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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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What is nutella? I hear you all talk about it all the time here on Bust?
Squee - another possible convert!

bunny -

I'm going to have to stop on my way home tonight and pick some of that up. I eat these chocolates and they are fabulous. If you really like chocolate and hazelnuts then I'd recommend them as well.


werd on the rocher.

that is all. tongue.gif
lmp, I love 'em! and... it's the same chocolate! once you join the we love nutella club there's no turning back wub.gif.
bunny -

Yeah I just realized that Nutella and Rocher are both made be Ferrero. That's so funny.

I can't wait to try it tonight.

I've loved Nutella for as long as I can remember, but last spring, while in Switzerland, I discovered something that could give it a run for its money! It's called Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream, and it comes in a glass peanut-butter-sized jar. It's chocolate, but with Ovaltine crunchies mixed in. It is so unbelievably good, and I'm frustrated because I can't find it anywhere in the States, even online. Has anyone else tried this stuff?

Mmmm....Nutella. Mmmm....Ovomaltine.
ooh ratgrl, that sounds good, I heart ovaltine. I don't think you can get it here (UK) either sad.gif.
I suppose you could smash up some Malted Milk Balls & mix it with chocolate spread. Me? I hate malt.

I still abhor Nutella, but I do love Almond Roca.
Has It been banned?

You know, I think I'm the last person alive who's never tried Nutella.
I haven't tried it yet either. . .and I just realized (I think b/c of this thread, actually) that there is a local version that is just as good that doesn't have the same trans fats, so now I have no excuse. wink.gif
bunny, i think you can, you just have to look for it.
i'm with you on the non-nutella thingy ap. and i am always up for almond roca. them's good eats!
yes, we can start a club for non-nutella fans. i hate that stuff, then again, i can't stand anything hazelnut flavored.
*perks ears up in interest*

really morn? whereabouts?

I had to have some ovaltine last night with my pancakes.
i swear i've seen it in sainsburys. and i've got a terrible feeling m&s do something like it.

weirdly enough, i'm not mad keen on ferrero rocher. but i do like nutella, every now and again.
FYI: nohope is trolling in childfree by choice. Something about Stockholm Syndrome and the emotional unavailability of his daddy.
I've always ignored nohope and never understood what the deal with him and the board was but I was just wondering if he was always such an atrocious speller? I was under the impression he wasn't but maybe that's because I never read what he had to say.
i've noticed it before bunny, although that last post was probably the worst. he usually just copies and pastes text from other locations, so maybe that's why it seems off to you. i usually don't read what he has to say but didn't realize he was considered to be such a troll around here. i mean, i understand why after reading some of the stuff he's said. i guess i just remember him being here years ago when i first started posting too and thought he was considered a legit, though sometimes combative bustie.
that was my impression of him too, fj, especially as he was never (IMO) treated as a troll but, then, he's not as obvious as other resident trolls have been.
I always just thought he was being pretentious. One of the really radical left wing types...but now I see how things really are. (not that being pretnetious and being readical left wing, anti-capitalist go hand in hand...)
Hmm, I have always thought he was a patronizing, pretentious prick.
Oh I forgot about patronizing!
I thought it was just me that didn't get the whole Nohope thing. He's been around as long as I can recall, but his name always turned me off, so I've never been too inclined to listen to him.
I've never thought of nohope as a troll. He can be way too relentless when making his point, to the extent of alienating people rather than convincing them - every movement has a few folks like that, whether on the left or the right, and I do think those folks do more harm than good to their respective causes. He can also be an insensitive person, which he has admitted to once, when I called him on something (quite awhile back, not even sure what it was about now). Patronizing and pretentious? Yes, he can be that, too. Honestly, I'm not trying to defend him, but still, I've just never thought of him as a troll. Maybe I'm just in denial! (Certainly the whole "Stockholm Syndrome" accusation could make me re-evaluate my position....)

By the way, I do think of myself as a radical leftie and a radical feminist, and I'm always disturbed when people are lumped into those categories/dismissed with those labels, just because they behave like jerks. It's all in the way you try to get your point across, I feel. nohope has actually made a lot of interesting and intelligent points in the past, a number of which I agree with; unfortunately his behaviour often acts as a counterweight to his message, which turns people off. In the same vein, I don't support the recent actions of a few activists in Vancouver, who wore bandanas over their faces and tried to take over the podium at a recent pre-Olympic event, even though I agree wholeheartedly with the message they tried to convey (that the preparations for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are causing an increase in homelessness). An asshole is an asshole, and it's got little to do with one's political allegiences.
I agree with doodle, there is a difference between troll and tactless ass. I think nohope's the latter, so I just don't pay attention to him. I can't be bothered to consider someone's opinion if they can't be bothered to present it coherently. Meh.
Th efirst time nohope flew under my radar I thought he was a troll. I was told he was I just ignore him. We don't frequent the same threads anyway.
i've gone on one of my cursing tears with no hope a long time ago, but i have to agree with doodle, he's far from a troll. he is quite capable of being extremely articulate, intellegent and presenting his point-- when he chooses to. unfortunately he chooses not to, and does a lot of cutting and pasting. that said, if you question something he posts, he is happy to reply in his own words, and defend his point of view ardently. but most times people just skip over his posts, and treat him like a troll because of his presentation.

