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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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I must admit, it does tickle me to read your half assed retorts and so-called clever comebacks. It amuses me greatly that a 14 year old thinks they are more intelligent than I along with everyone else on this board. Aside from looking and member, that is.

Ther better question is, why do you keep on replying?
Thanks for the cookie, faerie wub.gif
Lynda, here's a quiz for you.

Awwww, can I have a cookie too? That sounds really dirty! Heh.
I might have imitators? Don't confuse me with others who lack writing skills.

QUOTE(Charles Caleb Colton @ 1780 - 1832)
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
- Charles Caleb Colton (1780 - 1832)

Unfortunately, those mentioned are obviously ill-equipped to express themselves properly in English, so I don't see much similarity.

When "girltrouble" accused me of being a "spelling nazi" (On Oct 27, 2007, 04:31 AM), I took it as a compliment. After that, I got tired of the bickering so I deleted most of my posts and left. I may return here from time to time, but frankly, I feel my time is wasted here. Some of you may agree.

I signed up hoping for some good debates. Topics like "Is Darwinism Sexist?" would be interesting to discuss. I'm a writer who happens to have feminist beliefs. Not being here to advertise my books, I'll leave it at that.

By the way, I set my profile time zone to coincide with the forum default time. That makes manually editing the "quote" headers easier for me when I post. (The same time is displayed whether I'm logged in or not, including the timestamps on all posts.) Just for my convenience. Nothing to do with where I am or where I live. It saves time when making a post that has any number of quotes, while keeping all quote timestamps accurate. I assume others do the same.

I found that a vociferous handful here let the frustrations and bitterness of their lives affect their posts, resulting in aggressive personal attacks on others with whom they disagree, discriminating against them because of their ideas or how they express themselves. Unfortunately, the rest of you ignore those few problematic bullies. Otherwise, these forums could transform into something better than they presently are.

* I'm only criticizing a very few members though, and if you're reading this I'm probably not referring to you. The rest of you are guilty of being fearful of trying to correct the situation. If you don't care, you're one of the sheep, not one of the feminists.
You can continue chatting now. Call me names if it pleases you. If you'd rather, let's drink one to your health, your friends and the future. One peppermint tea, that is.

-- looking elsewhere now
actually, Canada is abbreviated to CAN sometimes, but as this is a US-based forum, and the majority of posters are from the US, it is logical to assume that "CA" means California.

Lynda, while yes, we do use this forum as a place to exchange opinions, we also take the time to respect each other - some of the threads are appropriate places to discuss, for example, the morality of abortion, but the support thread for those who have gone through the process is not one of them. Think of it like a party where you don't know anyone - you don't just jump straight in without listening to what other people are saying first, you take time to introduce yourself (we have a thread for that). It's not just a series of people exchanging non-sequteurs, it's a conversation, even if it does move slowly at times.
Please ignore this idiot. I have requested Lounge Lady for a banning.

I swear I'm all done baiting. Now back to cookies!
Did you say...cookies?!

*hands CH a cookie*

You know, I have referred to my vag as my cookie. Hmmm, I guess I already have a cookie.
does anyone else find it hilarious that lynda is talking in LOLcat-speak? cause she's cracking my shit up.

oh hai, i iz trol! i can haz ban now?

Grrrl, bwaaahahahahaha.

My iz hapy now.
okay, "now i don't know what to do" is seriously the funniest shit ever! laugh.gif
Perfect I Can Has Cheezburger today!
I just had a visit from a noob named (Faith-Hope-Love-Jesus). I set my phasers on ignore. This one smells like a troll.
I also had the same visitor.

And we have a blog pusher. In every post, she's mentioning her blog.
Hi Steve!!!

who want's pie?
Okay, so I'm making some lasagna, and it smells really good! I'm going to have leftover for a while. Mmmm it's nice and cheesy, too.
oh ugh, posting fake-o abortion pictures in the mama's thread again. geesh, we HAVE LIVE babies, bugger off already. why in there? why?
Mmm, miscarried fetuses...

