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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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food = forbidden, sinful aspect of modern, weight-obsessive culture = fetish

I treated myself to a little box of Belgian chocolate truffles today. Mmm.

OH! And while packing at the women's centre this morning, I FOUND the missing copy of BUST with the Eddie Izzard interview in it! YAY!

I *heart* Eddie. I've never seen a man look sexier in lipstick and high heels.
Yeah, it's been pointed out that curves/flesh = sex, also, women gain weight easier, also, pregnant women are fatter (usually) so, there is an aspect of woman hating and sex hating in people that are obsessed with thinness in themselves or others.

Lately I've read fashion magazine articles in which a woman is saying she just LURVES her new breast-reduction surgery because finally she looks boobie-less enough to be "elegant" and "not a pig!"


Take the three bucks you'd spend on some buy this buy that magazine and go buy chocolate with it! tongue.gif
*climbs on soapbox*

Honestly, I don't like Jamie Oliver, but I think he's doing a really important job raising the consciousness of this and showing that cheap doesn't automatically mean unhealthy - but healthy sometimes takes a little more effort to get. The kids don't like it because they're not used to it - but after a while, they will; everyone hates school dinners. It's as you said, a combination of class, lack of nutritional education, and convenience - a lot of the food aimed at kids in iceland (whoo, so cheap!) tastes good to kids, is easy to prepare, but on the downside is full of additives and all that. (while it's cheaper for me to shop at iceland, a lot of the food leaves me feeling unhealthy and unsatisfied). and I'm sorry, my train of thought got totally distracted by the BBC newreaders cavorting around in gold lame catsuits and playing at james bond. An unvaried diet isn't neccesarily unhealthy; you can keep a fairly basic diet and not be unhealthy. The "country food" pixie was talking about isn't unhealthy - when you're active you need a lot of carbs - it's just simple and inexpensive.

It's probably not particularly feminist of me, but I like cooking for people. It's possible people - women especially perhaps - get competitive over cooking because there is still an expectation that women can cook; female students at uni are a lot more shamefaced over not being able to whip up a three-course meal (let alone a bowl of pasta) than the boys are. That I can cook isn't much of a surprise; that my brother does is always commented on.

wombat, there are wrong tomatoes for ratatouile? blink.gif I just use tomatoes... you know, the red things in the grocery bit of the supermarket.

who says enjoying cooking for others is UNfeminist? gah, all these rules. i'll Never fit in. lucky for me i don't care.

i can cook. it's just that everything i prepare tasted healthy. because it is i suppose. my mom's a hippy health food freak so i just grew up eating everything fresh and whole, nothing from a box or package. she made sprouts and yogurt and bread herself and we had tofu before anyone even knew what it was and she packed almonds and pomegranites in my school lunches. all my cooking tastes like stuff from the organic health food store deli. i like it but it is so Not everyone's taste. there are plenty of people i don't invite over for dinner because i Know they won't like it. the junkiest i get is vegetarian shepherd's pie with veggie ground round instead of beef and even that's too processed for me. and perogies. those are such crap, but we have them with organic yogurt and steamed veg on the side. i can't do really garbagy food, i know it's terrible for me AND it sets my digestive troubles off like nothing else, ugh.

women and sex hating induced thinness. now that's interesting.
If enjoying cooking for others is unfeminist, then *I* am as unfeminist as they come. I love to cook for others and have family over at least twice a week for dinner, and often friends on some nights as well. It's just part of who I am. I've been cooking since I was nine years old, making full meals by the time I was fourteen and took over the family holiday meals at sixteen. My grandmother cooked for a living and passed all her knowledge down to my mom, who was an amazing cook and couldn't wait to get me in to the kitchen. Being the eldest child, I took it on not because I enjoyed it initially, but because I had to. Now though, it's absolutely because I enjoy it.