besides, what he does isn't really all that different than some of the old school busties like toto, who i adore. i wish people like toto and venetia were around more. there was a serious intellectual heft to the lounge that i really miss. but toto more or less had a thread to post things that interested them and people would respond, and occasionally you would see toto posts other places.

and much like doodle, i consider myself a radical left wing, anti-capitalist type.
sadly, i am sometimes rather pretentious, too. but, as doodle says, i can't stand it when a lable is used to discount a point of view. if you have a problem with what anyone's said, debunk it, if you can't, then read, learn, then debunk it, but don't call names/throw lables and dismiss it.
having just checked the child free thread, i have to say, no hope's comments were pretty assinine. i have serious issues with my dad, but that's no reason to project my bs on anyone else. very immature. and anytime someone says "i'm so sick of this conversation" there's nothing but trouble and i stop reading the post. nothing good ever comes of that phrase....
Hey, Y'all! smile.gif

Haven't posted over here in a while, but I just clicked on a "video" link over in ab-fad.

Is this person a troll? --->Daemdedesgh7<---When I clicked on the link, I was directed to a webpage full of antispyware crap. Now the alerts just keep popping up on my toolbar.

GAH!! mad.gif

Fuckin' shit.

quietmadness, this is a troll, usually the pornbot posts in two's or three's then disappears. I'd run an antispywear scan and antivirus scan just to be on the safe side.
you might want to make sure you have not downloaded some malware. i did that on a laptop and it was pretty much unuseable. it took me close to a month to get most of it off the 'puter and still didn't get it all off.

wiki: malware
Thanks, Y'all!

It was indeed a tr0ll. My Mc Afee software ended up blocking three different programs this morning. Said all of them were spyware.

So...? Is that good enough? For my computer, I mean?


I'd run a virus scan too. Just in case. Because you never know. Did your McAfee do a full system scan?
now that i'm state-side and can get my hands on it i finally tried that sticky toffee pudding ice cream and i gotta say...
meh. so not my favourite. where's the pickles?

you're stateside pepper? is that permanent?
half of my 'rental units are here so we are here too quite a bit but not all the time and certainly not forever. i actually quite like canada i gotta say.

i baked a cake!!! ok it was a package but it was organic, i made the icing and decorated with fresh berries, and it was two layers and i used my grandmother's milk glass cake tower and it was good! and it was fun too. chocolate with vanilla frosting, yum!
*eyeing London_Escorts*


newbie, short posts...and a *quite* offensive escort service linked to the profile...
me thinks we have a soon-to-be spammer among us...
pepper, that cake sounds delicious! mmmmm.

Humanist, thanks for the heads up about potential spammer.

so far london escorts posts are on the level, but what bugs me is that there was a 'london bunny' profile made earlier, (with links to the same site) that hasn't been used. really, i don't get why a pornbot or a link troll would think they'd get much traction round here.

but since we are on the topic, someone posted something in the community forum for the lounge lady to raise the # of posts before a newbie can start a thread from 10 to 50, which i think is a great idea. would you guys post over there to second the idea so lounge lady will see there is support for it?
GT I'll haul ass over there to reiterate the idea
Well, lots of trolls have started out benignly, posting randomly, making middle-of-the-road comments just to hit their magic post number (hmm, "kickit", anyone?).....I think it's just a matter of time before Playboy goes after that escort service for copyright infringement.

What's with the 4/20 comment pulled up from last year?

I am all for a 50 post requirement.
I heart my mates Ben and Jerry and their new flavour Bohemian Raspberry; I'm going to pick some up later to soothe my aching throat.

ooooh! bun bun, what's in it? i love rasberry, and i love b&j, i have 5 pints of cherry garcia in my freezer...hope your throat feels better soon, but b&j will certainly
FIVE pints? and I thought I was bad ... wink.gif

Bohemian Rhapsody is a new flavour across the pond and is vanilla ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces and raspberry swirls ... mmmm. The deli I went to today doesn't stock it yet so I bought Fossil Fuel instead smile.gif.
you guys still have fossil fuel bunny? ugh, i am so jealous! i wish they'd bring back dublin mudslide over here. coffee ice cream with bailey's and thick swirls of chocolate coffee fudge with cookie crumbs. man, that would go so good with the applebees parmesan shrimp steak i'm just finishing off.

yeah actually i started with 8. the local gross out (slang for the grocery outlet) had six packs on sale for less than a buck a pint. and once they sell out you'll never see them in the store i stocked up on 'em....hey! stop laughing, you would too!
of course I would!

we still have Dublin Mudslide here too grrrl, we're rather behind and have such a small selection but I'm not complaining as long as I can still have phish food and chunky monkey and cookie dough and caramel chew chew and peace of cake and cherry garcia ...

the ice cream counters at the cinemas here have such a better selection than the grocery stores.
There's ICE CREAM counters at your cinemas?!?! I'm SOOOO jealous! As it is, I generally pay extra to get "VIP" seating, just so I can have a cosmo during the film. They should start stocking lots of B&J and H-D too! Mmmmm, coffee and Baileys with Dublin Mudslide......
our local theater has an ice cream counter, but it's not b&j's. but sixel, you guys get to have alcohol at the movies? damn, i'd pay extra for that. and maybe a "no assholes" showing where cell phones are surrendered at the door, "what'd she say? who's that? what'd i miss?" idiots are muzzled, and jackasses who bring their kids or babies to the one weekend only showing of pan's labyrinth are redirected to the teeange mutant ninja turles showing down the hall.
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