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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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i don't like pumpkin either, in any form. I think it's a texture thing. But then again I like meat pies... mm, meat pie.

AP... share how to make this sweet potato pie... the very idea makes me salivate.

Faith, that was brilliantly put.

(and as for the community forum: ahahahahaha *breathe* ahahahahaha)

In Cincy, the hometown ice cream is Graeters and they make pumpkin ice cream I have never tried it because they put eggs in their ice cream and that freaks me out. PLus, I really don't like Ice cream to much... it is too thick.

God, what is WRONG with me?
Since the subject previously was cheescake, and now its ice cream. You kow what rocks? Cheescake ice cream. Mmmm. That is all I can think about. Forget the wonderful world of working for the government, I want to dive in a vat full of a tasty treat. *runs off to find something*
I am a pumpkin lover, but I can completely understand why one might not like it. I think that if I hadn't been introduced to pumpkin pie at a very early age, it would creep me out, too! But tons of people enjoy pumpkin pie for the spices more than anything else. I think it was Garrison Keillor who said that pumpkin pie is really just a delivery device for nutmeg.

As for texture? I can't stand mushrooms. The way they feel between my teeth makes me shudder. Eck.

Bunny, I wish I could give you advice on finding pumpkin puree. I had trouble finding it during my brief stint in the UK. But at least you have access to good meat pies & pasties! Mmmm ... shepherd's piiiiiiiie ...
Oh God yes! When Rose lived here we used to go to The Marble Slab and share Cheescake ice cream with blueberries mixed in! Sinful!

Yuefie, I have had the pecan and pumpkin cheese cake, yummy! Marie calendars also makes an apple pie with a cheescake layer that is delish! I also have a recipie, I haven't made in a while for an upside down apple pie. YOu basicallyput pecans and other stuff on the bottom that turns into a caramely mess and then you serve it upside down so it runs all over it!
Mmmm, Graeter's- I haven't had the pleasure of going there, but they show on the Food Network once in awhile and I can't help but drool. Their seasonal flavor right now is Cinnamon, which is BGP's favorite. So tempting to have it shipped! Don't worry, GGG- I went through an anti-ice cream phase, where I could only handle sorbet. Now I'm getting back into ice cream, and I'll take your share of that pumpkin ice cream! Wouldn't the eggs in there make it more like a frozen custard? I know Graeter's uses that French process that's all different.

Ha, love the Garrison Keillor quote, Rose- Le Boy is a nutmeg fiend and his mom, who's a science teacher, told us that the main chemical in nutmeg is identical or at least close to the addictive chemical in heroin, so people who LOVE nutmeg would be very addicted to heroin. Good thing he's never tried it smile.gif
I have heard that if you mix nutmeg into a tea, it helps calm people down who are withdrawling. I am not much on nutmeg. Guess I would not like heroin!
or, you might like heroin but would have sick withdrawal symptoms;)

oh my god. i dont like pumpkin itself but i LOVE LOVE LOVE toasted pumpkin seeds to make yourself. and not the ones you get commerically cause they have too much salt. yummmmmmmmmm.

GGG i am not a big sweets person in general. i think i am weird. i much rather have a great piece of pizza then ice cream, candy, chocolate or pie.

yeah i said it, i am a poor excuse for a woman:)
Rose, I despise mushrooms for the very same reason! I don't mind their flavor, but their texture, GAG! I've tried, they just do not work for me. If they are in tiny enough bits that I don't notice, it's okay or else they'd better be in huge enough chunks for me to pick out. PJ actually has such a strong aversion to them it borders on an allergy. You can't even sneak 'em in something, he turns green and starts heaving. I once used cream of mushroom soup in something in a pinch and even though he didn't notice it, his body knew it.

I am totally one of those pain in the asses too GGG, I have texture issues, yet I like certain things that by all rights, I shouldn't. For instance, I am enamoured of all olives except the common ripe black kind, which make me shudder at the thought. I think bitter green peppers are foul and useless, but can never get enough of the red or yellow kind because they are sweet. And celery, what the hell is it's use unless you are using it to make a stock? It's texture grosses me out.

