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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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i miss my grandmother's apple pie. *sniffle*

i don't think i've ever had meat pie.

and now i must go look for my sil's chocolate pecan pie recipe. to die for.
oh great, now we have a bunch of pie-loving trolls
:-) Will the invasion ever end?!
:wink:yeah..pie trolls
yuefie didn't change her name because she was dingoed, or because she's a troll, she changed her name BACK to her original handle cos she's sick of asshats dictating how she conducts herself on boards. Yes, that's "board" not "bored".
:-) thanks for that, bunny.
Yes indeed, I did get sick of asshats dictating anything in my world. I did also have some sort of issue/dingoesque snafu with my username, so I took it as a *sign* it was time to make the switch back to Yuefie. And I'm so glad I did!

(((hunny bunny))) :-) *smooches*

*doing my best Rodney King* Can't we all just get along?

C'mon everybody, let's not let troll wars or territorial pissing contests tear us apart. I love BUST and would hate to see it continue on in such a negative fashion. Lets just try to set a better example for conduct than some of *us* have been lately (I'm looking in the mirror here) for the noobs. We don't want to scare off potential BUSTies and BUSTers by behaving like a bunch of bullies. I'm not saying we should tolerate trolling or asshattery, just not jump down eachother throats at the slightest provocation. We are all free to disagree without pulling out the claws ;)

*group hug* (((((BUSTies)))))) (((tallgirl, tyger, pixie, snaf, aural, pepper, girlbomb, ggg, raisin, everyone else))) I lurve you all.

Mmmm.... pie. I had this incredible black bottom strawberry banana cream pie, oh maude! It was a chocolate cookie crust, a layer of chocolate ganache, vanilla cream, bananas and strawberries and whipped cream. Heavenly! Anybody ever have Chess pie before? I am looking for a good recipe for it, guess I'll post that in Barefoot & Precocious.
yuefie...I do indeed Lurve chess pie...if you find a recipie, let me know...the only place I know to get it is Furr's.Blech!
yuefie...I do indeed Lurve chess pie...if you find a recipie, let me know...the only place I know to get it is Furr's.Blech!

It also might be pointed out that the reason you were using the other name was because of a dangerous situation with a violent ex. Those are the types of trolls I'm concerned with. Not ones that don't know when to give it up and go home.
um. okay. i apologize for contributing to pie-trolling. i knew there was a reason i avoid this thread like the plague.
Mando, I think that was good-natured ribbing. I hope it was! Because "pie troll" is just too amusing a phrase to want to be very bad ...
Yeah, pixie. I do believe that the situation with the asshat ex you mentioned is what bunny was referring to.

mandi, no need to stop contributing to us pie trolls, love. Come back and talk pie with me. You know I lurves ya, even more than chess pie :-)
(Snafooey - for the record, I got some PMs too, including one from the account masquerading as Pepper.)

I don't think there was nothing in the complaints of those of us who complained - and I only did so after interacting with him in good faith and giving him the benefit of the doubt for a while. But at the same time I accept that some other busties here experience that poster very differently, and want to continue with him.

As far as I'm concerned personally, it's all good - all I want with people I think are trolls is to ignore and be ignored in return. So, this isn't going to impact on anyone else's interactions with this man - I don't feel I'm stepping on toes.

Are cheesecakes considered pies?
Mmmm, cheesecake. Ven, cheesecake is way more pie than cake, at least in *my* book.

And I agree with your post entirely.
Cake, pie, whatever - it's all yummy rich goodness.

Until it's too much yummy & rich, and then it's more overwhelming blech than goodness, but that's a long way from the start.
oh ven, that's really sucky. being impersonated is really invasive and yuck but to hear that pm's were sent out as "me"? ugh. i feel kinda, i dunno, dirty. eww.
i made that last post in good faith, i wasn't being sarcastic or rude or provoking, i genuinely meant what i said. but now i take it all back. screw that mother. sending out pm's as me, pfft, oh no, that's not a tr*ll at all.
when those of you who are making the suggestion that he stick around and prove himself have had your own experience with a nasty f-er cyber stalking you on your favourite website y'all are welcome to invite him to stay and try to repair things but until then i don't appreciate the invites, k? i did get an email, if it wasn't from him that sucks for him, but the rest of it, the stalking, insults, name calling, impersonating, pm-ing, etc? that's all right here for everyone to read. i don't want him to stick around at all. sorry, just don't. i like my girly forum full of GIRLS. and honorary girls, but that's an EARNED position.

i only like cream pies. cooked fruit turns me off. ok, maybe a pineapple pie would be ok and i do like lemon tart in moderation but that's it for fruit. and no mincemeat either, just what is that stuff anyhow?
cheesecake better count as pie! i had the most amazing creamy tofu chocolate pie thing once, oh! divine.
O.K., I promised not to get involved in any more pissing contests, so I'll keep this as even-toned as I can. In fact, I promised myself not to even post in this thread anymore, but I feel there are a few statements that are worth addressing, so here I am.

