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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Steve is back as Totally Busted. He's trying to get comments approved on my profile. I've informed LL.
Me too, CH! WTF! *IGNORE!!*
yeah, mine too. he's going thru everyone's profiles posting bible quotes.

...and now that he's been found out, he's decided he wants to be me. he's going under the name "Girl Trouble"
if it's capitolized, it's not me. i can barely find my shift key, like he can't find his brain.
What a pathetic loser. I betcha he lives with his mother, has an Oedipus complex and is still breast feeding. Better not jazz about star trek books. Might make him angry.
well at least I'll be in good company when I end up in hell. Nice to know I wasn't the only one.

ETA: Hey culture handy, be nice about the ST books. We are not all crazy. wink.gif
Kitten, I agree, not everyone is a trekkie, but I meant it in a sort of werid way with stevie, not you! My apologies! smile.gif
Well, to be clear, I only ever read the Next Generation and Voyager books. Only the real nerds read the origonal series. laugh.gif
You guys are making me feel so much better about having read all those Quantum Leap books! laugh.gif
My hubby just realized he was a geek, because he loves Starwars, and the other day at the bookstore he found himself in a conversation with a random stranger about various Starwars series of books.

I told him not to be embarrassed, just to embrace it.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Oct 3 2007, 04:21 PM) *
Only the real nerds read the origonal series. laugh.gif

Heyyyyyy...I resent that! Haven't read them in a long while, but still... tongue.gif laugh.gif
Yeah, I got the bible quotes too. God, what a bore this dude is.

Anyway, I didn't know I hadn't set comments for approval, so it was automatic. Probably everyone should be reminded to check their profile....

I really want a hot fudge sundae.
Here ya go, doodle!

QUOTE(doodlebug @ Oct 3 2007, 07:40 PM) *
Yeah, I got the bible quotes too. God, what a bore this dude is.

Anyway, I didn't know I hadn't set comments for approval, so it was automatic. Probably everyone should be reminded to check their profile....
he actually added you as a friend with the name "jesus is lord" as of 8pm today.

i'm fed up with steve, and obviously he doesn't mind our donations to planned parenthood, so i've decided i really going to stick it to the fucker. i heard about some state that passed a law that says every woman in their state who gets raped is given the option of state funded "plan b" medication to prevent pregnancy.

steve has pissed me off enough to motivate me. i'm going to see if i can have a citizen initiative that does the same thing in my state. i don't know if anyone on bust knows how do do this, but if you do, please contact me. i think the people at planned parenthood might so i will contact them when i get a chance. but this and next week i am going to talk to my friends and recruit them.

if it goes well i'd love to see other busties do it too.

oh, and SUCK IT STEVE.

this is what happens when you try to cop my name. you piss me off, fuck stain, this is for every damn time you've posted those fake 'bortion photos, you've called busties names, or you've harrassed one of us. FUCK YOU.
totally busted has *tried* to add me as a friend. alas, anyone who wants add a comment or add me as a friend has to get approval. I laughed when I saw that moron try and do that. Bwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha, what a loser.
My local supermarket (um, owned by evil Wal-Mart) had 60% or so off Ben and Jerry's, maybe more; basically, it was two for less than the price of one so I stocked up on Bohemian Raspberry (Magic Brownies) and Phish Food. Mmmm.

And, yeah, I just *had* to share!
I've decided to have some friends over for dinner on Sunday and one of them has offered to make an apple pie. I need to find cinnamon ice cream to go with it. Yum!
Dairy Queen has Pumpkin Pie Blizzards right now. mmmm, Pie.

Jesus is Lord also wants to be my friend.

*snorts with laughter*
I have made people leave rooms at parties due to my sheer nerdosity when I started discussing sci fi specifically Dune, the books all of them, I have read them all , and seen not just the David Lynch film but the horrific Sci Fi channel one as well

So no dissing star trek especially Next Generation because let's face it, Jean Luc Picard is one bald sexy mofo. Make it so number 1

I almost had a star trek wedding in Kligon of course because hubby is my Kligon warrior , Warf. seriously I need to be Deanna Troy for Halloween.

I am sick.Sick I tell ya!

