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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Anytime I hear anything from the Serious Moonlight album I am immediately taken straight back to high school, fortunately enough, the good bits of high school.
Ooops --- album? high school? I just totally dated myself, didn't I...
I will ALWAYS call them albums!
oh so do i. album album album. it's just amazing to me how many people don't even know what i'm talking about at all.
and dialing a phone, with an actual dial? when ever see one of those phones at the second hand store i so want to buy it.
now you can carry your whole harddrive around on a little thing about the size of a stick of trident and i still want a rotary dial phone. ha! im ass backwards about technology.
My God, some people know how to overreact!

Numbnuts may not have gone about things the way everyone else might like, but the only times that I can see him coming near to crossing the line came after someone else overreacted like a man posting an opinion that they didn't want to read was a huge crime against the board.

In my world, Efilorp4/Steve/GodBoy over there copying and pasting straight out of the Bible is a crime against the board. The moron who offered to "suck our bobs until dry" (as amusing as mocking him was), SallyGlass, Verlch, Merle, and all the other true nitwits who over time have tried to do nothing but interrupt our board functionality and tell us what horrible women/feminists/satanists we are have committed countless crimes against the board.

In comparison to those winners, Numbnuts has done nothing wrong.

You want to know what bugs me more? I can ignore the true trolls. That's easy. It's going into legitimate threads and seeing them be taken up by women I usually respect going on about what a troll just posted off-topic. I know to ignore the troll posts - that's easy. But the responses to the trolls are hard to automatically ignore, because they're made by people whose enlightened posts are usually worth reading.

This entire lounge has really devolved lately. Through an internet outage I was unable to access the site for a week or so, and when I finally had access again, I realized I'd completely forgotten to miss being able to come in here.

This is not a flounce - I'm not silly like that. But feel free to flame away, because I won't be reading it.

Oh, and for the record, there have been a couple of automotive threads over time, started by legitimate busties, so getting on Numbnuts for that is a bit backwards, to put it nicely.
there's a retro shop I go to that sells those rotary dial phones, and they actually work. I want one.

What the hell do people call them if they don't call them albums?
i know, do you call them records then? seems like the same deal only more so.

i find rotary dial phones at the second hand store for a couple of bucks all the time. how much are they at the retro shop? funny to think of paying big bucks for something like that eh?
raisingirl, I still wear my Cure tshirt too. Nobody's ever offered me money for it, but I'd never sell it anyway. One woman told me it dates me, but I don't care. I love the shirt and will wear it to pieces.
There's actually a rotary dial phone that you can hook up to run off of your cell phone. That totally cracks me up!

also, I just got rid of my 8-track player a couple of years ago....what are these albums of which you speak?
but surely... records are vinyl? Am I just being English here? I'm not sure how much they are at the retro shop - but probably fairly expensive as it's one of these "we take secondhand junk and flog it to you at excessive prices just 'cos it's retro".

sixe, have you seen those adapters where you can plug a normal phone reciever into a mobile? They make me laugh.
I say album, and I am too young to remember anything but cassettes and CDs. I like it when language hasn't quite caught up with technology yet.
To me, an album is more of a concept whereas a record refers specifically to vinyl. I call any conscious grouping and marketing of a particular set of songs an album, but I'll only call an actual piece of vinyl a record.
I call 'em all records. I don't care if it's a CD or an album. I guess since I go to the record store, I always use record.
i don't really use album. if it's a cd i say cd, tape i say tape, and for vinyl i say licorice pizza. i really need a working turntable, as i bought the cats soundtrack on impulse at a garage sale.

that, and please let's all stop the witch-hunt. numbnuts, i'm going to say this to you: don't play the victim anymore. i really don't think you're a troll, but you don't seem to have found the groove of the lounge, and yes, people did target you, but all you've done lately is prove them right, and make me re-think your troll status. so, i'll offer a suggestion: take a step back and lurk for a week or two, get to know the rythm of threads that interest you, and then decide if you want to contribute. not act like a four year old, not stomp around making threads just because you think we need them, but contribute.

can everyone please stop biting heads off and jumping on every. single. thing. that isn't done as we usually do it as either a troll or spam? for the most part there is no need to attack people, just guide them in the right direction. i don't like how vicious people seem to be getting right off the bat, it really makes me uncomfortable
Well, Tyger, I understand and agree with pretty much everything you just said, except the stomping around, making threads like a four year old bit. To put it in perspective, I naively made ONE thread. I'll be the first to admit that forgetting that I posted the query about the automotive thread in the community forum and starting the thread after a negative response to said query (which I didn't read because I forgot about my initial post) looked really bad, but it was an honest mistake.

