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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Have any of these suspicious new members made any posts? I haven't seen any, but I definitely don't get a chance to read every thread, either, so I don't know. If any of them have posted Spam, could someone tell us where or even provide a link?
The BDSM thread is getting spammed as is the empress' new clothing thread.
Okay, what happened to our ModSquad???!!! They just kinda disappeared. I came back after 2 days and see spam and just troll crap everywhere. I noticed GT speaking about it in the community thread, and I must agree with her... This is just ridiculous. Should we all just brace for more & more pollution? If that's the case, count me out.
I'm at the point that the ModSquad can kiss my ass and I'm done with this board.

Clearly it was a solution to keep us quiet, but nothing is being done. As fucking usual.

I remember one post that said Kepe the faith. Well, I have no faith, the ModSquad as failed.
Easy Peanut Butter Pie

1 package (8 oz) of cream cheese
1 1/2 cups confectioners sugar
1 cup milk
1 cup peanut butter
1 package (16 oz) frozen whipped topping (aka cool whip)
2 pre-packaged chocolate cookie pie shells

Beat sugar into cream cheese until blended. Mix in peanut butter and milk. Beat until smooth and creamy, then pour into both pie shells (recipe makes two pies) Cover with plastic wrap and freeze until firm.

An alternative to premade pie shells is a Peanut Butter cookie crust - (24 crushed Nutter Butter cookies & 5 Tbsp. of butter mixed together & pressed into bottom & sides of a pie plate).

I hope people aren't leaving because of a little spam. I have many more recipes to share!
wait, so the whipped cream is the topping? why does it have to be frozen?
You mix ("fold" actually) in the whipped topping after you've added the milk and peanut butter. It doesn't have to be frozen for mixing, but the product is called "frozen whipped topping" and it's generally found in the freezer section.

I like to retain a little whipped topping to spread on top of the pies, and then sprinkle chocolate chips on top for a nice presentation.
i agree, it's pretty ridiculous...but honestly i'd much rather have mindless spam-bots than selfish idiocy like rhoda or whatever the hell her name was, agenda-pushing steve or mwets like funk. it's better when they can't talk.
mmm, nut butter pie! thanks for the recipe. that would be so good with a graham cracker crust and almond butter instead of peanut (no peanuts here, my poor little man breaks out in cold sores). i think i'd have to use real whipped cream though, i don't like that frozen hydrogenated oil topping stuff. tastes like carnival food to me, not my favourite. i wonder if it would work, i'll have to check it out.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Oct 24 2008, 03:34 PM) *
Do you need romantic advice? Do you need to "friend" totally strangers on this site because your life is empty and meaningless? The be sure to approve "pinkheartdiva" (something like that) when it friends you. rolleyes.gif

ETA: Pardon me, that would be "pinkdivawonders." Not a troll, but clearly an advertiser.

Hehehehee! Don't say anything to her about it, or you will get a PM message ripe with self righteous indignation! Also, the Mod Squad deleted my post, because I guess it is bad to jokingly suggest that someone who comes off as a spam bot, "die in a fire", rather than make email protections, or delete posts of actual spam bots.

I post on many other forums and there are ways to stop spam.

Though, back to Miss Pink Diva. Kitten, if you want to know how to be a real tool of the patriarchy, maybe you can follow her links to HER laugh.gif business to find sexy nighties for hubby? Gee, I wonder why I thought she was coming to a Feminist Message Board just to spam? laugh.gif
GGG, you mean to tell me that the admins are no deleting other posts that aren't comments?

Wow. Just fucking wow.

Isn't this what Debbie didn't want. So, we put down spambots and trolls, their posts stay and ours get deleted? Isn't that lovely.

Big brother is watching.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Oct 26 2008, 09:16 AM) *
Have any of these suspicious new members made any posts? I haven't seen any, but I definitely don't get a chance to read every thread, either, so I don't know. If any of them have posted Spam, could someone tell us where or even provide a link?

