live or flash frozen?
They said that it was because they couldn't get a satisfactory guarantee from their suppliers that the lobsters travelled in ideal conditions between the sea and the store.

I don't really get it either. Sounds like much ado about nothing, if you're going to sell meat anyway.
Ha! That reminds me of the "family story" told about me when I was 3 or 4. I don't remember the incident, but apparently my gran brought home a couple of live lobsters, which I promptly named and played with until dinner time. My older brother tried to freak me out by telling me they'd scream when put in the boiling water. As the story goes, I watched gran put the lobsters in the pot, heard the high pitched air-escaping-the-shell sound, and asked "but when are they gonna scream?"

Apparently I was expecting something more along the lines of Janet Leigh's shower scene....
My lil sis in currently in Ireland for the summer with my grandparents; she stayed for a few nights with my great aunt and uncle on their farm and looked after the lambs. She grew quite attached to one of them and always fed it herself; anyway, when leaving my aunt assured her that the lamb "will always belong to you for as long as it's alive."
I am so hungry right now. I work in the 'burbs sad.gif

They don't even have Indian out here.

Or a Trader joes.

this stinks
I'd be lost without Indian food (((ggg))).

As the tea thread in abfad has been lost I have to share with you: I tasted Moroccan mint tea (don't know the company who makes it) at a friend's today and it must be an aquired taste that I haven't and have no intentions of acquiring. Yak.