My sis however, she has always loathed to cook and has recieved a lot of static over it. She has learned to enjoy it a little more in the past couple of years, but it was a major point of contention in her former marriage. My brother likes to cook, but he was not brought in to the kitchen like I was, which is unfortunate for him. It just bothers me that it's taboo for women not to cook or not to enjoy it, and it's a huge *surprise* if men can cook or actually enjoy it. Not that there aren't plenty of famous male "celebrity chef's" now, but somehow it's still a shock or an added *bonus* if an everyday man can cook and a shame if any woman can't or chooses not to.

the mister is a way, Way better cook than me when it comes to tradtional foods. he's always saying things like "HOW can you not know how to cook sausages?" to me. i have zero idea how to cook any meats or a whole bunch of other "regular" dishes. that's when i look like an absolute fool in the kitchen. in fact, my last three boyfriends were the same. i can't make a barbeque work to save my butt.
everything i prepare i make up as i go along so it's all a bit of this, a bit of that. i even fudge recipes when i bake, i know you're not supposed to do that but i do anyhow.

i couldn't find a small container of whipping cream when i needed some for pumpkin pie last week so now i have a half full container of it in the fridge. what am i going to do with it? it's way too thick for soup, cream sauce is too heavy for me right now... whipped cream with frozen blueberries for dessert? i think i might... the kid will love it. i think. i'm not sure he even knows what whipped cream is, ha ha.
Who said enjoying cooking for others is unfeminist? What a jackass, whoever it was.

Is painting unfeminist? How about building? What about writing creatively, is that unfeminist too? Is everything women do to express themselves creatively unfeminist?

I think cooking for others is just about the most feminist, social thing you could possibly imagine doing. When I was a vegetarian I still learned how to cook and prepare meats of every kind--wild game, ducks, geese, chicken, capons!, veal, seafoods, you name it. I never ate it, I never even tasted it--but to me, it was something I wanted to learn how to do because it brought everyone at my table together. (But, Pepper, I still can't work a barbecue, just like you. I have an unnatural and purely irrational fear of igniting the propane, and no one wants to use charcoal anymore).

You know what I think? Why are we in this thread talking about food when we ought to be in the troll's actual thread, blocking everything he writes, talking about food amongst ourselves. But that might make him so mad his head will explode.

I made such an amazing corn bread tonight, that I can barely wait for M.ChaCha to get home so I can eat it with him.

Mornington, I feel the same way you do about Jamie Oliver, but I have to say something about the good work he's doing--it's wonderful that he's all for making better nutrition in schools, but it wasn't his idea initially. Does anyone remember the Two Fat Ladies, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Pattison? They were doing what Oliver's doing now many years before he was--and they were writing about it and broadcasting their work with schools on TV before he was even lucky enough to be present at the River Cafe when one of his coworkers called in sick so the TV crew interviewed him instead!

Just had to say that. I miss the Two Fat Ladies.

One last thing (I promise): food is not a contentious issue with women. It is a contentious issue with everybody. If I had a dime for every patient who comes to see me begging for nutrition advice who then gets all defensive about every food choice they've ever made, I would never have to work again. The first lesson I learned when I was studying nutrition as a practitioner was "Don't fuck with peoples' food".
That's exactly how the professor taught it to us, too. So it is not just us women.
This has been misconstrued slightly: it wasn't a valid opinion but psychofemme accused us of being bad feminists for talking about food and she's used food in CF against us as an insult (who is the bad feminist now?). Nobody said that enjoying cooking for others was unfeminist but that cooking as a means of competition with other women is perhaps unfeminist.

I am not a great cook because I don't have a lot of practice but I try and enjoy it when I do; the boy loves to cook, especially to bake.

The points raised are -excuse the pun- food for thought; commonly it is believed that food (like fat) is a feminist issue.
Not to get too much into my RL, but I had someone say that my obsession with making Sunday Dinner, went against the feminist in her. rolleyes.gif

Anyhoo, I don't really eat a lot at evening parties, or gatherings, especially if there is talking involved! I don't know if it is former eating disorder/ food issues, or what, but I have never been one of those people who dreaded the holidays because of eating at parties.

BRUNCHES, on the other hand, are a totally different story!

I think I am just hungrier morning and midday....
mmmm brunches ... we do not have enough breakfast/brunch places here. Very few, in fact, and that makes me sad. The boy's sis was the queen of making breakfast/brunch (I bought her a fab book of recipes too) but she's gone back to live in Vancouver sad.gif. She even wants to open her own breakfast place there.

