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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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BAH HA HA HA HA!! Now it's a 'poison' ginch, hoo! i'm totally dying of laughter at this telephone ginch game. dang.
Does anyone else imagine Pepper wearing an "I'm A Pepper" T-shirt and tube socks pulled to her knees, kind of like Parker Posey in Daze and Confused?

*dies laughing*

this thread has killed me... buttflushes and pgymy goats and cheese and poison ginches. and pie. I'm not forgetting the pie.

I see ggg dancing around pepper - who's in her socks - going "omg pepper omg carrot omg banana". Just like her icon. I have no idea why.
LMAO! It's amazing how quickly we get tired of trolls and turn the conversation else where!
I am mesmerized by ggg's icon. Whenever I go into a thread she's posted in I get distracted.
it makes me feel like i should be more excited about vegetables.
QUOTE(mornington @ Jul 28 2006, 03:34 PM) *

*dies laughing*

this thread has killed me... buttflushes and pgymy goats and cheese and poison ginches. and pie. I'm not forgetting the pie.

I see ggg dancing around pepper - who's in her socks - going "omg pepper omg carrot omg banana". Just like her icon. I have no idea why.

Um, you forgot pickle.
sorry, ggg

but but but!! ggg, what if we don't LIKE pickles???? mellow.gif

y. I'm calling you out Pixie. You got a problem with my ginch? HB will tell you my ginch is tighter than Joan Rivers' facelift. Word.

I haven't seen you venture into the flame war thread yet! ph34r.gif

As well as "what is up with the poison ginch?" wtf is up with that smiley? it's balaklava'd (not to be mistaken for luscious baklava - the sugar high of which I could do with just now). See how I always bring it back to food?
I can't decide if it's balaklava'd or a ninja.

I like pickles.

My ginch isn't poisonous. That's a vicious rumour being spread by some unsavoury types. Defamation of character, I say! Slander! I have the happiest, healthiest ginch of anybody I know.

QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 29 2006, 02:00 AM) *

LMAO! It's amazing how quickly we get tired of trolls and turn the conversation else where!

And it's amazing how often we turn to food to bury our conflicts. smile.gif
Now surely it would be libel if it's written? wink.gif

unsavoury? why yes, I prefer sweet!
ninja'd, I say.

I like pickled onions. and the odd pickled egg.... they remind me of my grandmother, who did the pickling. And my grandfather, who persuaded me to eat them (I also blame him for my sausage roll addiction). mmm, pickled onions.

oh god, now I crave cheese and branston pickle. Damn you all.
pickled onions give me terrible hearburn sad.gif but I love them so. Yum, branston pickle... good along with sausage rolls, morn!
Written, but not technically published. I went with slander because it's the equivalent of a random psycho screaming nonsense on a street corner.
You seem to have mistaken me for someone else.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jul 28 2006, 06:03 PM) *

a random psycho screaming nonsense on a street corner.

That NEVER happens around here!

Oh yeah...and pickled garlic is the bomb! It will keep away vampires too. tongue.gif

Yes but let's just ignore it as everyone is tired of the recent animosity around here.
Oh wow...I hit 1,000 posts and didn't realize it!
*runs off to the control panel to see if anything else cool appeared*
Oh, holy shit! I'm over five hundred now! Cool!
ooh, can i actually get a shirt that says "i'm a pepper"? that would just be so terrif. *off to e-bay* (love how that's become a verb eh?)
QUOTE(mornington @ Jul 28 2006, 05:51 PM) *

and the odd pickled egg....

And there's nothing odder than a pickled egg! Seriously, next thing you guys will be telling me you eat sweet pickles! Ewwww......

Although I do love spicy pickled cauliflower. So never mind.

eta: AP looks lovely for her age, doesn't she?
Well, you know how it is, Sixel. Feasting upon the souls of innocents is better than botox any day...