I don’t know what to say about the impersonation, except, “sorry”. I got drunk one night and I decided to see how observant you all were. I was full of piss and vinegar because everyone was attacking me, and I reacted in the most foolish way possible; by fulfilling their trollish expectations. At that time, I guess I was a troll, but when some people actually came to my defense, I felt bad about what I did. At least I never wrote anything vulgar or derogatory under the Pepper_ name. (Check to make sure if you want.) Anyway, I won’t do anything like that again.

As I stated earlier, I came to the groin attack thread through a search engine and found the rest of the site later. Now that I've exhausted the topic that originally brought me here, I want to bounce some of my more mainstream ideas and interests off of you to see what you all have to say.

One thing I'd like to point out is that this is not "quite clearly" a feminist forum; very few of the threads have anything to do with feminism (feminine interests such as fashion, perhaps, but not feminism). Thus, it's very possible to spend a relatively long time here and not even know the theme of the board.

“(Nowhere on this board did i suggest that i wanted in any way to view your genitalian, if you Read that post it is clearly not directed at you but at the two women commenting directly before me).” Pepper, I quit talking about my genitalia a long time ago, and so did everyone else. Whether you were talking TO me or ABOUT me, you said that you wanted pictures of me getting my testicles being removed, and I pointed out that such pictures would indeed be pictures of my genitalia, meaning that you want pictures of my genitalia. You set yourself up for that; deal with it. One has to wonder why you’re still referring to me “waggling [my] bits” when everyone else is through with the subject of my genitalia. I have to fight the urge to tell what I think the reason is.

“And finally, I still have no reason to believe that Pepper is making stuff up about you out of spite. If she says that you sent her harassing PMs, why should I take your word over hers given your behaviour in general?” I see what you’re saying, but think about it. The system doesn’t let me send more than two private messages to a user without a response. So, in order to harass Pepper (or anyone else) with such messages, I would have to come up with a new username for every two I send, which would make it easier for Pepper to delete them than for me to send them. It just doesn’t stand to reason.

The statement, "it is kind of an unwritten rule here...the men just don't start threads", really pisses me off because it's so blatantly sexist. I can't believe a true feminist would say something like that. If you genuinely seek equality among the sexes, slamming the other half like this is really counterproductive.

I don't understand the connection being drawn in this quote, "Yuefie changed her name because she was dingoed. Which you would know something about, amazingbass, had you joined this bored with proper intentions." My experience at the BUST Lounge is my first time posting at a message board, and I didn’t even know what a troll was until incessant uses of the word forced me to look it up on the Internet. I tried to look up “dingo” in Internet slang on the internet, but I couldn’t find anything. If someone could define this for me, I’d appreciate it.

Anyway, I really screwed up royally several times; I’m not denying that. However, I’m trying to put all that ugliness and stupidity behind me, and be like a different person under the Amazing_Bass name. I know the rules now, and I’ll try to only post things that interest others as much as they interest me. Wish me luck!
"I promised not to get involved in any more pissing contests, so I'll keep this as even-toned as I can. In fact, I promised myself not to even post in this thread anymore, but I feel there are a few statements that are worth addressing, so here I am. "
hello passive-aggressive.

