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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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he reminds me a little of that condescending vitriolic-as-hell idjit who also took on The Martyr Mantle immediately ... oh man, what was his name? it was last year, sometime. anyone know who i'm talking about? there are definite similarities.

i know i said i ignored. i usually do. but i had to see what all the fuss was about, so i skimmed. *hanging head in hypocrisy & shame*
I am beginning to think we need a pie thread!

"I once made a strawberry pear cobbler that was so effing fantastic with vanilla bean haggen daaz."

Sweet Jebus! Are you trying to kill me? That sounds sooooo goooood!

Girlbomb, I admit to being squicked my mincemeat pies. Dried fruit, spices, & *suet*. Ach! Also, when I lived abroad they had meat pies (Much like our venerable fruit pies.) available that didn't require *refrigeration*. Double ach! *BUT* I will always view a good chicken pot pie as comfort food. I have a recipe for an Italian meat pie with three cheeses, three meats, & eggs. It's not as quiche-y as an actual quiche, so it's a truly more of a meat pie. I add spinach, onions, & 'shrooms, though. Peppers, too sometimes. I can't not tweak a recipe.

Sorry veggie folks. As was pointed out earlier, I eat calves' testicles, so anything is fair game as far as I'm concerned.

An interesting side note, Operation Mincemeat during WWII was code for leaving a body with false papers to hoodwink the Axis.
mandi, oh mandi. stop being so hard on yourself. there is no shame here darlin'.

yeah, you are thinking of the breast obsessed boob, I dont wanna even type his name for fear of conjuring him up. I remember him oh too well *shudders*

aural, mah' dear, I have a feeling you and I would *bond* over pie ;)

FEH. Mincemeant pie. Ptoot, I spit on mincemeat pie.
ya'lls are making me so hungry...particularly the curry chicken piroshki comment....yummm. But I want potato and pea samosas instead.

And I do have some fresh local strawberries in the fridge just begging to be made into something delicious...pie may be it!
what? you lot don't like mince pies? even at christmas? not even with the brandy butter. I make a mean brandy butter... it gets everyone drunk.

I also make a mean shepherd's pie. I looove meat pie. It's true, I ate all the pies.

Does anyone else watch Weebl & Bob?
I'm sorry, i'm continuing the pie-based derailment. I just like pie. and samosas
oh damn you mornington and turbo, for speaking of the tempting samosas. Me thinks I will be making some delicious Trader Joe's samosas I happen to have in the freezer with the channa masala I was already planning to make for dinner. They are good, but not as good as freshly made in an Indian restaurant.

turbo, I had the curry chicken patties at this Jamaican place when visiting Orlando. They were indeed teh yumminess. If you ever come accross a Jamaican restaurant, try one!
oh yuefie, I am very very lucky in that the 'hood I live in has a strong afro-carribbean presence, so there are 2 great jamaican places within walking distance....mmmm. And I'm 2 miles from the indo-pakistani neighborhood, so samosas are not far away at all....

I ditched the pie and turned the strawberries into sorbet....yumm.
mando, you talking 'bout the self-proclaimed more-feminist-than-thou man who people actually thought was someone impersonating a real person online? and it turned out they weren't and the dude got mad someone emailed his boss about his posts, in case it wasn't really him? i don't remember his name, either.

okay, no more from me in this thread. or anything about bridge dwellers, i think. i'm going to start being very, very selective about the threads i even look at.
Pie, Tyger! Talk about pie! I can ignore tr*lls, but not pie!

Mornington, you're English, yeah? Meat pies are *WAY* more acceptable in your culture than here in the US. Aren't mincemeat pies a traditional English holiday treat? My family, we have ham studded with cloves & big hunks of fresh pineapple. Although I made a CocaCola ham a few years ago that went over well.
Hmm note that Christmas mince pies are made with fruit mince not meat, if that is confusing anyone?

Meat pies, esp individual meat pies, are very big over here too. My favourites:
Steak and cheese
spinach and cheese
smoked fish
tandoori chicken (except I can't eat it any more because of factory farming)
steak and tomato
pepper steak

But these have to be made with fluffy, flaky pastry. Not hard, pale, crackery pastry like in Australia.
Busties are pretty. For real, we are.

Someone on my street just fired a gun. Awesome.

***running off to get pets inside and lock doors***
you girls are the bust. oops, i mean Best, tee hee!
not only are you in here talkin' tr*ll pie a la guyliner but y'all have been so kind with the many, many pm's and such over the last week. i want to say thanks, and black bottomed maple syrup pie for all!! of course with real whipped cream.
you girlies are the bestest. *mwah!*
hehe AP, you can make anything acceptable in the uk if you bung it in pastry and call it a pie. Hell, shepherds pie doesn't even involve pastry.

mince pies (with mincemeat, which is fruit) are christmas itself; I love them. My grandmother makes her own mincemeat and pies, and I've started doing the same. We do spiced beef too, and the ham with cloves. Christmas dinner is a big thing in our family.

