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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Well what the hell is it called if you mix the two meats together? Cottherds pie?
omg, i am laughing so freaking hard right now. oh, sides hurting, neighbour knocking a broom on the floor downstairs. ouchy.
cottherd, aaahhhh, stop! yer killin' me.. ooh.

why the HELL does it say i've posted at 2:38? it's not even midnight here...stupid time difference. oh well, at least there's lots to read when i wake up, ha ha.
Wait, they make Crocs with heels now?

Who knew?

(Seriously, I didn't mean to be all stereotypey about lesbians' shoes -- I have a number of femme friends who wouldn't be caught dead without their heels. But I just spent the last two weeks in the Sapphic haven of Cherry Grove, Fire Island, and it was fucking Croc City. In a good way. It was all silver-grey brush cuts, and t-shirts advertising breast cancer benefits, worn with long, loose boobies underneath. And Crocs.)

And those of you talking about buttercream and lamb in the same post are just proving the WRONGNESS of combining the concepts of "meat" and "pies." NOTHING WILL CHANGE MY MIND ON THIS. Because I'm right.
I have no idea what Crocs are.:-(

I want you to post your samosa recipe to, Luci! Plus, I want to experiemtn with fillings, bc I *hate* potatoes that are not mashed (I only like the ones *I* make too) or in french fry form. I am such a health nut.

All of this pie talk and not one mention of nice, southern baked, pecan pie!MMMMMMM!
Colour yourself lucky. They are the new Birk. Crocs hail from my neighbors in Boulder, Co. They are ugly plastic shoes with a strappy back. Some are ventilated, some are Rx, some are flipflop stylee. They are all fugly.
Ugh. Crocs are like the mary janes version of 80's jellies. And it would take a lot of mary jane to get me into a pair!

Girlbomb, of course you are right, except for the part where you are COMPLETELY WRONG. Meat pies rock! Especially Hang Fry Pie, which I'm thinking should be served with home fries, green beans, and a nice salad....and BUTTERCREAM/chocolate sponge cake for dessert!
*bleaches eyes*

cottherds pie... you know, mixing the two together has never occurred to me. I think it might be sacreligious or something. Bad AP! (I'm sorry, I have a pie problem).

luci, get your arse into barefoot and post that recipe. sounds sooo good.
I saw a hetero man wearing crocs this morning...I was kinda shocked. I don't particularly like them, myself, but I do wear them for taking my pupper in Lake Michigan...he has to stay on leash, 'cause greyhounds will run away, and crocs are plenty water proof, and easy to slip off to remove stones. Otherwise, yes, they are ugly. And they make your feet sweat, which is never attractive.
The first time I saw crocs was last August when we stayed at my mom's cousin's house during a family reunion. She and her husband card-carrying Republicans, fairly conservative ones at that (and yet are still nice people) and they both had them in several colors, so not only the stereotypical comfortable shoe wearing lesbians wear them.

My mom loves hers, but I don't really see the allure- they're like more comfortable jelly shoes- ick!
They are vile. I saw someone trying them on in London and a male shop assistant showing her his but I didn't know they were what girlbomb was referring to.

Cherry pie or hot apple or rhubarb pie with custard.
Lamb and MINT pie. Has to really be lamb though not any old sheep.

Meanwhile I have thousands of apples at the mo but I was going to make a crumble. Am I letting the pie team down?
you know what? i'm going to buy a pair. i need some kind of slipper that i can wear out into the hallway and laundry room instead of my slippers that i wear in the apartment. something that can go on over my socks or bare feet and that i don't care about at all.
i'm gonna do it. they are SO ugly but they look comfortable and i'm sick of wrecking my slippers and/or socks.
They are convenient, durable, and apparently comfortable, pepper...that's about all they've got going for them.
I was wondering what those were! They're popping up all over my town - I even saw the Payless version. They are so fugly - I think it's insulting to mention them in the same breath as Birks. Hell, I saw a one-strap pair of black Birks that actually looked kinda stylish.
The tots would like to thank the Busties for the pie. Thanks to my lurking in this thread, I had a massive pie craving this evening, so we all had pie and nothing but pie for dinner--apple crumble, strawberry, and some sort of trifle-like thing. No meat pies, though.