I also had chinese fajitas (weird take) with chicken, mange tout, baby corn, green and yellow peppers, mushrooms and bamboo shoots which were very tasty but now my tummy is upset sad.gif.
~~~~ soothing for Bunny tumtum ~~~~
That's so sweet of you to think of me while buying cheese! I often think of you when I'm buying good cheese, too. I mentioned the whites stilton & apricots to Sheff. But this only made him sad! Because his favorite cheese is Wensleydale with apricots and, although we can easily find Wensleydale with cranberries, it certainly isn't the same. Poor thing. I'll need to fix that for him.

It's a shame that the tea was bad. It certain;y sounds nice. But chinese fajitas? That sounds wrong!

That reminds me ... BestGalPal went to a place that serves hot dogs on tortillas. How bizarre is that?!?

GGG, we don't have Trader Joes around here. But there's certainly some Indian food around there somewhere, yes? So maybe you can go there for dinner & have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Yummmmm.

Sixlecat, last night I had a dream that featured Eddie Izzard! And I can't for the life of me remember what happened in the dream, but when I woke up, I thought, "I need to tell Sixlecat about that!" biggrin.gif That chedder sounds really amazing.

Luckily , I don't live out here! I am one of those odd ones who lives in the city, and commutes to the burbs. Traffic is easier that way, though! I work in Retail Real Estate, and am trying to get my old employer to open an Indian restaurant by my office! tongue.gif

Tonight, I will try the new Indoneisian restaurant in my neighborhood!
Damn this thread to hell. Now I want indian food. Ugh. There is a place where I used to live that had this gobi makhani that was to die for. I want to try my hand at it but I'm sure it wont be the same. I make a pretty good aloo gohbi, but that means I would have to stop at the market on the way home and I don't feel like it! Oh nah, I forgot I have something in the crock pot anyhow.
I could not live without my Trader Joe's. Just for the simmer sauces alone, for nights when I don't have it in me to be ambitious with dinner. And the frozen brown rice, and all the organic stuff at decent prices. I heart TJ's. Anyone tried the carmelized onion and feta tartlets from there? Oh good lord they are tasty but what a litle calorie bomb!

GGG, I did the same thing back before we moved here! I admit to cackling evilly to myself as I quickly passed the bumper-to-bumper traffic headed towards downtown as I swiftly cruised along to the suburbs. Mwah-ha-ha-haaaaa!

Oh Yuefie ... how I wish I could check out Trader Joe's. Sounds like so much fun! And yes, I'm feeling a longing for Indian tonight, but I've already got some pork chops brining in the fridge. Just gotta find out how I want to cook them, which sides to make, etc.
I eat hot dogs once a blue moon, but I like them best wrapped in a tortilla with hot mustard.
The only time I eat hot dogs are at a ball game and only if it's a kosher dog. I've made an exception for a Vienna Beef chicago dog once, which was pretty tasty. I am still marred by the countless chicken and turkey franks shoved down our throats as children at the family bbq's and picnics. *shudders* Feh, ptoot!

Just received a phone call from PJ, complaining that the smell of what I have in the crock pot is killing him. All I did was brown up some chicken, saute some onions, throw it in the crock pot with a bottle of Angostura Bloody Mary mix. Poor guy is so hungry he is practically clawing his own arm off and is having to settle for a sammich, heh.

yuefie, your Bloody Maggie chix sounds tasty!

I worked for a place that used to wrap a hot dog and shredded cheddar in a flour tortilla and deep fry it. Quite good with mustard, in a junk food-y kind of way. I prefer kosher dogs, but really only at baseball games....

My aunt in San Diego will send me Trader Joe's fare every now and again, but never anything mind-blowing. Any particular sauce I should ask her to get?

My town has fabulous Indian food, especially for being a smallish college town. God bless Mother India!!!

Rosev, I have Eddie dreams 3-4 times a week! I'm half thinking of starting an Eddie Love thread....
I think my city holds some title like "the home of the best curry outwith India".
Sixel, ya got family out in my neck of the woods huh? You ever make it out here to visit? If you do, we are so hanging out girlie!

Hmm, mindblowing as far as the sauces go? Nah, but good for a quickie meal when I'm too pooped to care. I like the punjabi spinach one on some potatoes, and I always add more baby spinach and whatever else I have laying around veggie wise. Mmm, I even threw in a can of chick peas last time, it was yummilicious. The thai green one is pretty good too, the moroccan tagine one was tasty and the cuban mojito one is great on fish. I put it over some mahi mahi with some sauteed onions and capers, and it was a hit with everyone ('cept PJ, he loathes seafood, silly boy!). I really love TJ's for their frozen stuff though, better selection for cheeses than the regular market, nice variety of juices, and good prices on wine too. Don't get me wrong, some of their stuff is hit and miss. It kind of seems like it's a love it or hate it thing with me and TJ's products. I am in LOVE with their fig greek yogurt. The honey one is fab too, but the fat & calorie count is dreadful! I use a tiny bit to make a sauce for fruit salad, which is how I justify it, hee.
Bunny, you lucky girl!
I do indulge in the occasional sausage-llike product, but mostly at this place in chicago, Hot Dougs...that man knows how to treat sausage, and on saturdays, he has duck fat fries, for which I have stood in line in the cold for an hour to get my hands on, and they are worth every minute!

Tonight, I'm making my favorite veg sushi - brown rice make - some with sauteed portobella and dill, and some with avocado, cuke and good, and all I have to do is assemble.

Yuefie - I used to buy the TJs brown rice too, but decided its just as easy (and cheaper), to make a giant pot of it myself, and pre-portion it in little baggies, and just freeze them in a big freezer bag. Defrost as needed.
Oh, I have not made it to Hot Doug's for those fries yet, turbo! When my foodie friends move back in the couple of weeks, we're going to do a Chicago Hot Dog Food Tour- Hot Doug's, Gene & Jude's, Superdawg, etc. Yum!

I read an article today about how a diet with a significant amount of processed meats, like sausages and bacon have an increased risk of stomach cancer. One possible reason is because of the nitrites (or nitrates? I always mix them up!)...can't you get nitrite/ate-free stuff?

Good idea, turbo, about freezing the brown rice. The TJ's by me only sporadically carries the frozen brown rice. But i really like the type of brown rice they use- it's got a really good texture- almost crunchy without being undercooked and the grains are really plump and moist. Any idea what kind it is?
Holy maggie, that chicken was deeeelicious! PJ & Jerry just fought over the last piece, much to my amusement and delight. It has been requested I make that again sooner rather than later, hehe. It was super easy too. I used the Angostura Bloody Mary mix which I think made a difference. I hope I can track that stuff down again, I bought it on a close out.

I love the TJ's brown rice for the same reason, great texture, very plump grains. I will have to cook up a batch and do that jenn. I can only find it at my TJ's sporadically, but the Henry's (which is just like a WildOats) carries another brand of it. Oh man, now I want some of that honey flavored greek yogurt on mango chunks for dessert. Yummmm!

My issue of Cook's Illustrated came today and someone had a question about Greek yogurt (what the difference was between it and regular yogurt) and they mentioned that a popular Greek dessert is Greek yogurt with honey and nuts drizzled over it. Mmm, that sounds so good. I had some Greek yogurt in the house until a few days ago, too. I made a yogurt pesto sauce for salmon with it. Very tasty.
polly, everytime I see your avvie you make me want some fine encased meat product!! I definitely need a Hot Doug's run soon...he's got some really interesting stuff too...wild game sausages, the best polish I've ever consumed....ahhhhh. Hot Doug, I'll take your hot beef anyday!! I do love me some Superdawg, but now that I roll sans dairy, it makes me sad not to get a shake there. Mmmm.....

I wanna say that TJs uses a medium grain brown rice, rather than the more sticky short grain...I haven't bought it in awhile, but I use a lot of the medium grain rice at home, and really like it.
Um, I know you're all talking about food just to act like I'm not totally pissing you off with my awesome troll maneuvers.

Riiiiight. 'Cause you know, you are my favorite *troll* girlbomb tongue.gif
OMG, their malts are AWESOME, turbo. Hmm, they're open late- maybe after PR- they're a straight shot down Milwaukee Ave. from me...hmm, I'd have to put on pants, though. I'm porky-piggin' it, to steal a bustie term (was it Sidecar's? Whoever it belonged to, I love it!)
Tee hee ... Polly, my friend Scott invented "porky piggin' it". Lordy, I miss that guy.

Downtown we have a hot dog stand where the owner refuses to offer ketchup. Mustard, sure. But don't even ask for ketchup or you'll face his wrath! Or so I hear tongue.gif

Girlbomb, your heated posts make my blood boil ... with hot burnin' luv. Oh yeah, baby.

I almost bought pickles today. PICKLES. Baby dills. I blame you all. But I resisted the pull of the pickle jars, and bought Miss Vickie's potato chips instead.

And a big bag of licorice allsorts because, for some reason, I'm craving candy today. Weird. I never crave candy anymore.

What is wrong with me that I can't cook brown rice to save my life?
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