I have another one... sausage rolls. mmm.... I have sausage roll cravings now. Sausagemeat wrapped in flaky pastry. so good.

(((ggg))) oo-er! you ok?
My family believes in Osgood pie at Christmas - very close to mincemeat, just a little different. When my grandfather was young, he had a neighbor who in exchange for some yardwork help would bake him an Osgood pie all for himself, and he'd eat the whole thing in one sitting. These days, when Christmas rolls around, my grandmother makes two pies - one for the family, and one just for my grandfather. Although now he eats it over the course of a few days. :-)
Not confusing, Ven/Mornington, I noted earlier that mincemeat was fruit, spices, & usually suet. I still say ach. To me they are the equivalent of the dreaded holiday fruitcake. Verboten!
I can't stand fruitcake. blergh.

ooh, eccles cakes. Anyone else eat them like they're going out of style?
I'd never heard of them until today. I googled them & I don't think they're my cuppa. I'd be willing to try one, though.
I love sausage rolls, but they have to contain onion. That's so true though about calling things pie - if you say you're serving "leftover veges" everyone would groan, but as soon as you shove it into pastry and say "broccoli and roast vegetable Pie" everyone seems quite pleased with you.

I really like fruitcake. Also I like the xmas puddings. Unfortunately my family isn't interested in sweet pies, pudding or fruitcake over christmas - they like to make a Summer Trifle that involves strawberries and yoghurt instead of custard and masses of white wine instead of sherry. I think this year I'll agitate for Pavlova.

Have never tried this eccles cake, Ithink.
Oh effing hell. I LOVE sausage rolls. But only if they are done properly, in nice flaky pastry. Man, I'd love me a sausage roll right now. And shepherd's pie! MMMM!

My mom (single mom) and I were pretty big on frozen dinner pies when I was growing up. But my mom does not enjoy cooking AT ALL. She still likes frozen pies for dinner! When I was a little kid, I remember her trying to make Napoleons* for this really special occasion, with homemade pastry ('cause there was no pre-made stuff in a small town in 1973-4), and the pastry kept breaking and she wound up sitting on the kitchen floor crying. (I mean, I'm sure there was more to the crying than the broken pastry, but it was some kind of "last straw" for her that day.)

*If I recall correctly, Napoleons are squares made of several layers of thin pastry, sandwiching some kind of fruit filling.
Aww Doodle, your story made me cry. I can remember my (single) mother on the kitchen floor crying too (she was/is a good cook, but we only had a tiny camp stove with no temperature control, one element and a "keep warm" element that electrocuted you if you used it).

ooh, napoleons remind me of baklava, which i have not had in AGES. it is just so super yummy. i should get some filo and make up a big, sticky batch.
my friend uses filo to make the tastiest cream cheese and blueberry triangles, oh so yummy!! or is it ricotta and berries? oh well, can't remember, but either way filo is flaky and fool proof. i made filo pumpkin pie wedges one year that woulda knocked yer socks off. So tasty. i ate about fifteen (Ooops!).
I can't use filo. Don't know why, but I can't. It always turns into brick. So, no (filo) pies for me. It's a bit like me using gelatine: it always stays watery. O well, I'll stick to my non-filo, non-gelatine cooking.

I wish I had a recipy for Shephard's pie tho, I had it a few times when I lived in London and I *miss* London!

To include an 'on topic' bit: I'm a applepie girl myself. Although a mon chou pie with biscuit crumble base and fresh stawberries on top is PRETTY good too.
I just noticed this cute little gem as I went through this thread:

"Aaaaaaand now that he's posted on my blog, I have his IP address.

And as soon as my techie friend gets back to me, I will have his name."

Correction, Girlbomb_redux, you have the IP address of the computer from which I posted the message, which just happens to be different from my home computer. I’ve been visiting a friend of mine for the past week. As much as I’d love to haughtily declare my apathy because you can’t identify me, you can still connect my most secret and personal thoughts to the name of someone important to me, and that sucks. If you have any conscience, you’ll leave the IP address as an arbitrary sequence of numbers and dots and just let it go. You’re not being threatened or harassed, so there’s no excuse for snooping around my identity or the identities of those close to me.

I'd like to point out that this is quite possibly the first truly threatening thing on this site. I may have said and done some regrettable things, but I have never threatened to track anybody down or invade anyone's privacy. That’s crossing the line, and regardless of your opinions of me, you have to admit that.

