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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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No chocolate hazelnut pudding?! That's just cruel!!!! Now I must find a recipe for that and make it this christmas.....

I found sticky toffee pudding ice cream! Finally! Now if I could only locate German Chocolate Cake flavor....

I'm with you on the B&J vexation. It's getting harder and harder to find the Pistachio....if they discontinue that one I will stage a million Bustie march on their ass!

Raisin, bring that apple crisp in here!
Yeah, it was like a steamed chocolate pudding with a nutella sauce interior.

Preparation? Heat in microwave and eat. Personally I was horrified at the way British people eat--and how much pre-prepared crap they eat--but there is a place for some pre-made food. And this was one of those time....

ohmy.gif OMG---Why is it getting harder to find my fave?

The PistachioPistachio B&J's is to die for--I had to put that in as my fave flavor back when I registered with BUST!

Nutella chocolate pudding--lawwwwd. I'd just have to be carted off in a stupor! TDG!
What the hell is "german chocolate cake flavour" ??? huh.gif

I mean I'm german, and I've never heard of it. unsure.gif
Hey pherber, here is the history of german chocolate cake.
"invented by an american called Sam German..." laugh.gif That's excellent!

thanks yuefie!

This thread depresses me slightly, beause I'm not supposed to eat gluten/casein, and all the food discussions here are so mouthwatering.
I'd love to try that british pudding with a nutella filling (where's the drooling smiley when you need it?)
I bought Turtles ice cream.


BTW, somebody else needs to sample the Kraft peanut butter with chocolate. Somebody with kids, maybe, in case the adult pallette rejects it. I just can't go there...I don't even like regular peanut butter unless it's the natural kind. And right now I have to be extra careful about finances. If the choice is between Turtles ice cream and Kraft peanut butter with chocolate, well...what would y'all do? I mean, really. blink.gif
I just can't bring myself to do it, my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Not enough food talk going on in here! raisin, have you attempted pavlova yet?
German chocolate cake! *drooling* Oh man! Now I may need to make one!

My boss dumped a bunch of dove chocolates on my desk yesterday. I am NEVER goign to lose weight this way!
I have recently dicovered coconut ice cream bars. They are sooo creamy and they have bits of coconut mixed in. I think they are Helados Mexico brand. I usually eat a whole box (6) in one sitting. They also have mango flavor, which has chunks of mango in them, and strawberry both are good but don't compare to the coconut.
has anyone tried the new dove pints of ice cream with the layer of chocolate ganache on top? i have no idea what ganache is, but it's basically a layer of yummy chocolate on top of the ice cream. i had the mint stuff and it was aMAZING!!!!!!! sooo goooooooooood.
Definition of ganache.

I just define it as yummy.
Mmmmmm, apple crisp, Sixelacat. I was going to make some more this weekend, but wasn't home long enough to do so. You know what's weird about baking apples? They shrink down and turn all mushy (...less chewing?). I'm not so sure I like them in an apple crisp.

Unilever. I remember that being the name of the band that Neil/Neill? from Real World: London was in. You remember the guy, the one who got part of his tongue bit off by some crazy guy in the audience?

Bunny, I have sadly not attempted the Pavlova yet. Pretty pathetic, eh? I need to have a party and then I'll make a Pavlova. I should probably do a practise (UK spelling) run.

Oh gosh, ganache. Yum. My cholesterol and weight so don't need this stuff.

More Haagen Dazs (sp?) talk: I recently tried the Crème Brûlée (which, incidentially, is ENGLISH, not FRENCH, non?!) flavor and dare I say it was not all it was cracked up to be. For real. Plus, it was too sweet. Maybe my love affair with HD is coming to a close. The final nail in the coffin was learning that I couldn't get the Sticky Toffee Pudding in a 100-mile radius. It's been downhill from there.
Green & Black, Green & Black, oh how I love the Green & Black! I'm wondering if I should bake cookies today & bust up espresso G&B bars for the chips...
Mmmmmmm.....cookies! I need to get baking, the weather's finally getting cool.....

raisin, this may be blasphemous, but the Sticky Toffee Pudding I finally found was only....okay. The caramel was a bit grainy.....also overly sweet.....

