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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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holy fucking christ on a cracker am i ever fed the goddamn hell up. jeez louise.
Pepper, I think by now everyone has figured out that you're a closet ballbusting chick; that's why you make such a big deal out of all of the groin attack posts. Nobody else pays this much attention to these posts out of interest or aversion. It's O.K. if you're into ballbusting, as long as you don't hurt any unwilling males for a thrill. Just don't lie about it with this false facade of revulsion.
pepper and doodle (i think it was doodle who posted the recipies?) i love you both to bits, really i do, but please can we stop acknowledging him? i know it's tough, and i had quite the post directed at him just two seconds ago, but if we want peace in our lounge we gotta bite our tongues sometimes, right?
i am going fucking crazy. usually this shit just doesn't faze me at all but i am severely irritated right now. i think it's because of the HUGE MOTHERFUCKING FONT and the thread that seems to not be a total tr*ll topic so people actually post in it for real. it's bugging me no end i tells ya.
*deep breaths*
ok, i have GREAT mind control (at least over myself) and i hereby vow to not let it get to me again. and to not post in response. i'm imagining that ignore button into being right this second and it is gonna work for me.
there. done.
O.K., I want you all to know that I was being sincere with my intent at first, up until my last few posts. Almost everything I've said has been dead serious. Then I figured out that it's oh sooooo easy to aggravate you all by accident that I began to do it on purpose for laughs. I'm sorry - wait, I'm not sorry - I think this is funny as hell. If you can't laugh with me, toughen up.
Tee-hee, saktii, I like it!
I mean, I'd rather try to be a nice person, because I want to, not because I'm scared of an imaginary man.
Also, as I've said before, I lost 2 much-wanted pregnancies, and I don't want to be reminded of foetuses every bloody time I look at this board.
Sorry. But I haven't ranted about this yet, and I promise I won't again.
Hey, what do you ladies think about guys who wear eyeliner?

Am I in the wrong thread? :-(
I think it's a-okay. Kinda hot even.
How could THIS not be hot?!
Ooooh, my boy used to wear eyeliner on the occasional night out. It was so so hot!
The best part of Life as a House was Hayden's makeup job before he was "straightened out."
i really like guys with a bit of make up. HOT. I've been trying to convince my man to let me do his eyes:-(
Hey, I got no problem turning this into the "guys that wear minimal cosmetics are hot" thread. Not every boy is as pretty as Le Izzard when done up. He never looks too draggy...

I did a guy friend's make-up for Halloween one year & he was sold! I taught him how to use concealer (He had a big, ANGRY, RED zit the size of Krakatoa on the *TIP* of his nose. We minimized that bastard to nothing!), eyeliner, mascara, & nailpolish. By the time I was through with him he had his own foam toenail thingies & swore by the pink n' green tube. Even if he didn't do his fingers his toes were always sparkly!
oh dear... my husband has a rather pretty face and now i'm thinking about how hot it'd be with make-up... I think he said he used to wear eyeliner in high school... hmmmmmm....
mmmm, ok now y'all got me going! my man has beautiful big brown puppy dog eyes, and i just think he'd look amazing with a bit of dark eyeliner and some mascara. maybe i'll make some strong drinks this weekend;)

he wants me to dress up like a wood nymph or something, so that could be a good trade:-)
omg, laugh. so. hard.
my ex is about 5'6", has soft, shoulder length dark brown ringlettes, a teeny weeny cute little girly nose, big brown eyes with Great eyelashes, lovely skin and a very pretty mouth. i cod, i am giggling in fits right now, hoo! he has to keep a fair amount of facial growth on his face or he looks like he is about 16 years old, i am NOT kidding (he's in his mid thirties btw), there isn't a gay boy in our town who hasn't fallen all over himself trying to get a handle on that man. if i ever got him to shave his face and let me put make-up on him he would have been a WAY prettier girl than me. oh, he's slender too so a little padding here and there and he could have fooled Anyone. bushy eyebrows though, i would have had to pluck for an hour and he was such a wuss.
oh pepper, he sounds so pretty! i love pretty boys:-)
My husband said he'll let me do his face! He'll look awfully butch - huge jaw and a unibrow, and I regularly tweeze long dark hairs sprouting out of his nose (not nostrils, but nose), but he's got a generous mouth, nice cheekbones and the longest eyelashes I've ever seen. I'm saving it for when we need a treat. No way he'll go out in public like that, but still, it's gonna be so fun!
Dude. What is it with the boys & long eyelashes? SWOON!
I can't handle the guyliner.
I like how some guys are secure enough to wear cosmetics. I had a boyfriend who would wear eyeliner, and lipgloss on occasion.
I think I may have fed the new troll in LTAS. It seems to be getting terribly crowded under thier bridge.