No, gibberish names haven't. That's what disturbs me so about it. If you look at their profile, they've either gone, are reading another member's profile, or "posting" somewhere that gets no play, but they never actually post. Having a Bust membership doesn't get you anything else in cyberspace, so why keep setting up dummy accounts? We've jumped up at least 1000 new members, but have nothing to show for it except maybe twenty-twenty-five new Busties that actually post. It's like somebody is padding our numbers for fun.
i'd just like to encourage others to fire off angry letters to debbie when those spam posts linger. seems the only way she and modsquad take their head out of their ass and actually, oh i don't know, check in here and bother to delete something.

and how funny that, although we all know you are NOT a troll, GGG, your post got deleted.

yup. the new modsquad is an intern.

any bustie would have known to look at GGG's post count to see she is a bustie who's been around, and at least have apologized for the deletion. so much for bustie's posts being the thing debbie is trying to protect.

again, i'm calling bullshit on debbie.
I certainly don't care that they deleted my posts, I just thought it was pretty funny as to how clueless they are. That woman was there to promote her sex toy parties and that's it. I called her out (albeit, not nicely), end of story.

I think BUSTIES just need to ignore the spammers, trolls, etc. Everytime there is a moderation discussion it erupts in such a furry of useless drama, it becomes an exercise in futility.

This is a free forum on the internet, we're going to get butterheads here. We can either deal with it, or stomp our feet and hold our breath like little children, while wasting our precious energy on something that just doesn't merritt it.
sure. let's let it all go to hell. it's only a forum right?

and ignoring the trolls, and spammers who ruin any conversation/continuity has worked about as well as mccain's run for president....
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Nov 7 2008, 02:09 AM) *
sure. let's let it all go to hell. it's only a forum right?

and ignoring the trolls, and spammers who ruin any conversation/continuity has worked about as well as mccain's run for president....

Or we could get overly dramatic about the spammers and trolls that have been coming here, for I don't know, YEARS, and waste a lot of bandwidth bitching about it.

Pick your battles, it's your energy.
since i'm getting all this swell advise, which battles would you suggest i pick?

i know this is a rehash, but what exactly is worth fighting for for you?

i mean i haven't seen you or pep raising a fuss about much, so what is worth fighting for? or should i just go with the original fuck-it-all-plan? i mean, nobody's really bitching about the spambots, and that's gotten worse in the last week, so, exactly how bad does it have to get before i should speak up? or should i just decide it's not worth the precious "bandwith" and watch as something i love sour? and once it does, should i just not post here?

so far those all seem like smashing options!

what happened to you GGG? you used to be so kick ass, smart assy and sharp, now you're like a marble. i bland, see thru, no sharp edges, monotone.....marble....

are you sure you're still super bad ass?

or does that clash with caring about something?

or maybe nobody else cares.... in which case, why the fuck am i speaking up?

i mean you and pepper seem to be saying NONE of it is worth making a peep about. you say choose my battles, but if you never stand for anything, then haven't you already lost the war?
If you think that I am bland and marbleized because I think that it is a waste of energy to fight people on the internet, then that is your perogative.

Bust has been dealing with trolls and such for years and it still thrives. The fact that you obsess over them is YOUR ISSUE, not the boards. This is a forum for a nationally distributed magazine, they cannot put the bars on on here, like a private forum. It goes against what it is here for. I think that Debbie and co. expect users here to be able to identify trolls and spammers, then notify them, post in this thread and then move the fuck on with our bad selves. Why write hate mail? Seriously, why?

And you know what? How dare you question me with the "what happened to..." crap.... You know what happened? I realized my time is best spent enjoying these board when I can, rather than parading around like a victimized, drama queen. Seriously, get off of the cross, people in poor countries could use the wood.

So there you go, GT. Keep fighting the fight of futility. Keep wasting your energy on the virtual world wars...

