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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Uggh! I just noticed the "psychic" has started at least 2 psychic threads in the top section..Turbo directed her towards ab fab...I don't know if she started one there yet! I thought they were going to do something so that newbies knew to clear new threads in community forum.

ETA:One of the threads went away! Do you think someone is actually watching for duplicate threads?

I don't wanna keep posting so I'll add the second pschic thread is gone. I am in shock...Sitting here blinking blink.gif and wondering if we truely have someone moderating the board after all this time!
I was lurking in the frustration thread just to see her in action, pixie, and I almost wonder if her and dynamite are the same person....just too much banter between them....and don't we already have a psychic thread, the Madame OptiMystic thing?
Guinness Ice Cream??????? OMG! Where can get this, and who makes it???
guiness ice cream. sounds almost as lovely as the ignore function is. la di da, loving, blissful, ahhh.

i charbequed on the deck again tonight. no dessert but the view made up for it. dang but i love the mountains and the grill.
Did y'all know that you can now get DARK chocolate Nutella? Mmmmm. It's harder to find, but SOOOOOO worth it.

Mmm...I also love all the different kinds of nut butters you can buy now. Almond butter. CASHEW butter. MMMMMM. So expensive, it's a rare treat, but I do love it....
DARK chocolate Nutella?!?! Oh, I cannot breathe, for the way the nuts *gasp* and the cocoa *gasp* go''s....AWESOME....(not like a hot dog)....
sixel, holy fuck...I am sitting out on my balcony with the laptop, laughing my head off and trying not to laugh loud enough to wake the neighbours...


It's the dog's bollocks.
I've just discovered the joy that is dark chocolate. I thought I didn't care for it, but a friend had this extra dark bar that had almonds and dried fruit (cranberries & blueberries I think) and ohhhhhh it was good. In fact I had a taste of some regular old milk stuff and it was kinda funky tasting to me. I think I am going to make those wantons, just so I can try nutella finally. I've resisted thus far, but they just sound so yummy and unique. I bet I will make some munchers around here very happy. And dark chocolate nutella, there really is such a beast? Oh my word, I must try it too, now that I am enamoured of the dark stuff.

Oh and sidenote to little brother: Nice try with the guiness cake comment here. It will take far more bribery than your sweet little smile, kiddo. Maybe when you carry those heavy ass boxes clogging up my diningroom out to my car and load them all in to the trunk, I will think about turning the oven on in this hotbox we call home. But hey, I did bring you a second pint of B&J's Black & Tan ice cream, so boohoo ya brat. And I'm glad you finally stopped in. Isn't the new lounge spiffy? You better come back again soon and show yer adopted sis bunny and yer adopted whatever she is (I forget) doodlebug some proper lovin', or I might have to exact some revenge on their behalf. Perhaps your beloved ice cream will disappear underneath the veil of the dark night, muahahaha wink.gif

Hey all...I shouldn't be up this late, but I am....curses...anyway, I just discovered you CAN change that "advanced member" (or whatever) stuff that goes under your user name when you post!

Go into your "My Controls," then "Edit Profile Information" and then just type in something where it says "Custom Member Title."

Thus I have regained my crown as "Queen of Everything."

(Apologies for cross-posting.)

Where!? Where is my adopted whatever!? Dammit pinchejoto, get yer ass back in here!
saktii, the guinness ice cream we're referring to (the black and tan) is ben & jerry's (I had their oh my! apple pie at the weekend, mmmm tis the season for ice cream) and the Green & Black's cookbook (roseviolet, did you order it?) have a recipe for the cake.

yuefie, darlin', I like your style tongue.gif .

eta: I just checked out the frustration thread to see what was going on, pepper, "psychofemme"? OMG you crack my shit up!
Ok. I must confess: I'd never heard of "Nutella" until last week!

But, thanks to the Busties who just LOVE to torture others with the tales of great food, I now have ANOTHER addiction...yeah, that's right, mmm-hmm.

