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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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fuck..I was just thinking yesterday about how peaceful it's been since we haven't had an invasion in awhile...

*must not jinx the board*
sixela, that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!


cept, now i want blueberry pie, and there are no such things as blueberries here sad.gif
*sigh* Steve, you pathetic dumbshit, don't you have a life? This earns the National Newtork of Abortion Funds bonus dollars, you realize that, don't you? And they're not like Planned Parenthood, who can use the funds for sex ed or pap smears or condoms or new campaigns. No, my dear. These bonus dollars will go straight to aborting fetuses. And they'll be in your name. smile.gif

Steve thinks he's both Jesus AND me. Or maybe he thinks I'm Jesus. You can never tell with the poor fool. You can click on this link to ignore Jesus, and then type in "Faereitails2" to ignore Wannabe Me.

thankyou my dear real and actual faerie, bc I admit I fell for the ruse on another thread and think my eyes are still bleeding and becoming scarred.
in my panic I couldn't find the ignore option, and so had to keep looking at the damn shit.

f'in' trolls. mad.gif
maybe he has a small penis complex.

Anyways, last weekend I had really really tasty lemon cheesecake. It was so freakin' good!

And now I also want some pie! mmmmm pie.
Everyone knows about the "report" feature, right? The little button on the bottom lefthand side of the post? Just keep reporting the trolls. And please, keep ignoring them in the other threads. Feeding trolls only encourages them!

I love that piece of blueberry pie.
I bought a turtles cheesecake today! Obviously not made out of real turtles, but out of the chocolate ones! laugh.gif

I had no clue about the report feature. Thanks doodle!!!
sixelacat - i WANT one of those pie things. they are soo cool looking.
Blueberry pie recipe!
thanks for the deletes, LL!
Do we have another troll in the oral sex thread?
Pugs, I don't think so, I think they are just a little slow. I've made a comment in the thread anyways.

culture, thanks for your response in that thread. my jury is still out on both of the newbies there, but i truly heart you and maimy both for taking people at face value and seeking out the best in them.

i have to admit that i'm not always so gracious, and find that often it is just easier for me to ignore that sort of thing. you ROCK. as does the maimstresse.


can someone pass me a piece of pie, please????
awwwww thanks Tes!!!! *blushes*

SO uh... y'all going to take the marriage test or what?
Moonpieluv -

I took it. It wasn't that bad. Interesting questions really. Go for it.
I reported the survey posts. She's now posting pointless drivel all over the place and mentioning her survey.

Want people to take your survey and not hate you? Stick to the self-promotion thread or something.
Polly, I've posted a wake up call for her in the travel thread after I read your comment.
I sent her a pm the other day, once she'd started posting almost non-sequiteurs with the "please take my survey". I also said I couldn't take her survey as I wasn't married! Gah...
I got a PM from "MKOTED" saying: "LOVE TO CHAT WITH U...PLZ LET HEAR FROM U"...

Yeah. I don't think so. I'm blocking this fucker.

Anyone else for some blueberry pie a la mode?
Speaking of pies, I found these recipies after seeing the movie Waitress.

Waitress pie recipies.

The pictures make me want to say "Fuck South Beach. I'm having some sugar!"
Yeah, raisin, I got one too...."ADD ME AS A FRIEND"

Pre-emptively blocked.

Those pies look awesome, kitten, but they must be English or something- caster sugar? Glucose syrup? Grams? WTF? laugh.gif
Oh, those pies look amazing!

*drools all over self*
Yes, an English-to-American translation would be much appreciated.
Here's the American version of some of those pie recipes. smile.gif
*drooling all over keyboard*
I just found out that my neighboor (sp?) makes homemade pies. I am in trouble now. or she is? or I am gonna be ordering alot of homemade pies from her for the holidays.
I have to admit, sometimes I find trolls amusing.....but some just need to be something
Pshht indeed!


I was thinking I haven't had a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie all summer long.

But today I had a ginormous chocolate milkshake, so all is not lost.
Double taco.
Is the latest fundie a new one or is Steve spewing the same, tired crap?

Actually, who cares? I heart ignore.

I am in the need for some really good pie. Speaking of pie: has anyone seen Waitress or the pilot episode of Pushing Daisies? Both are a pie-lover's wet dream.
i soo want to see waitress! have to wait till it comes out on video though.
"Dina's mom" in the Committed thread really does sound like she needs to be committed. Lawdy. No relation to Dinaofdoom, right? blink.gif
Oh. Dear. That was kind of wacky.
I was thinking she was a troll... seemed very loony.
Does anyone know the story on Partystar? Seems to not be mean but is rather arrogent and condescending. And the signatures on the posts are just...skeevy. Also, the poster seems to be changing facts depending on where s/he posts. But I could have read some of it wrong.
umm...yeah? s/he said they are 23, but had breast reduction surgery in 1990 and were pregnant in 1994? weren't you like 10?
friggin' weirdo..

and I remember there was a "London Escorts" member who linked to that "bunnies of london" site in their signature..that site was seriously offensive..

I'm guessing it'll be any time now s/he starts some spam threads...

hey Partystar, this is a FEMINIST messageboard..we're not interested in misogynistic escort services..

LMP, 'twas nothing. wub.gif

Someone muzzle me. Please? Every time there's a troll invasion, I'm reminded of what made me leave the Lounge in the first place. Oy!
So are "great" and "partystar" the same person? I am noticing similarities in posting stles and signatures.
I knew there was a reason I had partystar on ignore and I just couldn't remember.

*grumbles about newest wank*
Holy fucking hell, Dina's mom is clearly batshit insane.

Batshit insane!

Bwaaaahahahahahahahaha, that's freakin' hilarious!
I disagree, I think she was overreactionary to someone who over reacted to her.

ggg, you are a good person to see through and be willing to make no judgements. i wish i was more like that but my opinion originator seems to be very active.
Believe me, I make many judgments, but I really think that Pugs was really harsh, for no good reason. When you don't know a group of people and they know nothing about you, to be judged like that right off of the bat, is pretty upsetting.
I would heart some cheesckae ice cream right now, even though it's quarter to eight in the morning.
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