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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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those are never real photos, i totally refuse to believe that a miscarried baby's head fell off. that's just laughable. and hello, those babies aren't exactly wee either. that's a gross misuse of photoshop.

hey, i'm right in TO, is the Morgentaler clinic still here? i can actually right to it to make my donation. right on!
Head fell off? Okay, that made me giggle. People's heads just spontaneously popping off after death, with a loud cartoony "POP!"

In any case - so it's back and just as unoriginal as ever. How dull. I wonder if it's got big framed prints of those photos up all over its house, in order to rev it up for a full day of fighting them babykillers from the stained, sweaty security of its mom's basement pull-out couch.

Personally, I'd like to see a little bit of effort here. We've seen the same photos over and over and over. It's just...sadly uncreative.
i'd have to agree luci.

on the scale (O-1OO) of crazed xtian trolls i'd hesitate to give him a 4.

creativity: .O
style: O.
articulation: O
ability to use the "quote feature":4

on the whole, he could have been crunchier. meatier. now if he were bacon, he'd be fine. but as a troll, he's not even a garden gnome.

sad really.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Feb 17 2007, 10:10 AM) *

on the whole, he could have been crunchier. meatier. now if he were bacon, he'd be fine. but as a troll, he's not even a garden gnome.

sad really.

Anyone who lives near an abortion clinic has driven by and seen those pictures being held up by the wackadoo protesters. I'm more disturbed by the fact that a lot of them have their kids out there than by the pictures themselves.
it *can* occur when the foetus dies in the womb - and it's very very very rare for it to get to that stage. like I said, those photos are o-l-d. and there aren't many around.

it happens in animals quite frequently, it's called "spontaneous abortion" - usually the female passes one or more foetuses, but the other(s) remain in utero. and that's what happens after a few days; the foetus starts to break down. the head coming off is quite common when the foetus is removed because of the head:body size ratio and the cervix not being properly dilated. but, like i said... animals.
talk about a one-note johnny.


I always wonder about what posting gets this retard off. Is it that he thinks he's reaching somebody? Or is it just the attention & scorn? I also wonder if he thinks feminist = fornicator = abortionist. Being feminist doesn't automatically mean you're pro-choice. Isn't there some bible thumping group he could be commiserating with instead of bugging us? Couldn't he be out harrassing innocent women at PP? I think it's time for a $100 donation to my local NARAL chapter.

And I've read both the Old & the New Testament. Hell, I've got a copy of the Bulgate of St Jerome around here somewhere. In a lot of situations, God isn't too pissed about the baby killing. In fact, I recall a story of a prophet being teased by a group of children over being bald & God sent a pack of ravenous bears to rend them into bits. He also condones rape if the pious Lot is an example.
mornington, thanks. It doesn't make it any easier to stomach but the medical info helps. he may be a moron but he's completely insensitive and this has upset some of us.

His message may be anti-abortion but those photos are of MISCARRIAGES, some fucking sensitivity would be nice.

if you ask me it's a form of impotance, guilt and lazyness. he's guilty and feels like he needs to do something for his god, but he doesn't have the where withall to actually persuade a hot potato to give off heat, so he does what's easy: post his dim-wit posts here and other places. he's and armchair evangelist. and if you were thinking i left off the impotance, well, that is the most obvious part. anyone who thinks that a woman doesn't have the intellegence to make her own choices, is obviously insecure their manhood, and is impotant.


what he needs is psychiatric care.
he knows he isn't going to reach anyone with his obnoxious behavior. it's all about him feeding his ego, and satisfying his guilt.

he's just a selfish ass.
The thing I really don't understand: Do "people" like this honestly think they're going to change minds? Or is it part of their daily fapping session? Like "Christians" who stand around screaming AMEN! at each other.

You know, I could post pictures of my period - that's pretty gross, but seeing it isn't going to make anyone stop menstruating.

You know, AP, I think it's been debated somewhere in the F-word, but I personally don't think one can call oneself a feminist and not be pro-choice. It just doesn't compute. Choice is choice is choice. It isn't pro-abortion or pro-forced-birth, right? It's just letting people make their own damn minds up.
there would have to be something terribly, terribly wrong with a child in utero to decompose to that state, i mean the head falling off state. those are BIG babies, like nearly full term at least (sorry, i haven't seen those pics anywhere before now. guess i'm just lucky with the ignore thing. and i don't think we used to be able to post pics right into threads with the old site.) and they aren't falling apart anywhere else either. just the heads falling off.
posting that shit in the PREGNANCY thread though is just flipping ridiculous. um, hello, none of us are in there because we're having abortions you freaking moron. duh, stupid.
i can't really muster up that much disgust or upset or anything over it though. meh. i've seen worse on daytime tv. beyond a minor discussion-of-the-day who really cares?

pfft, pictures of my period. ha! i say we do it! i mean, it's an abortion/miscarriage of sorts, right? every sperm (and egg) is sacred yadda yadda...
on a different suject, my butterscotch oatmeal bars are almost ready to come out of the oven. And I can't wait.......
oooooh...homer simpson drool....butterscotch oatmeal bars.....yum!
Wow, this really makes me miss the pornbot. Whatever, it's the same old same fuckin' old. Hurray for the ignore function. I guess the dumb fuck has nothing better to do then go online and post shit. I wonder what happened to the resident idiot. Hmmm, new question for the would you rather thread?