No, no--go ahead and laugh. It's ok. I'm fine. Really. dry.gif

*waits for shaking and Nutella withdrawals to subside*

bwah-ha-ha, doodle, you ARE the queen of everything.

the green&blacks cookbook is evil incarnate. I want to make the vodka-pickled chillis dipped in chocolate.
MMMMM!!! The other night we melted nutella and drizzled over strawberries and served but I think it would be equally evil (but less sickening) to dip the strawbs in the nutella and then place in fridge and serve chilled.
yuefie, if you've just discovered a love for dark chocolate, you have to try Green and Black's Maya Gold. Best. Chocolate. Ever.

Although I am kinda sad they were bought up by Cadburys.

I quite want to pm psychofemme with some kind of question for her to answer, just to prove that shes not psychic, shes just a big annoying bullshitter.
ah, I too enjoy the Maya Gold chocolate, but I found myself very disappointed in G&B's hot cocoa - both the regular and maya gold - just wasn't rich enough for some reason.

Nuttella is indeed addicting...I'm staying far far away from it right now, and sticking to my spoon of natural PB for a treat every day...not as good, but gets the job done...
ARGH. I love the ignore function. Psycho-pretentious-twat-of-a-femme, consider yourself ignored.

Own virtual space for this to work my arse.

Doodle, Turbo, how did you do that?
It appears that once you hit some magical post-count that remains unknown, you can go to "my controls," "edit profile information" - and then edit your "custom member title." I think lots if us don't have editing privileges yet because of the rash of dingo attacks late last year that got us all...
Wow lots of posts to catch up. Yes, polly we did have a tarot thread, but I don't think mmm optimystic crossed over with the lounge change. I wish she had, she was fun and friendly.

I think I am going to have to give in to this nutella obcession tonight. Mr. Pixie has a final and I will be blissfully alone.

Guiness ice cream, huh? I'm not so sure about that. I had guiness London, and while I realize Americanized Guiness is not near as thick or full of hops...I just can't imagine it as ice cream.

Eta: I don't know what the magic number is, but it is below 1000.
Actually, I've never tried Black and Tan ice cream. I've had Guinness ice cream--literally ice cream that's Guinness flavour--in restaurants but don't know if it's otherwise available. It does taste like (proper) Guinness: quite creamy and a little bitter... which is why it goes well with chocolate.

Dark chocolate nutella??
QUOTE(sybarite @ Jul 26 2006, 10:05 AM) *

Dark chocolate nutella??

*faints from anticipation*
bunny, seriously. that one was hard Not to come up with

pixie, oh ha ha! and here we all are keeping that thread alive with requests for readings, hoo! we make me laugh. funny.

ok, i'm going to try reviving an old name and see if it works and lets me changed my advanced member status. i'll letcha know.

oh yes, and now i want ice cream for breakfast. thanks a lot girls. thank you so very much.
Trolls posting in troll forums.

I think pf is ab.

Seriously, what kind of half wit insists on sticking around a place where they are not wanted?
She reminds me very much of flashpong, except that she didn't start outright targeting me. Dang, I wish Meer would come back to the new lounge and do his technomagic! Doesn't really matter if she's "new" or not. I am finding too many people in this world that just don't grasp the concept of social skills. I think the problem is only getting worse since many more people belong to communities like this rather than having a lot of social contact with people face to face.
yeah pepper, it was hardly rocket science but it still made me laugh and taking all my energy not to call her that. as she hasn't said anything offensive to me personally i'm trying to stay out of it and treat her like anybody else but WHAT THE FUCK is she all about resurrecting one of heffalump's threads to bait pixie? that is just not on.

I hate to say it, but has anyone considered that she's not asswipe (get over yourself) but actually heffalump aka lil jesus dude aka steve?
Actually, bunny, that was some sort of glitch on the board. Pixie's post came up as "new" for some reason, and it just struck me how dismissive she is to others in general, so I replied to it. And again with the paranoia around here...really, wtf is up with that? You're all acting like trauma survivors. And the really nasty kind that then, in turn, traumatize others. Sheesh.
psychicfemme, as I've said below, you've not done anything to me personally so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt so please don't come in and start throwing the word "paranoid" around about me (and that's ME reacting to a reply you've made to ME).