Anyway, I'll keep in mind what you said. At least someone is willing to give me the benefit of a doubt.

While I'm posting, I might as well address the conversation at hand. I'm too young to remember actual albums as well, but I often refer to new musical releases as albums, too. "Hey, did you catch the latest Christina Aguilera album?" It sounds funny, doesn't it?
Dang! Ya'll make it sound like nobody makes records anymore! I have a nice turntable & am a regular consumer of the vinyl. Indie 7" & LPs abound. I mostly buy a lot of singles & I still buy Cds.
Just after I had my baby, I was adjusting badly to motherhood, after thinking of myself as Miss Hotstuff, and feeling really old and frumpy.
I went into Woolworths to buy a single, and specifically wanted a record. So I asked for a 7 inch (This is the UK) and the 16 yr old employee said "A what?"
So I said "You know, a record, a single"
He said "A what?"
I said "VINYL"
And he said "I'm sorry, I don't understand you"
I felt bad about myself....

TG and Tyger have both made some very valid points. I am guilty as charged, of taking part in a territorial pissing contest.

But when you enter a place and step on toes, you do have to expect a certain amount of shit to come your way. But we all should stop encouraging retaliation by trolls by instigating them further.

And numbnuts, if you aren't really a troll, show us.

-- basking in the forgiving air all around --
I want a rotary princess phone. In pink.

I still say album and since hubby deejays we buy more vinyl that anything else. we have two turntables.( and a microphone, sorry just couldn't resist) And a wall of records literally a whole wall which would be lying on the floor if it wasn't for Ikea.

We also have a house rule that the guest gets to pick the album that we listen to. That way we get to hear shit we wouldn't normally play.

Margot, don't feel bad I had to explain to my students once that in order to play songs on a record, you had to actually turn it over. They were astounded.
oh, that's like having to get up to change the channel. the young'uns just look at you like you're crazy when you even suggest such a thing but they'll happily ransack the house looking for the remote for half an hour or more. so funny.
I used to a have a bit in my old stand-up act about younger men -- I'd pick out a kid in the audience and start flirting with him, saying, "What are you, twenty? You don't even know how to dial a rotary phone, do you?"

The punchline was, "I have abortions older than you."
They look at me like I'm crazy, anyway. I use my cell phone as a modem for my laptop so I can connect to the internet and download old radio shows from the 40's and 50's, then sync them to the memory card in my cell which also plays mp3s.

All so I can listen to Vincent Price as "The Saint" or "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe".

Which I used to listen to on vinyl back in the 70's.
nice one girlbomb!
I thought of something funny. Not only do I sometimes refer to new musical releases as albums, but I have been known to talk about how much "film" is left in my DIGITAL camera.
Thanks for the tip about IKEA because me and the boy have a ton of albums. Really cool ones like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Wire, Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Stiff Little Fingers, Black Flag, the Raincoats, Patti Smith, everything of Bowie's, 80s HipHop and Dance Mixes, PiL, B-52s, Joy Division, Magazine, New York Dolls, Shangri-Las Velvet Underground and Led Zep

And 45s from the early 60s as well as the early 80s.

Yeah. Vinyl rules.

We have really CRAZY speakers with a big bass box.

After moving, i must say it's tempting to switch over to all MP3s

I would LURVE a rotary phone. All phones you buy to put on a table these days are cheap and ugly. Or even a cool original 70s pushbutton phone -- they used to make this bright yellow color that was so cool!! I bet that would cost a shitload of money now.

It was gorgeous and so well solidly made and heavy that if Naomi Campbell beat someone with it they would be dead.
Up until about 8 years ago, the phone my parents kept in their bedroom was an old black rotary phone. I think it still works and it's in their basement. And it's mine, all mine!

Speaking of ignorant whipper snappers, there's this obnoxious woman at work who's a couple of years older than me (she's like 29, I think) and I overheard someone else in the office reference W.C. Fields in a conversation and she said, "who's W.C. Fields?" Me and the 23-year-old who sits in front of me had to restrain our laughter.
My friend had to take her 8 year old to the Imperial War Museum to show him what a typewriter was...

There was a minitrend in London for mobile phone ear/mouth pieces made out of old rotary-dial phone handpieces. You just plug them into your cell/mobile.
Yay! I had one of those handsets for my mobile. It made a few people smile when my bag rang, and I pulled out a big handset.
I couldn't fit one of those in my pocket, but I'd love an old bakelite one for my home phone. They were just so comfortable.
that's what I was takling about godslioness! Thos things crack me up... my friend has one and he uses it every now and again.

mind you, he strolls round london in a barbour and flat cap.

