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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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pixie has been going mad this morning! I intend to post this in kvetch, but it bares repating here. On teh weekends, we usually like to sleep in. We have our kids on a routine, teh weekends they are with us, to get up, lets the dogs out and go upstairs to thier playroom until we get up.....tis morning, they had been playing in the school supplies we bought for them...and minipixie has been loping off chunks of her hair! I doesn't look *that* bad and it goves me an excuse to cut it shorter. I left it longer than I planned last time because her daddy didn't want it really short.

As for teh B&J discusssion, my favorite flavor is Coffee, coffee, coffee, But I have only been able to get it in Victoria station when we vistied London in ..was it 98, Rose? *digresses for a moment to think how devine it would be to go back to london with Rose and visit Mornington and all the other UK Busties* Anyway, they either don't make it anymore, or they don't make it for The States.
Yes, sweetie, we were in London together in August of '98. Doesn't feel like 8 years ago, does it! As for the Mini, YIPE! Did T see her doing this? Hope it's salvageable. By the by, if you want to join in the Green & Black's love, the only place I have found it in T town is at Wild Oats on Brookside.

I just checked our chocolate stash. In this house, the little butter bin in the fridge is reserved for good chocolate. It appears that we have plenty of dark & milk G&Bs, but we're almost out of espresso! Oh no!

I'm supposed to go out shopping, but I'm sorely temped to stay in, take a long jacuzzi bath, listen to Wait Wait - Don't Tell Me, and then settle in for the Good Eats marathon on Food Network. Is that so wrong?
Eeek pixie! bunnysis (bunbun) has done similar- and a lot of other damage to various things and parts of her body.

As far as I am aware (from websites) UK no longer does Coffee but the US does so maybe someone in the uS can tell you where. You and Rose should come over anyway, we would love to have you! We could go to train stations in London or to Harrods for Krispy Kreme (chocolate frsoted with custard filling ... mmmm, the boy better be going to work in London! He's going down next weekend and won't bring me back doughnuts sad.gif)

I bought the boy the ginger G&B cos he's been raving about an easter egg Thornton's sold which had ginger through the chocolate. Mmmm, Thornton's belgain chocolates...
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 29 2006, 01:05 PM) *

I'm supposed to go out shopping, but I'm sorely temped to stay in, take a long jacuzzi bath, listen to Wait Wait - Don't Tell Me, and then settle in for the Good Eats marathon on Food Network. Is that so wrong?

Ah! No! I almost forgot about the marathon!

*dashes off to turn on the tv...*
I've been meaning to tell you Rose...we have an honest to God, real life gourmet Choclatier on Main Street! Mr. P's prfessor put us onto it. We haven't actually been there yet....we refuse to take the minipixies who would be just as happy with Nestle. But she said it is a little german(Swiss?) woman who runs it all by herself. I can't wait to go in there...perhaps you should send your mom. It's chocloate Nouvue. I keep meaning to get to Wild's not like it's not a few miles from work, but at 5 pm all I am thinking about is the fastest way out of the city! And as for Indian, I don't know that i am brave enough to cook it yet. I have started cooking lamb on a regular basis though. I have been buying lamb steak and sprinkling it with garlic salt and rosemany and pan frying it in butter flavored crisco(it's need like 2 table spoons of crisco to fry well) But YUMMY!

Oh and I have to add my favorites...talking about this thread has got me thinking how much I want a Krispy Kreme donut or some Starbucks ice cream! mind is turning to numb mush just thinking about all the sugar!
'Scuse me, Starbucks sell ice-cream in the US?

*off to pack suitcase*
It would be sooooooo fun to go back to London. I have a handful of relatives there, ya know. The MIL is in south London & my bro- & sis-in-law have an adorable little house in Richmond. I reallyreallyreally need to get my passort straightened out so I can go back there! But instead of Krispy Kremes, I'll want to find some genuine sticky toffe pudding. Just so ya know wink.gif

And oh yes, Starbucks has ice cream! Pixie & I have split a few pints of coffee ice cream in our time. Oddly, I like their ice cream much more than their actual coffee. Is that bizarre?