I've been eating/snacking all day. Must. stop. But first I'm grabbing some of ch's cheesy lasagna... biggrin.gif
I heart ignore wub.gif
I know, isn't it awesome? biggrin.gif
is there a way to ignore his avatar?
i ignore everyone's avatars, it's a feature that i find distracting and there is an option to do that. it would be good though if their avatars weren't visible, wonder if that's possible.
speaking of avatars: yuefie's new one is fucking brilliant![ (Lord, grant me the strength to accept fucktards I cannot change.)
I betcha he masturbates while he's looking for those photos. He probably gets a raging hardon with his peanut dick when he reads the threads in LTAS.
mmmm pie

pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, apple pie. Can't wait for Thanksgiving.
you know what's good? humble pie. with a side of vanilla bean slow churned ice cream.

mmmm pie.

okay, enough pie now. i'm done, i promise.
good god, i'm salivating at the sound of vanilla bean slow churned ice cream...

*heads to kitchen to settle for cheap chocolate/vanilla ice cream in freezer*
I don't keep ice cream at home anymore; it's too easy for me to have an oinkfest with it.
Steve, don't you have bible passages to jack off to or something?

I'm excited, it is the season for Pomegranites!!!! Mmmm. So good!

I know it's not ice cream, but I'm just so happy!
girls, the giant spaces are more distracting than the teeny "you have chosen to ignore this user" ones.

i like pomegranites but opening them up is such a gigantic bitch! my mom keeps bringing them over and they go bad in the fridge 'cause i can't be bothered. i'm really into simple food these days, things i can prepare with the one arm that Isn't holding the baby laugh.gif
mmm pomegranates! I baked some into a pie last year, & discovered taht ground coriander seed really seemed to bring out the flavour (if you like the flavour of ground coriander seed). But I bought too many all at once so I froze them. I had to have a marathon session of shelling them, but once in ziploc bags or tupperware, they froze beautifully. They came out looking like jewels because of the ruby-stained ice crystals clinging to them. We put them on our waffles all winter.

good morning, loves. mmmm, pomegranites. yum.

it doesn't have to be ice cream, this is an equal opportunity delicious free for all here, ch wink.gif

bon-bons, ice cream, nutella, pie... it all started with pie, tho'.
faerietails2 everyone else's ignore thingie suddenly not working?

Yeah, LL is cleaning up asshat's posts. I think she deleted his profile first, and I think that makes the ignore function go wonky. Give it a minute, it'll all be gone soon.
why the fuck do his posts still appear in here? fucking hell, if we want something doing properly then we should be able to do it ourfuckingselves.

loungelady missed some and we can't even report them now. oh well done, indeed.
yeah, I still see them too in the feminist outrage thread. Even though he's been downgraded to "guest". WTF. WE NEED MODS!!!!
I'm so tired of LoungeLady not listening to, ignoring or not taking on board our concerns; many of us have been voicing our discontent regarding rampaging trolls for a very long time as well as the number of posts being increased before a newbie can start a thread. I think we should start a petition or poll (probably the latter is best so we/she can view objections too as only fair) to see how many people are behind having mods, increasing post number before new threads, and any other improvements we can think of (like being unable to view the avatar of an ignored user and not receiving/having to improve their comments).
I like the poll idea.

Yeah, I spotted the remaining photo-posts after LL had left, so now what the hell are we supposed to do? He thoroughly disrupted a lot of convos, and now there's no going around the dead babies. It's obnoxious.
His posts are still VISIBLE! What's the point?

Bunny I agree with your idea.
Obnoxious is one word for it! LoungeLady annoys me more than the bloody troll does! In a way this is far worse as she's subjecting us to his shit. Steve will be lurking and pissing himself with glee.

I took my proposal to the Community Forum as something really needs to be done.
oh maude, i just got an eyeful. that is so not what a mama of a new baby wants to see. uh, my broken heart sad.gif

you'll excuse me if i check out for a little while? i think some time off until it's safe to venture back and NOT have to look at that horror is in order.
Again, I ask, what's the fucking point. It was better when the little motherfucker was around here, because at least we didn't need to see his posts. So what, his fucking account has been deleted, but we can still the fucking posts.

Great, just great. It's this kind of crap that makes me want to check out permanently.


(((culture))) I wholeheartedly agree with you. Steve wasn't annoying me this time around as now I just find him funny but that's when I can use ignore; LL has royally fucked up and is making a few of us want to leave.
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