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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Wow! That sounds like awesome ice cream! I think The Creamery has something like I must think up a reason to get Mr. Pixie to take me out for ice cream to be sure!
Have any of our Bostonian BUSTies been to Paris Creperie where they sell BOTH nutella crepes and nutella hot chocolate (frozen in summer)? a whole meal constituting of nutella!
We ended up spending several hours in the Airport in Amsterdam. One saving grace was some FANTASTIC hazelnut gelato.

And in Portland we had some that was so good I'd almost drive back up there right now just for some.

Bees, bees, bees, bees.

Vesica, Six, Bunny and Anoushh:

Y'all are such mean, mean women. Sitting there at your keyboards describing in detail all those wonderful treats! dry.gif

Shame. Shame on you, I say!

biggrin.gif --Quiet-- biggrin.gif

...........Now I'm actually contemplating having some of that Graeter's shit SHIPPED here...complete *with* the $150 price tag!

Thanks, Y'all. Seriously.
I made myself a yummy nutella hot choc after my last post... it was just like chocolate milk with hazelnut flavouring smile.gif.
I'm thinking of getting myself an ice cream maker--but I'm scared at what might result.

I mean, I don't really want to find out if I can gain, oh, say 300 pounds....


You can totally make sorbet in it...that's what I've done. Too much Hagen Daas and too much Ben & Jerry's make Luci a, well, a tad bigger than is healthy for her *cough*

Switching to sorbets until I can motivate myself to get

But, yeah, Ice Cream Makers!!!!! I also like cotton candy machines...

*sigh* I have nothing productive to contribute.
PPS--Ok, I've just looked at that ice cream website and I can see why you'd be tempted.

My god, it looks fantastic.
I love my ice cream maker for making exotic flavors, but by the time you buy the cream and everything it is usually more expensive than just buying ice cream at the store!
creme brulee ice cream, that is all.
Warning: this is not an ice cream-related post.

I bought a bottle of almond extract tonight for absolutely no good reason. I figured I always have my staples of anise extract and vanilla extract, but they were getting a little lonely and so I added almond extract to the bunch. I don't have any particular recipe in mind, either, so now I will just HAVE to make something that's almond-flavored! I'm thinking like maybe a cake. (But then wouldn't one just use ground almonds in the cake, no almond extract?)
Raisin, you could use almond extract in cake, but how about some almond ICE CREAM! tongue.gif (all posts are ultimately ice cream six degrees or less)

But, since winter is nearing, how about some Chai-Spiced Almond Cookies? I've made these and they are oh-so-good.......
run run, it's the religious fuzz!

almond cookies almond cookies almond cookies... with ice-cream, naturally. hot out the oven...

yogi mexican chocolate tea is the greatest invention of this week. I am heartily addicted - it tastes a bit like G&B mayan to me.

*scampers off singing cheese bananas elephants*

((bored yawn))
I found a recipe for apple crisp, that you drizzle caramel over before you bake is to die for! It's the perfect fall harvesty treat.....
bad dog, stole a biscuit! stole the entire contents of the table!

QUOTE(mornington @ Oct 22 2006, 04:36 PM) *

bad dog, stole a biscuit! stole the entire contents of the table!

Who are you, to judge me? You, human beings, you've had genocide, war against people of different creeds, colors, religions....and I, I stole a biscuit?! Is that a crime? PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.....
This thread cracks me up!

I've been wanting ice cream all weekend...even though the temps have been in the 40's! I'd especially love some hot apple pie a la mode!
QUOTE(sixelacat @ Oct 23 2006, 06:26 AM) *

Who are you, to judge me? You, human beings, you've had genocide, war against people of different creeds, colors, religions....and I, I stole a biscuit?! Is that a crime? PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.....

oh alright then, have another one

pixie, how about B&J's oh my apple pie (it may have different name in the states) with some vanilla on the side? best of both worlds, that.
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ Oct 22 2006, 09:33 PM) *

I found a recipe for apple crisp, that you drizzle caramel over before you bake is to die for! It's the perfect fall harvesty treat.....

Wow, that sounds good.

I think I'll go give the little dog a biscuit....
My beloved deceased doggie once ate an entire loaf of bread that was on the kitchen table. He also once ate a one pound bag of chocolate covered caramels, wrappers & all. We freaked & took him to the vet, but he was fine. He just shat wrappers for a few days. That dog was dumb, but criminy I lurved him.

I may be shot for this, but I don't care much for ice cream. I've had little to say on the ice cream tip since the whole Drumstick debate. I do buy lemon sorbet & have had a recent penchant for all-fruit frozen confections.