I also wrote a paper on Representations of Artificial Intelligence in Films for grad school.

I love Farscape

I am just a dorkasourus rex, well to be even more dorky, make it dorkasourus regina

and Ben and Jerrys peanut butter ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups is my fave.
I'm soooo annoyed I can't get the b&j's peanut butter cup icecream over here. I love that stuff!

missladyj, I love love love farscape. mm, farscape. and stargate sg1 (which has just finished, much to my horror, although I threw a small party for one when they brought ben browder and claudia black in). and patrick stewart is sex on legs. baldy sex on legs.

jesus doesn't want to be my friend. unsure.gif
The mister is a huge fan of the TV movies of both Dune and Children of Dune. Oh, the geekery. I love sci fi (especially the old school stories in the Science-Fiction Hall of Fame books), but I cannot go there with him.

Mornington, why does our side of the atlantic persist in their mistrust of the peanut-butter/chocolate combination??? Although there is the new peanut butter kit kat I suppose. I'll just have to console myself with my fave, New York quadruple fudge brownie or whatever it's called.

I just came in for the sci-fi and ice cream talk...
I found a stall in camden market that sells old science fiction magazines from the 1970s (kinda like reader's digest, only better). But I have never read dune. I probably ought to

syb, I can't find the new york fudge here! The supermarket only sells about three flavours... although the student union shop at uni does sell pb cups and I got quite excited about that.
Kitten, breyers has had a fried icecream out for about a year now that is very cinnamony and would be fabulous with apple pie! ~drools~

*hangs head* I can't belive I actually understand all of the sci fi geekdom going on in here. Mr. Pixie is such a nerd! He's been all jazzed about farscape coming back and God forbid, there is going to be a Trekkie convention in our town soon. Normally, he's more into Star Wars, but he's considering going. No Patrick Stewart though. He said teh special guest is Lavar Burton.
I'm going to have to agree with Missladyj, Patrick Stewart is a damn good looking man.
Wow, so glad I am not alone in my sci-fi geekdom. Maybe there should be a sci-fi thread in media whores? I may have to pitch that idea in the community forum.

chocolate and peanut butter is the greatest food combo evah!
I started a sci-fi thread about a year ago. It died a slow and painful death. sad.gif I mourn it still.
I made a post in the Community Forum that links to three forgotten-about sci-fi-type threads, if yinz people are really interested in restarting them.

I had pumpkin ice cream last week and I am still obsessing about it, it was just that good. Creamy, a very pale natural orange color, and just the right balance of spice and pumpkin.
Speaking of pumpkin, I had the Pumpkin Iced Cap from Tim Hortons, it was pretty damn good.
I agree Patrick Stewart is a fine man!

I love pumpkin pie, with whip cream. MMMMM.....

*runs off to see what's going on with reviving a sci-fi thread.....*
thanks raisin!!!

I did see the comic book thread up again and posted there.

sounds like there are some scifi geeks in the lounge. lets go ladies!!
Mmmmm...Captain Picard!

Uh, I'm drunk and my ears are burning right now...sorry.
Captin Picard, served with whip cream and pumpkin pie. I'd really like to lick the whip cream off his shiny bald head. Yummie!
"I'd really like to lick the whip cream off his shiny bald head." Hee!

Uh...GOD OUR FATHER and THE HOLY SPIRIT keep trying to leave comments on my profile. Steve-o has a serious god complex.
steve's back as ABORTION HURTS JESUS, left two comments on my profile. rolleyes.gif
how is he still leaving comments on anyone's profile? i set the approve option up and haven't gotten any more comments. though i see i have been visited by a few incarnations, ooh, spooky!
He can leave comments but they won't show up on your profile unless you approve them. I think he's hoping that at least the person he leaves comments for will have to look at the comment, even if they don't (obviously) decide to approve them to go on their profile. Stupid, really, because the notification email tells you who left the comment. So I get the entertainment value of seeing "god" left me a comment for approval when I'm going through my emails, without actually having to read any insane missives from the asshat. Works for me!
Ugh, in the this just in...thread.