You seem intent on staying in the lounge so please try to be a little more accomodating of how we operate: we are a community and we all care about one another a lot and have each other's back. As for our "paranoia" - if you'd been harrassed and baited for YEARS then you too would be suspicious and in turn defensive of someone who comes into your space (somewhere you love) and begins to exhibit what is construed as similar behaviour.
Very true bunny. Someone who has not put up with heffalump for the last...has it been 5 years...can not possibly imagine why we as a whole are so angered by him. Again, someone who has not been around for the cyberstalking and seen several of us who have been targeted by Real life stalkers on here, can't possibly understand. Paranoid...maybe a little..but totally justified especially when people make a grand entrance much like the cyberstalkers did.
psychicfemme, can I ask you to go over to the "crimes of fashion" thread in abfab, and read about halfway down the page? There's a troll in there (asswipe's post, concerning me)... and that's actually pleasant compared to some of the trolling that's gone on here. Really. I haven't been here long, and I'm wary of a lot of new (or unfamiliar) people because there can be a lot of nastyness directed at us.

You lot forced me to go out and buy b&j ice-cream earlier. mmm, fossil fuel. I also want to find some dark nutella, as I too am not especially fond of the standard stuff.

and oo, thunder! lightning! *goes to hide under bedcovers*

Well, bunny, come on. You just tried to associate me with some negative person from the board's traumatic past. I'm sorry, but that's not exactly a neutral statement on your part, and I will (and did) comment on it. It does seem like some people in here have been really traumatized and are acting a little nutty (so far I don't think that of you). And as for having a person's back, that's great. But some in here seem to want to have a person's front as well (is that what it means to be a bustie?) *insert picture of fat, smothering mother figure here* Know what I mean?
QUOTE(psychicfemme @ Jul 26 2006, 06:51 PM) *

Know what I mean?

Yep. Means I'm up to three people on my ignore list. I tried, I listened, but I'm done.
Jesus Mornington! That was pretty uncalled for! I hadn't noticed because I've been ignoreing him. Don't let him get to you. I think you're cute and kick ass.
psychicfemme, perhaps if you toned down the condescension that is prevalent in your posts, other's might not be so quick to label you a troll. It's one thing to offer suggestions when someone has asked for your specific insight (which yes, was done), or just asked in a particular thread for anyone's input. But it is an entirely different thing to respond to every post as if you are the authority because have some startling revelation due to your "psychic ability". If someone has solicited help with a situation, that type of reply would best be done in a PM anyhow. Offering unsolicited advice with a tone of superiority is just not helping anyone, let alone your cause. Do you not see how patronizing your posts may come across to others? If you really are here to be a part of the community and to help, then welcome. Just please take what bunny has said in to account, and try to not to continue step on the toes of the regular posters here. In doing so you only perpetuate the distrust and "paranoia" that is common here because of the onslaught of ill intentioned folks. Having not been here long, you would likely bot be aware of just what the long time members, and even some of the shorter term members have gone through with various unsavory characters. Just step back and try to realize how your posts sound to others. Perhaps you do not mean to come off as so abrasive and condescending. But try to see it from the prespective of the other posters. If you continue with the air of superiority in your posts, you will just prove that you are here to disrupt and not become a part of the community.

ETA Mornington love, you are SO adorable and not butch at all. I've always thought Beck was a cutie, if not the most masculine fella. And that guy is just a sorry ass wanker!

hehe pixie, I'm not worried. The resemblance was first noticed back when I was fifteen or so... he's hardly an original in that one (I've been hearing "ooh, mornington is butch/a man since I was about thirteen).

besides, I think beck is cute.
um, *insert picture of fat, smothering mother figure here* ? I find that offensive.