I'm out.
meh, if it bothered me i'd kick up a fuss but it's beneath my notice, to be honest. that is what the ignore function is for. and work safe mode (which i LOVE!).
maybe it's because i have children and have learned what to let get my goat and what is not worth my time. pick your battles, as my mama always says. i have much bigger fish to fry in my life. don't you? i'd be surprised if you didn't. maybe you're using this as practice for things that actually deserve so much attention. or maybe you're letting yourself get all hot and bothered about this to avoid another issue in your life that you don't want to deal with at the moment. whatever, right? it's not my job to amature-analyze you any more than it's your job to do that for me or anyone else here.
QUOTE(pepper @ Nov 8 2008, 03:27 AM) *
meh, if it bothered me i'd kick up a fuss but it's beneath my notice, to be honest. that is what the ignore function is for. and work safe mode (which i LOVE!).
maybe it's because i have children and have learned what to let get my goat and what is not worth my time. pick your battles, as my mama always says. i have much bigger fish to fry in my life. don't you? i'd be surprised if you didn't. maybe you're using this as practice for things that actually deserve so much attention. or maybe you're letting yourself get all hot and bothered about this to avoid another issue in your life that you don't want to deal with at the moment. whatever, right? it's not my job to amature-analyze you any more than it's your job to do that for me or anyone else here.

I'm not sure if you are addressing me, but I can say that I am not letting any of this really bother me too much.

But, you can pop/arm chair/ psycho analyze me any time you want, pepper tongue.gif

Seriously....... you can. I could use it, and I have missed it here.
so you're telling me this is ok? i can't wait until the spammers get around to the hip mama thread. tell me you've got an ignore function that weeds that out, pepper.

i trust you see my point now. two pages of mostly spam... and debbie is....?

no where to be found as usual. all i've asked for is a little modding, because i care about this site.

as i say, this board matters to me, something i don't feel the need to apologize for. lately i've found it a bit funny that you guys don't think it's worth the fight to fire off a letter to debbie, but for some odd reason, it is worth it to use that "energy" or "bandwith" to complain about my complaining.

so wait, my doing about something i care about is a proxy, but your complaining about something you don't care about is....?

justified? sensible? right? --oh i know-- the only way to think about things, of course. because anyone who doesn't feel this forum is just a triffle is a drama queen. or maybe y'all just don't give two shits till it effects you. i don't mind that, but please, spare me the holier-than-thou tone. just a little reminder, this current kerfuffle started when you posted IN A TROLL THREAD something in reply to a troll/spambot, and talk about how other sites "have ways" of getting rid of spam, then you council to just ignore them? wait... am i the only one who got whiplash from that turn?

GGG i playfully called you a marble and you come back with "how dare you!!!" and i'm the victimized drama queen? a marble, of all things. you know that if i was angry, i wouldn't have compared you a marble.

it would seem to y'all just to take care of the place and to look after those who pour out their hearts in it is the greatest transgression there is. i asked an honest question: what fight is worth fighting for you? obviously nothing on this board-- save me. that, obviously is worth a battle, or post or whatever. ironic? i think so. see i make no bones about my bitching, i say that this forum means a great deal to me. if it doesn't to you, and obviously it doesn't, or so you say, then why bother to adress me? at least be consistant, if it's best to ignore anything you find unpleasant, and you find my posts/complaints so, then do me a HUGE FAVOR--BLOCK ME. i would hate to see you waste your 'precious body fluids' or bandwith or energy, on someone so idiotic as me to care about a website. heaven forbid. no, block me. you won't miss my posts, and i won't have to bother pointing out your silly hypocrisy.

in the more sensitive threads busties pour out their hearts, and i will not apologize for taking them-- or this place -- seriously. i happen to believe that when people put themselves out there like that, there is a certain responsibility to those people. the least debbie can do is have a little modding to take care of the trolls and the spammers in the other threads. you don't like my bitching, take your own advise, don't waste your energy or block me, better yet, do both.

look, you do your thing, i'll do mine. as you say, "deal with it."
Firstly, I want to state that I am nobody's butt buddy on this. GT is a grown-assed woman & doesn't need me to back her up, so all ya'll haters can shut it right now. If not, you can go eat a bag of dicks.

Okay, now even I am getting annoyed by the spam. Yeah, I can largely ignore it, but I want the goddamned ModSquad back & handling this shit. I know it's an intern that probably has a million things to do besides police the Lounge. BUT. This has gotten out of control. When we had a reliable ModSquad, shit was squared away in mere seconds. Now? The shit lingers. There is no reason that there should be EIGHT fucking retardo spam offerings in the fashion thread. It takes mere seconds to dispose of that stuff. SECONDS. I know this for a FACT.