I live for food and love eating out and big meals in and second helpings and leftovers; however, when it's a social event I eat really slowly because I never shut up! I'm always the main talker at the table whilst savouring the food - that's probably why I'm such a bottomless pit, because I take so long eating that I've already digested and there's room for more!
how's this for feminist? this christmas i feel compelled to make the traditional swedish almond wreath that my father always made for christmas when i was a kid (handmade puff pastry and all) and i'm going to start teaching my 1-year-old son to make it too. i'm actually kind of obsessed with making sure he can make a good puff pastry before he's year we'll start with a chausson aux pommes....

i am totally capable of eating enough to feed a family for a week at holiday parties, but i don't care.
Back to what polly said about nutmeg, I just LOVE it! And I just convinced my brother now that not all things made with vanilla or nutmeg are gross. He's never liked either, but I just made the most delicious french toast for dinner. I just felt like doing a breakfast for dinner type thing tonight so I whipped up some vanilla nutmeg french toast, sprinkled with some vanilla sugar I've been infusing for about 2 months. YUM. Oh, I suppose this belongs in barefoot or the what I ate thread. But oh well, the nutmeg talk was here wink.gif

bunny, it was mornington who said that liking cooking might not be particularly feminist, not you. not to single anyone out, just for clarity yo.

i bought saurkraut today, lacto-fermented. omg, so delicious. i'm going to have seconds now.
bunny, kudos for turning an asinine, strained insult into an interesting discussion.

it would make far more sense to rail against the threads dedicated to celebrity gossip, makeup, skin care, fashion faux pas, dating .... i find the belittling of the food talk in here more than comical, and really quite dim. along the lines of you can't be a true feminist and still like men. or shave your legs. *severe rolling of eyes*

and since i'm not a foodie, i'm afraid i have nothing more to add.
other than this thread gave me nutella, for which i'll always be grateful. (and resentful.) (but more grateful than resentful.)
Unfortunately, that was exactly the problem with the women I was talking about! They were trying to say they were a higher class than me .... except for the awkward fact that, I ... made more money than they did.

And then.... I brought more food and wine and water than they did to the gatherings... and then I .... confessed was from a working class background and then...

What was EVEN WORSE is, my boyfriend likes to cook more than I do.. they would say, that's really good, and I would say, "well tell (my boyfriend ) , he cooked it!' and, I hate to say, they were being catty on the level of, " I may not be attractive, I may not like sex, I may not be THIN, but, goddam it, I cook food and do housework! So PAY ME and KISS MY ASS!"

So, when me and my boyfriend showed up, and we had a truly egalitarian relationship with cooking and money and looks and sex and whatevah, they COULDN'T HANDLE IT!!'

They were so jealous, and they kept trying to tell me I wasn't a "real woman" and I couldn't cook even though I brought my fair share and more of great food and wine and water and smoke and whatever, they were just such assholes! They tried to say I wasn't a smart and competent person!

All because I'd be sitting around the campfire playing music, and just eating food that adapts itself to camping, and talking to everybody,insttead of being an asshole!! All THEY did was sit in a circle making loud, nasty, catty remarks abouut people loud enough for them to overhear, and claim, constantly, with NO EVIDENCE FROM REALITY, that other people were just USING THEM to cook and insisted on cooking three hot meals a day while crouching in the DIRT, instread of eating salad and pre-hardboiled eggs and peanut butter and bagels and cheese, and yogurt and granola, and they were a total, catty on the basis of domestic chores instsead of looks and sex pain in the goddam ass!!

And when finally they stopped coming, to sit around bitching and sniping and stealing and complaining and telling people what to do, we were all so GODDAMN HAPPY!!


Believe it or not, me and my boyfriend are cute and happy and capable and non-traditonal sex roles, and we just want to have a GOOD TIME!!!!!

Is that cool!!???? It better be!!!

I also must say, bunny_b, we stayed in London at Earl's Court/Chelsea and had a big old breakfast with eggs and BEANS!! Cheers!! Mate!!
How is nutmeg just so misunderstood? You can't cook a dish with spinach or cream and eggs without it--it's like an unconscious reaction for me now, if those ingredients are there, to get the nutmeg out. It NEEDS to be there!

I'm now, officially, starving. Especially after the brunch posts.

Wombat, I'd have poisoned those peoples' ratatouile. That is all.
pepper, I meant it as a snitty remark.... sorry I was misread!

oh, now I want a fry-up. damn. with beans and all. and i don't like baked beans!
I've just had fried bacon and potato scone biggrin.gif. I don't like beans or eggs so whenever we go out for fry-up breakfast I order it without and the boy orders his without beans, tomato and mushrooms - we are an awkward pair.

wombat, it is interesting how women use cooking prowess against one another (when it could be intelligence, looks, weights). I'm not sure what to make of it all still, I love cooking though and take pride in whatever I manage to cook (I think that's an inate generational pride manifesting itself).

mando, thank you smile.gif. All things foody interest me.
QUOTE(grenadine @ Nov 18 2006, 02:18 AM) *

how's this for feminist? this christmas i feel compelled to make the traditional swedish almond wreath that my father always made for christmas when i was a kid (handmade puff pastry and all) and i'm going to start teaching my 1-year-old son to make it too. i'm actually kind of obsessed with making sure he can make a good puff pastry before he's year we'll start with a chausson aux pommes....

i am totally capable of eating enough to feed a family for a week at holiday parties, but i don't care.

