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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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yay, you're my new hero liljesusdude-stevekatzner-4j4e-efilorp4. that is a whole lotta dough you've raised for various pro-choice organizations. please, keep it up. you rock! *swoon*

p.s. FYI: Bustalicious is incorrect, that has nothing to with what I was referring to.

tralalalalala.... *skips off to write out her fat check for NARAL*
Yay, for Steve Katzner. I'm going to buck the trend and give my donation to GLAAD...the gay & lesbian alliance against defamation!

Steve, thanks to you, lots and lots of gays and lesbians will enjoy having a community resource to fight homophobia!

Muaah! :-)

PS: Anoushh, Steve is a wonderful motivator for me too.

I'm off to write my check.
I just informed him again that I am donating 20 dollars a post. I will take a picture and send it to him. A donation in lieu of him! Ahhhh, it feels good.
STEVE! Did you get your thank you note from PP yet for the last check in your name? This time, I'll post a pic of me and my check (with YOUR NAME in the detail section!) on my website. But maybe you want to rack up some more dollars for the abortionists first?

Ah, girlbomb, CHA CHING sounds more authentic than KA-CHING! Bit like Chandler and his "Whip-pa!" faux pas .

Ah well, the sentiment was there - the cash is piling up!
Two more and it's not even noon!

"Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets *her* wings!"

Bless you, Steve! You do so much for the cause!

Oh yeah...CHA CHING!
I am curious where exactly is he posting? Tosser.
You had to ask......
Wouldn't it be cool if they decided to do a news story on the amazing Steven Katzner who is getting money donated to Planned Parenthoods all around the country?
That sounds like a great special interest story to me! to which major newpaper do we pitch it to? Anyone remember where he's from?
I did, serves me right to, whatever. He's posted a few times today I think a cheque for 60.00 outta do it! It feels so good! All I can say is post away loser, mind you someone like that probably has no friends except maybe the ones in his head.
Wasn't minnesota, was it?
There's nothing more evil than the dangers wrought by closemindedness.

I still think we should send subscriptions of On Our Backs to his place of employment.
why did this thread's font colour change to grey?
Steve Katzner funds abortion through his sin of PRIDE. He thinks he is "saving these boards from evil," but his EGO has blinded him to the fact that, with every post, he personally works to raise money for abortions! He does not post "4jesus," but for his own selfish reasons -- to feel proud of himself, to feel like he's not a dirty sinner, to try to ingratiate himself to a God who despises pride and ego and ingratiation and those who don't admit their own sin.

Your PRIDE, Steve, is helping to fund abortions. If you could only stop yourself from posting...
girlbomb wins the internet

Is efilorp pronounced with the same lilt and accents as heffalump? I love that word...heffalump heffalump heffalump. Did the crazy dancing elephants in Dumbo freak anyone else out really bad when they were little?

I'm celebratorily baked. Forgive me. Whoot, liljesus dude! I missed you! *pats him on head* Whosa purdy boy? Whosa wuzza cutesy boyey-woyey? Awwww...who wantsa snorgle? Does he? Does he? There's a good boy!
I have always been under the impression he is jerking it while posting, so let's throw the sin of Lust in there for shits and giggles.
Y'know, I've always thought that, too. Toss in a little self-flagellation/a hairshirt & we've got our boy.
lucizoe, you have pwned my heart.
you ladies are crackin' me office neighbor just asked what I was laughing at. I told her it was the local online masturbating messiah monster.

luci....can I join you? This office is really starting to drag already today...
fucking hysterical!
i particularly enjoy the cleverness of his new name....efilorp4 = 4prolife....though apparently he hasn't realized that his posts are anything but supportive of his cause...
effillorrpp, effillorrpp, effillorrpp.
yep, it does sound like heffalump. you are right luci. and heffalump is a fabulous word, btw.

good job lil jesus dude.

wow, this thread is killing me. I laugh so hard every time I breeze through here.

keep on racking up those $$$ effillorrpp4, you rawk!
Ah, another fetishist (that's the word, right?) in LTAS. Let it die.
oh please, will everyone just let it all die. if no one responds (even though i want to type "fuck off" so badly that my fingers ache) they'll just be starved out. argh, where is that ignore user function?
GEOFF H NAVOLT Born Sep 1973
9037 CAMPINA DR Recorded: 03/12/2002
LA MESA, CA 91942

God, this has become a really bad habit.
I guess no one ever told the dude that the devil works through backwards messages.
Oh my cod, La Mesa is next door to where I live, heh. I could stop by and kick him in the nuts. After all, it would be the neighborly thing to do.