Pixie, I've been to that chocolate shop! It's just a block down from where I worked (although on the opposite side of Main Street). My mom has bought their chocolate a few times, too. Nice stuff. But my favorite place for chocolate in T town is Kokoa on Brookside. It's a chocolate shop/restaurant. Note that this is not a place to take the girls! Instead, you and the Mr should go there for dessert on date night. In fact, Sheff & I went there for "dinner" on our first anniversary biggrin.gif

Pixie, where are you finding lamb? I had a hard time finding it when I lived there.

And since when did this turn into the foodie thread?
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 29 2006, 06:32 PM) *

And since when did this turn into the foodie thread?

Since we can ignore trolls instead of BUSTing them; besides, this is so much more fun!

Rose, I remember you telling us about that restaurant in kvetch. It sounds heavenly.

I love Starbucks, coffee and frappacinnos and stoked to hear they do ice cream there! Although I'm not fond of anything coffee flavoured unless it's actually coffee, weird, eh?
well, i'm glad someone liked my recipe at least. it's very refreshing after a big dinner and leaves the pallet fresh and tingly. it's nice.

all this talk of chocolate is in no way stimulating me to want any. odd that, considering the massive pms i'm mired in right now, you'd think i'd be a chocolate and ice cream pig right now. huh. And the ex is on his way over to visit with little. you'd think i'd really, Really want chocolate right now. wierd.

i do, however, desperately want a coffee. so badly that i'm considering making up a bodum and having it with rice milk (gak!), the only dairy like substance in the house at present. perhaps if there was some ice cream i'd put it in the coffee. alas. there is none.
I think the foodie thing is kinda my fault. I took it off topic when I revived the pie discussion. I just figured that since we have the ignore function we don't have to recognize any bridge dwellers for any reason. No more troll chow just, well, gourmet chow. We could talk about goats again? Fly fishing in N America? Bad hair days?
Bad hair days, now there is a subject I can speak on with authority. My hair is a mis-mosh of different types of curly and wavy, prone to surface frizz and massive poof like growth. I have tons of it too, and it's rather heavy. But being a contradiction of sorts, it is not terribly coarse, more of a medium fine. Because of it being sort of fine, it tends to fall flat at the top and poofs out at the bottom, giving me the loveliest pyramid look. I have such a mass of hair that if I do not keep it cut correctly, it gets so heavy I suffer headaches. Yes, headaches and a huge frizz-fro. And I am prematurely graying, and if I don't keep it dyed my roots show off that I have a bunch of grey. And recently these damn blonde hairs have begun suddenly cropping up too! I guess I just have bad hair, period. But with the right cut and color job, I can keep 'em fooled. I am so glad I found a qualified hairdresser to explain this mess to me so I could stop using the wrong products. And the NaturallyCurly site has been a godsend.

All this talk of G&B white chocolate, ugh! That stuff is my weakness. And where in the heck can I find me some G&B ice cream?? Not that I can really eat too much of any ice cream. I guess lactose intolerance can come in handy, as far as the width of ass is concerned.

Rose, I think the B&J's Glastonberry flavor is just called Magic Brownies here stateside.

ahem. there is a reason my hair is kept this short. other than lookin' cute, I mean. baaaaaaaad hair. lots of it, all very fine, not sure whether it wants to be wavy or frizzy or what... I had a permanent bad hair day for about fifteen years.

I wouldn't mind talking about sheep. But that's 'cos I could pretend I'm working.
Heh...sharing recipes, huh. Next it will be a tupperware party! A nice demonstration of the true ilk of these so-called feminist "busties." These girls have definitely not "arrived" or if they have, they've arrived in the 1950s. It could be a successful strategy, since its aim is to cover over the evidence of their true personalities as revealed in their posts over the last few days. The main goal of this vapid small talk is to push their embarassing posts and my expose of their true natures as far back into history as possible. The fact is that this so-called "troll busting" thread has left them with some very unexpected bloody noses. Maybe you ought to consider shutting down this thread altogether, or at least rename it something more appropriate, like "the scapegoating thread (where busties get together to prove they're still in touch with their inner schoolchildren)" smile.gif
Don't misunderstand me ... I'm not criticizing the foodie talk! Afterall, everybody on the planet has to eat, so why not talk about the foods we enjoy? And of course, talking about food is more nurishing to the spirit than troll-baiting. The more foodie threads the better! smile.gif But if you'd rather talk about goats or hair or whatever ... hell, who am I to dictate the conversation?