Another Swede! Now I am going to make one! Did you have to wear the Crown of Candles for St. Lucia?

I did. Havok ensued.
So this is what you guys get up to in here... smile.gif

I know the discussion has moved on; I'm just butting in to say I can cook, but because I do it rarely I have an established reputation for not being able to cook. At any family gathering someone always jumps in and volunteers to cook so I volunteer to wash up. Once I insisted on cooking a radicchio risotto for my family, but as it's essentially a purple dish they were unimpressed with the result. My sister cooks at holidays, has done for years and I fear she would turn up her nose at what I cooked... although there's no reason to think that.

I came in here to basically post: I don't cook and I don't care, and it turns out that food is as complicated for me as anyone else. So there you go. *shrugs*

I do think some women see cooking as a performance, and that can be a source of competitive behaviour. Maybe that's why I don't cook; I shy away from competition.

My mister cooks a mean green thai curry. Yum.
ggg, my dad is actually chinese, so i'm not sure where the wreath came from. maybe he lied about which direction the boat went on its way here... nevertheless, i am the oldest girl and we did do st. lucia. i always liked that tradition. did you set the curtains on fire?

bunny & syb, i think women use everything against each other (looks, cooking prowess, sluttiness, virginity, achievements, non-achievements, skinniness, voluptuousness, you name it) depending on the context. and *that* is what is anti-feminist - let's keep 'em infighting so they don't realise we STILL make more money and control the world!

Just my hair! I loved it too, though!

QUOTE(girlbomb_redux @ Jun 28 2006, 10:19 AM) *

Personally, I like pie. Almost all kinds of pie, except meat pie. I like apple pie, cherry pie -- any kind of fruit pie. Well, key lime is kind of weird. And I usually like cream pies, too. And pecan. Any kind of nut or cream pie, or fruit. Just not meat. And I like it with ice cream.

I would like to take some of the credit for turning this thread pie-ward, and I would furthermore like to state that my intentions were thoroughly anti-feminist. I totally want all of you chicks to gain weight and feel lousy about it so I can compete more easily for male attention.

See you in Flamewar, trollops.
oh girlbomb, how I luff you and your sunshine-y disposition wink.gif
meat piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

*readies the cornish pasties for girlbomb* tongue.gif
Oh, dear, my last post was a DRUNKEN POST!!

I'm not jerky enough to think that way, i.e., that competitive or conceited way, so it took me forever to catch on that that was what it was. Just dim I guess!!

Nutmeg. Chacha, did you happen to see the King of The Hill episode where Mrs. Sousanousaphone comes over and starts tasting things in Peg's kitchen, and after she tastes each one she says. "Hmm!! Needs nutmeg!!"

I think that belongs up there with "More cowbell!" as a great, incongruous statement.

Eating pizza with friends: "Hmm!! Needs nutmeg!!"

I think the whole "talking relentlessly about food if some asshat tries to call you a fat, crazy person" strategy is a good one! Miss Girlbomb! Because, we all know not to fight trolls because that's what they want. We used to come in here to support each other NOT TO FEED THE TROLL, so, now that we have ignore, the main tactic is going into the "newbies" thread and telling them about the ignore feature


"Male attention" !! Hah!! One of the coolest couples I knew was a couple who would bake a big pan of homemade lasagna together and then polish it off that evening!
It's not hard to get male attention, for god's sake! Even when ya don't want it
Nutmeg. Chacha, did you happen to see the King of The Hill episode where Mrs. Sousanousaphone comes over and starts tasting things in Peg's kitchen, and after she tastes each one she says. "Hmm!! Needs nutmeg!!"
Ahhhh! I love that episode!

Andrew Weil once wrote about the psychotropic/narcotic effects of nutmeg.
Nutmeg's been used medicinally for over 200 years. Well, Homeopaths have been using it in potency for at least that long, primarily during childbirth, for diseases creating memory loss, and nervous exhaustion with hallucinations, for at least that long (and many of our plant remedies came from drugs used in a long tradition). No wonder it made it into one of Hank Hill's neighbour's obsession list.