Polly, I must be a smack junkie waiting to happen because I lurves me some nutmeg! Just the smell makes me happier, which is why I currently have the White Barn Candle Co.'s Creamy Nutmeg wofting through my place.

As much as I love pie fillings, I do not much care for the crust so I am all for any pie that involves an alternate, like say a cookie crumb crust. I usually make a sweet potato pie filling without the crust for holiday meals.

Mornington, I don't think you'd like sweet tater pie if you main objection to pumpkin is the texture. They're pretty close that way, they just taste different & the tater is more vibrant in colour.

I made a pumpkin cheesecake for the holidays a few years ago that was amazing.

Some of us are savouries, some of us are sweets, Katie. I'm more of a savoury myself. There's a new candy machine in our basement & the only thing I find edible are the sunflower seeds. There's Chex Mix & chips, but they're just garbage.
Yuefie! Sister!
[grasps Yuefie's shoulders and kisses each of her cheeks]
No one else has ever understood my mushroom issue. It's so good to know that I'm not alone!

Katie, you now have me longing for pizza. Now that's some good pie.
Yufie & Rose- were either of you forced to have the unnatural horror that is canned mushrooms as a child? I love mushrooms, but Le Boy hates them, mainly for their texture. He was raised with canned mushrooms and they were not allowed in my house....just wondering if that could be a common cause.
QUOTE(yuefie @ Nov 16 2006, 06:42 PM) *

I am totally one of those pain in the asses too GGG, I have texture issues, yet I like certain things that by all rights, I shouldn't. For instance, I am enamoured of all olives except the common ripe black kind, which make me shudder at the thought. I think bitter green peppers are foul and useless, but can never get enough of the red or yellow kind because they are sweet. And celery, what the hell is it's use unless you are using it to make a stock? It's texture grosses me out.

It's like we are soul mates!

I used to hate mushrooms, because of the canned variety. Blech! I used to pull them off of my pizza and throw them at the ceiling to stick.

That was not a fun day when my mom figured out what I was doing.

I prefer savory and spicy, but DO NOT take away my chocolate or peanut butter.
let me tell ya rose, no one has had pizza unless they have had fresh mozz and VODKA sauce pizza from bay ridge brooklyn. as far as i know, its the only place you can find it (you cant even find it throughout the rest of nyc as far as i know!). it is the best thing ever. basically they use vodka sauce as tomato sauce and large gobs of fresh mozz on relatively thin crust.

i am right there with the mushroom thing. unless its shittake or portobello with lots of flavoring. otherwise ACK.
I had pumpkin today! My friend had a feta, olive and pumpkin salad and she gave me a portion. Mmmm (I've had it before but it was so good to have some today after we'd been discussing it). As for me: I had parma ham, buffalo mozarella, melon and rocket with balsamic dressing. Oh, and I love mushrooms but know they are an acquired taste.

looking, this thread is a special case! trolls aren't worth talking about so we mainly deviate "off-topic" and discuss far nicer (and tastier) things!
You know, sometimes it's tough to explain being so finicky. People see you devouring Sicilian or Kalamata olives and cannot fathom why you freak out when they ruin a perfectly good pizza with those nasty canned black olives. Or why you will ask specifically for green peppers to be left out of something, but that the red ones are fine. I am the queen of special orders in restaurants. I usually make a joke about it upfront, so they aren't taken aback when I do order. But I always tip well for all the trouble, unless they are rude and unaccommodating.

I don't like the texture of mushrooms of any sort, but the canned variety are by far the nastiest!

Katie, that pizza sounds divine!

So does your lunch bunny.

Methinks I need to go have some Indian or Thai for lunch today, I have a hankering' for some spice.

I feel the same way about mushrooms. I don't mind them in tiny bits cooked into something, but if they're not teeny, they need to be big enough to pick out. It's totally the texture.

And I depise the taste of green peppers sooo much that they are offensive to me - even the smell of them gets up my nose and in the back of my throat. And I can taste them even if a tiny bit of them was cooked into a soup, or if they were picked off a salad by a lazy chef after I ordered no green peppers. So I just tell everyone I'm allergic and green peppers can't touch anything I eat.
I love green peppers but they give me very bad wind!

doodle, telling people you are allergic is the easiest way... I do that sometimes with eggs (I can't abide them in any form).

yuefie, it was smile.gif. I think I'll have some Indian over the weekend with poppadums and mango chutney to soothe my palate.
I hate hate hate hate green peppers. Ick!