I must admit. I have fairly nice hair. I've never dyed it & the last time I permed it was in 1985, so I think that helps. I have a few crazy kinky frizzy hairs from my beloved mommy, but most of it is fairly well behaved & very thick. The only problem is that I have never found a barret that can control these thick locks. Oh. And I can't get it to hold a curl for longer than maybe 30 minutes. Guess that's more than one problem!

Tee hee. Magic Brownies tongue.gif
I've finally come to terms with my hair. I processed it for years & lately I just decided fuck it. As long as it's healthy, I don't mind looking like a slightly deranged poodle resides atop my noggin.

Oh & a rutabega is a cruciferous cabbage family root vegetable. Kind of a cross between a cabbage & a turnip. Me I don't like them. Blech.
I caught sight of the Magic Brownies ice cream earlier on the B&J website and I think it's called Dave Matthew's Band: Magic Brownies! Where's Mando?!

The Fossil Fuel went down a treat and now I'm going to. Yup, may be a little tipsy - where's that drunken thread?
gah - our wild oats didn't have the white chocolate today!! *shakes fist at grocery store*

But, I did get some Magner's cider, and that was awfully refreshing when we came in out of the heat!

Goddess bless the Good Eats marathon this afternoon...I need look no further for afternoon entertainment!

I've got the crazy wavy super thick, coarse hair too....I'll have to check out that website. In summer, I keep it cropped short, so it can do pretty much whatever it wants without bothering me too much. I've been using Lush's henna on my hair these days, as it keeps my hair shiny and manageable.
baby fine super soft ridiculously curly hair for me. it's not too thick (thank goddess!) or it would be completely unmanagable. as it is, i get frizzies and wacky stick-uping bits and it acts unpredictable and crazy lots. i recently coloured for the first time in about 10 years, demi-permanent only though but that tends to last three times as long as it's supposed to on me. i won't do it again i don't think, i'm a bit more au naturelle normally.

that's wierd about the rutabega being cruciferous. i do like them. good with butter (what's not good with butter?)

this is the chatty cathy thread where we all gets together to talk like girlfriends eh? it's been my favourite thread for a while now, since way before the change over. it's like chilling with a big room fulla da girlz yo. i likes it.
I have serious hair vanity. I blame my Leo ascendant. A bad hair day for me is like a security council crisis at the UN. My hair is straight and very thick, but also soft and shiny - as it should be, since I spend a lot of money on it - and I wear it shoulder length, cut in layers, and coloured red. (I wanted red hair all my life, so at 25, I went out and got it!) I followed my hair stylist when she moved to a more expensive salon, because she is just that good. An artist, in fact. Having a good stylist when you have hair vanity is as important as having chocolate in the fridge when you have PMS.

Speaking of chocolate, all this dessert talk when I am brokity-broke is making me a bit crazy. I have a half a container of frozen chocolate yogurt in the deep freeze, and I'm about to break it out, knowing full well how unsatisfying it's going to be by comparison. (I do have some bing cherries I might mix in with it, though....)
I found some Branston pickle! I was thinking I'd have to drive to KC to find some when I remembered there's a shop called Brits downtown! Duh. I'm going to go pick up a jar tomorrow. And some good English cheddar. On black bread, I'm thinking....anything else traditionally go on this sandwich?

I don't have hair vanity, I suffer from ADDotH (Attention Deficit Disorder of the Hair). It's different shades every couple of months, and last week I had a foot of hair cut off out of sheer hair boredom. It was all one length and several inches past my shoulders, now it's very short and messy/piece-y/spiky all around. Fun! And I'm very thankful my gran owned/operated a beauty shop for 50 years, so I can dye it myself without frying it. Esp. since I've been doing it since I was 13!
Rose, Suprisingly enough, Wal Mart keeps a small (and I do mean small) supply of veal and lamb. I've also been told that Pettys always has it.

Hey I love this thread. Everybody's gotta eat! Might as well eat the good stuff! Took a while to really get the hang of the ignore function, but we seem to have it now, so i guess we really don't NEED this thread anymore.