hmm... guyliner is hot on some boys, as is nail varnish. I think they need the attitude to pull it off. But I run screaming from boys in lipgloss.
La La La La La (a la lady from mad tv)
*Not responding to the tr*ll that is pm-ing me*

a-Hem, ok. dudes with shiny lips, eww! creepy. i'm not sure about nail polish either, maybe i'm just a bit too old for that now. dunno, but some smokey smudgy eye i wouldn't be so opposed too on the right guy at the right time. like, the grocery store in the middle of the day wouldn't do it for me at all i'm afraid.
oops. responded. and fed. sorry chicas. last time, promise.
Judging by her recent writings in the groin attack thread, I think Pepper's talking about me. I responded to the accusation with the following:

Pepper, are you talking to me? I haven't been e-mailing you. I sent you a private message once a long time ago to thank you for the time you spent talking to me in this forum, and since I never got my message sent to my e-mail as I requested, I'm not even sure you got that. That is the only thing I ever sent to your e-mail.

To clarify, have you been getting obscene e-mails that you just assume are from me, or are you getting private messages from my user name? If it's the latter, perhaps someone guessed my password and started sending these messages.

By the way, why do you put an asterisk in the word troll only to type out the word fucker unaltered? Fucker is the profane word, not troll. Seriously, though, I've seen you complain in other threads about these e-mails, so if you could clarify what's going on, I'd appreciate it.

She acted like I was an ass because I don't put an asterisk in the non-profane word troll, and she didn't even entertain the possibility that I could be telling the truth. That may not make her a troll, but it does make her really inconsiderate.

In fact, I just now got an UNSOLICITED e-mail trying to change my password. My suspicion was true. Sorry about the e-mails THAT I *DIDN'T* SEND.
Oh fuck it.


I'm definitely attracted to guys who aren't afraid of a little makeup and nail polish, but my last girlfriend practically ran screaming from the room when my friends suggested painting her toenails.
I just changed my password. Any blatantly inappropriate e-mails or posts under my name should now stop.


I just did a search, and all posts here are mine. I didn't send any e-mails with sexual or otherwise objectionable content, except one to Girlbomb_redux, which was solicited and not terribly inappropriate. Any other such e-mails were sent by whoever apparently guessed my password. I know it's bad etiquette to divulge content of private messages, but I believe that this situation calls for it.
You respond to me to say that you're ignoring me. Apparently, I'm dealing with some real geniuses here. Fine, don't believe me.

To clarify, the private message I sent to Girlbomb_redux was more in jest than anything else. I didn't mean to make it sound like we were *involved* or something in my last posting.
I hate it when my toenails, aren't painted, Doodle!
i painted my toenails the other day for the first time in about 10 years. and i recently coloured my hair for the first time in about as many years too. wonder what's going on with me? i mean, i generally wear a bit of makeup most days but i'm not super into painting myself up. i kinda like this rocketship silver polish on my piggies though, it's kinda sexah to see them winking away at the end of my feetsies. cute. i feel all girly now, hee!
There's just no reasoning with some people.

Actually, this make-up talk is turning me on. It's like I get a window into part of the female psyche. I get to read about the lengths women go to to impress us men. What a feeling of power!
Reading Kevyn Aucoin's /newurl{, Making Faces} makeup book is what inspired me to ask my husband if I could do him. It's just so much FUN to play around with the different looks. What I love about this book is that he takes ordinary people (some guys, too) and their photos look absolutely glamorous. There are models and movie stars in it too, but the ordinary people are the ones I can relate to.
Let's try that link again: Making Faces
I love that book too, Anarch. I know this will sound like I knew him personally, but I miss Kevyn, especially when he did Tori's makeup (yes, the Tori from whence I took my name). He was a true makeup artist.
i'm in the middle of making a deal with my boyfriend:-) heh heh:-) he wants a wood nymph? that's cool- i wanna do his makeup. yeah!!!!!!

the only problem is that i don't even know how to do my own makeup...
I think I figured it out. I've responded to some of Pepper's jabs with retorts that made her look rather foolish (just read through this thread and the Grabbing or Hitting a Guy in the Groin thread for plenty of examples), so she's getting back at me by making crap up about vulgar e-mails from me. I know most of you won't believe me, but I guess since you don't know me anyway, there's no reason I should care.
you guys remember the woman who lived in the south of france? and/or her 'friend' that kept up an entire thread by themselves? (i honestly can't think of the second one's name, and i don't want to risk typing the first one, as who knows who might wonder if they are missed). The reason they stayed for so long was people argued with them, and talked to them, and about them. we had a total freezeout, and they were gone. so, just think about that for a second, please. i don't like what all this trollhunting is turning into
tyger, just follow our lead here, we're way ahead of you.