But yum, butterscotch oatmeal bars. Sounds yum tastic. I am having ginger chicken for dinner. Mmmmm.

You know what else, most men cannot dance. I went to the bar last night, and it's like the more tequila you get in a man, the more he thinks he can dance. Uhhhh, I didn't think that what they are doing was attractive. It was, uhhhh, interesting, to say the least.

Whatever you say, Steve.
oh culturehandy, my male friend is such a terrible dancer. and it's not even that he's so bad, it's that he's so bad and he thinks he's so good! he Loves to make eye contact with you when you're all out together and dance right in your space as though you should be Thrilled to be so close to a flailing jelly-spine, noodle-knee on the floor. oh ugh, it's like aggressive bad dancing, it's just that embarassingly horrible.

there's a health food store here that makes a flourless cookie with a Huge circle of apple butter in the center that i LOVE and totally forgot about until i saw them again yesterday. oh my, so good!
Mmm, cookies. I could go for one of RoseViolet's lemon cookies.
I would also like to suggest donations to Scarleteen. Cuz Euphy, hates teh sex and ST is good at educatin' the kids about it.
Oooh, scarleteen is a good one!

Personally, I'm going to make sure to have lots and lots of atheistic, non-procreative sex tonight...there will be many orgasms...and NO SPERM!!!

Ahhh, vasectomy, how do I love thee? biggrin.gif
Lucizoe me too!

I have a few men trying to get in my pants right now. I think I'm going to have sex with all of them, at the same time. Then, I'm going to fuck them one-on-one.

When I have sex, it's going to be mind blowing, I'll make sure that I use condoms with all of them, as I am a responsible adult. And I'm going to have earth shattering, mnd blowing orgasms with them. I was also thinking og having an orgy, any ladies and men want to join?
Raisin I was thinking about making a batch of those lemon cookies this weekend. Soooooo good. Those apple butter cookies that Pepper mentioned sound damn delicious, too. Wonder where I might find the recipe. Hmmm.

All of my favorite food blogs have been talking about chocolate this week. Chocolate tarts, flourless chocolate cakes, truffles .... it's killing me! I found a recipe called "Man-Catcher Brownies" that is supposed to be amazing. The recipe calles for 3 sticks of butter and half-a-dozen eggs. Can you imagine?! Think I'll be cutting that recipe in half!

Lily, I love Scarleteen! Such a good, informative website. I've passed it on to more people that I can recall. And I think it's one of those marvelous websites that people on both sides of this debate should be happy to support. Afterall, people who are informed about safe sex are more likely to practice safe sex. And safe sex leads to fewer unplanned pregnancies which leads to fewer abortions! Yay!
I hate to ask the obvious here, but has anyone actually reported tr*ll-y? Maybe we should do it en masse?

Mmmm cookies. I've been craving ginger snaps for a little while now.
I dunno, culture- they were right quick about taking down the porn pictures from the pornbot- I'm sure they could do the same here. Maybe the LoungeLady isn't around on weekends.

I'll report it. Everyone else probably should, too.
culture, I know that I've read at least one post saying he's been reported but I keep thinking "what's the point?" loungelady doesn't give a fuck and she's not going to check in until at least monday at which point, yeah she'll delete his posts because they're offensive but he'll re-register as always and post even more. I find it very difficult to believe that there's no way to do an isp block; there is, they just don't care enough to do it.

I had the loveliest sicilian lemon cupcake the other day with lemon buttercream frosting.
I agree, what is the point. But it's still worth a try.
Well, there was a relatively large span of time between the last time he posted as "w*p*e*a*l" and this one. If he's stopped maybe it will be awhile before he's back, at least.

I forget, why can't/don't they just block his IP? They don't want to censor? If that's the case, it's ridiculous. He contributes nothing to the boards and he knows it. He only comes here to disrupt and shock and we fall for it (I'm guilty, too!) and he succeeds.
Eeep ... I posted something about this in the Community Forum by accident! Oh well. smile.gif

The troll has been reported, but the Lounge Lady has not logged into Bust since Friday afternoon. More than likely, we will not see her again until Tuesday (it's a holiday weekend in the states). So we just need to get the word out about the ignore feature & use it.