And while Steve may not be posting much, he's set up several new profiles to fuck with us from. He's just biding his time & waiting for Jesus to send him a message to fuck with us.

This is retarded. I love this space. I've gotten it in the teeth here more than a few times & I NEED that. Ya'lls keep me honest & call me on my shit when I'm being a total cuntwad. I'll defend this site by any means necessary. So why is it that TPTB won't step to the fucking plate for us? I'm not talking *constant* vigilance. I mean, just a single sweep of bullshit every twenty-four hours would be nice.
sorry, i should have quoted and replied with my post, it was in response to gt. but i can play armchair analyst with you if you like ggg, anytime.

gt, sure it's annoying but it's not like it's the end of the world. it's just a post for geebus sake, no big deal. and just to let you know the mama threads are where Tons of those fake-o abortion pics were showing up. upsetting, yes. but again that's what the ignore function is for.

i'm not saying that a little clean up wouldn't be nice, it sure would. but if not oh well, i can choose to let it get my knickers in a knot or i can just move on. seriously, traffic is way more irritating than anything that happens online. i just have a hard time investing so much energy into the negative aspects of a generally positive experience here. i mean, i don't like it when i'm putting the baby to sleep and have to get up to answer a phone call that turns out to be an automated message telling me i won a free trip to florida (you wouldn't believe how often that happens) so why would i get all uptight about spam here? it's the internet, it goes with the territory. if i found it bothering me that much i'd shut the computer off like i turn off the phone ringer. no big deal.
What is up with the trips to Florida or wherever? I keep getting these automated calls telling me I won a free cruise. I don't like cruise ships. Believe it or not, I get nauseated. I know that the things are huge & that I should be fine, but once it starts moving, I turn green. I tried that Scopolamine patch & it only seemed to make things worse. I was hallucinating & stuff. Not cool.
and pep, that's absolutely fine. it doesn't bug you, or you don't let it bug you, then you do what you do. but i have a policy that if it bugs me, do something.

so i do.

and when every post is interrupted by a long post (you didn't look at that thread, did you?), or there are abortion pix, for me, it's not than a mostly positive experience. particularly when, in my view, it takes so little effort to take care of the issue. there are people who it's not important to, and they are happy with what they get. that's not me. i am never satisfied, always restless. it's who i am, and if i love something, i want it to be better. i don't require you do be like me, nor, i might add, do i look down my nose at you for it.
oh girl, please. don't get all holier than thou at this late date. you have absolutely berated the people here who Dare to oppose your ceaseless rant about debbie and the powers that be. i DID take a look at the thread that you linked and i still say Big Freaking Deal! that's what the ignore function is for. it's really, really easy to use. not to mention that the problem of horrible pictures has been dealt with by those same ptb that you are encouraging other busties to send nasty messages to. they heard our valid complaint and they addressed it as best they could but they're still getting bitched at about it not being a good enough solution. jeesh!
frankly the bitching and moaning coming from legitimate busties is far more irritating than a bunch of easily ignored nonsense that i can make disappear with few key strokes. unless i ignore those posters i get absolutely bombarded with the same negative, name calling and wicked bitching over and over again. i don't want to do start ignoring actual people here, that's ridiculous.

i ask you, how exactly are you making this a better place? i'm not seeing it.
Gt, I totally understand why you are frustrated. Having had a chance to Mod yourself, you probably know better than the rest of us what it takes to do it. But you also asked to step down. And since then you have filled page after page with very long aggressive posts towards Debbie.

I'm kind of with Pepper. I don't want to start having to ignore legitamate Busties, but these posts( and I am not talking about just yours) are far more negative to the overall energy of the lounge than the spammers. We've had these problems for years...and now that we actually have an ignore function...and people who can clean up Steve's mess occasionally, it's a hell of a lot better than the old days.

If you feel you need to let Debbie know what's on your chest, fine. But do you have to do it so publically? How seriously do you think she's going take you when you are publically calling her out? It's her playground afterall.

