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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Sorry, i know you don't intend it that way, but that phrase really makes me think of the theory of eugenics, and I think it's a terrible thing to say....
Thus the fallacy in using a cliché to express an opinion, hehe. Tsk, tsk, Seraphine.

That was definitely not the meaning I was going for, saktii. Though I left it vague on purpose, as more of a general response to the subject. =) No need to apologize; no offense taken.
I get enough weirdos, fundamentalists, creeps, etc, in the rest of my life. I don't need or want any of it here.

What is so hard to accept about moderators? We keep loosing terrific people because they--understandably--get fed up with the lack of safety and the sometimes incessant harrassment. I think that's a hell of a shame.
Well, I definitely think moderators would be a good idea, but I'd hate if this board became so heavily moderated that nobody could express an opinion, even if I thought it was annoying or inappropriate.
You know, it's that whole, "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" kind of thing.
I always wonder why human beings feel the need to censor the things that they disagree with.
Perhaps that's why the Bust Board doesn't have alot of the troll post eliminators you see elsewhere.
I mean-- isn't our level of tolerance and understanding supposed to be what seperates us from close-minded fundamentalist whackos?
Bear in mind that i'm not defending said irritating nutjobs who post strange religious text inappropriately. I'm am, however defending their ability to say whatever they want to without being censored.
I'm kind of in your camp, saktii.
It is also worth pointing out that no one is actually offering us moderators. Or anything. I think we're alone out here. I kind of feel like the busties are people who've been sent to colonise an alien planet, being promised lots of support from the mother planet, but now our radio doesn't work and they've stopped sending supplies and we haven't heard from them in years and we have to deal with the mutants who are attacking us from outer space all by ourselves...

Ignore button, ha! That'll be the day
People confuse the idea of free speech with the idea that you have to allow anyone and everyone into your living room, so to speak, or you are censoring them. Um, no. If right wing wackos want to set up their own web sites, I'm not stopping them. (Which, incidentally is a difference b/w what I want to do to them and what they want to do to the likes of me.)

It's like saying you can't hang up on telemarketers or you can't close the door to mormons who interupt your dinner because you'd be
"censoring" them,which is nonsense.

Word, anoushh.
In a forum like this, the equivalent to hanging up on telemarketers or closing the door to mormons is simply not reading or paying attention to the posts and threads you don't like. That's the easiest solution to your problem.

There are all kinds of things on the internet and in society in general that I find objectionable, like many of the more perverse porn sites, for example, but do I go out of my way to shut these people down? No! I simply don't put that material on my computer or in my life in the first place. Problem solved.
I agree with saktii and berenguela. We know who the trolls are. and if theirs a new one, they are very quickly found out. if you see their name, just ignore it. you won't change their minds, they won't change yours. and sure. leave if it pisses you off that much. its your right. but this is an unmoderated board, and I like that, because you get all sorts of opinions that you might not have seen. But I dunno, maybe people don't like that.
"There are all kinds of things on the internet and in society in general that I find objectionable, like many of the more perverse porn sites, for example, but do I go out of my way to shut these people down? No! I simply don't put that material on my computer or in my life in the first place. Problem solved."

Yeah, 'cause that's the same as not wanting to have any ol' fucktard come in to a safe place for us to to share and turn it in to a bible thumping or nut stomping free for all. Yeah, really.

Oh, that's because posting here and being assualted by asshats is the equivelent to perusing the net for perverse porn and putting it on our computers and in our lives. No really BUSTies and BUSTers, this *wise* non-troll is trying to educate us here. Yup. That isn't flawed logic at all.

Um, okay. If you say so, genius.
Yuefie, I do see the difference that you're pointing out.

The parallel I draw is that people in this forum will go out of their way to click on and read threads *repeatedly* and then complain about how offensive they are, instead of just leaving those threads alone. That's the same as looking up obscene porn *repeatedly* and then complaining about how offensive it is, instead of just leaving it alone and not looking at it.