Hell, we had typing lessons at school. On typewriters... this was six years ago.
I was amazed, though- my friend's 4-year-old knew what a record was- apparently they still use them at her preschool. We were talking about records and she said "I know what a record is!" We were skeptical and asked her what it looked like and she said it was black and round and flat and you put a needle on it to play it. We were pretty surprised.

It's so hard to get a good record player without spending a shitload of money- we bought a pretty crappy one for about $130 a couple of years ago, but to get a good one is like $300-$400 because at this point, the high-quality market is DJ's and we just can't afford that!
It's public service announcement time.

The tr*ll by the name of Numbnuts is now known as Amazing_bass.

Carry on, and please don't bait the tr*lls.
Wow, for someone who says he is not a troll, he sure is using techniques from Troll 101 textbooks.
Rule #1: Change your name, so you can either have convos with yourself, or to try to fool bored regulars.

What a doofus.
I put right in my profile that I'm the same guy as Numbnuts, and I even prompted everyone to read my profile in the newbies thread; I'm obviously not trying to fool anybody. All I wanted to do was choose a less offensive username that’s easier to take seriously, as suggested by another member in a private message. That's not deceptive or dishonest at all.

I guess Yuefie (Livelyupyurself) is a troll, too, since she changed her username and said so *right in her profile*. (In case you can't figure it out, that's sarcasm, since there's no reason to doubt that Yuefie's a legitimate member.)

This board has some nice, remarkably understanding people on it, which is why I went to the trouble to change my username to one that’s less suggestive, but it's also plagued with some real idiots. I don’t know if these people are actually this bewilderingly stupid, or if they just act like it to aggravate (which would make them *trolls*), but please:

Do not feed the trolls.


Do not feed the idiots. (I need to stop responding to these people myself.)
amazing_bass, you have to understand that you really pissed people off, and everyone here is really protective of this space. your reactions are NOT helping (though changing your name and not keeping it secret isn't a bad thing). so long as you don't start talking to yourself with two different names.

my advice? i gave you the benefit of the doubt, but your immature reactions (i'm not saying they're the only immature ones, but somebody has to stop first, right?) are trying my patience. do you know WHY yuefie changed her name? no, you don't, and your condescending use of her as an example pisses me off. plus, i do believe you just insinuated that ggg and raisin were idiots. and you really don't want to call my girls idiots. 'cause that just makes everyone mad at you
Amazing...until this latest name change, I wasn't aware of your previous incarnations. I know you have been trying to be "witty" and "clever" in your choice of screen names, but it really is a big turn off.
Honestly, I think some people are a little too ready to beat you back under a bridge. You have made some serious faux paus here and you just have to realize it is going to take time, and more than a name change to undo the damage.
But if you really aren't a tr*ll, stop rising to the bait, baiting others, and continuing this disruption of the boards. I find you pretty harmless and easy to ignore and it almost seems *no offense girls* that the ones who are screaming the loudest to ignore seem to have the hardest time actually doing it.
Pixiedust and Tyger, if you speak to me maturely like you just did, I find it easy to respond maturely. When people insult me like elementary school children, I find it hard not to respond with the same tone. I will acknowledge that I need to work on that.

"I know you have been trying to be "witty" and "clever" in your choice of screen names, but it really is a big turn off." Is there something off-putting about the names Amazing_Bass or Cary O. Key, or is it just the sexually suggestive names that bother you?

" is going to take time, and more than a name change to undo the damage." I am aware of this, and I only intended the name change to be a start. I expected that since I was honest and open about it, it would be better received that this.

“do you know WHY yuefie changed her name? no, you don't, and your condescending use of her as an example pisses me off.” I think you already understand what I was saying, but just in case, I used Yuefie as an example of someone who changed her name but is NOT a troll. I think I read that she changed her name because of some malfunction with the board that kept her from using her original name. I really don’t think the reason for her name change is relevant here; my point was that changing one's name and being honest about it shouldn't send up any red flags.

“i do believe you just insinuated that ggg and raisin were idiots.” The thought had crossed my mind, but upon further review, I think they just have it in for me. They want to present facts in such a way as to make me appear shady to everyone else, so that the other members of the bust lounge will share their views. I must admit that I fell right into it at first by flaming them as I did. *hanging my head in reproach* Well, they can call me doofus or fucker or whatever playground name they want, but I won’t get lured into another crap-flinging contest.

To all the naysayers out there who want to screw up the board for me as well as for everyone else by reinitiating the flame wars, go ahead and inundate us with whatever nonsense you want; I won’t waste any more time arguing with you. Just keep it in this thread so that we members with better things to do know which thread to not bother reading.
A decent closure to the recent trials and tribulations, I'd say. Now we can get on with business as usual.
"This board has some nice, remarkably understanding people on it, ... but it's also plagued with some real idiots. I don’t know if these people are actually this bewilderingly stupid, or if they just act like it to aggravate ..."

