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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Too right, pixiedust. In fact, I just put that Jack dude on my list after the image posted in the BDSM thread. Right thread, but the image was just ewwww.....
uh, no kidding. wtf is that eh? that dude consitently does. not. get. it.
what's the BDSM thread?

in the sex threads.

not for the weak hearted.

i thought the art work was gross, too. the link would have been enough. but then, i just posted a VERY graphic story that others might find offensive, as well. i don't like the "art"work, but it was an appropriate post.
you know what? a link would have been sufficient. more than.
if someone doesn't like where a story is going they can just stop reading. i can't unlook at that picture (as much as i'd like to), i feel like it was imposed on my poor eyeballs to fulfill someone else's kink. that is so not what i'm into.
Thank you ladies...I have added jack to my ignore list as well. Is it just me or do we seem to be having a rash of new people lately that are rather rude? I've run into 2 or 3 that I haven't decided if they just don't know how to respond in a community or are just here to troll. One is phycicfemme. Anyone else have a run in with her? I don't want to just fill my list with newbies who might become legit busties eventually.
Of course I had to go and look at that picture since y'all were talking about it. Yikes!

Pixie, I've been noticing the recent rash of rude people as well. I don't know what's going on or what would explain it except maybe that it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and people's brains are on the fritz? I really don't know. It feels like our little Lounge is going through growing pains.
uh, i suspect a returning tr*ll with multiple personalities myself.
Oh, Jack posted in a legit place, I just didn't care for his pic, which he had posted a link to earlier but had gotten no response. I can ignore rude posts (like psychicfemme's), but the picture was too much for me personally. Hence the heaven-sent ignore function! Although, I may end up putting psychicfemme on ignore, as I've read her posts in other threads and find her rather annoying and unhelpful. Of course, I don't want to ignore everyone I don't agree with, that would negate the point of being here!!!
Ok, Y'all! ohmy.gif

Can someone PLEASE tell me what a "heffalump" is?

And, those Nutella fried wontons are so good you'll want to smack your Granny... tongue.gif

This "Asshat" dude's really got some nerve. What a loser. dry.gif

*off to eat another famous wonton...*

(Gee, THANKS! I can FEEL my ass widening!)

I seem to remember it was yuefie who started the heffalump thing... it sounds similar to a certain old troll with a tendancy to quote looong passages instead of engaging in actual debate.

I there are a lot of newbies; it might be because the lounge is a little easier to register and seems more like every other forum (that makes no sense). I'm not putting anyone on my ignore list 'cos I don't want to ignore legit busties, but I don't know if someone should take her/them gently aside and say something. 'Cos it's annoying more than anything.

I still want nutella wontons. Hmm...
*rubs hands together in a sinister fashion*

Ha ha! You're all falling before the great power of the nutella for world domination! ....Or something...or maybe just some more wontons.... rolleyes.gif

Yeah, there seem to be tons of newbies circulating about, which I don't really mind, it just seems like there are even more new threads than before that were not proposed in the community forum, which is disappointing...I suppose it'll all work itself out in time. I wonder if the mag is promoting the forum or something....I haven't seen the new issue yet.
I'm gonna fall in with pepper here... s/he has posted a couple of times and either s/he's just plain rude or yes, it's personality number what.... four?
Yeah, I am done with her. I just don't understand joining a community to be rude?

I love Ignore.
Ah, so this is where the little cauldron of gossip resides. Well, there's probably not much I can say to change the quick move to judgment you all have made about me. It does make me wonder about what it means to be an "advanced" member of this board. What I see is a replication of all the worst stereotypes of femininity (cattiness, indirection, gossip, emotional reaction, etc.). The funny thing is none of the people I have actually replied to has found my comments rude at all. I'm pretty sure they sense the real respect and caring that is there, and appreciate someone willing to put some stuff on the table. However, if you wish to remain unchallenged in your closedminded little worlds, please, ignore me. Given your level of openness, I'm sure I'll be no worse for your absence.
Enjoy the silence.
Morninton...I seem to be off a page somewhere...who has multiple personalities? Please dearest..let me in on it.

Sad that some people feel to be a feminist and openminded you have to be a ballbuster. Anyway, three strikes are up, chances are slim of becoming a legit Bustie so to the ignore list she goes.
Is this Amazing Bass?


I THINK IT IS HIM! What a horse's ass! The condescension, the utter cluelessness! Sheesh! What a tool.
Wouldn't surprise me. This may be the first chance we get to see if ignore keeps the troll wars at bay.
"In Internet terminology, a troll is someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion, including the personal attack of calling others trolls."

I'm not calling you all trolls, but this definition seems to be.

ggg got it in one. that was who I - and I assume pepper - was talking about when I said "multiple personalities". And now, busties, shoot me down, I'm about to feed a troll. And then I'll stop, promise

Psychicfemme, you're new. I don't know how long you've lurked here, if you've lurked at all. But being an advanced member means that these busties have been here for years. Not days, years. They're familiar with trolls, both old and new, and the people who come into thier space to cause trouble, be rude, and generally upset legit busties. Just because you're not addressing someone directly doesn't mean you can't offend them; you've offended busties. There are ways to "put stuff on the table" without being rude; just because you're not face-to-face doesn't mean you can write whatever you want. People here are careful how they write because they don't want to cause offence - after all, we can't see or hear you, and react to the other signals that body and tone would give us.