My analogy wasn't intended to be perfect, it was merely intended to make a point.
yuefie, i hear you girl. it's like getting something awful in the mail. you didn't ask for it, there it is disguised as genuine mail so you open it and eww! it's full of nasty garbage. not what i want in my inbox either. what can you do? just ignore it i suppose and wait on that ignore user function. hopeful it'll arrive and then it will just be too much effort for these characters to create a new user profile every time they want to post something that everyone can see. won't that be nice? *fingers crossed*
"there it is disguised as genuine mail so you open it and eww"

So when you opened the thread labeled "Grabbing or hitting a guy in the groin?" for the zillionth time, and it was about groin attacks again, you were actually surprised!? Wow.
I see what saktii et al are saying, but the problem is more than just people who start a bunch of threads (though it can be annoying you have to go searching for legit ones). It's hard to have a conversation about religion or choice on bust because we get harassed. I love hearing the wide array of bustie opinions on all different subjects, but I don't get to do that with those two issues because any discussion that gets started quickly degenerates into one or two people arguing with a tr0ll who talks in circles. Or 20 posts of off-topic bible verses get posted for every legitimate post. A lot of people don't feel safe talking about those subjects here, and the community misses out. And that sucks.

Also, the right to expression free from censorship doesn't cover hate speech or harassment.
I believe it all comes down to wanting a place where we can be ourselves, comforted by whatever degree of anonymity we want. Becoming familiar with etiquette, offering reasonable advice, and generally contributing to the overall comforting atmosphere of a place is all that anyone is really asking. It's not a perfect world, but the Lounge is a safe haven for people. Disrespectful conduct degrades it. It comes down to tact. Using an appropriate handle, linked to an appropriate profile, and appropriate posts is what we expect from everyone.
And just how is that the *same* as being accosted in the threads you frequently post in, on a message board that is a *community* where many of the members are dear friends and some even like family to you?

Really, I see no parallel here. I haven't been *repeatedly* going in to the "groin attack" thread, yet I am still irritated by all of this crap on a daily basis.

SO, as for your theory that people just need to *steer clear* of the offensive threads, I say bullshit.

I do not need to steer clear of anything here. This is a community that *I* belong to and have just as much right to continue to post wherever I please, as much as you have the right to post about wanting your balls trampled on a feminist message board, or fucknuts has the right to post pictures of dead fetuses where women are discussing things that pertain to their bodies

Now, if you don't like it here, the way things are done, the things that are said, feel free to run along to somewhere you may be more comfortable.

ICQ Men's message board
Ask Men message board
CHUD Men's Forum
Men's health message board
Men's sexual health
Men's Style fashion forum
Men's Fitness message board

And whadd'ya know, there's even one for efilorp the heffalump:
Church For Men message board
"[I] have just as much right to continue to post wherever I please, as much as you have the right to post about wanting your balls trampled on a feminist message board, or fucknuts has the right to post pictures of dead fetuses where women are discussing things that pertain to their bodies"

I never said that you didn't have the right to post wherever you want, and I don't think anyone else did, either. I get your main point, though. That's not to say that I necessarily agree with it, but I get it.
Why are you all arguing with this sicko? Seriously, you know he is stroking it the entire time he is on here. Don't be a part of his deviant, abnormalcy.

Just IGNORE him. If you let him get to you, he wins and the longer he stays.
Anarch- I will definitely check out that book "making faces," sounds great! Thanks for the info. I'm going to get some nice new makeup this week so I'll be ready for next weekend:-) heh heh:-)

Trolls suck, and we just have to ignore ignore ignore. We should IM each other if we are pissed and feel like we have to say something-just im someone you know/trust on the board and vent, instead of putting it in the thread.

This is kinda what happened with the Ms. boards, only we were moderated, and it still sucked. it REALLY is about us (the actual busties) not responding to the trolls. they'll get bored and leave. we just can't respond.
Hope you and your honeybunny have a blast, maddy!