Um, pepper are you referring to all of us here? Cause that is what this thread is for, venting about dumbass trolls. It's our outlet, instead of clogging up the rest of lounge. And nobody has even responded to the newest creep in LTAS. They are never completely 'starved out'. Trolls will always exist and when one is run off, a new one or a new incarnation will reappear. At least here we are all on topic.
I'm sorry. I just fed a troll in LTAS. I'll stop.

*sits on hands for the rest of the day*
Awww man! Allrighty, fifty lashes with a wet noodle for doodle.

*commences to flog doodlebug*
nope, i was talking bout the other threads. see, i came in to vent it here insteada there too.
doodle, it was funny, i think we can forgive you. better than my "fuck off" comment. heh, i'll join, btw.
you wanna join in the flogging pepper? hee ;)
ooh, ok. i meant doodle's facial treatment but, yeah, ok to the flogging too. i have experience, hee hee.
$$$$$$ rack'em up baby!

you are either the stupidest troll or you secretly enjoy the donations. must get a stiffie just thinking about all this being done in your name. you'd probably enjoy having pictures of us all with the checks, something to flog yourself to.

hey pepper, was that experience in the giving or the receiving? tee, hee, hee ;)
And the wicked troll doth annoyeth the busties, and in doing so, doth maketh swell the coffers of the evil pro-choiceth movement. The busties doth give glad thanks unto the troll, as he doth whack-eth it.
OMG lucizoe :-) that just put a big fat smile on my face cause i just read some of the recent "troll word vomit" over in newbies and your post sounds just his bible-esque BS but yours is soooo much more entertainig! you rock!

I effing heart you luci!
HA!! You're a scream!
"With every post I make for life more people see abortion as the child sacrifice it is."

I think you've forgotten that you're in a feminist forum, jerkoff. *And* you're pretty pathetic to come up with multiple SN's, thinking that nobody would know you for the maniac that you are. Go kill yourself.
oh lively, from both sides of the flog of course. how else can one truly appreciate the art of it eh?

heffalump's and effillorrpp's and trollsies, OH MY!

Oh Steve Katzner, you are simply too much. Thanks for your continued support.
If Efilorp is changing people's minds then how come after all these years not one single person has ever testified here that their mind has beeen changed?

And where are these testicle trolls coming from? It's so gross.
I put a picture of my latest check in Steve Katzner's name on my blog.

Steve, do you know that when you google your name, it says "Steve Katzner funds abortions?" Try it! It's fun.
if they were changed in some way you think they wouldn't SAY something before they left? yer an idjit. thank goodness you're not on my side, i would never want a no-brain like you defending something i believed in, you'd scare people off.

girlbomb, that's awesome.
Nope, any busties that have left have gone on to other forums where they can express their views more comfortably and freely - I know b/c I'm one of them. I still participate here, but it's nothing like before. I know of many others as well. If anything, listening to your rantings only strengthened our activism - so, uh, kudos?

Honestly, I can't think of one single bustie who left b/c s/he had "seen the light." Actually, a lot of people end up leaving Bust b/c it's simply not political/progressive enough for them (though it's that mixture of politics/culture/fluff that draws me and many others here) as well as way too tolerant of the troll situation.

Leaving Bust b/c their views have changed on abortion?

If you honestly believe that, you're not arrogant so much as completely and utterly delusional.

It's too bad, b/c you could be spending your time talking to people who might actually listen to you (maybe) and yet you are wasting your time on people who would never give you the time of day in real life.

It would be like me going to your church and handing out pamphlets for Planned Parenthood. Would I change any minds? I doubt it. I would only end up alienating people and setting back my cause with them even further.

Is it troll-baiting if I keep it to this thread?

oh yes, there's a little mindless justification for you.
even YOU don't really believe that.
it's like the whole "oh, she doesn't like me. she MUST be a lesbian." attitude. really. get over yourself.
AND if you'd REALLY had such a profound effect on them wouldn't they be compelled to stay and try to convert the rest of us? hm? idjit
Name one.

Hold the phone, Dora!

I know that humanist77 did not join anything you're associated with so where the hell are you comin' up with that list Mr. Katzner?

misspissed is still here you freaking idiot. omg, you are such a tool. if you aren't being a moron on purpose you sure are doing an excellent impression of just that.
I never said everyone on that list is not here anymore.

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