I also only like eggs hard boiled. Then I can pick out the yolk and toss it and eat the whites.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Nov 16 2006, 12:34 PM) *

As for texture? I can't stand mushrooms. The way they feel between my teeth makes me shudder. Eck.

You'd have just about died with me in Portland, then. I was making a chicken noodle soup for the ladies I was with, and we had two left over. One of the ladies asked what we'd do with them, and I responded by popping one in my mouth. They were pretty grossed out, but I'm a huge mushroom fan.

QUOTE(yuefie @ Nov 16 2006, 01:42 PM) *
And celery, what the hell is it's use unless you are using it to make a stock? It's texture grosses me out.

I agree. Cooked celery's pretty yuck. But you might like celery root, or celeriac. It's got a nice mild flavor like celery, but the texture's totally different - more like turnips, or rutabaga. It roasts well, too, and I often add it to root vegetable stews or roasts.
My mom's the same way with green peppers- she won't eat green because they give her really bad heartburn, but red, yellow, orange are all okay.

I guess is makes sense since they're all the same peppers, they just turn red/yellow/orange as they mature (not sure what order they change in.) I don't mind green peppers but the other colors are definitely sweeter.

ETA: I don't like celery either...actually, I guess some veggies I only don't like them when they're raw- I love mushrooms, but not raw. Same with broccoli and celery. The only veggies I don't like under any circumstances are aspargus, zucchini and most squashes (pumpkin doesn't count!) I've come to appreciate artichokes and I'm beginning to like eggplant, but only under certain circumstances- baba ghanouj, mousaka, eggplant parmesan are all acceptable.
Mmmmm, I do like celery root MSP.

Polly, I too can only do eggplant if it is made the right way. I had some at a sushi bar that was sooo good. It was obviously the smaller, Japanese eggplant, glazed with miso and grilled to perfection.

the eggplant is much-maligned and requires special treatment, for many people undercook it and give you a spongy, fibrous styro-mess - ugh. but a good eggplant is a wonderful thing.

polly, i'm with you on mushrooms, broccoli, et al. cauliflower in particular is abominable raw ( i don't understand these people with their veggie trays - raw cauli and ranch dip!) - but a nice roasted garlic and cauli soup, divine!
I adore mushrooms!!all mushrooms...But Mr. Pixie is about the most pickiest eater on the planet..He definitely has texture issues, so I understand why some people don't like them! He won't eat anything mushy! The only way he will eat potatoes is french fries and he hates cheese too. It sure makes cooking difficult. And he doesn't do any sauces either.
ahhhh yuefie i hate black olives on pizza. HATE them. you cant even pick them off cause the taste infects the entire damn pizza!
Oh, yeah- I forgot about cauliflower- I don't like that either, even though I know it's similar to broccoli. Le Boy likes cauliflower more than broccoli, and he's always pestering me to buy one of those broccoflowers as a compromise between us. I just can't bring myself to eat it though. Like that green ketchup that was popular a few years ago. I knew it tasted like ketchup, but I just couldn't make myself eat it.

Has anyone had broccoflower? Is it really a blend of the two vegetables, taste-wise?

ETA: He doesn't like cheese, Pixie? I've never heard of someone who doesn't like cheese- like any cheese? I don't do goat cheese (except feta), but just about any other cheese is ok with me!

I'm the same way with bacon on pizza, Katie. I love bacon, but not on pizza and that just infects the whole thing, even if you only get it on half.
I love cauliflower! YUMMMMMM!!!!!

I don't really dig pizza, so when I get it I get extremely thin crust, no sauce, jalaenos and pineapples., and well done (i.e. almost burned)

That is the ONLY way I will eat it.