On trolls - word (silver lining: as with a previous poster, it's gotten me to translate good intentions into actual donations for PP, GLAD and MassEquality). How come the Ms. boards still sucked even with moderators?
The other two books by Kevin Auquoin are pretty good as well! I can't remember the names of them just now, but I used to own all 3.
I have to say though, after having spent some time working as a makeup artist-- I don't envy the professional ones. I couldn't stand having to touch stranger's faces all day!
I agree... Yuefie, there's really no point in talking to it. I provided dumbnut with a list of sites about 4 weeks ago, in good faith, and yet - still here.

IMing each other is a good idea.
Dumbnut, eh? Flattery will get you nowhere.
Yeah, I'm done because I've found that I can get further reasoning with my dog.

*shudders* I can't even stomach the thought of touching strangers faces all day either, saktii
Further reasoning with your dog, you say? That's a really immature way to say you disagree with someone. Your need to resort to such petty elementary school insults speaks volumes.
Muahahaha, I love this thread. It's funny how trolls will insult you to try to keep it going.

And wanting to have your testicles injured or at least hang out on a feminist message board discussing it really *does* speak volumes, wouldn't you all agree? ;)

Oh and my dog is cute and smart, see her here:
All this boys-in-makeup talk has done a number on my brain, because....well, let me just say to whomever posted the pic of Eddie Izzard - I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too. For some odd, obscure reason, I had never heard/seen the comedy of Eddie Izzard. (Probably the main reason: I don't do TV.) But I'd heard a lot of recommendations, so after you posted the pic, I finally got curious. And now I am totally in l-o-v-e with Eddie Izzard. So thanks, thanks a bunch.
Hey doodle, you can get me and *my* little dog too, hee hee :-)
Anytime, doodle! I'm already in KS, so I'm always on the lookout for houses dropping on my head, hee hee hee....

Actually, the Eddie pix backfired on me, too. I used to have just an average "I love his stuff" crush, but talking about him in here lately made me think about him more, to the point of having extremely graphic dreams about him....(a total first for me to even dream about straight sex )

Might was well revel in it....he speaks French, too
Cake or death? Doodle, we can make some Izzard/Szmanda sammiches! So, so pretty! I bet Szmanda would look smokin' with a bit o' eyeliner... GAH! All hail boys with Zs in their names.
Yuefie, your dog is cute, and I don't usually go for doggies. Tell me, does your dog ever wear eyeliner?
Ever seen Eddie Izzard in The Velvet Goldmine? Him AND full-frontal of Ewan MacGregor- who can resist? :-)
Thanks Margot :-) Hmmm, eyeliner you say? No, she's never worn it but I did let my neice paint her nails with that special doggie safe polish.
Ah. I see the Izzard love runs rampant in these parts. YAY!

sixel, LOL on the video...I stopped taking French classes in the 11th grade, so I had a bit of a struggle with that one...and yet, he made it easy to understand anyway! I'm going to practise saying "the monkey is on the branch" for my next trip to Ottawa.

polly, I saw Velvet Goldmine years ago, but I don't really remember it, except that there was lots of sex. I'll have to watch it again...

AP, I've always thought the Szmanda would look wonderful in a bit of guyliner...

*steals yuefie's dog and runs out of the thread*
sex with Eddie Izzard doesn't count as straight sex! ;)

Omicod I am in love with that adorable dog now. Cute pug shading and a cute long nose all in one! Yufie thanks for sharing her!
"It's funny how trolls will insult you to try to keep it going."

Yuefie, you insulted me. I merely pointed out how childish that insult was. By the way, if I were a troll trying to get a response out of you, it would have worked. Hehehe.
Hey Doodle, come back with my dawgie!

Thanks Ven, she really is a cutie. She just LOVES people and is such an attention whore. I am not allowed to go up to visit my friends unless I bring her with me. The last time I showed up without her I was bitched out the entire time. Yep, she has a fan club even, hehe.