again i will ask, why do you want to be HERE particularly. and yes, this IS in fact a feminist website, as is the magazine that it is based on. whether you think the threads here are particularly feminist or not, they are WRITTEN by feminists, excepting the religious wacko junk. why do you want to bounce your ideas in here specifically? why not on a men's site or at least one populated by equal amounts of men and women. there are under 10 actual men posters here and they are accepted because they fit in.
again i will ask, why here?
go back and read your thread again. i did NOT say that i wanted to see pictures of you AT ALL. ACTUALLY READ IT. i said i wanted to see what the two poster directly before me were talking about (cooking with hot oil). it wasn't about you. not everything is.
as for the impersonating, low. and then you went on for two days about how you had perpetrated it in order to speak as a crassy, juvenile potty mouth as you think i do to see if anyone would notice. that's not 'drunk one night', that excuse doesn't wash.
i know you would love to imagine that i or any other woman here is obsessed with your genitals but face it, that's how you made your entry here, name change or no, that is how you will be remembered.
this shit:
"meaning that you want pictures of my genitalia. You set yourself up for that; deal with it. One has to wonder why you’re still referring to me “waggling [my] bits” when everyone else is through with the subject of my genitalia. I have to fight the urge to tell what I think the reason is. "
that's abusive crap. passive-aggressive-abusive, but abusive none the less.

Why? That’s a good question, actually. I’m familiar with so many of the members here now, and I hate to leave on bad terms with people. Paradoxically, I also have somewhat of an ill temperament, which motivates my more negative actions on the board. I guess you could call that passive-aggressive, or whatever label you want to use. Anyway, I want to stick with the people here who I already feel like I know. Also, since they are very different from me, they offer unique perspectives that I couldn’t get from a bunch of other guys who are like me. I can likely guess what someone who is “like me” would think, so input from them is not as interesting.

As antagonistic as this is, I have to say it. I know what that exchange in the groin attack thread was, and so do you, and so does everyone else. Minx brought up the subject of “Nuts-o” (me), Sixelcat made the suggestion to “catch 'em I'll mix up some seasoned flour and turn the Frydaddy on....”, where “’em” would most logically refer to the former subject, namely me. Then you say - not just “i want pictures.” - but “omg, i want pictures. ha!”, because I guess you always use interjections like “omg” and “ha!” when talking about something as provocative as cooking with hot oil. You’re not fooling anyone, and trying to do so and then play the poor abused victim is just pathetic. My advice: just let it go. If it bothers you that much, either toughen up, or be more careful with your wording when you attack someone like me. Sometimes, I couldn’t have set you up for easier jokes if I had been writing on your behalf the whole time.
Fucking hell. Can we all just move on from this? If numbnuts/amazingbass wants to be a genuine, interested member of this forum, then let everyone else stand back and let him do the work of proving himself to be a genuine, interested member. I mean, let's face it, it's going to take a lot of work, after everything that's transpired, and if he's committed to doing the work, then let him. Frankly, his behaviour has shown him to be - in my eyes, and in many other busties' eyes - a bit of a condescending asshole who has, in the past (and currently, in some ways), been unwilling to own his own shit. And if he's willing to work hard to try to overcome his reputation as a condescending asshole, and to own his own shit, then by all means, let him try. But honestly, one way or the other, can we just move on?

amazingbass, it is a mistake to assume that some topics are "not feminist" by virtue of the subject under discussion. I think you will find that even if you ventured into the "fashion" and "celebrity gossip" type threads, you would find even those topics being discussed with an undercurrent of feminist analysis, which shapes most if not all of the discussion on this board. The BUST Lounge does come from BUST magazine, which is indeed a feminist magazine, and while not all the participants would self-identify as feminist, most would, and this certainly has always been a pro-feminist space.

It would probably be of some great benefit to everyone if you actually were to answer all the questions about why you are interested in this discussion space specifically.

Also, I'm not really sure where the idea came from that men aren't allowed to create threads or participate fully....I've been here almost 4 years, and that's never been my understanding. (And believe me, I'm not saying this to "defend the menfolk" - the rest of you know I'm not that woman.) Although certainly it's a general understanding in feminist theory, which I agree with and support, that members of privileged groups (men, whites, etc.) need to understand how they use their privilege to take up extra space that is not generally afforded to members of oppressed groups. In a place like this, that might include not starting unwanted or unasked for threads without discussing it first, or it might include not taking up huge amounts of space in a place where members of oppressed groups congregate to discuss and strategize against oppression. I also think it's important for men to genuinely understand seriousness of the role gender-based abuse and violence plays in the lives of women, as well as its prevalence, in order to understand and _respect_ why women react the way they do to perceived threats. amazingbass, I'm trying to be honest and genuine when I say I think these two pieces of information are keys you've shown to be missing in your interactions in the Lounge, and I hope you will do some reading on male privilege and gender-based abuse/violence before you press on.
oh dude, here is the transcript for you. read it instead of reading Into it.