As for hair...mine is straight. dyed auburn because my mother and sister both went gray before 30 and i just didn't want to know when it actually happened! It had been long most of my life although every once in a while i chop it off just to be different. I have 2 nieces who work in salons and both will do my hair for free so now I am getting quite spoiled with monthly trims and colorings. I've also got blonde highlights for the summer.
* toddles in* ok..nohopes arguement in the porn thread just made sense to is time for me to go to bed as I have never agreed with a single thing he has ever said before.
pix, you aren't the only one girl. that post was just... right on.

no! i can't believe it!!! WHICH porn thread???

tell, tell!!

lambie is my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve. okay, i love veal, too. but it is SO forbidden to admit that. er....

*clears throat*
*looks around thread to see who is about*

i have a fur coat, too. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. don't tell.
Foodie talk is always good. I had a mackerel pate last weekend that was amazing, and apparently easy to make so I'm going to have a go.

My hair is... okay. It's naturally brownish but I ran in and out of the sea when on holiday earlier this year to try and lighten it (just like I did when I was 16). Now it's brown with lighter bits. It's currently in a cute bob which can look a mess when thoughtless blowdrying means one side turns under and the other flips out. I think I'm ultimately too lazy to be high-maintenance.

Tes, my great-aunt gave me an old velvet opera jacket with an ermine collar I used to wear to balls and other formal dos.
A FUR COAT?!!! Take that to the flamewar thread NOW! wink.gif

Not NEED this thread, pixie, are you craaaaaazy (does best Gnarls Barkley impression)? Sacrilege! Food and we should move the shopping and underwear talk in here. Oh and the sex. And I'm a happy girl.

*must go see nohope's porn statement* eta: shiiiit, that made sense. tes, it's the porn: cocbusting feminism? thread in f-word.

hair: my gay friend lordfarquhar is my hairdresser and a does lovely job. Supposed to give it a trim today but no time. It's the shortest it's been for years and years but the length is driving me mad in the heat (it's not quite to my shoulders but too short for pigtails). I have funky layers and cool blonde highlights, I'm loving the colour just now, he made a really good job of it a few weeks ago. It's wavy when wet so I straighten it most of the time.

sixelacat, I just go for copious amounts of cheddar and branston on the sandwich and nothing else. Mmmm, the boy is downstairs making us bacon sandwiches and the smell is killing me.
I have a fur coat too. It's fake, but from the forties/fifties (it belonged to my nana's sister) and so looks real. Too real, in fact, and I won't wear it. I also own a sheepskin jacket that makes me look like Del Boy.

I've been lurking in the cock-blocking thread, and nohope's post did make a lot of sense. I'm not getting involved because I've not got much to say, but it's interesting to read.

doodle, I'm leo and now I've got hair I like, I am a little bit vain about it. Mum's leo as well, and she's even worse than I am. She hennas hers obsessively, and is getting paranoid about going grey (or in her case, orange 'cos of the henna).

hmm, I have belgian chocs in the fridge. hmm....
I'd just like ya'll to know that its early morning here, and I'm headed out to the grocery....but a *different* grocery than yesterday so that I can go in search of the famed white chocolate. heh. ya'll are the best!
i've been avoiding almost ALL of the F-word threads except for kvetch, because i just couldn't take the trolls. i've only just realized that i would actually be able to have rational discourse in the threads that interest me. hmmmm. and nohope made a post that made sense? does that mean that it didn't...oh, bother. i just need to go and read it for myself.

we should DEFINITELY not get rid of this thread! it has everything i could want: shopping, food, hair, chocolate, sex, clothing, um, maybe we could add a little wine thrown in every once in a while???

i have very very straight, very very fine, very very soft dirty blonde hair. it was the color of draco malfoy's until i was about 10. then it started to get progressively darker. sad.gif but the good part is that it doesn't show the grey that has started about my temples. i think i need to get highlights to cover those bits and make them even less noticeable.

i used to wear it SHORT. buzzed to the neck in back, long in front, longer on one side than the other. it is now longer than i think it has been since i was oh, 7 or 8, perhaps. mr. hotbuns had never seen me with hair this long. it is past my shoulders. i have it cut in layers so that it sort of frames my face when i actually let it down. which isn't often because it makes me hot and gets in my way. but mr. hb loves it, and since i live hundreds of thousands of miles and a hemisphere and several continents away, i'm letting it stay this way.