By the way, any novice hacker could trace anybody here, even if their e-mail address is hidden, so the fact that you have some means of tracing the computer from which I wrote isn’t that special. I won’t include any details here because I don’t want to give the wrong people any ideas. However, no matter how many harmless textboxes people write that say troll this and troll that, I will never be enough of an *ASS* to hack into anyone’s name or address. When you turn off your computer and go to bed, your interaction with me ends, and you can rest assured that I won’t do anything to you in the real world – unless you come looking for me.


Just because I have some wires crossed in my head that yield an unusual sexual fetish doesn’t mean that I am a predator or a creep or a bad person. Maybe I do have something wrong with me, but as a complete person, I also have many thoughts outside of sex. (I have shared some of them around the lounge, and you can do a search to read them if you like.) Think of this; homosexuals have a condition that brings thoughts that are disturbing to most people and counterproductive in terms of reproduction. I don’t see much gay-bashing here, so I guess we generally agree that just because a man is gay doesn’t make him a piece of human trash, and the same goes for my fetish. In fact, I can be turned on and perform sexually through mainstream means as well, so my condition doesn’t at all disable me, and I have no need to physically force it on others.
smurfin, I can give you the recipe for shepherds pie if you like?

I ended up going on a sausage roll hunt last night. I am obsessed.

You are the worst bunch of lesbian vegans I have ever met. All of you should be forced to turn in your Crocs at once.
Oh God, now I'm craving sausage rolls...
Mmmm, floor pie....
Uh, I had to go out to the delightful Irish pub here last night and get sausage rolls - and its all your fault!!! (oh, and I like 'em with spicy mustard)

*hands crocs over to girlbomb dutifully*

I won't even mention the chocolate stout cake I had....
what have we started? damn, I want cake now. Chocolate sponge and buttercream. *dribbles*

I don't have any crocs. Will birkenstocks do, girlbomb?
I once had a blackberry pie made with phylo dough. At that point I was homesick (I'm from oregon) and it just reminded me of home. yummy.
I can do chicken pot pie, but other meat pie never did it for me.
the only crocs i have are five year old boy foot sized, sorry. but i don't crave sausage roles so i ain't turnin' in Nuthin!

chocolate sponge and buttercream however, ooh. i don't even know what that is exactly but i'm drooling over it just the same.

girlbomb is the bestest. you rock woman.
I just made Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownies....sooooo chocolatey, right out of the pan, warm and a little undercooked.

hee hee, girlbomb. You'll have to pry my birks out of my cold dead hands.
and again, I say, word, polly. Cold dead hands, indeed (or off my perfectly formed to the soles of my feet insoles, or the replaceable sole)


yes, I'm back...and I hate to dig up the poor horsey, kick it some more, and then bury it again, but I can't just let it pass - how can someone who impersonates someone in order to discredit them NOT be immediately labeled a troll? seriously. wtf?

and that's all I'm saying about it
Oh, all right, keep your comfortable, posture-enhancing footwear, then. I'm just a persecuted minority here. A horribly, terribly persecuted minority.

Ouch, my balls!
ha! oh lawd, you make me laugh so hard.
Pepper, did you notice that nobody responded to your little ‘poll’? Of course, nobody will put their reputation on the line by admitting that they agree with me, but I'm quite certain that if they agreed with you, they'd be more than happy to write it here to rub my face in it. The fact that not one of them who posted here, not even those who despise me and defend you, said that they agree with you says everything. Nobody’s buying your crap; they all know you want pictures of my danglers. :-) If it’s any consolation to you, maybe now that I’ve pointed that out you’ll get some pity votes. Now on to Girlbomb_redux...

"Ouch, my balls!"

I know you're just talking about the balls of your feet, but when I read that, I couldn't help but picture myself on the business end of your favorite footwear. I think that was intentional, but I'm not sure. Either way, the thought did turn me on.

I read some more of your blog, and you really do have a biting wit. I love the part about how it's so much easier to throw together a blog and have people misinterpret it right away than to trouble yourself to write another book and have somebody say it sucks years later. I'm more into prose and poetry for similar reasons. (No, it's not about ballbusting.)

Come to think of it, your sense of humor shows up here, too. When I asked if your book included ballbusting in it, you responded, "Oh, and my book is chock full of ballbusting. Like, every other page I'm stomping some dude's nads. In Chapter Eight, I saw off a pair and start wearing them as earrings." It takes a certain talent to dream up that sarcasm, rather than to just say, "No, it doesn't have any ballbusting in it. Now get lost, freak!" That book might be worth reading even sans CBT.

I would have given you this praise on your website, but I'm back at my regular computer now, and it's bad enough that you can narrow my identity down to a one of a circle of friends. Even with the grossly inappropriate threat which is excused by others only because of my lack of popularity, you still seem pretty cool.