Grilled miso eggplant?!?~?!! *does Homer Simpson drooling impression*
polly, IMO broccoflower is like cauliflower, but green. not so much like broccoli.
Polly, I've had just seemed like green cauliflower to me, but I like cauliflower, so that was no problem. And as for cheese...he'll eat mozzerella on pizza or lasagna, but no other cheese. Like I said, pickiest eater on the planet! I have actually gotten him to start eating seafood and Indian and Thai since we've been together. Before that it was mostly chicken strips and fries. yuck!
Why do they make those horrible, frankenstein vegetables anyway? I had the asparagus broccoli, both veggies I love, but asparoccoli was the NAST!

plus it reminds me of Toy Story, when you see the bad kid's toys he has taken apart and put back together on different bodies. I feel bad for the freaky, asparoccoli.
Speaking of frankenproduce, has anyone seen or tried the "Grapples"? NASTY!! I love both apples and grapes, but fused together, nuhhh uhhhh! I thought they would be yummy like pluots, which I really enjoy, but oh hells no. Feh. And yeah, asparoccoli is foul.

I'm hard-pressed to think of any vegetable I don't like. I used to say okra, but I've come around to it since I finally had it prepared well. Certainly there are things I like more than others, and anything can be made poorly (overcooked, burned, canned spinach, frozen carrots), but yeah... I like 'em all. I might be the least pickiest eater you'll ever meet.
I've yet to have okra prepared well, so I've given up on it. Again, the texture is the issue... slimy doesn't cut it for me! Exactly why I will never be able to eat oysters, no matter what kind of yummy rockafeller sauce they are drowned in or how well they are fried up and hidden in a po boy.
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Nov 16 2006, 02:55 PM) *

Before that it was mostly chicken strips and fries. yuck!

I don't have a problem with people not liking a few certain foods- obviously, I have stuff I don't like but I just think it's sad when adults still eat like's sad enough when kids eat like that, but I just feel bad for adults who haven't expanded their food repertoire. I know, I'm a food snob. rolleyes.gif

(Sorry for all the ETA's, but by the time I post, there's three more posts under mine! You ladies are fast!)
Okra's not bad in soup/stew. Eww, I tried raw oysters once- they are like cold snot. Cooked, I have no problem with them.
QUOTE(yuefie @ Nov 16 2006, 04:03 PM) *

I've yet to have okra prepared well, so I've given up on it. Again, the texture is the issue... slimy doesn't cut it for me!

Absolutely. But when it's fried, and made from good fresh okra, it's not slimy. I actually got used to it from gumbo - even though I didn't like it, I felt like it belonged in gumbo and had to be included. It thickens the gumbo nicely and by the time you eat it, it's soft like green beans would be in soup, but the sliminess is gone.

And yeah, I have a thing with adults who still eat like kids. I find it incredibly frustrating, especially when they just assume they won't like something and/or won't even try it.
I'm really only a semi-picky eater, but a few of my main issues have been mentioned; I used to slurp down raw oysters as a kid, but the last time I tried one it made me gag--texture. I also don't. do. mushrooms, and yes, it is a texture issue too. Interestingly enough, broccoli is my favorite veggie, but I cannot stand cauliflower, even with cheese, and IMO celery exists only to serve as a vehicle for peanut butter. Bacon is an interesting one...I love it by itself or on other meat-based things like burgers or steaks, but not so much on pizza, salads, etc.
nectarines are the only frankenfruit I'm fond of...I could eat those all day long!
Polly, Exactly on the eating like children! He's learning though. Sometimes I get passive aggressive with my cooking. Slip things into receipies that he would normally freak out about. I once choppped mushrooms uber tiny and tossed them in my tomatoe sauce because my niece was the same way about Mushrooms. I wanna go to dinner with someone who eats off the grown up menu!
urgh, celeriac... my mum mashes it up with potatoes... *shudder*.

the only way I'll eat aubergine/eggplant are in ratatouile ( and baba ganoush. I can't cope with raw tomatoes, or whole cooked ones. It's only in the last couple of years I've even been able to deal with handling them and smelling them. Tomato sauce is good.

I've loved okra since I was a kid - we had it in India, where they call it lady's fingers and really know how to prepare it. At a friend's house, everyone was surprised when I dived on the okra - but I'd been eating her cook's okra for years.

