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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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For the Nutella lovers...I get a "newsletter" everday by email abotu indulgences....this is an excerpt from todays "Pair banana slices or grilled peaches with one tablespoon of Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread, heated in the microwave for a fondue-like consistency." Sounds fabulous!
pixie, that reminds me of something I had in a restaurant once when I was was a warm crepe folded over, with sliced bananas and warm nutella (or maybe their own version of it) inside, then topped with whipped cream (or was it ice cream, or both??) and drizzled with chocolate. WOW! Had to share it with my dinner companion, though, b/c it was very rich. (For any BCers who want to try this, it was at Nautical Nellie's in Victoria.)

What did you decide to make for the kidlets?

luci, mmm! Praline-coated pecans!!!!

Today, I treated myself to a small box of Ferrero-Rocher (sp?) chocolates, and then discovered my mom had sent me TWO big bars of Ecuadorian dark chocolate! GAH! I gave one bar to BFF....
I only realised recently that the filling of ferrero-rocher chocs is nutella, that makes so much sense (why I love them so).
Not to distract the topic from Nutella...but still chocolate related:

I have recently discovered Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate. Yum. It's like drinking a candy bar. smile.gif
I made some Nutella wontons the other night. Some were just nutella, some with coconut, some with banana and some with a mini marshmallow.

I've also warmed up nutella like fondue, but it was for apple slices.

You know bunny, whenever I am telling someone about the delicious evilness that is Nutella, I always ask if they've tried or like Ferrero Rocher candies.

Speaking of which, has anyone ever had the Rafaello candy from Ferrero? I'm a coconut fiend and those are like heaven to me. It's like a tiny little coconut cream pie with an almond in the middle.

Treehugger, I will have to check that out next time I head to TJ's, which should be soon wink.gif

hey, president's choice makes a chocolate hazelnut spread with NO Hydrogenated Oil in it! it's delicious and it was less expensive too. how do you eat it exactly? i've been using a spoon.
Yeah, but Pepper...I still think making your own, with really good hazelnut oil, is just the best possible. Ferrero may make amazing chocolate hazelnut products of all kinds, but they can't top that.

The spoon approach always ends up being everybody's way to eat Nutella. But it was pretty good just spread on a slice of fresh, crusty Italian bread when I was growing up--though now that sounds crazy.

i know, and if you can believe it i have no idea what i did with that recipe i found. anyone want to post it again? the pregnancy crazies have me in the kitchen trying out new things an awful lot lately so now might just be the time for homemade wonton things. i might use filo though 'cause i can bake that, and fruit too. little would enjoy that. can i make my own marshmallow goo? now that would be amazing.
Nigella Lawson has a recipe for nutella cake, now that I have to try!
Reposted for you, pepper: Nutella recipe
I got the urge for a cookie from my childhood last night: Nutter Butters! I don't think I've actually ever purchased them before....Gran always had them in a cookie jar (actually, Gran had an entire shelf in her pantry of cookie jars-the clear glass kind with the metal lid more on front than the top, like in shops-all at a kid-friendly height). YUM!
you can make awesome guianduia (nutella) by blending together equal parts hazelnut butter (or blended hazelnuts) and good quality melted chocolate. it's hard at room temp, but pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds or put in a bain-marie to soften.
Gianduja chocolates--I love those. Can you actually make gianduja like truffles out of the hazelnut butter and chocolate mixture?
omg, homemade nutella truffles, gah, you're killing me!

my aunt makes chocolates every year with those clear plastic molds that you paint with coloured chocolate and then fill. she makes pb&j filled ones but chocolate hazelnut filling, oohhh!
nutter butters rule!
Nutella Truffles!*drool*
Sniff sniff.
Raisin, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Or smelling for that matter?
Oh yeah. I mean, probably. I'm a mindreader in my spare time, but I haven't gotten my certification just yet.
*snickers* I should say are you alluding to someone new who is acting kinda like a tr*ll?

The Magic 8 Ball says: Signs point to yes.

Oh, a nd you know what? I love blueberry pie, but I hate how it stains everything in its path.
With the new member; it's like a trained chimp just had a pot of coffee, nothing really relevant to say and going a little hog wild.
Hey now, that's an insult to trained chimps!
okay how about...hmmm....they're a wanker who has no idea about lounge etiquette.
For the may be a new name...but it's an old member.
someone clue me in here, i'm not checking everything and i have zero idea whatcher talkin' 'bout ladeez.
pepper, I think they're referring to the fracas in the BDSM and porn threads and the complete lack of "lounge etiquette".

So... I think we should have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hate-filled, vitriolic, expletive-filled, insulting posts; I'm not sure whether the report button makes much of a difference. BUSTies should know that it's not acceptable to verbally abuse another BUSTie, however upset they may be, (that's common courtesy after all, we're taught as children not to name call.)
I was thinking of the person who was posting in every thread, but with nothing really relevant to say. It started last night when I was on. Single line posts, not really adding to the conversation.

I wasn't referring to what happened in BDSM thread, I just went in there to check it out. I wasn't referring to that.