An apple crisp, hmmmmm? That's kinda like pie...
mango sorbet is fantastic, as is raspberry.

we had a dog (how I miss her) who had been abused and neglected by her previous owners and was malnourished when she came to us. Due to being underfed she could never have enough food and used to get into the fridge when we were out (we had to put a lock on it); on one occasion she took an entire cooked chicken, a huge bowl of homemade soup, a pack of sausages and a block of cheese to her basket and ate them all. She also ate a papier mache teddy bear I made in art class once (it would have been sweet) and had a penchant for sanitary products.

/derailment of icecream talk
Crazy! The same dog used to love to eat maxipads. He also ate a set of eight year old weird Christmas dough ornaments I made in thrid grade. Weird, salty dough Xmas ornaments made with cookie cutters & painted with Prang water colours.

The dog we had before that loved garbage, but she was at least contrite about it. All you had to do was say "trashy dog" & she'd hang her head & hide under an end table.

End of my derail...
our dog was ashamed too, she always knew it was bad.

were they used maxi pads? that's what I neglected to mention.
the hound steals two things from the rubbish - empty ben&jerry's tubs (fossil fuel is apparently irresistable, as he will steal the same thing three times despite being told off) and empty bacon packets. He knows he's not supposed to, and he tiptoes off with them, totally shamefaced.

he tried to eat my passport once. nutcase that he is.

lol @ the garbage-stealing-and-or-chomping-on-weird-foodstuff doggies.
*head pats for all puppers mentioned, living & passed on*


but look what was right next to it!
i don't even like milky ways much, but christ in a camry, i swear they invent this shit just to mock and torture me! so unfair!
ooh I've seen that! never tasted it though; tempted as the boy should like and good nut-free equivalent to my nutella. *pats mando on back for resisting*

I am going through a real phase of peanut butter and jam just now. Oh, and nutella with bananas is so good.

*licks lips and resists the nutella at 2am*

USED maxi pads?!

My bunny does the little innocent "who, ME?!" when I walk into the living room and he's chomping on a piece of paper or a corner of a book. He stops what he's doing as soon as he knows I can see him doing something naughty. Behind the innocence of the bunny eyes lies a LIVING PAPER SHREDDER!
"who, ME?!"

Mandoo loves to lick plastic bags and bite paper and books; I have a few new books that have teeth marks on the front cover. grrr.

Used, indeed. Ick.
Licking plastic bags?! hahaha! And oh my, used maxis! blink.gif

Oh, my bun also gets really excited when I brush my teeth in his vicinity. I still can't determine if it's the sound or the smell that makes him crazy excited, but he goes TOTALLY BONKERS if the bathroom door is open and I'm brushing my teeth. And you know how good their sense of smell is.
of course used ones. they are carnivores after all... and disgusting-shitty-kitty-litter eaters too.

my friend's roomie had a wee little mongrel who would root aroundthe crash pad after parties and devour only the crotches of whatever worn panties he could find on the floor. woe betide the drunken lushy lovely who neglected to hang her dirty panties up high in the wee hours of the morn. i don't know which was more embarassing, the used gitch on public display or the crotchless booty wrap first thing in the morning.
My parent's cat is into licking plastic bags, too. She'll do it to just about any one, but her favorite is a sturdy one that my mom has some books and videos in, in the living room. She regularly licks that one. She loves it when my dad comes home from the grocery store and puts all the plastic bags over the back of "her" chair in the kitchen- she sits there and licks them. However, the other part of her plastic bag fetish is that if they get left on the floor, she pees on them. Ick.
cardboard is another love of mandoo's; plastic bags are the worst though -I presume there is something sweet in them- but they are usually the sturdy, expensive kind. I usually have a few shopping bags around and I am long-term decorating bedroom and I have supplies in a bag that he is always licking. In fact, he woke me up this morning licking bags in my bedroom, then he came over to my bedside, licked a bag of haribo sweets, nudged it off the book it was sitting on and had cover in mouth ready to bite when I said "no!" and he resisted and huffed out of bedroom. oh, he also attacked my hair, he likes to bite and pull at my hair on the left hand side and licks my forehead - it sounds gross but it's actually quite affectionate.

pepper, you reminded me that my dog (finn) loved dirty underwear too.
I love the animal derailment! My old granny kitty licks plastic bags too! It is the weirdest obcession! And the sound she makes doing it drives me bonkers! She also used to love to stick her head inside my exhusbands sweaty leather boots!
Our puppies stay in our utility room during the day and our washer and dryer are in there. They are really bad about stealing laundry that drops on the floor and taking off out in the back yard with it! I usually catch them before they get to far, but last night Mr. Pixie found one of my favortie shirts completely chewed up that must have sat outside in the rain for a couple days! Usually it's more of a game to get us to chase them, this is the first time they actually destroyed clothing!
What is up with the plastic bag licking? I know that cats don't taste sweet things (Don't believe me? Look it up!), so what's the appeal? My one cat will loop a handle around his neck, find a quiet corner to get situated & practically make love to a grocery bag.