pepper, I have bargain-brand Crocs for taking the dog out. They're perfect (however, out in public? not so much...).
no, no. not in public (though i would blend in perfectly, they're all the rage here it seems. blech. multicoloured atrocities abound.)
i have HUGE poohbear slippers from little (xmas last year, really silly things. totally useless.), and fluffy blue slip on things, and sock-like slippers with those rubberized patterns on the bottom and mocasins from way, way up north. all ruined from wearing them in the hall, laundry room, outside the front door, etc. the mocasins were hard to take, they were a gift from my nurse friend who used to work up in the northern territories. hand sewn, hand beaded, fur lined (i know, bad lesbo vegan) and supposedly durable. she's shocked that i wore holes in the bottoms after less than a year. apparently i'm hard on my shoes :P

i used to go out for dinner with my chef friend (way back when i lived in the city) and we'd try different places all the time. our favourite thing to do was have chocolate cake and lemon tart together at the end of the meal, that's why i love them so much i guess. we scoured the city for the best of both and finally found a winner way out in the east end of town. the best chocolate lava bomb and crunchy sugar topped tangy confection. uh, yum. i'm drooling just remembering that dessert.

ok, stop saying BUTTERCREAM all the time you girls. it's hurting me. i don't know how to make it and my mouth wants nothing but. drrr.

anyone ever frequent a vietnamese bakery? they always have such lovely butter creamy confections, strange unrecognizable delights. until you get to the sweet red bean filled stuff, ick.
oh, pms rears it's ugly head. i want to stuff my face with junk.....
You don't know how to make buttercream icing?!?! That's terrible!

Here's a recipe- I don't know if it's the best, richest one, but it's the only one I've found that comes out perfectly if you follow the measurements. Other recipes are always either too thin or too thick and you keep adding milk or powdered sugar and soon you've got enough frosting to feed an army and the consistency still isn't right!
omg, that's even WORSE than before.
there is just no way that i am eating a block of vegetable oil shortening, i don't care how great it tastes. so now i'm cursed to mixing up an army sized batch that still isn't right? WWWAAAAHHHHH!!!! baking is my nemesis!

thanks for trying to help me out though pollydolly.
It's so HOT, I don't know how you all can actually eat pies. Bleargh. I don't feel like eating anything except fruit and PBJ sandwiches. The most I've been able to work up to is cooking a bunch of chicken breasts at once and then making cold sandwiches out of those.

MMMMM. I am making iced coffee drinks for myself these days...I can't stop! It's so easy; I don't know why I've been paying eleventy bazillion dollars to get one in a plastic cup. You freeze your leftover coffee in ice cube trays, then stick the cubes in the blender with a bit of hot coffee, add some cream and sugar, and blend that MF on high till it's fabulous. Add some Quik if you feel like a mocha. (Actually, no, I've been using a small scoop of chocolate gelato.)
Girlbomb_redux, I don't know how often you check the community forum, so I posted this message here, too. The pictures of you that I referenced earlier are these pictures, not the picture on your myspace profile, which is just a picture of your book. Oops.

Anyway, I gave you some style advice here and I responded to your latest blog entry here. Please don’t take the advice on your hairstyle the wrong way; I know I say some things that seem harsh, but I intend ideas to be constructive. My response to your blog entry is too long to post as a comment (your poor readers would go blind trying to read all of that text in the tiny comment font, LOL), but you can feel free to put it in your blog somewhere.

I really was serious when I suggested that we get together sometime, and perhaps exchange ideas and write something. Here’s an idea: You write an article for BUST magazine, and I write one paragraph of it. You give a little back story on me to highlight how *DIFFERENT* we are, and the magazine holds a contest to see who can guess (or figure out) which paragraph was written by me. Some randomly selected entrants who answer correctly win prizes of some kind.

It’s just a thought. We both have a similar kind of creativity with words but very different sets of ideas and interests, so it’d be interesting to see what we could write together. Our styles are also unique; you’re more sarcastic and clever, and my writing is often hyperbolic and over-the-top, charged with powerful emotions and images (I’m describing the poetry and prose that I haven’t shared with you, although my writing about death reveals some of my dramatic flavor, albeit far from my most impressive work). Come to think of it, we wouldn’t even have to meet in person to write together, although it might help. Instant messaging or talking on the phone would probably be the easiest way. Please post here or PM me if you’re interested - or if you’re not interested.
*sings* buttercream buttercream buttercream
I find the best thing about making buttercream is having leftovers. And eating it with a spoon.

ooh, lamb and mint pie. good idea, ven. I'm going to have to make me some pie tonight.
You lamb-and-buttercream people are really trying to ruin my life, aren't you.

And I actually kind of like Crocs -- I like the bright colors they come in. I need more pink and lime green shoes in my life.
that's it....all this talk of pies and desserts...I'm going out to the vegan bakery this afternoon and getting some deadly delicious chocolate peanut butter cake. I've no idea how they make it, but damn, it is good!

