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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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We definately need two tiaras!
I ate a fingertip size amount of cookie dough my lil sis has and it is the vilest of cookie doughs; it tasted like plasticine (or possibly play dough).

I want tomatoes, salt and philadelphia cream cheese on french bread. mmmmm.
I'm going to buy a cheesecake on the way home from work.
Oh, how I long for fresh tomatoes! My very favorite thing to make is a simple tart with pastry, mozzarella & parmasean cheese, garlic, olive oil, and big slices of tomatoes. Sooooooo damn good!
that tart sounds yummy, rose.

so, I'm confuddled - do you not have year-round tomatoes?
bunny, I guess you could say that on a technicality, they *do* sell tomatoes year-round in the states, but those round, pinkish, firm orbs do not taste anything like a *real* tomato....they're mostly bland, a little fibrous, and not good for much of anything....Pretty much the only tomatos I buy are at the farmers market in the summer, or sundried or canned in the winter. Do you get better tomatoes over there this time of year?!
omg, we have fabulous tomatoes all year round! at least I think we do ... perhaps they taste better in summer but most fruits do in their season. I've never realised how lucky I am, I could walk into a supermarket tomorrow and be able to buy the normal juicy, red, tomatoes (what are they called, just tomatoes?) or beef, or vine, or pomodoro or cherry ...
*pouts eyeing bunny's luscious tomoatoes*

We can get all different kinds here too, but they just aren't right. I want that fragrant tomoato, whose skin smells of warm earth, and its acidic, and juicy inside....*sigh* 7 more months until good tomatoes here.
I am super jealous too!! We have greenhouse tomatoes here but there is nothing like farm fresh ones.

I also, miss strawberries that are in season. They are so sweet and delicous around June.
i get organic hot-house tomatoes in the off season, not too expensive either. they are Almost as good as fresh, they have "that" smell and everything.
bunny, have you ever had cream cheese, chives (or scallions in a pinch) and sliced tomato on a toasted onion or garlic bagel? mmm, my favorite breakfast.

I miss the heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market. I can eat them plain like apples, but sliced with a little sea salt & pepper is just heavenly. and don't even get me started with the fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil... gah, hurry up summer!

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jan 22 2007, 12:24 PM) *

BUT. I'd eat my own hand before I'd allow cottage cheese in my mouth. I have textural issues with it & I think it tastes like what dirty feet would taste like. I now want to eat a tomato with pepper & sea salt, though.

Ha, that's how I feel about goat cheese (99.9% of goat cheese- I get along very well with feta) tastes like licking the basement floor.

Now, sheep cheese- that's good stuff.
Ever had halloumi, Polly? It's a cheese made from either goat or sheep's milk (Or sometimes a mixture of both.) with an extraordinarily high melting point. It has an oddly *polystyrene* texture & it squeaks when you eat it. I like to fry it & put it in my salads with some pine nuts & melon.

I ate my sad, mealy tomato. Huzzah. I swear, I'm gonna start growing hydroponic heirlooms in my closet.
No, I haven't- isn't it middle eastern or something? There's another cheese I like called Gran Canaria and it's cow, sheep and goat. It's pretty good, but damn expensive.

I'll have to find some halloumi, though- sounds interesting.
Mmmm, manouri. I love it so. Has anyone here tried it?

*delicately places tiara on own head*

*extends pillow with another different, but equally extravagant and lavish tiara on it*

gcubed, here you go!

halloumi! yay! squeaky cheese, yes! some of the restaurants here put it in their greek salads.

so, AP, when you fry it do you coat it in anything (flour?) or just sauté it in a pan? in olive oil? details, woman!!! i want to add fried halloumi and pignolias and melon to my salads!!! laugh.gif

never tried manouri, though!

cheese, ahhhhhhhhhhh. i love cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

mmm, those bagels sound heavenly, yuef!
oh tes, if you ever come across it you must try it. it soooo good with honey. or with tomatoes. in salads. with olives, on flatbread, however!

mmm, yes they are good bunny.

I've been up all night with a hellacious case of the sniffles so what I really need now is some hot chicken soup. maybe matzoball soup. it's jewish penicillin, right?

I fucking love cheese (my friend has a t-shirt saying that, after we coined the phrase, it's a recurring joke).

so, has anyone been brave and tested nutella with cream cheese for us?

I finished my tub the other night and being good and not buying any more; well, until you lot break me.
I eat goat cheese with honey. Mmmmmm.

I vote for the matzohball soup yuefie; I love matzohball soup and it's not easy to find where I live!
goat's cheese with orange marmalade is also yummy (and my favourite tapas dish).
Tes, I fry the slices of halloumi in about two tablespoons of HOT olive oil & dredged in about the same amount of the specially seasoned flour I make & keep on hand just for such occasions. About a minute on each side until golden. De-lish!

Halloumi is *perfect* with watermelon. It's a common treat in the cheese's native Cypress. And if I am remembering correctly, the goats/sheep eat a lot of mint which helps give it it's distinct flavour. Mint is also a great addition to a halloumi salad.