bunnyb, take THAT to the flamewars thread!!! wink.gif

oh, my fur. it is not fake. it is arctic wolf trimmed with winter white arctic fox. it is beautiful. and thick. and very very very warm. the animals were raised on a free range farm in finland, and although i love my kitties very much, i also think that animals can be beneath humans on the food chain and still be treated well while they are alive. i do NOT believe in animal testing for cosmetics. i DO believe in animal testing for things like HIV/AIDS vaccines, that could save millions of lives. i also believe in stem cell research. i don't believe in vivisection. and i don't think that i am a bad person. there are a lot of things that i do or believe in that others don't share, and vice versa. i think that we all have that right.

oops. i think i had better take it to the F-word threads. sorry....... ohmy.gif

I post on this website called and yesterday, someone brought up the subject of eating foie gras....for those of you who don't know, the city of Chicago banned foie gras from being served in restaurants and I think you can't buy it in stores anymore either. I posted about how the geese used for foie gras are often treated better than the chickens you get eggs and meat from, cows, pigs, etc., but that unless you're vegan, often the choices we make about the animal products we eat/use aren't rational or consistent. Like, I'll eat lamb without a second thought, but I don't often eat veal. Really, it's the same thing- still an animal that died so I could eat it. I wouldn't go out and buy something new with fur on it, but if I was in an antique shop and there was a opera jacket with ermine, as sybarite described, I'd probably buy it. I think it's all a personal choice and it's not always easy to reconcile within yourself.
I guess I'm kind of with Tes on the animal rights things. I won't hesitate to eat just about anything that can be appetizing. And if I could afford it, I would buy myself a georgeous fur coat. And I am totally for aids testing and whatever on animals. But I am against frivolous animal testing like cosmetics. I remember going to a medical research facility when I was young and being very sad by the things the doctors did to the animals, but I would hope in the last 20 years some improvements have been made. I think it is a necessary evil.
I can remember this coming up when I went for my uni interview - every now and again we do have problems with animal-rights protesters, as we do have a testing lab. I've been in there, and although I'm never planning to go into testing or labwork, the animals were treated extremely well. Probably better than they would be in a pet shop or even some homes. We also have a few vivisection videos from the fifties and sixties, before it became frowned upon. Unfortunately they are still the best way to learn certain things - like how nerve damage effects movement - but I don't support it. I support animal testing for medicines and the like - but never for cosmetics.

As for the whole veal thing - as long as they're not raised in veal crates (which are cruel) I'm ok with it. The same with fois gras. You can treat animals humanely even if they're going to be eaten, and a lot of places do.

*climbs off soapbox before she gets to into this*
ok, I was only teasing tes! It's a personal choice; I wouldn't do it myself (I think) but I don't give a second thought to leather shoes or suede so I'm hypocritical.

I'm not for make up testing but I agree that medical testing is a necessary evil and after watching a TV movie on Jeniffer Estes and motor-neuron disease I'm for stem cell research (I don't know much about it but anything that could help to cure Lou Garrick (?) disease or Alzheimer's is ok in my book).
My aunt was an alzheimer's researcher for 25 years, and she cared for and ran tests on rats in her lab...and she loved those rats and gave them the very best life she could for the time that they were in her lab. Once, she even smuggled a particular rat that she liked out of the lab, and brought him home as a pet - Stumpy...he had only 3 legs, but captured her heart. She worked for UpJohn and Phizer and said that all of the animals they worked with were treated very well.