maddy, i'm so thinking about my ex. he was SO pretty, i just want to hook up for a make-up sesh. wonder if he'd go for it? his eyes, his pretty little mouth, his curly locks, ooh! he'd make the Bestest girly ever! i want to do a make-over. when was the last time i made up a boy not for halloween huh? it's been fer-ever.
pepper, i haven't acknowledged the person i'm referring to, but in other areas of the lounge he is just being given more fuel, which is what i'm referring to
i know, i keep doing it too. it's addictive, like biting your nails. so badly goodly bad. naughty pepper!
I agree with Tyger in that the witch trials are the source of your problems, but that doesn't mean that you have to ignore everyone you think might be a troll.

I first came to the groin attack thread through a search engine, which is why I wasn't familiar with the lounge rules at first. I didn’t come here with any malicious intent. When everyone noticed that I was contributing to this unpopular topic, I was promptly labeled a troll, and many members have formed an electronic lynch mob against me. Ever since then, I’ve spent half my posts retaliating at those who attack me, and the other half apologizing for it. That makes me look even more like a troll, even though I was merely responding as most anybody would.

For example, in the groin attack thread, Pepper said she wanted to see pictures of me getting my testicles cut off. I retorted by pointing out that that means she wants to see pictures of my genitalia, and she acted as though she was offended by that. She even acts like she’s offended by the word troll. Obviously, if her mind is perverse enough to be amused by the prospect of neutering a man, even in jest, there’s no way she could be offended by anything I wrote. It’s chronic complainers like these who are causing your problems, not people like me. They keep me and people like me in attack/defend mode instead of contribution mode, and things get uglier and uglier.

My point is, you can respond to me (yes, I know you’re talking about me), and as long as you talk to me without breaking out your torches and pitchforks, things don’t have to get nasty. If you’re genuinely not interested in a topic, feel free to ignore it. It’s that simple.
tyger, I remember the south of france person! And the "she' came back under a new name and pretended to be someone else except ggg, I think it was, figured it out and outed "her".
You know what? This lounge used to be a really really awesome safe space. And it's not anymore and I don't think the dynamic that I remember will ever return, not as long as a certain element remains. So I really think that I'm not going to bother anymore. Some people will never, ever get it, because they willfully refuse to see anything wrong with their behavior, and frankly, I am sick and fucking tired of playing nursemaid.

It's a shame that the women who created this place care so little for the women they claim to support, (and whom they make their livings from), that they would allow shit like this to go on. I guess it just goes to show that bottom line wins with everyone, every time, and shame on me for hoping otherwise.

Ciao, y'all.

As the World Turns

The BUST Lounge:

Welcome to As the World Turns. This forum is for threads about politics, global girl culture, and other such things.
Holy crap, he posted something that wasn't Biblical gobbledygook! Here's my reply- yes, it's for DISCUSSION of politics, global girl culture and other such things. NOT for posting random Bible passages, condemning other Busties, starting needless threads and generally annoying people. Congratulations, efilorp4- this is your first post (that I've seen, anyway) that actually has a critical point, even if it is misguided and wrong. If you wanted to have an actual discussion about religion, most people here would participate. But hiding behind Bible passages does nothing constructive.
See, I have to disagree when it comes to trolls.. I actually think it makes the lounge more interesting when the weirdos show up. I don't mind them, because to me, they are little blips on a computer screen that have no impact on who I really am, what I really think, or what I really want to say. They're just the logical result of what happens when human beings have the ability to be both social and relatively anonymous. Sometimes monsters crawl out from behind the mask.
I find monsters interesting. They remind me that I really am a generally sane, articulate, open-minded person.
Sure, trolls are annoying, but then again-- the world is full of unpleasant people. At least here they are essentially just bits of odd text and strange philosophy that I can choose to disregard entirely.
Ah yes, but with the risk of using an old cliché, "Sometimes the gene pool needs a bit of chlorine." Or perhaps in some cases, the world's supply.
Saktii, part of that is what I've been saying the whole time. You choose what you read. I'll never understand these people who read pages and pages of postings, only to bemoan their presence.
maddy29, seriously, see if your local library has the Making Faces book. Someone on another board asked a question about how to learn to apply makeup properly, and about a dozen people said they couldn't recommend this book highly enough. I've really found it helpful, and it's very reassuring to people (like me) who don't know much about makeup (or "beauty"...I had no idea that models or movie stars bleach their eyebrows!).

raisingirl, I didn't know Aucoin had died until I looked up the link to paste here. When I read about it there I felt so sad. The world needs more like him.
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