Fadiman was right. Cheese is "milk's leap towards immortality."
Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese, grommit! IPB Image

and I did try cream cheese/Nutella, bunnyb, and it was good but SOOO rich, like eat a lemon afterwards kind of rich.....

BUT, since Rose pointed out that it's National Pie Day here in the states, I must go see if I have enough blackberries left in the freezer to bake a pie......
MMMMM pie. All this talk about all the yumtastic food is making me hungry.
I am about to start making some Thai red curry. I'm not sure why, but I am so hungry right now...hmm.
i'm eating eggplant and shrimp red curry over basmati rice. yum personified. with papadam. i know, carb overkill, especially since the curry also has potatoes in it.

i'm totally down with it, though. fresh mangoes for dessert. double YUM.

Aw, hell. I really want SAAG PANEER for dinner.

I'm going for Indian tonight and having the best poppadums and mango chutney in town; also these beautiful vine leave things whose name I can't remember.
i am the world's biggest garlic nan 'ho.

so serving goat's cheese with orange marmalade at my next party.
thank you, bunny!
I was one of those suckers who couldn't find this flavor anywhere near me a few months ago, so this comes as good news because now I'll be able to see what all the hubbub was about, bubs.

I'm on Haagen-Dazs's mailing list. This is from a letter I got in ye olde mailbox today, complete with a couple of coupons:

We wanted you to be the first to hear that Sticky Toffee Pudding has earned its place in the freezer case and will debut as a full-time flavor this spring along with your other havorite Haagen-Daza flavors.
Oh, you just had to bring up the Indian food didn't you? I just made my liquor order & they could've brought me samosas, but no. I'ma have a sammich instead. Meh.
so, sixelacat, did you have enough blackberries? did you make a pie???

my mother used to have one of these little "blackbirds" to stick into the middle of her pies so that the steam and any juice would escape out of it's open beak and not mess up the pie....

i wonder what a mango pie would taste like? mango cheesecake is awesome.

Tr**l alert. I'm staring to agree that they should increase the # of least double it to 20- you'd have to be really determined to do that.

ETA: I requested to have the thread deleted.
Pollystyrene is so predictable.
biggrin.gif tongue.gif laugh.gif
have some bananas that are a tad too ripe to eat. am going to make my mother's yummy sticky moist banana muffins, now that i FINALLY have an oven!
We got our samosas & pakora! YEAH!
Tes, I had enough to make a mini-pie, but Pie Day isn't sizest, right?! And now I'm searching the kitchen as I pack, because I have a killer peach pie recipe that I think I can adapt for mangoes just to see what would happen.....ooooh, and MANGO BUTTER with the peach butter recipe.....hmmmm, I wonder how that would work out......
Damn! Y'all are going to make me run off to the lovely, delicious, but a wee pricey Indian food restaurant down the block! They got sick of the "cheap take-out" stereotype and have a beatiful rooms with formal table settings.

and they will be perplexed when I attempt to order a samosa as big as a pie.

"busties -- what are busties please?"
Mmmm went and got some samosa's today. Mmmm, looking forward to eating them when I am finally less hungover. CH party too hearty this weekend. Ugh.

I'm in the mood for some roti too!
mando, it's so delicious! grill/bake the goats' cheese. I could eat it as a dessert.

my Indian food lived up to its expectations: vine leaves, mango chutney and poppadoms, lamb bhoona with rice and naan. washed down with red wine and followed by an earl grey tea.

*excited* about the sticky toffee pud HD as the ltd edition didn't make it over here; curious as sticky toffee pudding is a brit dessert, is it not?

I really want a nectarine.
ack, what's up with this new "my girlfriend's private videos" troll? can we get those posts deleted, do ya think? or just put on ignore?
the omnebun (or whatever) spammer?

so, we have a spammer and a troll and, to begin with, I saw our resident fundamentalist not as himself but as a really cheeky newb. I should have more faith.

the healthy eating plan is being postponed for a day so I can indulge is some fabulous pizza. Oh wait, I did that Saturday (goat's cheese, spinach, red onion, caramelised onion confit and rustica tomatoes)...
I just report their posts with the hope that Lounge lady will visit within the month and delete them.
If I wanted to watch a threesome, I'd get some porn, or have my own. Hmmmph.

So, I had some haagen dazs Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, and it was so wonderful! mmmm, I want more.
report them, hope loungelady sees it and deletes them, and put them on ignore. they're so blatant, why even bother?

in other news, i had really ripe bananas, so i made banana bread with pecans and put NUTELLA on it while it was still warm. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Mmm, now I'm tempted to go buy some ripe bananas and make some bread in the next couple of days.

Other than asking the Lounge Lady to delete them, I'm not sure what else we can do- it's either a bot or someone hired by a company to post ads on any message board they can find. Unlike other tr**ls, ignoring them doesn't make a difference because they're not here as a pathetic cry for attention.
Thing about the person posting, they are coming up with really obscure user names, there have been four so far. All on my blocked user list so far.

And that shit thread got deleted!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Good girl, Tesao! wink.gif
Another fucking tr*ll, this one is posting about what they have inside them. Do they really think they are the first person to use a sex toy. Asshat.
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