It's been used so long as a drug that even Spike Lee used it in his Malcolm X film--when Malcolm X goes to prison, he's suffering from an opiate addiction (heroin or cocaine, can't remember). Anyway, he meets a "mentor" in prison who gives him a daily dose of nutmeg in his water, so he can get over the withdrawal symptoms.

Still good in spinach dishes, bechamel sauce, and anything made with eggs.

ha ha ha, i finally got some at the grocery store yesterday, i have missed it SO much!
i like spinach even more than i like pie. is there a spinach pie? ah, spanikopita! i have filo in the freezer too. anyone got a fool proof recipe? i'll meetcha in the foodie thread if you do...
dude, my man makes a sweeeet pita! he doubles the amount of cheese from 1.5 pounds to close to three pounds, yummm, and it's so buttery. he doesn't put onions in, but i like some finely chopped onion in there. it's basically just the spinach, eggs, cheese, and maybe some butter? i'll email him to find out. it's soooooo good dude. yum. we are making a giant pita for tgiving at his family's, they are greek and appreciate a good spanikopita
here it is:

Ingredients: 15 - 20 ounces of fresh spinach
1 lb. of filo dough
2 lbs. of feta cheese
1 medium onion
6 eggs
1/4 cup of vegetable oil
1 stick of butter

Directions: Thaw filo dough. Preheat oven to 360 degrees. Chop spinach and remove spinach stems. Mix together chopped spinach, crumbled feta cheese, chopped onion, 6 eggs, and oil in a large bowl. Melt butter and apply some of it generously to bottom of 9x14 rectangular or 10-12 inch round pan. Lay 5-6 sheets of filo dough in the bottom of pan allowing it the drape over the edge of the pan. Spread roughly a handful of spinach mixture evenly on filo dough. Then lay 2-4 sheets of filo dough over spinach mixture allowing it to again drape over side of pan. Add more spinach evenly on top of filo dough and repeat until all spinach mixture is used. Lay 6-7 sheets of filo dough on top still allowing it to drape over sides of pan. Roll draped filo into the pan allowing it to form a crust around the edges. Brush butter generously on top of spanakopita. Using knife, cut halfway down into pie making a criss cross pattern. Bake in oven for 40 minutes of until top is golden brown.
ooo oooo! i have a great spinach recipe! it's something my mom always makes at holiday time or for potlucks and they're always a HIT. only, the recipe calls for frozen spinach. i can't imagine you couldn't use the same amount of fresh cooked/steamed spinach though...

spinach "brownies"


2 pkg. frozen spinach (well drained)
1 cup flour
1 teas. salt
1 teas. baking powder
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/4 cup melted butter
1/2 cup minced onion
4 cups grated cheese (mom always uses cheddar, but i've also had them with mozzerella)

drain spinach well. mix flour, salt, baking powder in large bowl. add eggs, milk and butter. mix well. add onions, cheese and spinach. spread into 9x13 greased dish. bake 45 min. at 350. cut into serving size bars (that's where the "brownie" name comes into it.

they're good warm, room temp or cold.

oh, yes. i will be making these on thursday morning. if i can wait that long... smile.gif

*wow, my first post here after months of lurking and trying to keep up, and it was probably inappropriately placed*
i'll have to try them both!
i had a recipe for spinach and ricotta caserole that was the BomB but i don't have it anymore, wah! fresh dill, so light and creamy and divine. ooh, can you tell how much we all missed spinach?!
i had the weirdest craving today for yellow wax beans In The Can. i'm eating them right now. i should have got a second can. dang pregnancy.
pepper i'm totally lol-ing smile.gif i'm picturing you sitting there thinking "dammit! i KNEW I should've gotten more yellow wax beans!" hee hee.

i can't WAIT for pita. mmm, we are making it up tonight, and then probably we'll bake it tomorrow so that it'll be nice and hot and fresh. yuuuum.
I haven't made a spanakopita since I lived in my very first apartment, with 2 roommates who were kinda great to live with, but also a kind of hell to live with.

One of them could be encouraged to cook any kind of food, and do it well. He was a vegetarian jazz musician who made phenomenal Indian, Ethiopian, and Greek food. But you had to clean the apartment with a team of helpers for up to a week after he finished creating one of his meals.

I think I'll go out and get some baby spinach and filo dough and make some today. I'll think of Maddy, Pepper, John Coltrane played over and over again on the saxophone, and Bloor and Dufferin streets in Toronto.
I love (it's funny but I seem to use that expression alot on BUST - books, food, kvetchies, movies, clothes, Benefit and Lush, Veronica Mars...) spinach and ricotta lasagne. I also have homemade asparagus lasagne freezing.