And as the owner of a former racing greyhound, I do get upset when people talk to me of "all the abuse" in the racing industry, and that's the only thing they've heard. Cases of abuse these days are few and far between. The greyhound racing association has really cleaned practices up, and worked hard to get 85% of dogs adopted out after racing, and most people just don't understand that they are working dogs. They're not pets until they are done racing, and you have to show them how to be a pet. The life of a working animal is not necessarily a bad thing, its just a different thing.
I agree Jenn. And some animals are better suited to be working animals. My old neighbors across teh street had a an ex racing greyhound. Her name was Flo Jo. She was a sweet heart, aso I have hard time believeing she was ever abused. Usually abused animals are afraid of humans. But they told me that even with all the love and attention sh gets, if she were to ever get away from them on a leash, they would probably never see her again. Running is what she was made for. I honestly think there has been so much focus on the abuse for the last 2 decades that the types of places we were used to seeing pictures of in the early 80's would be rare. I think there will always be exceptions to the norm, and radical groups liek PETA love to shove those images in our faces, but by and large I think the mindset of people who work with animals has changed. 20-30 years ago, most pets were kept outside. Nowadays, pets are kept inside and are part of the family. The whole animal culture has changed. /stepping off soapbox.
*climbs back on soapbox*

this doesn't have a lot of point to it, it's just an observation. I did some work at the police stables a few weeks ago. The horses help out with riots, football matches, protests and the like. They just stand there looking big. They spent some time up at the huntingdon life sciences animal research for the protests there - and the only crowd who have ever attacked the horses have been the animal rights protesters.

They try to rehome some of the animals from the labs here - some of them they only use for blood donors and that. I was going to take one of the rabbits from there, but they didn't have any at the time.

Part of the problem is that PETA etc keep waving all these horrific images in front of us - and a lot of people start to see abuse as the norm. I don't know, though. I don't like PETA for various reasons, so I'm biased

*climbs back down*
ewe. my step mom is a researcher. i've been in her lab (gah) and yes, she does treat her lab rats very well. the get plenty of food and exercise and attention. they also get fed strange drugs, have electrodes implanted in their brains and ulitmately end up with their heads chopped off. say what you want, a human being treated like that (fabulous for the most part with brief episodes of TORTURE ending in a violent death) would be thoroughly unacceptable. i'm not down. just mho.
*leaps onto soapbox on one foot* Hey, I can see my house from here!

Thanks for mentioning working animals, everyone! Sometimes it seems like people just don't understand the difference, esp. city folks. As a city girl who accidentally grew up in the country, I've seen scads more neglectful/abusive behavior towards house pets in the city/suburbs than ever goes on in the country. My kitties vet, who has a sort of mixed practice (since he started out large animal but now sees more small ones as the 'burbs encroach on his country practice) will go on for hours about how people get house pets and then get bored with them a few years down the road, unlike working beasts which get much respect on the farm.

*soapbox crashes under six's weight*

Ooof! Guess I'm done with that rant! Oh, and EF! PETA, those guys drive me nuts! k' I'm done....

*off to make Branston pickle and cheese sandwich*
In the spirit of trying to bring this back to the superficial foodie thread it was....

I went in search of the famed nutella earlier today. I didn't find any though. You guys say it should be with the peanut butter? Of course Wal Mart is facist so they probably just don't carry it.
Pixie, here the local chain grocer Dillons (I think it's called Kroger's in other parts of the coutnry) carries it, as well as Hy-Vee. Our Wal-Mart isn't "fancy" enough to have actual groceries, just a small junk food/cheap pop section. Neither place has the dark variety, though, I'm still searching for that. sad.gif

And can I just say Maude bless the UK busties for Branston pickle?!!! So good, esp. with a bottle of local wheat beer.... So, what's the rest of a ploughmans lunch?
I live in Oklahoma....we don't have Krogers or Dillions although I've seen them in other parts of the country. In fact it is disturbing to think that our "Super Wal Marts" have all but run every other large chain grocer out of town. We did have an abundance of Albertson's, but more than half of those are in the process of closing right now. The biggest chain I can think of is Reasor's and it is locally owned. There is a Whole Foods and maybe a Wild Oats, but they are on the other side of Tulsa.

God I am now frightened at just how much we depend on Wal Mart.......
Oh, I'm from Oklahoma! In fact, most of my family's still there. God, now I want Braum's, dammit! Hmmm, I wonder if IGA would have nutella? I'll hafta do some checking.....

eta: Wooo! Nutella's website has a Nutella Locator! You just put in your zip code and how many miles you're willing to travel for it and it gives you a list of places to go! Yay!
you called for ploughmans? woo!

bread. however you like - but it looks nice if cut from a proper loaf. Butter.
cheddar cheeeeeeeese, gromit. in slices
a pickled onion or two
an apple
bring on the branston pickle

additions: stilton (for the apple), pickled egg, boiled egg, bits of lettuce, cucumber, coleslaw, whatever you want as long as it's cold and inconspicuous. Ham or leftover meats are allowable.