In the meantime, I shall eat homeade strawberry sorbet for breakfast. And *that's* why being a grown-up rocks!
my mens made a special surprise oreo pie dessert last night. we never have pie at home. i swear, i nearly asked them if they'd been reading this thread ... hee!

and also thanks to this thread - and pepper - i now know what crocs are. fucking scary, but i'm so pleased to be in the know.
Actually, Vegan baking is featured in the Joy of Cooking!

I thought those Crocs things were to wear in the garden, because you can wash the mud off.....Hmm.

I tried a pair on, and I did not think they were comfy at all, they made my feet feel weird, and that is unacceptable in my garden.
CHOCOLATE buttercream. That is the answer to everything.

Speaking as someone who has really big, flat feet, I cannot understand the whole Croc phenomenon. They make everybody look like they have big old Daisy Duck feet inside there.

I prefer bare feet in the garden, myself. I just don't understand the whole shoe thing. I'd be barefoot all the time, if only my feet didn't get so dirty. (And, y'know, restaurants tend to object to shoelessness.) Hell, I'm barefoot right now. I don't even like to have my feet under the bedcovers - my toes need freedom. *wiggles liberated toes*
yes! it is.

I was heartbroken. the store had no puff pastry for my pie. My MEAT pie.

I would like to declare, here and now, that I love all you. Even those of you who wear crocs. This thread is the shit.
hey, i have bare feet right now too!

wiggle those piggies my barefooted sisters, yah!

man, i have been eating so much fresh corn on the cob. cooked or raw, dang it's good. and the okanagan fruit stand guy has his stand out with fruity goodies galore. i can't be bothered to bake it into a pie. i'm lucky if what i pick up even makes it home!
Oh, pepper, bless you for reminding me! I can go to the farmer's market this Wed.!!! The best one is oddly 45 min away and I haven't been yet this year. Yay for vacation week! (for a hippie town, our own farmer's market is crap, don't know why. Maybe they're all too busy growing pot...)

(((mornington))) I am heartbroken with you, everyone should have meat pie fixings at the ready! Have you tried AP's idea of smashed 'tatos for the top? We grew up on Shephard's Pie like that and it wasn't half bad....

although in all fairness we often used rabbit for the meat-we bred them on the farm for show, and ate the genetic rejects....I was very personally involved in the food chain as a child....
I love the extended footwear conversation. Since there’s an actual footwear thread in Absolutely Fad-ulous, I know that the only reason for you to post your footwear thoughts in this thread is so that I will come here, see that you’re not talking about me, and be disappointed. You’ve still got me in mind when you write those posts, so you’re still acknowledging me. It’s funny in an ironic sort of way.

At least you picked a good topic: shoes. Incidentally, even before I read this thread, I knew what crocs were. Yes, they are ugly. The best thing about this topic is that I can feed my fetish by picturing myself getting kicked in the testicles with these various types of shoes. It excites me so much that - well, let's just say I'm working on my one-handed typing skills right now. Thanks for the "whacking material" as Yuefie put it. Maybe if you start talking about pies again, I'll picture myself reenacting my favorite scene from the movie "American Pie".
My friend refuses to wear shoes. He is rather silly, mind you (bright pink hair, which I helped him dye), but he's built like a giant, so the bare feet suit him quite well.

I'd love to be barefoot more often. I just tend to have this thing about having unsanitary feet and walking on the carpet with them. I'm also a big comfy sock person, so nice clean feet in warm, comfy socks is more appealing. =)

Speaking of delicious desserts... I had a -delicious- ice cream sandwich during my visit to the L.A. area today. I got to choose the cookie and ice cream types: white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie + strawberry cheesecake chunk ice cream. Oh. my. god. Yummmmmm! 'Home'made and $1.25!
uunnggghhh, this thread is making me so hungry...
i'm going to have to raid the cupboards for some kid candy, i'm sure there's some left-over chocolate around here somewhere. my plan to pig out seems to be working and i actually look like i might have put on a couple of pounds. it could just be cyclical water retention but it looks awesome, and it's all spaced out nicely too. i'm bigger all over, even my face a bit. it must be from my parents visit, we ate out a lot and had ice cream and all sorts of treats.
nothing as good as a homemade icecream sandwich though, i HAVE to make that at home, it sounds delish!
Sixelacat I'd forgotten how much I used to love rabbit pie! We often had it for easter.
I saw some fake crocs for sale this morning. In all these lovely summer colours: orange, hot pink, turquoise, lime green. But my feet started to sweat when I just THOUGHT about actually wearing them. So I walked away and bought some summer-orange candles for my mom instead.