It's weird. I soak my hardboiled eggs in soy sauce & strong black tea until they're spiced & marbled. Dip 'em in black sesame seeds & sea salt. Tasty!
ap - your hardboiled eggs sound yummo....figgers...yet another delight to which I am allergic. feh.

Ok, someone is going to have to explain branston pickle to me before I head off to Ireland and the UK this fall...
no six, don't do sweet pickles, but I could sit down and eat an entire jar of bread and butter pickles....anyone have any idea why they are named that? And now I am craving pickled garlic. I think I have some, but it's downstairs. Maybe if I poke Mr. Pixie, he'll get up and go get me some!
Repeating the "ewwww", pixie, because bread and butter pickles are sweet pickles, flavoured with onion. Sweet + pickle = noooooooo! I'd rather eat freshly slaughtered liver! I do wonder how they got their name, though. I'm picturing Laura Ingalls eating bread and butter sandwiches with sweet pickle slices, or something. And then I'm throwing up a little. In my mouth.
Wow! Onions make a big difference in the taste! Still haven't made it downstairs for the picked garlic. Mr. Pixie bought me off with twizzlers instead. I was playing around with teh top 10 overall posters section. iIam humbly number 11, but there are only 38 people over the 500 mark and able to edit their member titles. Damn the Dingos! 7,000+ members. I would be interested in knowing how many active accounts we have. i would be willing to guess that like 5,000 are old dingoed accounts that haven't been used in years!

I know no one ASKED for this useless bit of info, and most probably don't care...but it's late and no one is on and I am talking to myself.
son of a fuckerage!!!

someone registered as butterfingers on mar 17 06

why would anyone do that, it's just weird.
I can't explain branston pickle... it's a condiment and a pickle. sort of like piccalilli, except brown. It goes well with cheddar. You will have to hunt it down.

what are sweet pickles? Are they like gherkins?

So so well with cheddar... but difficult to explain... Lovely stuff, try to get a hold of it turbojenn. I don't know, maybe a deli would stock it? I find that some of our fanicer delis stock US brands (the ones that haven't made it as universal).

I should hit the 500 post mark quite soon - so excited!!! *things about what I can change title to*

Goes to eat some chocolate chip mini weetabix.

pepper, things like that completely freak me out but think it's purely coincidental. There are so many bunny derivatives registered and I don't like it - I AM bunny (suffers identity crisis).
Sorry for the double-post but I need to wax lyrical about Ben and Jerry (if I had more time I would write them a sonnet): I fucking love ice cream (and cheese but I'm having a sweet day so ice cream it is) and I love B&J. I've just remembered that I bought the boy their dessert book, I'm going to have a look to see if there's anything peachy as I really fancy something with peaches...

It depresses me greatly that the UK does not stock all B&J flavours sad.gif although the petrol station along the road from the boy and a deli close by have the best selection rather than the staple 3-4 you can find in supermarket.

I keep thinking of the film City Slickers where Ira and Barry are a piss take of Ben and Jerry and can match the perfect flavour of ice cream to finish off a meal. So, simple one: what flavour of ice cream (preferably Ben and Jerry's) woulld go with medium cooked sirloin steak, gastro chunky chips and aoili with bottle of rioja (red) on side?
Mornington, sweet pickles are cucumbers cured with sugar syrup and vinegar, as opposed to "sour" pickles, cured with vinegar and dill and/or garlic. Gherkins are actually a particular species of cucumber, but is also commonly used to refer to small pickles. /pickle class

*sets out on quest for branston pickle*

*runs back to add: oooh, bunnyb, my vote would be for Pistachio Pistachio!*
Turbo, the best thing I can compare flavor-wise to Branston's is A-1 steak sauce, only not quite so bitey. Cheese & pickle sandwiches, a la Branston's, are a bit of an odd taste for us Amurricans (IMO), but I was so excited to finally learn what cheese & pickle sandwiches *were* (it seemed someone in various British novels was always eating one)!
yes, eaten IRL and in novels. Not so much with the sardines, though, but maybe that's just me (I'm thinking of Enid Blyton and all the foof the Famouas Five eat).