My first major celeb crush, after my embarassing Rick Springfield phase, was Robert Smith of The Cure. It was all about his black eyeliner and messy red lipstick. I had this really cool poster above my bed and it freaked my mom out.
Love the puppers, yuefie! I had mini dachs back in the day, and they are definitely the most "cat-like" of dogs (now one of my current cats is very dog-like he'll fetch a tennis ball, go figure)....

Excellent, venetia! I was hoping someone would say that! Now I can lust at will....mmmmmm, Eddie....
simon lebon. or however you spell that. see, it's been so long i don't even remember straight.
anyhoo, that was my first pre-teen crush and the only poster of a rock star i ever put up on my wall. i look back and can't figure out What exactly i liked about him but i do remember being twelve-year-old crazy about him and that band.
Christina Aguilera started out hot, then totally ruined her make-up, hairstyle, and outfits for her Lady Marmalade video (maybe she was on drugs or something) and maintained that she-beast appearance for a while, then she fixed herself up again. Now she looks better than ever!

Hey, I can talk about make-up, too!
Nick Rhodes still looks better in eye makeup than I do.
Adam Ant was my first love.

I heard he is crazy now?
oh yes, adam ant *fans self*. although i too heard he was doo-lally.

Although I have to admit, I saw a photo of panic! at the disco, and one of them was sporting adam ant-style makeup, and all I could think was "copycat". Was not hot.

also... bowie. in his ziggy days.
I was all ready to be outraged nobody mentioned Bowie. Bless you, Mornington.

Also Ian Asbury for a bit there.
Bowie was the first concert I ever went to. I wore the t-shirt the next day to school and all of these kids I'd never talked to before came up to me in the halls all day long and were all, "You were there? Who took you?"

Oh, Ian. He had fabulously shiny hair.
I saw "Serious Moonlight" - but that was my second show. The first was The Clash's "Combat Rock" tour. I got my shoes literally stomped off my feet. Was on the front row for both concerts. Caught Bowie's towel, and still have it.

Good times ...

(Have seen Ian live a couple of times too. Man's got a live weasel in his underpants. He's also liquid sex for a front man, or was 20 years ago anyway. Yowza.)
yuefie, Robert Smith was a MAJOR early crush of mine too. I've still got a Cure T-shirt that I "borrowed" from my brother, with all the guys' faces on it in lurid colours.
/still crushing on Robert Smith & his eyeliner
You still have the towel, Maims?! haha

Anarch, I STILL WEAR THAT SAME T-SHIRT! In fact, I've gotten offers for lots of money from total strangers on the street for my stinky neon Cure shirt.
Hmmm. When I was in the ninth grade (1983) I wore a Stevie Ray Vaughan t-shirt to school, 'cause I'd seen him in concert the night before. (I went to a friggin' Moody Blues concert just to see him open for them. I left 15 minutes after the Moody Blues took the stage.) None of my peers knew who SRV was. Though all the teachers looked at me oddly. (In retrospect though, it's prolly 'cause half of them were there, and were likely worried I'd seen them smoking weed or something.)

(See, it's two connections to the topic, 'cause it was a t-shirt I wore to school, and SRV played guitar on Bowie's Let's Dance album...oh nevermind.)
The following is from

Literature on conflict resolution suggests that labeling participants in Internet discussions as "trolls" can perpetuate the unwanted behaviors. A person rejected by a social group, both online and offline, may assume an antagonistic role toward it, and seek to further annoy or anger members of the group. The "troll" label, often a sign of social rejection, may therefore perpetuate trolling.

I started as a legitimate member, trying to please you to be accepted. Then you bombarded me with unending accusations even as I tried to exit the groin topic, and you all were impossible to please. I figured if I can't join 'em, I'll beat 'em - or at least aggravate the HELL out of 'em. It's just like the excerpt above; it's your own fault. Keep this in mind for future members like me; hostility is seldom - if ever - a productive mentality.
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