(sorry girls, so far i haven't defended myself at ALL, and this is it)

"Where I come from batter dipped calves testes are called calf fries"

"*seconds AP on the calf fries*

"Hells yeah!!! With extra hot sauce!
I've actually cooked 'em up from start (yes, the actual removal) to finish. Ah, the benefits of being part country girl/ex-professional cook.... "

"Wow, Sixelcat, I've never made them from scratch! That's awesome!"

"It's been a few years and I don't have the clipper-thingy, but I DO have some rubber bands....if you wanna catch 'em I'll mix up some seasoned flour and turn the Frydaddy on.."

(as for minx's comments, i bypassed that completely as it wasn't about the topic we were currently discussing.)

and yes, frankly, OMG! and i do want to see sixel and ap running around the farm chasing cows with elastic bands. that is hillarious.

shall we take a poll? were any of us (with the exception of possibly minx) speaking of you or of cow? hmm, i think i can safely surmise that ap and sixel were not talking about boy balls and i can certainly say that i wouldn't bait a sexually depraved troll with the idea that i actually Wanted to see his genitals, even in jest, because i AM actually a sexual abuse survivor and no, i don't joke about that kind of thing with freaky wackos. don't you DARE tell me to toughen up and accuse me of attacking YOU. FUCK YOU you abusive piece of shit. that bit of the conversation was no more about you than the guyliner in the automotive thread was. deal with the fact that the only way you could possibly be of any interest let alone the center of a conversation here is by being the absolute pest that you are.

and btw, 'familiar with' does not equate to 'on good terms with'. just so you know. most of us will never accept you here.

doodle, he IS doing a fine job of proving himself to be exactly what he is. a total jerk who gets off on abuse. and here we are giving him just what he wants the most. betcha in rl not one of us would give him the time of day. this is the only way he can get any attention from women at all and THAT right there is why he's here and why he stays.
pathetic little loser tr*ll bot.
Um, yeah. I'm feeling a little defensive here. *I* did not ask numbnuts/amazing bass to "stick around and prove himself". He is/was already here, and there is not a damn thing *I*, or anyone else can do about it. What *I* want or request has jack shit to do with the price of tea in china.

Pepper, you aren't happy with his presence, he has personally offended/impersonated/harassed/stalked you, I get this. Not only do I get it, I understand it. I am sure there are plenty of others who agree. This, I am not disputing in the least.

I came in to this thread guns a blazin', and back peddaled because it was not really my business to begin with. You and all the others already involved seem perfectly capable of handling it, and I decided I needed to butt out. I don't see how this translates in to my inviting him to stay. What I did say is that if he is going to stay, which is obvious by now he is going to do, and attempt to participate in the threads and expect to taken seriously he would need to stop the trollish behavior and prove his intentions have truly changed. It's called playing devil's advocate. Does this somehow mean I or anyone who suggested he show he is not a troll have control over whether or not he leaves or stays or is somehow a traitor?

And as a matter of fact, yes I have had a stalker before. I had someone who hacked in to my email and sent threatening messages to my best friends mother, calling her all sorts of crude names. I had someone who went in to my messenger and chatted with people as me, who went through my trash and sat outside my house while I came home from dates, and watched me. I was told by the police there was nothing I could do about it until I had proof or he did something violent towards me. I'm sure others here have had some scary experiences with stalkers. Ask Doodlebug or Pixie, they've both dealth with stalking and harassment. And completely unrelated to the previously mentioned stalking incident, I changed my user name out of fear that my posts here at BUST would be monitored by the ex asshat I was trying to break away from. I do not profess to know exactly what you've been through here, but I do feel that attacking your fellow BUSTies doesn't seem to be the answer. I've always enjoyed your posts and I'm sorry if you felt betrayed by some of us here who weren't keeping up the attack on numbnuts. While I can appreciate how frustrated and violated you feel, continuing the shit flinging is not *my* job.

This whole thing is so far out of effing hand I'm starting to see why BUSTies are defecting to LJ left and right. Yeah, efilorp needn't post, he can sit back and watch the show.

Now, can we please all just stop ripping eachother apart, acting like trolls ourselves and get back to BUSTing for chissakes??? GEEZ louise! I miss this being *our* place damnit, it's gone to pot lately. SO for the love of maude, PLEASE, lets reclaim this space and move along! Talk about pie, cake, guyliner, or the weather for all I care, just please, please, PLEASE let's not be nasty to eachother any more.