This used to be a Zen place to come and unwind and kick it with some really kick ass women. Now feel like I spend most of my time wading through the negativity trying to find legitamate posts.
AP and GT

I find GT keeps her rants about trolls and spambots to this thread......

Follow your own advice, if you don't want to read them, don't read this thread.

That's my two cents.
I gots no voice of my own, GCK? I am one lump sum with GT? *THIS* bitch got her own opinions. I don't motherfuckin' think we gots no mutual policy!

Dude, I am retarded. Even if it offends Tommy or whatever. Still a tad bit bitter, though. That's what I get for suckin' on lemons.

And I done asked about Florida. I don't get the whole cruise thing . . . I'd just rather that the fashion threads be cleaned up.
ETA: Nevermind. smile.gif
i don't go into kvetch, it's never had any draw for me personally but i Do come in here for updates about posters to add to my ignore list, etc. and i don't really want to have to stop doing that. it's helpful.

AP i have no idea what the fuck is up with the cruise ship nonsense, they are totally aggressive too. i mean, when it's not a stupid ass recording that starts out with a big ole fog horn sound that is. when i actually got a real person and said "no thank you, i have small children" the weirdo tried to convince me that it would be Great to go on a cruise with them. what the duh? obviously never met any children in your life there buddy...
how am i making this a better place? steve hasn't been seen here in a while, has he? now you might not like to admit i had a part in it, but i think you'd be in the minority. he was around here for YEARS, if you'll recall. i'm sorry, no, i'm actually not, that you don't like my complaining. tough shit. but they got things done, if you are counting a mod, or my moding, or getting debbie's attention. thanks for asking. any other stupid questions?

i'll ask you the same, how are you making this a better place? i don't see any results from you playing switch with your thumb up your ass. how has that helped? or would you rather talk about your bitching about my bitching? great! add to the pile.

dood, pepper, block me and shut the fuck up. i'm not gonna stop complaining, so fuck off. if you can go into that other thread where multiple spam trolls post after every bust post and say "big deal." then there really is nothing that bugs you, except for me and my posts, so for fucksake, BLOCK ME. really. according to you, i am the only thing wrong with bust, so put us both out of our misery and DO IT.

really, you bitch about nothing BUT ME. take your fucking head out of your ass, and type my name in the little box and have done with it. how hard is that shit?

i'm sorry but this is a fucking troll thread, and your delicate sensibilities offended by my bitching about debbie not doing the MINIMAL AMOUNT OF WORK that is done ON EVERY OTHER SITE? if blocking is the solution, why the fuck haven't you done it before? after all you "just come in here to add new names to your list." has it never occurred to you, that you can block me and you can still do that.

and-- you can stick your head back in the sand or back up your ass or wherever you keep it.

bonus for both of us.
wait, ggg, the mod squad DELETED A REAL BUSTIE'S POST? this is NOT COOL.
Mouse, I asked the same question. Trolls can run rampant, but legitimate posts are getting deleted. And where's mod squad? Oh that's right, not here to EXPLAIN what's going on.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 11 2008, 06:27 PM) *
I gots no voice of my own, GCK? I am one lump some with GT? *THIS* bitch got her own opinions. I don't motherfuckin' think we gots no mutual policy!

Did you click through to the mutual admiration thread? (my bad, I may not have identified the link clearly enough) I was just trying to thank both you and gt for the passion and humour you bring to and for the lounge.

Nothing about policy, everything about what you do have in common, including the way your individual styles of expressing yourselves make me happy.
Sorry, dood. I thought you was fuckin' wit me. Everybody else today seems to be. GRRRRR!
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 12 2008, 09:05 AM) *
Sorry, dood. I thought you was fuckin' wit me. Everybody else today seems to be. GRRRRR!

No worries, dood. Here, have a brownie.

*puts out a tray*

Brownies for everyone! (it's the recipe from vinnie's rollercoaster period chart, except I use white chocolate chips instead of semi sweet, and mike and ike's hot tamales instead of red hots.)
Mmmmm . . . brownie. Thanx. I needed that. When a day starts going to shit before it even begins . . . warm, melty chocolate deliciousness makes it all better.
QUOTE(mouse @ Nov 12 2008, 12:31 AM) *
wait, ggg, the mod squad DELETED A REAL BUSTIE'S POST? this is NOT COOL.