A few years ago, this buttercream and pie discussion would have driven me to the brink, but I actually don't eat very much sugar or sweet food anymore, so the craving hasn't arrived yet. Which is strange, but maybe I'm finally over it. When I quit smoking, it was non-stop sugar for eight months. I was buying kids' candy at the 7-Eleven. Marshmallow bananas, licorice Goodies. Bottle Caps. SweetTarts. Lik-M-Ade! Seriously! That took a long time to pass.

And yet, after six years, I very nearly asked for a package of Colts at the gas station this morning.
Lik-M-Aid! Oh my god. Powdered candy, eaten with a candy stick? Genius!
My kid *loves* Lik-M-Aid and it makes me feel all mushy, because I used to love it too at his age --- I didn't even know they still made it. My favourite part was eating the Lik-A-Stik at the end.
Mmm. I prefered the Bottle Caps. I liked the Root Beer and Cola ones best.
Me, too, Berenguela! It wasn't the Lik-M-Aid powders that I liked, it was the candy sticks. I usually mixed the powders with water & drank them. I did that with Pixie sticks, too. Bottlecaps & Razzles!
I always by-passed the Lik-M-Aid (too messy) and went straight for the Pixie Stix! Ahh, nice clean lines of kiddie coke!
My cravings now are for the nicotine, not the sugar. Colts filter tip cigarellos. I quit smoking right before I made it all the way up smoking real cigars. *sigh* I really wanted to be the old woman who smokes cigars. I often think about buying one.

ETA: Maybe I should have put that in the Confessions thread.
I must admit to being a semi crunchy birkenstock wearer, but I can't meet ya on the lesbian thing. My best friend has always maintained that if I didn't like those damn menfolk so much, I would've been the perfect wife for her, heh.

Mmmm, root beer bottlecaps were always my favorite as a kid. Anyone else remember Fruit Stripe gum? I was just wishing for some of that. I loved when my mama used to take me to Farrels Ice Cream Parlor when I was little, more for the candy store than for the ice cream. Although I did go crazy for the goldrush sundae. Butterscotch and bananas are still my favorite ice cream topping choices.

I made blackberry cobbler and it was oh so yummy. Damn this thread for making my ass even fatter.
I, on the other hand, have had several relationships with women, yet own not a single Birkenstock nor an ounce of granola. No yogurt either. And I like my steak rare.

I think I remember Fruit Stripe gum...but my tongue is involuntarily curling itself up in the back of my mouth as I write this, so I'm not sure it's an entirely happy memory.
Oh, Fruit Stripe! So good for sixty seconds & then it tasted like icky, nasty, heinous, ACH!

No girlfriends, no Birks, no granola. I do like yogurt & rare steaks, though.

Doodle, I ain't gonna lie. I kicked the smokes five & a half years ago, but last Saturday was the first day of our statewide smoking ban. I smoked a whole Parliament that night & enjoyed every goddamned drag. I shan't do it again, but it was sweet.
Ha! Does yogurt with dill and onion on very rare lamb count?

Fruit Stripe gum is still around, saw some at the Kwik Mart the other day. I loved those tattoos on the wrappers that you'd lick and stick to your hand, which, come to think of it, was kind of a gross thing to do....

Oh, god, yuefie, blackberry cobbler sounds sooo good! Damn, I wonder if the grocer sells really small ones...when I bake I can't shake the mindset of having to feed 20 people and always make too much....
I own 2 pairs of fake Birkenstocks, and eat fromage frais. Does that make me bi? I'm confused....
Oh yeah? Well, I have three kinds of yogurt in the fridge (all plain, mind you; none of that sugary fake fruit shite because I AM A TOTAL SNOB) and I love to hate open-toed shoes (but I still wear them) aaaaaaand I have the hots for the Italian national team. So there.

That old/new Wonka candy is the shizzle, fo' rizzle.
only full fat yogurt for me, thanks. 5% or nuthin'.
no girls, 'cept for kisses and those are just sweet and not much else.
no birks, not now, not never.
i returned a pair of danskos a while ago though. the store finally called me to tell me i have a 150.00 credit so i tried on gorgeous shoes this afternoon. mostly flat (hey, i work standing UP yo) but still pretty.
lik-m-aid, pixie stix, uck. i did love those marshmallow bananas and strawberries though. mmm.

have i mentioned that this is my absolute favourite thread right now?
seriously, i look forward to it all day. you girls rock so much, 'specially when you're talking about nothing. i love it.
doodle, my heart, are you sure we're not sisters? Root beer bottle caps were always my all-time favorite candy, closely followed by laffy taffy...we used to get .50 a day to go to the penny candy store in the summer when we stayed at my aunt's cottage, and oh, it was the best time of day! The treasures we could get for half a dollar!

I also really liked those fake-o chocolate balls - sixlets...they're like m&m's exiled cousins, but I found them strangely satisfying.
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