Your significant other gave us the green light in the comments section of your website...Nah. I can just use your pictures on myspace for that. :-) Although, since we are both writers, maybe we can get together sometime for other reasons. Of course, then I'd have to tell you who I am...oh, hell, I guess it's really not that big of a deal when you get down to it. While I've presented myself here primarily in the context of my sexual fetish, there's actually a lot more to me than that. (Do a search for my username to read a little of what I put on this site.)
What poll?
Danglers! A new word to add to my vocabulary!
It's in the archive of this thread through June 29, 2006, in a post by Pepper. Pepper unintentionally implied that she wants pictures of my genitalia in the groin attack thread, and now she's trying to change the meaning of her statement. You can read all about it in the archive of this thread through June 29, 2006, archive of this thread through June 28, 2006, and in the more recent posts in the groin attack thread.
If I ever wake up a lesbian one day you can bet your sweet ass I'm *not* gonna wear Birks or Crocs. I'm not giving up my beautiful shoes for anything!

I am not here to defend, but to clarify. No, I don't think Pepper's trying to change the meaning of her original post. The conversation to which you are referring was about two Kansas girls (Myself & Sixel.) eating calves testes. She made a joke about wanting to see pictures of us doin' up the fries, not that she wanted to see pictures of your genitals or that she wanted photos of them dredged & dropped in boiling oil. You chose to take it there, not her. At least, that was my interpretation of the conversation. I thought it was funny & that yes, they would be amusing pictures. Me & Sixel dusted with flour cookin' with the Frydaddy. It was much funnier than your joke about not wanting me to perform fellatio on you because I enjoy fries twice a year.

Oddly, I like to make shepherds pie with a crust. I know that's not traditional, but I like crust. I like to smash the crispy, buttery crust in with the filling. So I guess it's more of a ground beef/lamb/veggie pot pie. I haven't had a frozen pot pie since a co-worker brought in a Marie Callendar one with a grip o' frozen meal worms in the bottom. Blech!

By the way: baking paper has totally revolutionised my piemaking skillz. If you line something with baking paper that sticks up past the rim, and then pastry, then when it's cooked you can pull it out as a stand-alone pie.
how is it that on a farking hot 90 degree july day, I somehow wanna make lamb pie???

honestly, this whole debate is like the most ridiculous thing i have ever read on this site. (the one between amazing_bass/numbnuts-not pie. honestly, don't you think it would be better for all if it was just dropped. hes a jackass, i think thats clear, but no one should actually feel threatned, thats like ridiculous.
Ven-I use parchment paper for everything! line a cookie sheet with it before you put the cookie dough down and you have NO problem just slidin' 'em off the sheet....

And on the subject of pies: Now I'm thinking of inventing a recipe for calf fries pie...hmmm...maybe with redeye gravy, or some kind of gravy seasoned with hot sauce, and a lovely puff pastry on top...needs a clever name, though...suggestions?

and as this week's elected lesbian representative of local 696, I have to say Birks and Crocs are OUT, sexy 3" heels will be standard. that is all.
My sister got me *silver* Birks. They're so cool.
I'm a mashed potato on shephard's pie girl myself. And I prefer lamb to beef.
raisingirl about A Vegetarian's Nightmare?*

*Yes, I'm one of them, so I'm allowed to say that kind of stuff.
I like the crust to be on the bottom not the top, I pipe smashed taters on top of it. I like to mix in a little of both beef & lamb. Buy a few choice cuts & I have a bad ass Kitchenaide that grinds everything up for me.

Philistine! How about hang fry pie? Fries being dangly bits & all?
crust rules

does anyone else make samosas? I have to bake them 'cause I don't have a fryer, and I use spelt flour because my body throws a temper tantrum if I touch wheat, but they're yummy. YUMMY, I tells ya...potato, peas, onions, mustard seeds, cumin, ginger, and touch of turmeric, with a vinegar/sugar based dipping sauce

I miss cooking. Stupid tiny kitchen!
hey hey you lot, let's not get our pies confused! Shepherds Pie is made with lamb and mashed tatties, but if you're going to use beef, you have to call it Cottage Pie. They're two different dishes!

pepper, buttercream is butter and icing sugar. Butter icing, except for some reason if you stick it between two layers of sponge it becomes cream.

I'm only offering girlbomb my birks because there is no fucking way she's getting her hands on my beautiful heels
luci - you need to post that samosa recipe, pronto over in Barefoot....I, too, suffer the wheat allergy, but still end up punishing my bod a couple times a week...

six, you're gonna have to teach me to walk in those heels, I've never gotten the hang of them...but I'll admit to their appealing nature...
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