Arrange on a plate. get yourself a beer. or wine. or whatever. sit in sunshine and consume.
IGA went out of business here too! I'm in Broken Arrow...Tulsa Suburbs. Homeland's gone...Safeway/fruges went out years ago Food Lion came and went about 7 years ago. What I wouldn't give for a Publix or something! I used to travel cross country with my ex, so I am familiar with a lot of different chains, just until today I never thought about the fact that they are all gone unless I go to the ghetto chains like Sav A Lot and Buy 4 Less.

Beer! Wine! Marghartia! What I couldn't give for something cold and numbing! Unfortunately, since I am on a quest for another minipixie I must abstain. Then I think about weekends like this and wonder what the hell is wrong with me that I want another!
Oops, I'm a slow editor! Here it is again:

Wooo! Nutella's website has a Nutella Locator! You just put in your zip code and how many miles you're willing to travel for it and it gives you a list of places to go! Yay!

And I used to live in Broken Arrow, but really too young to remember it. That's where we lived when I was born, then moved to OKC, Perry, Blackwell, Stillwater (for 5 whole years, the longest anywhere!), Edmond, then finally off to various parts of Kansas. Though I still sound like an Okie when I'm really pissed and/or drunk....

Oh, frill, Mornington! I'm going to be eating ploughman's lunches all week! Oh, forget eDiets anyhow.....
God, small and me and Roseviolet!

Ah Ha! Albertson's does carry it! I will just have to find one that isn't closing! Strangely the locator brought up a Homeland too. I could have sworn those were all gone.
damn. the uk site has a snazzy animation, but no store locator. I want to try the dark stuff.

hey, ploughmans is pretty healthy. You could cut out the bread, I guess.

mmm, red wine. I'm having to settle for beads and iced tea though. I'm drinking litres of the stuff.
In Colorado the Kroger chain is called King Soopers. The one in my hood is called Queen Soopers because it's very queer friendly. We are supermarket saturated. Wild Oats, Wholefoods, King Soopers, Albertsons, Safeway, Super Targets, Super Kmarts all within three miles of my apt. They only build Wallyworlds out in the 'burbs. Everybody is selling food stuffs. Lots of specialty markets, too. I've got four bodegas & a Greek market all in an under two block radius. Dolmades... mmmmm.

I know that there's a Kroger in Enid, OK. I shopped there for my Gran when she was sick because the Jumbo was "dirty" according to her.

There's a Homeland in my home town. It is in fact the market nearest to my mother's home. It does carry a wide away of common products from Mexico which is cool. Always good produce. It's kinda sketch, though.

IGA tanked when I was still in high school. During intramural basketball, we played a team that was funded by IGA.

I think ploughman's is fine as long as the bread is whole grain. Gotta be whole grain. Nutrients!
*laughing*...Enid is like ...2 hours from here!
You are probably rigth about Wal Mart and teh burbs. There is a Super Target on the edge of Tulsa. But Wal Mart has an almost monopoly in our town. The only thin gmore prolific is Walgreens which I find to be totally useless since it only stocks a small amount of groceries and everythign else it sells can be bought at..guess where? WAL MART!
What really amuses me is that my MIL REALLY hates Wal Mart and refuses to go in there...EVER! She has an almost PETA worthy haterd of it. She will drive miles out of her way to go anywhere else!

AP what part of Colorado are you in? My ex and I spent a lot of time there working. My brother lives in Delta. We went through Ft. Collins twice in about 2 years time. Both time we stopped at the same Denny's and were waited on by the same white trash , missing tooth waitress. The second time, she was noticable preganant and my ex, who was not characteristically catty, said" I can't believe someone slept with that woman and knocked her up!"
In my home town Walmart is like the social epicenter of the community. There is a small town every fifteen or so miles along the railroad & they're small enough that they might have one grocery/convenience store, so everybody comes into the city to buy their groceries. It's sad really.

Denver. Cap Hill, specifically. I can see the mountains if the smog isn't too bad.
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