Oh, btw, got hold of the first two volumes of the pc fairy tales!
Wikipedia has an article on Branston Pickle. smile.gif I've never had it. But my darling hubby kows what it is, of course. He also likes pickled onions. And Scotch eggs. And all kinds of curious foods from the UK.

Pardon me, but I'll stick with my toast and lemon curd!

[Shakes fist at internet dingos] Back in 2001 & 2002, I could easy make 15 or 20 posts a day. I may not post as much any more, but still! Lord only knows what my true tally is.

Bunny, I can't say that I'm good at pairing things, but I feel compelled to suggest the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It's cinnamon ice cream (which is fab on its own) with bits of oatmeal cookie & chocolate chunks. I had it for the first time while in England in '03, so I'm hoping you can find it. My first fight with Sheff occured when he polished off my carton of this yummy stuff without asking me, so that's plenty of proof for its tastiness! I also rather like the Full Vermonty: maple ice cream with pecans & caramel. Nummy

*takes notes* oddly enough, I'm not a fan of pickles in that sense (I have had them, but the label was in romanian so I have no clue). Hmm.

I now have the "bring out the branston" advert theme in my head. These days, you can get cheddar cheese sticks (proper lumps of cheddar too) with a branston dip. Mmm... I think I need to find somewhere that does ploughman's lunches now. I have such a problem blink.gif .

bunny, I suggest fossil fuel, but it might be a bit sickly-sweet for the wine... luckily there is a little grocery place just down the road from where I am that sells lots of ben&jerry flavours - and green&blacks too!

ninja-edited ph34r.gif mmm, scotch eggs. I love the little mini ones.
Mmmm, maybe I should go buy Green&Black's ice cream... Ok Peckhams (the deli) it is cos they do all the big ice creams and should have better selection (and lovely food like sundried tomatoes and dime bar cake...)

I love the Oatmeal Cookie one, I love cinnamon. I have to be selective cos the boy won't eat nuts in ice cream or desserta at all sad.gif.

Was it tallgirl's m-i-l who ate her ben&jerry's? All the m-i-l horror stories I recall I think are from tallgirl!

I love those little branston and chedder snack boxes, and the Philadelphia ones. Hmmm, Philapdelphia frosted cheesecake...

I am a gril with one though - FOOD (in case you didn't notice).

So, I'm thinking I'll rach the 500 mark today!
After visiting the B&J UK website, I'm leaning towards Piece of Cake or Oh My Apple Pie. Another nice thing about that site is that it shows which major retailers carry which flavors! So if your local off-license doesn't have what you need, you'll know where to go. Handy!

G&B ice cream sounds marvelous, too. I used to have all things G&B - ice cream, cocoa powder, etc. In the USA, I can only find the bars, but a local gourmet shop has eeeeevery flavor chocolate bar they make! It may be more than 4 bucks a bar, but I don't care. I adore the G&B dark. And I'm hooked on the espresso. And they make the only white chocolate I'll eat. [drooling]

You people are not very good for my waistline! dry.gif

ETA: Glastonberry! It's a limited edition B&J ice cream! Sounds nummy. Oh, if only they had it state-side!
D'oh forgot about UK website! Still haven't made mind up...

Had the Oh my Apple Pie recently and the apple pieces delicious but pie crusts bit salty. Piece of Cake gooood. I'm more inclined to go for something fruity or caramel based as chocolate icrecream can be a bit sickening - oh yes, I said it! I love chocolate but chocolate ice cream is not my first choice, I always need something on side to cut the taste ... like raspberries. Phish food is lovely but too much and I feel like Hurly in Lost (oooh Cherry Garcia) I agree: this thread is so bad for our waistlines:blink: .
Speaking of pickles!