So, the publisher for women Virago are publicising The Virago Book of Food: The Joy of Cooking, which is a collection of writings by literary females on our favourite topic.
MMM, let's hear it for hippie roommates and Frances Moore Lappé's Spinach Lasagna recipe where ya roll each lasagne noodle into a spiral and pierce it through with toothpick -- put the spinach in raw and it will come out soft and tasty and not at all yecchy -- not at all dissolved either!

In my little town I went to high school in in the woods, there was an old woman who lived in a "camp" on the lake -- kind of a family compound but not like the Kennedy's! And she made bread everyday, gave me bread recipes and I would make bread for people! Been a long time, but I saw a woman buying King Arthur flour (presifted!) and it reminded me.
did anyone make the pita? we made it, it was HUUUUGE and amazing. yummmm. we baked it on thursday morning, and i didn't eat breakfast cause i wanted to be really hungry for the big feast, so it was just tantalizing. then we had to drive with it in the car and we put it in the trunk because honestly i don't know if i would've been able to not dig into it. so good smile.gif yummmm. i took home a piece so that's my dinner tonight. man it turned out sooo good-lots of butter. yum smile.gif
i made spanikopita today, pics are in the other foody thread. it's fantastic! but the kid is not a fan at all. oh, he let me know just how much he hates it.
more for me!!
Mmmm, spanikopita. My sis and I usually get it at the Sunday morning Farmers Market, hot & fresh. Never thought about making it myself, I am intimidated by phyllo dough.

My thanksgiving pies came out perfectly! I must admit to not being much of a pie master, unless it's a crumb crust cream pie. But Paula Deen's pumpkin pie recipe is fab, much better than the standard pumpkin custard recipe. The texture is lighter but also richer because of the cream cheese. It was very popular and the first to go, which usually is not the case. And my first attempt at a sweet potato pie came out great too. I sprinkled little bits of candied pecans over the top for a little twist, which seemed to please everyone. For once it was the cream pie that survived for leftovers.

I love spanikopita, but I haven't had it in a long time....I saw some in the frozen food section of target the other day.....but I was afraid to try it. Do you guys think it would still taste ok? I too am a little nervous abotu phyllo dough.
Phyllo dough is really not that hard. I've made baklava a few times and as long as you can keep your kitchen area a little humid, you shouldn't have a problem (otherwise it dries out and breaks.) Get the frozen stuff, let it thaw. Unroll it carefully and be patient- don't do it when you're in a hurry. When I make baklava, I use the whole package of phyllo and it takes me about an hour to assemble it.

I'm not a spinach person, but I'm sure your spanikopita will be delish!
This should probably go in barefoot...but we talk about so much food in here...I have an afternoon Christmas party to go to this weekend. We are taking our kids, and we have to bring some type of finger food/snack food type of thing. Anyone have any ideas on what to take that will be cheap, easy, and kid friendly without being cookies?
is phyllo dough the same as filo pastry?

pixie, sweet or savoury?`
Should be, bunny- I think I've seen it spelled both ways.
Savory..sounds like there will be a lot of sweet things there...and I have to have real food before I can indulge in too many sweets. Mr. Pixie suggested just buying some popcorn chicken from WalMart, but that seems a bit...I don't know. I mean I can cook, so I might as well make something rather than copping out.
finger pizzas?
What about mini-quiches made with pre-made frozen pastry tart shells? Super-easy, and it would be cheap if you just did them with eggs, cream, and grated cheese. Plus they would be kid-sized, and most kids would find something like that yummy.

I must report that BFF brought me not one but TWO birthday treats...not birthday cake, but a pecan caramel cheesecake AND a pecan crostini! I sent the cheesecake home with her, telling her that I couldn't finish both on my own, but the truth is, the cheesecake was too icky sweet for me (it had marshmallows on top, ew). But the crostini was lovely...basically pecans/pecan pie filling in a shortbread crust. To DIE for. I just finished the last piece now. biggrin.gif

Pecan desserts rule.
Also, for the spanikopita, if you want to avoid the phyllo dough (which adds 20 minutes to prep time, usually), you can just make the filling and cook it in a casserole dish.

Mmm, doodle...Mr.Luci found praline-coated pecans tonight...we didn't buy them, but at this exact moment *cough* baked *cough* I wish we had.
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