ETA (((pepper))) I really am sorry you've had to go through any of this cause it sucks big huge NUTS. Just please, ignore, ignore, ignore!
pepper, I did not mean to minimize any of the bizarre things numbnuts/amazing bass has subjected you or anyone else to. I know his actions are triggering all kinds of things for several people, but don't you think it would be easier to just stop expending our energies on this? We have pretty much all seen for ourselves who he is already. Maybe it's better to just move on.
damn, when I said "not only do I get it, I understand it" I was trying to say that I understand why you feel violated. What bothered me is I felt it was insinuated that I, or other BUSTies were somehow responsible for his continued presence here. That is what I took exception to. It's neither here nor there, and really we should all just STFU and stop arguing semantics, and stop pointing fingers. We BUSTies gotta stick together!
Strawberry Shortcake. With Amish Whipped Cream.

((((I love you all)))))

I did not know an impersonation was going on. Now, I am more afraid of this person than annoyed.
first of all, girls, we're IN the tr*ll thread. where else should we discuss this? i'm not posting about it anywhere else but i sure am going to here because i have some things that need to be said.
yuefie, i didn't attack you, i didn't use your name or doodle's or anyone else's, i didn't even read who wrote what. all i read, and it seemed to be coming from a few people, were invitations to 'stick around and prove you're not a troll'. would anyone be ok with their friends and family saying that to an ex-abusive partner or a stalker? gah, NO! this accepting that he's going to stick around and inviting him to do so is lame. no, i don't expect anyone to keep up the shit flinging, that's how we got stuck with his abuse loving self in the first place. i expect people to ignore the tr*lls as usual which isn't happening here because this one is very, very good at playing the innocent crap and throwing in enough posts that aren't absolutely blatant tr*lling to confuse people all over the board. i have been ignoring everything including the personal attacks and haven't felt the need to respond to heinous posts directed at me but now it's another issue, of the other posters here excusing his behavoir (on my behalf?) towards ME as an individual. that isn't cool with me. this person impersonated me to the point of pm-ing other posters. would anyone want a person like that to stick around? I. DON'T. FEEL. SAFE. HERE.
there hasn't been a satisfactory answer to the question 'why are you here instead of somewhere else?' and the only reason that i can see is to continue the harrassment. that stuff about having 'gotten to know people here' is weak. and you know what? if we ALL presented a united front and ignored tr*lls entirely with NO response to them, they Would go away, and rather quickly too. so resigning ourselves to this ones presence is a bit like telling him we Want him to stick around. is there actually even ONE other poster who WANTS him to stay as opposed to be resigned to accepting him? Anyone at all, even one? i don't think there is actually. so why are we putting up with it? and dang it all, where is that 'ignore poster' button anyhow?!? gah, that would fix this one thing at least.
yes, i hope that we can move on and i Was ignoring to the best of my ability up to now. but i really had to say something about this. my ignoring it was not an indication that it hasn't been offensive to me, scary, upsetting etc. i haven't been responding to it because that reaction is Exactly what he wants. but now i have my fellow busties telling me, what? don't worry my pretty little head about it? let him stick around and prove he's not an asshole when he's already proved that he is? geez girls.
I love my Busties!!!! We must ignore, ignore ignore.

And yes, the pie-troll was a joke! Sorry, I thought that would be obvious, or I never would've posted it.

ANd ok, this isn't pie, but I had one of the yummiest flourless chocolate torte thingies last week and I'm still just dreaming of it. MMMMM. God I love chocolate.
Pepper, I got your back. If the Jesus tr**l is the the guy on the corner in the tin foil hat, this guy is the prick who followed me around in his car the other night to the point where I had to duck into a Souvlaki restaurant for fifteen minutes to put him off my trail.

I know that in general, I don't post much anymore unless it's Media Whores or if something compels me usually either here or the F-Word, so I probably come across as more "contrary" than I'd like, as I'm only moved to write if something really jumps out at me (as opposed to the joking around/more personal details of the past). In that respect, I suppose my stance on this issue is just more of the same, but yeah. I don't get it either. Not that I've never troll-baited (hell, I slipped just the other day), but resignedly inviting someone to prove themselves when they should be frozen out? Again, that's not to say I'd never take the bait, but I don't particularly want to "absorb" someone who makes me feel icky.

We keep telling people to ignore tin foil hat man and yet this guy is being told - albeit as a last resort - that he should try harder? How does that make sense when the former is annoying but ultimately far, far less creepy?
Pepper, I 100% have your back, I want this asshat gone. That is #1 bullshit, and I feel this person is quite unstable.