I agree- didn't we ask that GT's replacement be an anonymous real Bustie, NOT an intern who has too much other stuff going on and doesn't have the same level of commitment to us? How hard is that?
It can happen. I know that in keeping up with fucking Steve, at least one Busties' post got caught up in the melee. When you have a body (Even with limitations. The post limit helped, but was NOT a deterrent, as we all well know.) that is hell-bent on fucking shit up, sometimes innocent victims get caught up in the crossfire. There will be casualties, & they will be accidental, friendly-fire. No *BAD* is intended. Nobody wants to silence us.

And when GT was replaced, we did have anonymous Busties that took care of things. And then one night Debbie decided to take that away (As far as I know, with no explanations. POOF!) & it again became relegated to some anonymous intern that was NOT our most beloved LLLysa. It is now somebody that doesn't care, hence the clusterfuck in the fashion thread, etc.

I understand why GT has called Debbie out again & again. She's not an *active* part of the board, so it's no big diff to her. She may be the progenitor of this community, but she's not a PART of it. She CHOOSES not to engage. That's her choice. But I personally am choosing not to condemn her because she's in a position of power. She could choose to yank & tank this space anytime she wants to. And I'D MISS THE FUCK OUT OF IT & ALL OF YOU.

So I may bitch, moan, & holler, but either way, this place has enriched my life. I NEED YOU. I need you like I need air, food, & water. So I can suck it up.

In the past couple days my "ignore" file has grown quite fat. I expect it's waistline to exceed mine anyday now.
For years people have been saying that Debbie doesn't care and Debbie doesn't do shit and I, personally, don't think that's ever going to change. As AP says, she isn't part of this community and consequently hasn't grown to care for it or have its best interests at heart. She gave the mods a go and it backfired (for her) and I don't think she'll change her mind again; it took a lot of persuading from GT the first time around and she's gone back to the hands-off approach.

We had it good for a while but now it's back to business as usual. We've all dealt with it for years (and no, we shouldn't have to, it's unfair, but it's the way it is) and we have the tools to get on with it. Yes, it's a hassle to be adding to the ignore list daily but at least we have an ignore function now to make it all pretty again; it could be a lot worse.

Don't get me wrong: I admire GT for standing her ground and protesting but I worry too that one day Debbie will just think, "fuck it, I don't need this shit" and take the lounge away from us. I would much prefer being silent, whilst utilising the ignore and report features (not that the latter does much good) and have the lounge than pushing Debbie so far that we don't. Voicing our displeasure would be counterproductive in that instance and then what would we complain about (and where would we do it)?

/two pence.
See, that's my biggest fear, Bunnyb. The yanking of the Lounge.

What would I do without you? You're a continent away, BunnyB, but I look to you for advice. I'd never had found you were it not for the Lounge.

ALL of you, even the ones that make me want to ball up my fists & take a cheap, ugly uppercut, MAKE MY LIFE BETTER.

The Lounge keeps me sane. I have spent the last year stuck in a heinous outpost of middle America. I have few LOCAL friends, my family bugs the shit out of me. You people have stuck by me all the way. YOU'RE MY FRIENDS, MY FAMILY. The death of my mother & other subsequent blows, you all have provided succor. Because of you, for the most part ANONYMOUS you, I am still here. And I cannot ask for anything more. I can't.

Losing you would be like losing a limb.

Because of that, I don't fuck with Debbie or Laurie or TPTB. I'm afraid they'll take you away from me.

frankly, i resent someone else taking that risk with a place that i love. i won't be happy to lose the lounge because of endless bitching, griping, name calling, sending nasty pm's and the encouraging of others to do the same. one day it may very well come back to bite all of us in the ass and that would suck way, way more than putting up with some spam. we all stand to lose big time, whether we've been reasonable and level headed about it or not.
surely there are ways to express ourselves that don't include such low-brow tactics. for such an intelligent and verbiose bunch we're falling pretty short of our capabilities in this respect and i just don't get it.
Aw, geez, Pepper. Are you actively TRYING to antagonize certain peoples? She's already got a bug up her butt, can we PLEASE not encourage it?! I already got *personally* bitch-slapped for nothing, I don't want to start a trend.