Meanwhile, I tried the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen and it was delish.
Not that I think anyone is wrong but how do you all know that "god" or whatever is "steve"? What, other than the message, is the give away? Or is "steve" our catchall name for the religious trolls, kind of like Band-Aid or Kleenex.
I'm just assuming it's him because whoever is behind the new handles and comments has such a hard-on for noising us up.

speaking of inappropriate/religious stuff: my friend had a religious education class today and the priest leading it said to them, "I want shushi" instead of be quiet; we think this is wrong on several levels.
bunny, that's a little gross. it squicks me out when grown ups talk to other grown ups like babies. ugh.

kitten, it's highly unlikely that there is more than one religious zealot targetting this site with exactly the same propaganda posted over and over ad nauseum. it might be flattering to be someone's pet project like that if only it weren't so boring. that, and i doubt we're the only site getting the sick and twisted stalker treatment.
for a minute I thought you said " I want sushi"

and I thought " Do priests eat sushi?"

my favorite sushi is now wasabi tobiko. mmm sushi
is it wrong that I've just laughed?

uurgh on the babytalk...
someone else has reported that scary business, haven't they? it's been so long since we've had an out and out butt-wipe trollster around here i hardly even know what to do huh.gif !

(eta: as i am currently wiping poopoo butt daily, actually calling someone a butt wipe is the very worst insult i've got right now.)
It's in the Test Area. I suspect a new thread about that crap is going to emerge. wasn't it aroun a few months ago?
yep, i reported it, plus the stuff in the test area. yeah, that's probably the same paranoid nut-job that was here before. Go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here!!
I saw that. Of course I had to bait it. As soon at the dipshit started posting, I put it on ignore.

I listen to people with conspiracies every day at work.
I love sushi. It's mazing stuff and my favourite is an inside out roll with smoked salmon, ream cheese and cucumber. Mmmm. I've eaten a lot of fish this week including some sushi; I need to avoid dairy so it's a good choice. Spicy food is also another good dairy-less alternative and I've had so much Indian food recently and going out for some again tonight.

I still want the sushi pyjamas from Buffy. Polly, did you say once that you'd bought the material?
Yes, and I actually made them into PJ's for prophecy grrl. You can get it on eBay ( I just checked and there's no one selling it right now, though) You can get them from The Cat's PJ's but they only go up to an XL (12-14, American size, I think) and they're $86US. For $90, I bought nine yards of the fabric and I still have some left to make other stuff. I'm thinking couch pillows, sushi on one side and black velvet on the other.

My favorite sushi- our favorite sushi place makes a roll called a crunch rainbow roll, which is an inside out roll with crab, cucumber, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, then they crunch up tempura and sprinkle it on top. Then they drizzle wasabi mayo on the plate....sooo tasty. Like a party in your mouth.
"I'm thinking couch pillows, sushi on one side and black velvet on the other."

OOOH! If you have kitties, you could make them a cat bed, or one of those windowsill-sitters!!!!! How cute would that be?

My favorite sushi I've had lately is at the place down the street, and it was a "spicy crunch roll," with umm, tuna I think, and panko, and spiciness, and um, and awesome I think too. It was yum. Hands up everyone who loves all you can eat sushi for $20???
Mmmm... sushi. My current fave is called an Eddie roll, named after a regular customer at my local sushi joint. It's albacore, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, and this fresh garlic sauce. Yummy and almost refreshing. I think I tend to like the spicier rolls anymore. There is a place by my sisters work that we like to meet up at sometimes. They have an extensive specialty sushi menu, including several hot rolls that are grilled. My fave is the spicy albacore or pizza roll, which has salmon. I don't usually like the masago mayo sauce, especially heated (blech, hot mayo?). But they grill it so that it's all crispy on the outside, the fish inside is only seared, they don't drown it in the mayo, just the right amount and they glaze the top with eel sauce. And I ask for it extra spicy, which is sooo good. I also love spider rolls, or any roll made with softshell crab.

polly, those pillows sound adorable! my sis bought the sushi PJ's for a friend, and the sizes run small. Her friend wears a size 10, but the xl ones just barely fit her.

phobia, the kitty bed is a great idea.
damnit, I want sushi now.

The PJs are would fit but they are too expensive.

I love wearing this.
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