How can I put this? I thought it was the person posting ad naseum, in all sorts of threads. There is a recent post in the problems with web site or magazine.
FWIW, I don't think the person culturehandy refers to is a troll. Maybe just a little self-involved.
still a little troll-y. Not as much as a pain in the ass as the previous weird-o. But seems a little troll-y to me.

ETA. Aha, that would explain it. In F&F.
gotcha. not a team player apparently. buh-bye.
QUOTE(pepper @ Jan 19 2007, 12:33 PM) *

gotcha. not a team player apparently. buh-bye.

Ooo, even pepper's lost her diplomatic patience over this one- that's gotta be bad! tongue.gif
Have you seen ktiktitkt whateers sig line?

I loves it!

Maybe I will steal it.
nooo, ggg... what is it? (I've looked, it's not there!)

*settles back with popcorn*

ph34r.gif edit: a-hahahahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahaha. do it do it do it.
am also amused by their "interests" blink.gif
LOL, ggg! Hi-larious.

Wait- she has a signature? I thought we were talking about her "interests" in the profile.

sorry culturehandy, I know pixie's post was in reference to that other thing.

/runs off to look at signature/interests
Damn! I'm thinking there's something in the water lately.
MY BAD, it was her interests not her sig!

FUCK BUST FUCK YOU! laugh.gif laugh.gif
jesus christ people! take it easy-i didn't see any posts from her that were so awful-did i just miss something?
Ahhh, the foot stomping of the thwarted narcissist. But - but - but why won't everyone pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Mouse brought up this issue in the "Having Problems With Our Website" thread. I'd be interested in reading all of your thoughts on what she and I have had to say over there.

Personally, I think there is a big difference between a genuine troll and a newbie who is confused about the etiquette around here. But if you ever take offense to the reactions &/or language of a member - be they newbie or not - you can always put them on ignore. That's why it exists. smile.gif
"I should have never joined this bullshit"

bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha. I'm taking my toys and going home now!

*rolls on the floor with laughter*

You ladies crack me up!! smile.gif

Yeah, I agree with what mouse mentioned. I think I read bunnyb, suggest newbies have to make more post before being able to start thier own threads. 50 sounds like a more reasonable number.

I just wonder why the Bust hate? Noone seemed excessively mean when they originally tried to help her out. But she went on heavy defense. I am a bit confussed about why she came into this forum if she was so quick to hate everyone?

i think that's the sign of someone who never had any interest in playing nice here. she just wanted a platform to gripe, her own thread to do it in, and maximum attention. well, congrats, attention given. not quite what was asked for but just like a bratty kid, any attention will do apparently.
with the new controls here it's been so long since we've had a troll that we've forgotten how irrational, unreasonable and attention hungry they can get. this is the first person to take the time to make 10 posts in order to create a thread be a self-centered jerk-off in and it's interesting to say the least.
QUOTE(pepper @ Jan 19 2007, 03:26 PM) *

this is the first person to take the time to make 10 posts in order to create a thread be a self-centered jerk-off in and it's interesting to say the least.

Oh no they're not- that title, I think, goes to this one. And even after she was advised to bring it up in the Community Forum. At least she seemed nicer about it and didn't throw the shit fit the other one did.
Polly, the interesting thing about that situation is that SinfullySmitten first posted her inquiry in the Advice thread. I know this because I saw the post & replied to it. Only after I had posted my reply did I see that she had created a whole new thread, so her post in the Advice thread was actually post #10 (ETA: Check her post list under her profile to confirm this). At any rate, most people chose to repond to her question in the advice thread rather than in her own thread. In fact, the only response she got in her own thread was on-topic and did not try to direct her to a different area.The response she got was very different. But then again, her posts that lead up to that didn't feel like filler, but she still started her own thread and was treated very differently.

By the by, I created a new account just to see what it's like to join the Lounge now. You can see the blow-by-blow in the Questions About The Website thread. To put it simply, the newbies are told nothing. Nothing in the registration process mentions the Community Forum, the Newbies thread, the lack of moderators, the post limit before you can start a new thread, the reason why that limit exists, or any of the other quirks of the Lounge. So I think it would be an excellent idea for us all to keep this in mind and show a little more tolerance with our new members. And yes, we may have to make an extra effort to be super friendly when we point them in the proper direction, but it's worth it.

That's just my opinion. smile.gif
I just wanted to weigh in, as a newbie. It didn't take me long at all to figure out I should first post in the newbie thread, then read through a few pages of each thread before posting in it. Hopefully y'all think I've joined the lounge respectfully. I joined here when my "main net forum" got totally EATEN by trolls-- a thread was started on that board about how fat I am (based on my profile pic) believe it or not. That was my cue to leave. I like how things are done on this board regarding newbies and trolls and everyone here is pretty awesome.

Yay Bust Lounge!
That's awful, go_kayte! You've certainly endeared yourself to us!
urgh, go_kayte, what a pointlessly nasty thing. but you're more than welcome here, i certainly didn't realise you were a new-newbie biggrin.gif

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