The other likes licking plastics, too, but his main thing is styrofoam. He will claw through anything to get at packing peanuts. He knows he's not supposed to eat them & I scold him to no avail. "Spit it out! Spit it out!" He had a whole stash of it hidden under a chair once.

And yes. The maxipads were used. Nasty, nasty Max.
My foul hound loves to shred up used pads and leave them in the doorway as welcoming gift. feh! I quickly learned to never leave the bathroom door open and to empty the bathroom trash immediately.

My grandkitty Morgan (he was the son of my cat Beastie), who lives with my sixteen yr old niece, LOVES to eat plastic. It's so bad that they have to keep anything plastic tucked away in a cabinet that has a childproof lock on it cause yeah, the bugger learned how to open it with his paw. He once ate a ribbon on a gift under the christmas tree and it was quite unpleasant coming out the other side blink.gif

my bunny - Daphne - used to chew my hair and lick my forehead. the only time she would voluntarily sit on my lap was when I was sitting on the loo as well. she was a little odd like that.

Pete is a paper shredder with fluffy bunny ears. He has an indoor cage for when I'm out (because he chews wires and chases the dog) and a day after I've put fresh paper in there, he likes to start rearranging. The first step is usually picking up his litter tray and throwing that around, before ripping enough newspaper for him to sit under. He licks his soft toy...

Our cat, Koblar, who we had in Libya, used to hide under pillows... her other trick was climbing into open drawers and then going to lie down in the drawer beneath it. And then crying so you spent hours looking for her. If the drawer had socks or underwear in it, then she prefered it.

My cat has a facination with kitchen cabinets! We have to keep them closed all the time or we have to wash cat hair out of all the pots and pans!
wait, Pete -the bunny- chases the greyhound? bwah-ha-ha, now that's subversion for you!

mandoo loves my underwear drawer; if he's lost at all then that's usually where he'll be found.

I didn't know that about cats, AP, that they can't taste sweetness ... maybe it's the saltiness of the plastic? who knows, I wish they could tell us.
I was pet sitting for a cat who would lick my armpits and chew on my terrycloth cover up . I am guessing it was the salt.

our current cat will not eat people food, except for canned corn and Boston Market chicken. she loves that chicken
Whoa, what an odd thread to peek into!'s been a while since my last visit.

Re: the armpit-licking cat

I would die laughing if a cat tried to lick my armpit. I'm already pretty ticklish when a cat licks me in general. There was a cat at the shelter I used to work at that would tackle my arm and pin it down, and she wouldn't let me move until she'd cleaned everything up to my elbow. Weirdo. It tickled like crazy!

Mr. Pixie's cat has a milk fetish! It doesn't matter where she is in the house, if you open the refridgerator door, she comes running! At first Mr. Pixie let her have some, but then she promptly threw up! If you eat a bowl of cereal she will circle your legs voicing her opinion that you should share!
Way, WAY back when (I think I was 19), I had a GUY who licked my pits. It was intended as an amorous act, too. Strangely pleasurable, but only in the most peripheral way - the act itself was too distractingly strange to me ... and I was insanely ticklish back then.

Ahh, the little odd things people get into with each other. Even odder than cats and pups sometimes.
I met this dude once and upon our introduction he asked me " Can I sniff your armpits?" so I call him JOe" can I sniff your armpits " Blow not his real name of course. I couldn't figure out why someone would ask that. Hubby explained it by asking me "where would his head be if he sniffed your pits?"

All up in my 34 DDDs.
mystery solved.
I don't know, man, armpits are pretty sweet. I don't usually ask about that until at least the third date, though.
The armpit is an underrated erogenous zone.

*is mildly worried by her agreement* mellow.gif

I used to go out with this guy who used to lick my ears. not the dangly bottom bit, the top. strange strange man.

my dog licks my legs when I've just shaved them. It's the only time he ever licks me. His latest theft was a bag of fruit pastles (no, I can't spell - they're sugary sweets) so I think he has a sweet tooth...

QUOTE(mornington @ Nov 1 2006, 11:59 AM) *

My dog licks my legs when I've just shaved them. It's the only time he ever licks me. His latest theft was a bag of fruit pastles (no, I can't spell - they're sugary sweets) so I think he has a sweet tooth...

Mornigton, these pastilles, are they called Fruit Tips?
rowntree's fruit pastilles. they are great and if indigo likes them then he does indeed have a sweet tooth.
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