I love chocolate, too.

And, this IS the troll thread. I try my hardest to only discuss trolls in this thread.
pixiedust Yuefie mentioned...some of us really understand how violated you feel. And I freely admit to being one of the ones who told him he must prove himself as a non troll if he is going to stay around. But like yuefie, we just kind of have to accept that certain people will never go away no matter what we do or say or ignore. I have stalkers on here...I don't know if you were around about November through March when I had some seriously messed up R/L people who were harrassing me on here. And it was a serious threat to me both here and in r/l. And I know they still read...occasionally I post to them. Because it's human nature. But I do not have to let thier mistreatment of me affect my friendships here or anywhere else.
I did not realize he had impersonated you when I started trying to show him the way...and given the last few posts I do totally think he is a troll. So I'm going to chalk him up to little jesus basher and all the others that just won't seem to leave and ignore the heck out of him because frankly, I am sick to death of this because the hostility is spilling out all over the site.
This will never truely be a feminst "safe place" until the people who run it put some sort of security or monitoring, or ignore function in place.
And I don't want to sound like I am trivializing what he's done to you. But I honestly don't think he's dangerous.But the longer you let him dictate your feelings and attention the more he is getting out of this.
Fruit tarts are good, too.

What's the difference between a tart and a pie?

That sounds like the beginning of a dirty joke.

(ETA: Not trying to trivialize what anybody's been through, trollwise. I got a doozy of a PM the other week, myself. Posted it on my site. I'm just...highly distractable by desserts.)
apologies for my snarkyass post last night, maddy. i'm embarrassed that i took it seriously. me. the queen of sarcastic wit. heh.

(((pepper))) and anyone else who's being harrassed. i wish you calm, soothing vibes. but we are entirely on our own here. ignoring is the best defense. and that also goes for the baiting and the witch-hunts. (no condescension meant. just simple stated humble opinion.)

and just a quick comment on those who seem to be upset about 'The Great LJ Defection'. i really think that has less to do with tr*lls or any other issues here than has to do with people simply wanting a more private, in-depth way to communicate & express themselves, that's all.
no big deal mandolyn-i just felt bad this morning seeing that it was taken seriously! :-)
I just read that email, Girlbomb!


But, too funny! What a delusional mess!
Yet again I am reminded of Oprah Winfrey (yeah, yeah, I know some of you don't like her) talking about what she learned from Maya Angelou (I love this woman) in that famous Wellesley commencement address:

When people show you who they are, believe them, the first time. Not the 29th time! That is particularly good when it comes to men situations because when he doesn't call back the first time, when you are mistreated the first time, when you see someone who shows you a lack of integrity or dishonesty the first time, know that that will be followed by many, many, many other times that will at some point in life come back to haunt or hurt you. When people show you who they are, believe them, the first time.

With that said, I will continue to ignore the tr*lls. Ignore, ignore, ignore. None of them are worth my time or energy. All of you, however, most certainly are.

::boobie-squishin' hugs for my Busties::

And Mando, I wholeheartedly agree with your LJ clarification. That's the way I see it as well.
Girlbomb_redux forgot to tell you where her site is, so here it is: I'm flattered that I got to write the e-mail of the day. In the archive of this thread through June 14, Girlbomb_redux says, “However, if you're really serious about getting me to jump up and down on your genitals, PM me, and we'll work something out.” She was literally asking for that private message, and even then I didn’t request any sexual favors. I just wanted to point this out before some sort of threat or abuse was read into it. I must say, though, I am proud of my literary talents used in describing the fictional event, and I’m glad that my writing is now up where some people can read it. I can imagine people with my fetish getting turned on by it and people without that fetish getting a good laugh.

In response to the Oprah quote, I did show you who I was the first time: a guy with ballbusting insecurities, fears, and fetishes. Now I’m trying to move on to other ideas on my mind.

Pepper, I may not be a troll, but you are most obviously a troll hunter, which is also detrimental to a message board. Nobody has a button in the middle of their forehead that can turn them into a ranting mess so easily, not even you. You overreact on purpose because distracting the whole board pleasures you, and I’m playing right into it by trying to argue with you. Shame on me. I should have known that nobody who promises so fervently and so often not to respond to me could be lured back into it without me even trying unless conflict was what they really wanted. You could ‘vent’ in private messages as suggested earlier instead of doing so here, but that wouldn’t be as distracting for me and for everybody else, would it?