This thread is here to stop other threads being clogged up with discussions on whether or not an individual is trolling, or just being an idiot. It serves a purpose, and advanced members and legit members understand the purpose of coming in here. You'll find a lot of people were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you haven't apologised for being rude (even if you didn't think you were) and you haven't been anything other than rude.

But congratulations. You just made my ignore list. You're the first.

And before you ask, or call me out for my insecurites, I don't consider myself an advanced member, irregardless of what it says under my name. These busties have been here much longer than I have; I'm just gobby.
Huh. Does anybody remember the pie discussion? I like pie. Too hot for pie right now, I think I will make a chardonnay jelly with a dash of rosewater & fresh berries.

curry pie. It's perfect for this heat. Actually, curry full stop, as long as I'm not the one cooking it.

/loves AP
Well, I find the responses of all of you supposedly "advanced" members to be rude and insulting in the extreme. And I see no positive or supportive motivation behind your comments whatsoever. In fact, you have demonstrated your own inability to handle a situation gracefully. If you were truly wise and seasoned members, you might have waited a minute or two to see how the members I wrote to responded. And I still have yet to hear a complaint from them. If there really were a problem, then maybe you might have introduced yourself and explained your position to me privately. Instead, you have been yourselves inflammatory, rude, and disrespectful. My comments here have been direct, respectful, challenging, and positively motivated. Would that you could make the same claim., regarding your collective troll paranoia, I am not some former member that you have issues with (and are still evidently reacting to), but I just recently joined for the first time (and am starting to regret it).
Oh! Curry! That would be tasty! Damnit, Mornington, I'm now going to have to toddle off in search of curry. With an avocado shake afterward. No boba, please. To think I was just going to have a cold crab salad.

Why thank you. I rather like you as well.
I like know it alls.

I also like the sound of some chardonay jelly!

My favorite summer time treat is pineapple sherbet.
dammit, I *had* to wander in here when ya'll started talking about food and pies again....when I'm in the middle of a liver cleanse and fasting....pooh.

...But curry sounds delish! Or maybe cold chicken curry salad...yummmm!

psychic - Advanced Member doesn't mean much of anything 'round here, I'd say...I think you get that status at like 50 or 100 posts...I'm not sure why we have ranking on the new board. Pretty much all admiration is earned in take it easy, and enjoy the forum for what it is.
I know, I know. Sorry. I'm about to go on lunch so I don't chew my own hand off.

I think the advanced member thing is weird. Ranking/ratings, meh. I've been around a couple years & have been a victim of the dingo a few times, so I don't really think it's accurate. I'm not keeping score, though.

I've always wondered about the heffalump thing. Isn't it something Pooh related? What happened to the tool that liked to post the passages from Mein Kampf & anti-gay Muslim screeds? Don't miss him at all.
mmmm..pineapple sorbet sounds heavenly!

I made a cake this weekend...milk chocolate in a bundt pan with cherry pie filling drizzled over it instead of icing. At least that way I fool myself into believing it is half way healthy!

I don't know we have the rankings either. I never really pay attention to them. I think the person who has the highest ranking(isn't it doodlebug?) I think it only counts from 2002 on and I think a lot of us were here Wwwaaaayyyy before that! Dang the Dingos!
I have been dingoed everytime it happened.
I missed the first couple...the one in November got me though!

I do love the ignore function though! a winnie the pooh refernce. It was a make believe animal resembling an elephant. It got assigned to efilorp4 when we realized his ID was 4prolife backwards.
The ranking/"member since..." thing is sort of irritating. I don't know how she's managed to avoid being dingo-napped, but Dusty's profile is the only one I've seen that's accurate, she goes back to Summer 2000. My profile shows me as Dec. '05, but that's because I changed usernames during that dingo attack. rolleyes.gif
I worked out the other day that this is my 4th user name in 3 years for various reasons. I'd actually like to know what my actual post count is but never mind.
Shoot! It's just too hot for curry (and my damn air-conditioning is out). Cold crab salad sounds wonderful, though! Would that I could trust seafood in a land-locked state......think I'll just make hummus and veg......

(chardonnay jelly? seriously?)
I'd be curious to see when I first started logging on. I'm thinking it was spring or summer of 2000, but I don't remember. I just remember where I was working, and being so bored that I just spent ridiculous amounts of time posting.
Sixelacat, seriously. I macerate fresh raspberries, blueberries, & strawberries in a few cups of chardonnay/bit of sugar/a splash of rosewater for a few hours. I soften up a pack of plain gelatin & add the wine/fruit mixture to set. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream. It can look really pretty if you make individual servings in dessert cups. It looks fancy, but is easy as, well, *pie*.