A very astute observation, I must say.

"I think [GGG and RaisinGirl] just have it in for me."

RaisinGirl's tendencies in that area I don't know about so much, but GGG always seems to have it in for someone, so don't let that go to your head.
Whatevs, Tallgirl, I call it like I see it. I have been a positive participant on this bored for a very long time. I have it out for people who join and start to show troll like behavior. Since this is the troll thread, this is where I discuss these behaviors, as to not clog other threads or derail from the topics. I am also very protective of other Busties and there have been some really scary things that have happened to others here as a result of trolls, so I don't take those behaviors lightly in the least.

Also, if you want to "moderate" me, you are welcome to PM me and we can talk about it there.

Yuefie changed her name because she was dingoed. Which you would know something about, amazingbass, had you joined this bored with proper intentions.

amazingbass. why are you here, on a feminist website, when there are a multitude of other, probably more appropriate formus that would be more receptive to you and your interests? if you can answer that question with some clarity it would go a long way towards clearing this matter up. so far, you joined this board, quite clearly a feminist forum with very few male posters, with the intention of discussing a violent sexual fetish. it sort of seems like you came here to waggle your bits at as many women as possible. not exactly what we're here for. if you were here because you share a common feminist interest, because you enjoyed hearing the collective feminist voice, because you worked in a field that dealt with feminst issues, anything that linked you to the essential nature of this forum, it would be easier to see why you are here at all.
so far your behavior has been inflamitory. you take things that other people say and turn them into something about you when they are not (Nowhere on this board did i suggest that i wanted in any way to view your genitalian, if you Read that post it is clearly not directed at you but at the two women commenting directly before me). you have called people your own fair share of names and, most condemningly, you impersonated another poster. that was the most blatantly trollish behavior so far, justify it as you like.
would you not be happier somewhere else? and even if you really, really feel like you want to belong to this community so much, would you not at least consider the fact that it might be better here NOT having a random man who has been a disruptive force and is unwelcome by many continue to post?
forcing this issue on your own behalf is a little bit selfish, considering that this is, after all, a predominantly female oriented board. there isn't another one like it for the women here to go to. you, on the other hand, would fit in elsewhere. venitia took the time to make up a list of excellent suggestions for you. at least consider one of them.
I agree with Pepper, it's not clear why he's here, and that makes it harder. Why a feminist board? What do you hope to get here? I'm not saying you are a troll or anything, just curious about what you are getting from this board.
Personally, I like pie. Almost all kinds of pie, except meat pie. I like apple pie, cherry pie -- any kind of fruit pie. Well, key lime is kind of weird. And I usually like cream pies, too. And pecan. Any kind of nut or cream pie, or fruit. Just not meat.

And I like it with ice cream.

I hate cake, I am all about the PIE!

and I like it with Cool whip!
[nothing to see here, just the ghost of a dumb joke about pies]
Pixiedust and Tyger, if you speak to me maturely like you just did, I find it easy to respond maturely. When people insult me like elementary school children, I find it hard not to respond with the same tone. I will acknowledge that I need to work on that.

Aw, thanks. Maybe we can all start being more mature and stuff so people like you will take us more seriously.

Do you not understanding how condescending you come across? Thanks for learning us.

And finally, I still have no reason to believe that Pepper is making stuff up about you out of spite. If she says that you sent her harassing PMs, why should I take your word over hers given your behaviour in general?
Perhaps if you spoke to the rest of us "maturely" from the get go, all of this could have been avoided. You are extreamly condecending and I still havne't made up my mind about whther or not you are a troll. But you certainly have taken up a lot of the focus on this board for way to long.
I really kind of agree with teh others that you would probably be more welcome on another forum somewhere. You keep wanting to start new is kind of an unwritten rule here...the men just don't start threads. You want to come on a feminist discuss the topics the feminists are discussing, not steer them to your own interests.
You had a chance to let things go...and yet you are still trying to hog the attention. Can't you go on "vacation" for a while or something...then if you MUST come back, try coming back in the right way after all this has calmed down?
Hey, now! I make a mean shepherd's pie! I pipe a mashed potato top onto it. It's all crispy & yummy. Don't be discounting meat pies. I also make a good raisin, buttermilk, & sweet potato pie. I like both ice cream & whipped cream.
Every thanksgiving, my family has a pie contest! so many delicious pies! mmmmm I can' wait! I think I'll enter a turtle pie.
And butter tarts! Not to mention tourtiere! Now that's a fine meat pie... (sorry, all those Canadians in the newbie lounge are making me both hungry and homesick)
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