MSNBC staff and news service reports
Updated: 3:48 p.m. ET May 5, 2006
Reuters issued the following advisory May 9 in regard to this story: The Budapest story headlined "Hungary workers get shock at bottom of rum barrel" issued on May 4 is withdrawn. Police said the incident, reported on a police magazine Web site, happened 10 years ago. Reuters has been unable to make any further checks to substantiate the story. There will be no substitute story.

BUDAPEST, Hungary - Hungarian builders who drank their way to the bottom of a huge barrel of rum while renovating a house got a nasty surprise when a pickled corpse tumbled out of the empty barrel, a police magazine Web site reported.

According to online magazine, workers in Szeged in the south of Hungary tried to move the barrel after they had drained it, only to find it was surprisingly heavy and were shocked when the body of a naked man fell out.

The Web site said that the body of the man had been shipped back from Jamaica 20 years ago by his wife in the barrel of rum in order to avoid the cost and paperwork of an official return.

DAQUARIS ANYONE? ohmy.gif laugh.gif
eeeew ggg - I remember seeing that in the reuters 'oddly enough' news back in may. so. gross.

Thanks for all the help with branston pickle - sounds interesting...and I bet the little european deli near my work would have it. On top of incredible sandwiches, they have all manner of exclusively UK foodstuffs.

I do adore both dil pickles and bread and butter pickles....but my mama's are the best. Maybe I can bribe her into teaching me how to make them when they come visit us next week, and teach me once and for all how to can vegetables.
The boy has gone shopping for food stuff (*ahem to give me more time to work unsure.gif) so I have given him carte blanche with the ice cream. Will report back later.

gx3, I'm up for a Cosmopolitan if you're offering.
I now have a list of foods I need to go out and buy because of you lot!

And roseviolet, G&B's is the only white chocolate I'll eat too. Its just so creamy and got vanilla and its sooo good.

ETA: I have my jar of Branston's in front of me and can now report it consists of little chopped up bits of onion, carrots, rutabaga (i don't even know what that is), cauliflower, marrow and gherkin, and you've also got in there : dates, apple bits, various vinegars, tomato paste, lemon juice and garlic extract. And it is beautiful.
ooh ggg, so grody. gah. ewe.

on another note, i've been thinking about this...
have you noticed that some people are like pickles? like little bits of pickle in a nice bowl of sweet fruit salad. let's call them pickles from now on eh? pickleface. ha.

i like ices at the end of a meal instead of ice cream, ice cream i eat all on it's own as a snack (though the dairy slays me). after dinner a nice mango mint sorbet, grapefruit, green tea, or lemon ice. yum. so easy to make in the freezer too.

dissolve 1/2c sugar in the juice of three pink grapefruits, stir in 1&1/2 t lemon juice and the zest of half of one grapefruit. pour into a shallow pan and place in the freezer. as it starts to freeze scrape it with a fork, do this repeatedly until it's tottally frozen. it should be rather slushy-like. spoon into cups and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

that's way too healthy for this thread, isn't it? ah, never mind.
yeah pepper, wrong thread! health smealth wink.gif

Green & Black's white chocolate with vanilla is divine!

eta: ok, the amount of posts I've made today is obscene. Where's pixie?!
*aaaaaaaahhhhhh......runs from thread suddenly wanting G&B white chocolate!*
pepper, I don't care if it's healthy... I want to eat it.

rutabagas are a bit like cabbage, I think, but really, I have no clue.

bunny - isn't it fantastic how the moment you have work to do, you find everything else so much more interesting. tongue.gif

I now want white chocolate. Specifically, a milky bar.
the lounge is my saviour and my devil in one! as is this thread! tongue.gif

ninja edit: had a milky bar the other day! yum!

and another: the boy brought back Fossil Fuel! Good call mornington! Although I may reassess that later if feeling a little tender tongue.gif
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