I am currently teaching the Welshman to eat vegetables. He doesn't like carrots. I think he's a freak, but then again he thinks poking holes in the top of a ready-meal counts as cooking. He also can't eat spices. Now that... blink.gif

cauliflower cheese *gag*. And maccaroni cheese. the only forms of cheese I will not eat. apart from feta.
Okay, two things I've tried I didn't care for:
1) Jellyfish. Not bad exactly, but too much like rubber bands with a lovely spicy sauce.
2) Sea urchin. Looked and had a texture quite like baby poop.
Ha, I do the same thing, Pixie- if I'm making a casserole or something, I always use cream of mushroom soup for the liquidy part.

I have a friend who doesn't like pudding or custard-y things and it's all about texture. We went to this nice Italian restaurant that has great creme brulee (how do people get those accents and stuff on their letters?), and we offered some to him. We told him is was the best we'd ever had, so even if he doesn't like custard, he should try it. He did and I've never seen anyone have a more violent reaction to a non-spoiled food. He had to lay down on the booth seat and turned green. Poor thing. We'll never pressure him to eat custard again!
I understand not liking specific foods, but not branching out from the kiddie diet is uber annoying to me as well. Ex roomie had never in his life eaten almost every single meal I cooked while he was with us. He seriously lived on hot pockets, microwavable pizzas, chicken nuggets, fries, and fast food. He actually ate Thai, Inidan and Morrocan and enjoyed it, though it took much coaxing on my part. I enjoyed the challenge!

You know MSP, I admit that I've eaten gumbo and enjoyed it and just tuned out the okra part, but when I've tried it other ways it makes me gag.

Pixie, it totally slipped my mind that necatrines are frankenfruit! They are my fave, and one of the main reason why I look forward to the farmers market in the summer time.

i'm not even going to condone kids who eat like kids. it's a crying shame when all you'll touch is something cheesy, starchy, and/or bland.

mmm, corn-crusted fried okra.

i have the same tomato problem, but a bit milder. i can handle thin slices of raw tomato IN things, but i shudder in alarm when people bite into a whole tomato. the japenese have a saying: it stinks of rawness. somehow salt helps, although i've never had tomato pickle.

i (true to heritage) love a good, ripe, mold-covered, runny, pungent cheese. these northern european cheeses, all firm and uniform - they're all right, but there is nothing like a good tomme de savoie.
I hate cooked carrots, but will eat raw ones. I dislike big chunks of tomoto in anything! I'll eat raw cherry tomatos and sometimes I'll have slice on a burger.

No cheese on cauliflower for me either...I like cauliflower steamed with butter. I do like cheese on Broccoli. The main cheese I don't like are the cheese sauces. Velveta makes me gag.
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Nov 16 2006, 04:19 PM) *

Velveta makes me gag.

'cause it's not food.
Good point. but I don't like Nacho cheese sauce or god forbid...cheese whiz or canned cheese cause they all have that velveta base.
I wasn't aware that nectarines are a frankenfruit--the Lounge is nothing if not educational!

Anyway, I will happily eat tomatoes in pretty much any form, raw or cooked.

My mom makes an excellent cheese sauce for broccoli purposes that involves multiple varieties of cheese, and I keep forgetting to ask her for the recipe.
it's cheese food. logically, only cheese should eat it (preferably in the dead of night and away from polite society).
*snort* The fact that they had to add that extra food to the end to clarify always amused me...
Hee! That's hilarious. Funny, and true.

QUOTE(pixiedust @ Nov 16 2006, 04:23 PM) *

Good point. but I don't like Nacho cheese sauce or god forbid...cheese whiz or canned cheese cause they all have that velveta base.

Because, again, they're not food. They're... I don't know... stuff.
I LOVE veg and can't really say any that I don't like although some are tastier than others (green beans, celery and parsnip all a little bland/not the most pleasant taste). Tonight I had carrots, broccoli, baby leeks, garden peas and potatoes with dinner. Asparagus is definitely my favourite and tomatoes and mushrooms.

speaking about kid food: there was a baby (less than a year old) sitting beside us in the deli today and she was eating bread with hummous and green beans and asparagus and her mum even fed her a few pitted olives. I was very impressed - start them young, I say!

um, what's frankenfruit?
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