Quite possibly the most misguided, melodramatic thing you wrote was describing me as 'scary', even though I never threatened to do anything to you. Yeah, I’m sure you’re really scared. I will say this; if a few text boxes containing things you don't like to read really do scare you, you're in for a rude awakening when you turn off your computer and venture into the real world.
((((pepper)))) You're right, you did not mention me by name. Like I said, I was feeling defensive about it. I am the one that said, "prove it" to him, after all.

And yeah, being harassed and impersonated sucks big ol' donkey dick! ((((Pixie)))) it irks the hell out of me about those IRL asshat lurkers. SHAME on these idiots. Do people honestly have nothing better to do with their time?

Oh and looky, looky here. I stumbled accross this little gem last night while googling my old username: ile=livelyupurself-users

Notice it was registered on the 23rd, right after I decided to back out of the whole troll hunt ordeal. It has not been used, but whatevs. It kind of stands to reason that if you are going to take over someones former name to impersonate them, you don't put your current/former user name in the profile. So either he is the dumbest troll EVAR and did it, or some other lurker troll decided to have a little fun with it. So whoever did this can post nasty shit as me, and create some chaos around here. Wow, sounds like some real fun. Oh well, I'm not livelyupurself any longer so what difference does it make? My eleven year old neice, who is the one who gave me the nickname Yuefie when she was two, was bummed when I changed my user name. She understood why, but was so happy hear that I changed back. This girl's Yuefie again and Yuefie's got her gun *pow*

All I'm sayin' is that none of us can make anyone here go away. But the more we take sides on the issue, posting snarky replies to one another, the more other trolls get what they want anyhow. I love ALL my BUSTie girls and those very special BUSTers too. All this fat girl wants to do is hear about some pie, dangit :-)

So, anybody here like cobbler? I'm not talking that pie crust imitation cobbler that most chain restaurants like to pass off, but the real, down home, fruit sinks to the bottom, puffy cobbler crust rises to the top goodness. I make a mean peach cobbler, mmmm mmmmm.

If you do not realize that your actions and behavior are at least, frightening, well, you are more mentally ill than I thought. Plus, drunken internet posting, really explains a lot about you. Blaming violent and inexcusable actions on being drunk is ridiculous.

Go away.

(BTW, there are fetish boreds out there, have at it. You aren't welcome here.)
Allright...I've made up my's a troll. I big hairy one with a wart on the end of it's nose.
How dare you link to girlbomb's blog without her permission! That is crossing the line. If she wanted to post the link for the world, she would have done so. You have impersonated Busties and taken over old screen names and yet you don't see anything wrong with your behavior?!!
And why should Pepper have to vent in private? She is an accepted member of this community, which you are NOT! I was willing to give you the benfit of the doubt, but I can't really see where you have contributed anything useful or positive to this forum.
And this"I am proud of my literary talents used in describing the fictional event, and I’m glad that my writing is now up where some people can read it. " is the biggest mark of a troll. Getting off on negative attention.
The Busters on here are accepted because they respect the Busties, respect the forum, and respect feminism in general. All of your posts reek of condescension. We told you how you were coming across, and instead of fixing it you have gone on and just proved that the people who were "accusing you of being a troll" were right.
psssst... all you pie lovahs: check out my new profile pic, hee :-)
I'm sorry, ahead of time, and from the tone here I figure I will probably get my head whacked off for saying this but, I apologize in advance and here goes.....
In referrence to this direct quote by *pixiedust*: "How dare you link to girlbomb's blog without her permission! That is crossing the line. If she wanted to post the link for the world, she would have done so."