I have a feeling that this troll's old ISP was blocked and he's gotten a new ISP. He intentionally started posting late on the Friday of a holiday weekend so that he could pester us as much as possible before he gets caught & his new ISP is blocked.
This is why mods are needed. Solely to bloke the pornbot loser, and goofy euphy (thank you faerie for the lovely name for fundie!). So that the users can remove those posts.
Speaking of offending little ones:

Then David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against the LORD." Nathan answered David: "The LORD on his part has forgiven your sin: you shall not die.
But since you have utterly spurned the LORD by this deed, the child born to you must surely die."
Then Nathan returned to his house. The LORD struck the child that the wife of Uriah had borne to David, and it became desperately ill.
David besought God for the child. He kept a fast, retiring for the night to lie on the ground clothed in sackcloth.
The elders of his house stood beside him urging him to rise from the ground; but he would not, nor would he take food with them.
On the seventh day, the child died. David's servants, however, were afraid to tell him that the child was dead, for they said: "When the child was alive, we spoke to him, but he would not listen to what we said. How can we tell him the child is dead? He may do some harm!"
But David noticed his servants whispering among themselves and realized that the child was dead. He asked his servants, "Is the child dead?" They replied, "Yes, he is."

What ever happened to Thou shall not kill?
Do you suppose he's committing acts of Onanism while he posts cos he gets a woody from annoying us? Isn't that like, pre-emptive baby killing?

And Lucizoe, there are a few feminists in my women's group that are prol-life. They seem to hold them as different issues. Feminism as a forward thinking societal thing, Pro-life as a moral thing. I don't get it. I brought up being a "death-scort" at Planned Parenthood a few years back & things got heated.
Heh, AP, I can see being opposed to abortion for oneself, but doesn't "pro-life" mean one wants to keep everyone from having abortions? Denying women autonomy over their own damn bodies is the least feminist thing out there. How did you keep your head from exploding?

Oooh, culturehandy, you should make it a biblical double entendre orgy! "Oh, yeah, baby! Now I'm gonna turn the other cheek! Slap it!"
Um, the fact that it was my turn to supply booze that week, Lucizoe. I make an absolutely lethal fresh raspberry lemonade with vodka & soda.
I know we usually go with pie, but I had a chocolate cannoli for breakfast & I want another one.
*holds out empty glass and waits for aural to pour in the booze*

"Now I'm gonna turn the other cheek. Slap it!"
Damn, I wish I could drink. But I'm on these hellishly strong antibiotics.

For some reason, I just got a craving for apple pie.

Mmm, pie.

doodlemama and I ordered Szechuan food last night, and it is sooooooooo yummy. Goddess bless leftovers. Oh, and Gung Hay Fat Choy, everyone!
Oh faerie, would you mind if I poured some of Aural's lemonade on you?I need to start the orgy somewhere. Mmmm raspberry-tastic and spanky-tastic.
booze, lemonade and chinese...yummy!

...and orgy is good too!
*strips down to white undies*

pour away!
Oh good heavens.

Seriously, does anyone have any apple pie? I'm dyin' over here.
Hey, I even get fancy & freeze either a bit of fresh lemon or a raspberry into the ice cubes! You can get all kinds of kinky with a bit o' ice!
Dear FYIbot,

Please don't feed the troll.

Thank you,
Doodle, I think asshat is trying to let us know he hacked the account. Whatever, FYI was already on ignore, so there's not much difference. But for your trouble:

IPB Image
Mmm. Pie.
Doodle, I'm going to have to agree with you, I really would like some hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Or pumpkin pie!
Does anyone know if there's a limit to how many posters we have on ignore? My list is becoming a little busy with profiles created by well-intentioned BUSTies. Would it be possible to post the ignore information and keep the abuse out of it please? you are feeding him and, yes, we can all ignore you but he is going to come back for more and more if you keep it up and that defeats the purpose of your posts. IGNORE him and what is the point of saying lil jesus dude I can't fucking hear you? it also defeats the purpose and succeeds only in pissing off other BUSTies. We need to starve him.

I don't want to start anything with whoever started the abortion4jesus profile, I don't care who it was and I know you meant well but I found the post offensive. As I said, we need to starve the troll and not feed him and that was feeding him.

Meanwhile, we will all eat. It's pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) and I intend to gorge myself on pancakes and honey/jam/lemon curd.
MMM pancakes! yummers. I have fresh raspberries for lunch today!
yay for the loungelady and fresh raspberries!
Oh bunny, you know what would be great right now? Mmmm cheesecake with fresh raspberries on top. I'm craving really sweet food.
Nope: crepes with nutella and raspberries!
okay, how about a compromise. We can have both. But mmmm crepes!
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