I'll hold my hands up and say I wasn't being neutral in the post you replied to but I had just had the shock of seeing a much desired to be archived thread being brought back up to the top - *that* irked me. Also I wasn't too impressed by the baiting of pixie and, yes, it reminded me of someone who used to PICK ON HER and VIRTUALLY STALK HER. Yes, you've been given abuse in return but you are fueling it - back off and IGNORE those who are ignoring you! How does it feel to be classed as a bully and stalker? Not very nice I assume so stop coming across that way, by all means defend yourself but stop being abusive - you have come into this thread and called everyone nutty, paranoid traumatizers! You are not doing yourself any favours by being abrasive and those who are trying to remain neutral will no longer be.

yuefie has summed up anything else I could have said in a calmer frame of mind.

eta: asshat is stalking you over in myspace? grrr, he needs to get a life - not so bored with posting here that he too time to look up pics! he's just pissed that you were one who came up with amazing_ass - and he called *you* juvenile? besides, beck is cute and I've always found him feminine looking so it's not really an insult is it?
Well, I've had to reply to busybody interlopers from my very first day here. The truth is this all would have spun out differently if certain people in here could have had the self-discipline to hold off on their bad attitude, labeling, and caretaking of others long enough to let the actual person I was speaking to reply to me. Now, you all have created such a hostile environment that people here who appreciate me are having to PM me so as not to incur the wrath and drama that's being dished out. Taking an ironic tone of "he-LLO?" is not condescension (if it were, every gay guy in America would be considered condescending...heLLO!). But you probably feel it's condescending of me to tell you that! What I'd like is a cease fire and maybe an apology from I think it was girly girl who set this whole thing in motion (and pixie was not far behind), and then maybe we could start to put this behind us. Hell of a way to welcome a newbie to the board.
it wasn't me who came up with it bunny! I think it was... um... I can't remember who (anyone want to own up?). it wasn't me though!

I maintain that beck looks like a girl.
I stopped referring to him as amazing_ass and moved to amazing_asshat when I realized he might take the other as a compliment!

And yes, Beck does look like a girl, and so do you! I especially like you short hair. I am too chicken to cut mine that short.
Okay, I'm done. You really are psychic, aren't you? You can see that you're in the right, ALWAYS.

Not everyone gets along among genuine BUSTies -a bit like real life that way- so we simply don't interact with those we don't. You could get along here if you tucked your head in and (ooh believe I'm repeating myself here) ignore those you have issue with, just as they will ignore you once they've calmed down (and when I say ignore I mean don't interact, not necessarily use ignore function.)

I seriously doubt that you will be apologised to, just like I doubt you will apologise to them so just let it go, you're keeping it going and embroiling others into it who were trying to do you a favour.

eta: I was sure it was you mornington but prob just cos he blamed you (in one of the mating game threads?) Lol, mornington has an actual pixie 'do (she could be tink's twin sis)
it was someone in the small breast support group who came up with it first, I just pilfered the idea. although asshat suits him better.

pixie, I look silly with long hair. Like a horse. A manly one. tongue.gif .
the boy says kylie looks horse-like but I really dig her pixie look.
QUOTE(psychicfemme @ Jul 26 2006, 04:25 PM) *
Well, I've had to reply to busybody interlopers from my very first day here. The truth is this all would have spun out differently if certain people in here could have had the self-discipline to hold off on their bad attitude, labeling, and caretaking of others long enough to let the actual person I was speaking to reply to me. Now, you all have created such a hostile environment that people here who appreciate me are having to PM me so as not to incur the wrath and drama that's being dished out. Taking an ironic tone of "he-LLO?" is not condescension (if it were, every gay guy in America would be considered condescending...heLLO!). But you probably feel it's condescending of me to tell you that! What I'd like is a cease fire and maybe an apology from I think it was girly girl who set this whole thing in motion (and pixie was not far behind), and then maybe we could start to put this behind us. Hell of a way to welcome a newbie to the board.
Now I've tried, like others here, to give you the benefit of the doubt and explain why you stepped on some toes around here. Instead of trying to gleam some knowledge from this, you insist on being a defensive know it all. You've been asked by several people to back down and just try to not be so abrasive, but instead you continue to be more so. You do not seem to posess the maturity to step back and see what role you may have played in offending others, so I seriously doubt you are really psychic. In my own experience, real psychics rarely used their gift for glory or feel the need to make it all about *them*. And they don't usually play the victim role so willingly. In fact, they are generally a humble lot. You, not so much. You enjoy antagonizing. It's clear you get your jolly's from being abrasive and riling people up. So yes, you are a troll by definition. And I am sure you've made several ignore lists by now. Congrats. Keep it up!