Um.... all one has to do is go to any search engine, type in "girlbomb" and you will be taken to this exact "blog" as was linked here by *amazing bass*. It's not locked or private, anyone in the entire world can access this "blog". BUSTies link to all manner of things all day long in these threads and I'm fairly certain they don't always ask permission (of the owner) to do so. I myself have linked directly to a "blog" before (Granny's got a Vibrator) here at BUST and those who checked it out thought it was great.... no one yelled at me for infringing upon the rights of the "blogs" owner..... it's public, on the world wide web, just like girlbomb's (which I have checked out previously by searching for it, just like anyone else can (side note**** you rock Girlbomb!)Anyway....
So was this particular action found to be a "crime against BUSTies" because it was another BUSTies blog that was linked? Instead of just any other "blog" off the web? Or maybe because of WHO linked it? I'm not sure I understand.....
I hate trolls, I hate stupid men who come in here (it's why I've gone to LJ almost exclusively) BUT I also have grown uncomfortable with some of the reactions of BUSTies.....
I just don't understand..... this doesn't make sense.....
The guy is a creep, everyone is entitled to an opinion about him, ok..... but why blast him for linking to something that is PUBLIC, easily accessed by anyone in the world and very much like what others of us have linked to in the past.....
If I have offended anyone by saying this, sorry. If anyone feels the need to rip me apart, go ahead..... why stop now?
Chess pie! An old southern fave. has an excellent basic chess pie recipe from House & Garden circa 1963 & an amazing recipe for a chocolate/pecan Chess pie. Be forewarned on the choc/pecan, it's almost fudgy. I tweaked it, but I'm not sure where I stuck the recipe I made more to my liking.

The main difference between a tart & a pie is that a tart pan is much more shallow than a pie tin.

I make a mean peach cobbler.
You know name, address, and phone number are public too. That does not mean I want it linked to a site over run with trolls. I was pointing out creepy stalker trollish behavior. Especially since he was only posting it to get more attention! but hell..bite MY head off. Everyone else on here is just out to bitch at everyone else lately anyway. It's not even fun to post on here anymore.

Everyone just STOP IT! For fucks sake, let's pull our collective panties out of our asses and SHUT THE HELL UP.

Or at least take the shit flinging in to PM's, and stop giving trolls more whacking material. The BUSTie on BUSTie crime has got to stop, damnit!

Not jumpin' on ya voodoo, just simply pointing out that yes, it was because of who posted it. Not just who, but why he posted it.

I understand why Pixie was so irritated by that, as this shit is just sickening already. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Trolling, is trolling, is trolling. Impersonating other members = trolling. Period. Yes, apologies were made. Yes, it was admitted to. It was still pretty damned skeevy. Unless we have all been hijacked or impersonated, we don't know how it feels.

Still waiting for an answer to my PM asking if it was indeed him who took over my former user name or someone else trying to stir up more shit in his name. No answer yet. I will not assume it *was* him, as I do in my heart still try to believe in innocent until proven guilty. He has proven his trollish tendencies, by impersonating pepper. However that does not prove he did in fact take over my former user name. An answer either way would help to clarify, though.

Now, on to a more pleasant subject...

Oh good lawdy, aural. choco-pecan chess pie? are you trying to kill me?! I used to have a fabulous recipe, but lost it over the years. I remember once putting pecans on the top, and it was a hit. I can only imagine it with chocolate.

I once made a strawberry pear cobbler that was so effing fantastic with vanilla bean haggen daaz.
I apologize if anyone (besides numbnuts/amazingbass) was offended by my posts last night. I was getting frustrated and fed up. (And I was distracted thinking about the possibility of losing my job due to funding cuts last night.) I want to clarify that what *I* mean when I say let him prove himself is that he pretty much can't prove himself after his little performance, so let's just ignore him like we do other trolls and let him dig his own grave. I'm sorry if it came off badly or wrongly. I do miss the days when we just ignored trolls and talked around them, and I really hope the goddesses of BUST are kicking in some new software with an "ignore" function pretty soon.

Did somebody say they had a recipe for chocolate pecan pie?? That is my very favourite on the planet.
Yuefie and Voodoo, maybe Pixie isn't aware that GB writes for this very magazine here that hosts the Lounge? That fact is not exactly a secret, but maybe not everyone who posts here reads the magazine. I don't know. Still, trollio's behavior by merely being here is inexcusable.

Somebody hand me a piece of tart. Yum! :-)
Aaaaaaand now that he's posted on my blog, I have his IP address.

And as soon as my techie friend gets back to me, I will have his name.

Man, I LOVE pie!
I love you.
And I love you all!

Now I plead with you again, can't we all just get along?
And I you.

And thanks, pixiedust, if you're still here, for watching a gal's back.

Thank you also, auralpoison, for explaining the tart/pie thing to me. Unfortunately, you and I still have to throw down over the meat pie issue.


I'll see your meat-pie-making ass over in Flamewar.
I so heart you Girlbomb, and your book.

Mmmm, meat pies can be good. Anyone ever had a piroshki? I personally like jamaican patties. Curry chicken is the best.
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