Heh. Land locked, but lucky. I'm friends with my fish guy & he's never steered me wrong. He lets me smell everything & often makes good recs. I make a killer smoked trout hash with onions, peppers & taters.
I think very few BUSTies managed to avoid the Dingo Attack of Nov '05. I didn't but managed to keep a hold of my user name.

mornington, I can attest to the fact that it is not too warm for curry; I had a craving last night so succumbed (actually I really wanted mango chutney and poppadoms but a beautiful curry came with). Coincidentally, a couple of friends had curry too.
i've been dingoed and i've changed my name for *ahem* bad boyfriend reasons and i've dropped off the face due to busted computer too so i just don't get this advanced member junk. i don't much care for it, to be honest. it feels a bit, umm, level-y is that makes any sense. yes, long time member who are accepted and liked here have earned it with something other than olives. i hope!

heffalump i get, asshat? this is my own personal favourite asshat? of course it is.

mmm, pie. ice cream pie. i would like some. with caramel sauce and chocolate shavings. i'm not much for desserts but that one i would eat.
Heh heh. I just love how I called him Amazing Asshat* once and now the lot of you are doing it as well! Bravo! hahahaha!

*Asshat because he has his head up his ass, of course.
OH, I'm going to try chardonnay jelly this weekend! I think Jamie Oliver made something like it once only with champagne, and I'd forgotten all about it (I kept thinking jelly like jam , I couldn't picture it...). Excellent!
I've only ever been dingoed once, about three years ago, I think...which I *hope* is the only reason my number of posts is so high....*blushes*

I do feel a bit better about not being a constant "new member," which is what it said in my profile for three years....

I want everyone to know I was inspired to buy a jar of Nutella this weekend, which I haven't done in almost a year. Okay, well, maybe six months. I bought it Friday, and I've eaten the whole thing! With a spoon! From the jar! (At least it was the small jar.)

Also...I think the "Ignore" feature is my favourite thing about the new format. Love it! I've already put four five (just added one) users on "ignore"! (Is it my imagination, but do the boards seem rather heffalump free these days?)
sixelacat close as I get to candy (that's about how it goes in my house, too, Doodle, which is why I don't buy it more than once or twice a year!)

I think the heffalump got lost trolling the Hundred Acre Wood....which reminds me of this!

What is with all the psychic-ness and "sensing". If she's so psychic, why can't she sense how patronising she is.


And I'm sorry, but I don't like Nutella *hangs head in shame*
i raise my pint of guinness to the ignore button and ask has anyone tried anything made with guinness? i saw a choco cake made with it and also ice cream. i tried the ben & jerrys black & tan ice cream and could not stop eating it until it was gone & made myself sick. if i could actually cook for shit or bake to save my life i would try but the best i can do is smile sweetly and try to bribe my sis.
PINCHEJOTO!!!! *runs and rugby tackles you* As your adopted lil sis I will bake you guinness/Green&Black's cake except I can't bake for shit either...

I like ANY dessert that incorporates Bailey's Irish Cream. Mmmm.

I'm all nutella'd out. Last night I held a charity night at work for Breast Cancer Care and made lots of strawberries and cream and strawberries and melted nutella ... ooh that was EVIL.
Guinness ice cream is the shit. It's best with a really rich, gooey chocolate dessert as the stout flavour cuts through the sweetness but you still get all the creaminess. And being Guinness, it's probably good for you too. tongue.gif
Guiness ice cream sandwiched between two gooey warm cookies. Mmmmm.

As a side note, according to AQA, if a persons liver could withstand it, there are enough vitamins and nutrients in Guiness for you to be able to live on it entirely when drinking 30 pints a day.

Bet ya didn't know that!
I noticed that we became heffalump free when his dead baby picture thread got taken down in the teen bustie section. I almost wonder if he didn't get permanently banned!

Yep..Ignore is the shit! I have 5 or 6 people on mine.

I've been seeing all the nutella talk and now I have to ask, what is it and where can I buy some? Am i going to have to go to the whole foods store? It just doesn't seem like anythign I've ever seen in teh regular grocery store.
pixie - I can get nuttella at pretty much any major grocery store here - its either with peanut butter, or ethic/gormet foods, usually. Places like Cost Plus always have it too....

turboman brought home the Ben & Jerry's black & tan ice cream last makes me sad when he buys ice cream, 'cause I can't eat it! Ah well, I can't ban him from eating things he likes, just because I'm allergic...I just get jealous is all...
punkerplus, yeah!!! you said it first. i, too, do not like nutella. ha ha, free at last!
(i might eat ONE of those wontons though, just 'cause i do love the wonton. even the name feels good in your mouth. mmm, wonton...)

sugar, peanut oil, hazelsnuts, cocoa, skim milk, reduced minerals whey (from milk), partially-hydrogenated peanut oil, soy lecithin: an emusifier, vanillin: artificial flavour.

ewe. tasted like brown pasty cheap icing sugar to me.

now that chardonnay jelly has some potential though. what would you have that with?
yummy yummy yum.
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