psychicfemme're a riot. Victim role? Are you kidding me? It should be pretty obvious to you I can take care of myself. I did encourage some closure to all this, but I see you busties (or should I say falsies) just can't deal. So alrighty then. The fact is this place is pretty dysfunctional, and it's pretty clear why. Your previous post to me was condescending in the extreme. Who do you think you are to presume to instruct me on how to better interact with a lot of prima donnas? The people I have desired to interact with have benefited from it. They are who I'm interested in. But the rest of you can't seem to butt the f*ck out. You really can't. You truly can-not. It's amazing. So, I encourage you, take care of your own issues...believe me, that will occupy you for a while. smile.gif
Y'know, this thread just gets funnier & funnier with time. Volley after volley, salvo after salvo. Lunge, parry, riposte. Touche! I keep looking for the coin-op machine that dispenses dixie cups of troll chow, but then I realize I don't have any change. *AP wanders off absently mumbling & waving a lone dollar bill*
hee, ap.

it's so wierd to go into a thread and only see half of the posts.
but i like it.

mornington, you're cute. but you don't need me to tell you that, i'm sure.
what a dinkus he is eh? i ignore him entirely, not even tempted to peek so reading that post in adfab was funny(ish). love how he starts off with how tired he is of being here and then says something really horrendous in the desperate hope that someone, anyone will give him any little teensy scrap of attention to brighten his lonely, pathetic day. i feel a bit sorry for him, really. not enough to read his tripe though.
it's a bit funny how so many tr*lls follow the same modus operandi to the point of being mistaken for eachother. it's like dating an abusive boyfriend, they all act the same. it's eerie how similar they are.

oh, i lurves me some ignore function! it's a pleasure to read in here again. so nice.
Yep's almost like we can start copy/pasteing whole "discussions". And yes, very odd to miss half the posts, but then again "miss " is definitely sujective! There certainly does seem to be a pattern or template.
And I agree with you yuefie that most psychics are a fairly humble lot. I think it helps to get more in touch with the spiritual gifts. Most people who have true gifts don't want to become carnival freaks.

AP you crack my shit up! Mr. Pixie had to ask what was sending me into peals of giggles!
AP, that remonds me on Sunday when we took the toddler mayhem to the petting zoo................. good times!

Mornignton has cute hair and good MySpace bulletins!

I like pie.
Oh. My. Cod.

I had the best chocolate cake tonight, ya'll. Seriously. I am not really a cake fan, I prefer pie most often but was the shiznit! It was beyond any "death by chocolate" cake I've ever had. I have to find out where my sis got it from. She brought it home for dessert, as we were hanging out to celebrating what would have been our mama's 54th birthday today. PJ and I both agree we've never had any cake this moist and chocolatly. It was a really moist cake, with a deep, dark chocolate icing, and a lighter chocolate filling between the cake layers, and covered in shaved chocolate. It was a serious chocolate coma cake!

Sounds yummy yuefie. I think I got fat just reading that. It sounds like you had a decent time this evening after all.

Good grief GGG! Now I have this mental image of a petting zoo with trolls and goats.

Psst Yuefie...we don't have to use Cod or Maude anymore!
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 26 2006, 09:33 PM) *
Psst Yuefie...we don't have to use Cod or Maude anymore!
Oh I know, I just prefer it. I am seriously going to do some extra laps at the pool tomorrow. My ass don't need no help from that damned coma cake!

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