I'm not trying to silence you, but your post was pretty much a direct challenge. Were it me it was aimed at, I would bite & bite with a fucking vengeance. You'd be less than chum. I'd swallow you whole, live, kicking & screaming. And enjoy it immensely. Like rumaki.

So, let's all try to be all peaceable-like, huh? Hold our resentments to ourselves & go for the greater good of the Lounge?
i gotta make the point. notice how i am not screaming and ranting and name calling and being a big fat freaking whiney cry baby about it. but i do have to say, enough of that behavior and we may all be looking at kissing this place goodbye. i'm feeling the need to put my foot down. i don't agree with someone else causing the end of the lounge because of a "bug up their butt". i say get over it or go away already.

and don't worry about my being able to "take it". it's not having all that big of an effect on me personally aside from the 'risking the lounge' business. i don't take the rudeness personally when it comes from a rude person. 'saright.
"Whiny" proper lacks the e.

I'm just saying that acting like a cunt doesn't help the sitch & you are in fact causing more drama by not being magnanimous. If I can suck it up in the name of being appropriate then so can you. (I am trying REALLY hard to not say "You CUNT" here. But I WANT to.)
Let's ensure that everybody around here refrains from calling anybody a "cunt", k? Even in the worst bouts of name-calling, that word usually isn't bandied about (I'm all for reclaiming the word but I think it should only ever be directed at somebody else in extreme cases).

As you've said, ap, you've had a really shitty day so I get that tempers are high and I understand the frustration. I'm not getting at you, I'm just trying to reign this in a bit before a huge flamewar ensues. We're all on the same side here; we all love the lounge and none of us want it taken away so let's wait and see if girltrouble gets where we're coming from, now that it's been voiced.
OMG whatever. people need to get a grip on themselves. if voicing my opinion in a civil manner results in the "c" word being bandied about imagine if i pitched a hissy fit too. goodness.
**delurks** can call me a cunt!!!! because I'm yummy and succulent! mmmmmm!!!!!

well, I will just weigh in by saying that 1) I get really afraid also, of losing the lounge, and I do get nervous that if we keep pushing, pushing, pushing at Debbie, that she'll just say "fuck it" and close it down. Sometimes I think that someone should keep an email contact list of the regular busties just in case.... and 2) I have been here a really long time - 10 years. (eek! jesus, it doesn't seem that long, christ!) and this current spambot thing is quite honestly the worst I've ever seen. I'm someone who can totally just set someone to ignore and move on. But when I open a thread and nearly 2 pages of it is spambot crap, that's hard to let just roll off. And it's over and over and over, every single day. To the point that I avoid certain threads that the spambot has hit. Which pains me to no end, because, for example, one of those threads is one where I could use some input and advice currently. But I know everyone is avoiding it because of the incessant spambots that have invaded it. I don't necessarily believe in hiding our heads in the sand about it, but at the same time I don't want any of the 'powers that be' to think that it's not a big deal to me. it's a hard one.

ETA: you know, I could never say cunt out loud in a triumphant manner until I moved to Scotland. Now I say it with pride. CUNT! (sorry, bunny, for kinda taking the piss, but you know its true - why? because you are a good cunt!) wink.gif

pps - I've had two gigantic glasses of grenache, so perhaps this halfway belongs in the inhebriated ramblings thread. (well the cunt part anyway. except the part about me being yummy and succulent. that's true no matter what.)
Haha, zoya! no offense taken. I have become far more open to the word being used in a jocular context; I was just shocked at its usage bustie on bustie.

If we moved away from the vitriol some and appeal to Debbie civilly and constructively then maybe we can get something done about the spambots. I liked polly's idea about using captchkas so perhaps we should get behind that idea (I don't know - by "signing" a petition in community forum/ posting our accord) and take it to Debbie? I could be hopelessly naive thinking that anything will work but perhaps if more of us were making an effort for positive change then the dissension amongst the ranks would cease (that which is making us fear the lounge being scrapped in retaliation.)
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