(blasphemeee, blaspheyouuu, blasphe-everybody in the roooom....) /Izzardness

on the other hand, I am becoming more enamoured with the Pineapple/Coconut flavor...... biggrin.gif
ooh, ap... sounds good to me. I found G&B cooking chocolate in the speciality foods aisle the other day...

*joins sixe in the izzardness... cake or death?*

I really have to get the Eddie Izzard concert movies. I didn't bring any I had from the UK b/c they were all VHS copies I got at car boots, etc, and wouldn't be able to play them here.

And I LOVED that he did Mongrel Nation in the UK about what immigrants have contributed to Britain and how many things thought of at "typically British" are in fact the gifts of immigrants and refugees.

This was in the midst of a huge, ugly, racist, ugly (yes, I said it twice) anti-immigrant/anti-asylum seeker/anti-refugee backlash. Still going on, I'm afraid, and over here too at the moment. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, but I loved him for doing it. And a good series, too.
Ganache is amazing. So simple and SOOOOO good. Especially with ice cream.
I don't know where else to put this, so I'll ask here. Has anyone else noticed that in the spot that says the newest registered member it is almost always milkofamnesia? I'm just curious how that can happen unless maybe if you unregister you can register again? It's not variations of the same name. Very odd!

I wonder if that just means nobody new has registered since that person has...?
I've noticed that too - it's been happening for weeks and weeks (other names appear in between times but always returns to milkofamnesia). V odd. I think it's just a glitch though.
Ooh, I didn't realize that. Since milkofamnesia hasn't made any posts...I wonder if it's a default setting of the board.....the "amnesia" maybe being a little moderator in-joke about making the board "forget" to keep listing noobs on the front page? I dunno.
Hmm, that seems awfully sophisticated, doodle.
It would be clever, though.
I think it's deinitely cos no posts have been made by that user.

I find that continually having ice cream in the freezer helps the craving; if there's none and BUSTies mention some then I crave but I've had ice cream in there for weeks and it's helping my impulsive sweet--thing buying. It always helps to be prepared too.
Yes, it must be that, bunny...and once you've posted, you're probably no longer a newbie so it goes back to the last newest newbie. Or something.
Doodle, every time I see your tag line "help! I'm covered in bees!" it makes me smile.

How can he make lines like that so funny?

Doodlebug, how did you get your tag line to say "help I'm covered in bees"?
DesChatsRouge, you have to have made at least 500 posts. Once that happens, the option will appear under My Controls.

I, too, have noticed that MilkOfAmnesia pops up all the time at the bottom of the main page.

Bunny, I have found that as long as I have good quality chocolate around, I eat less. I'll gorge on cheap snacks, but I'll slowly savor the good stuff. smile.gif

I think I really am addicted to chocolate- y'know how alcoholics say they drink until they "hear that click in their head"? I'm like that with chocolate. If it's high quality, like Godiva, Ghirardeli, even Dove, I only need a piece or two to feel better. If it's crappier chocolate, like Hershey's or M & M's, it's more like 5-6 pieces.
Yes, what rose said about the 500 posts and the tagline.

anoush, I dunno....almost everything that comes out of Eddie's mouth is funny! To this day, I smile whenever I'm in the produce department, 'cos in my head, I'm hearing: "oranges can fuck off...and pears can fuck off, too!" And just a week or so ago, I actually used the phrase "hand squeezie death" in conversation!
If anyone else said "oranges can fuck off" it would just be lame.

It's a gift. It really is.

(I don't remember "hand squeezie death" though. I really need to get those concert films. I think if I was forced to choose the thing about Pavlov's cats would be my favorite. If I was forced.... Though god w/ James Mason's voice gets me, as does his impersonation of a carpet sweeper. Ok, and just about everything else...)
"Hand squeezie death" is what you should feign whenever your hand is crushed by some "small-penised-I've-got-a-big-handshake" dude. smile.gif It's on the same video as "oranges can fuck off" and Pavlov's cats, I think.

I should change my tag line to read "hod-d-d-d-d." But that would REALLY be an in joke! tongue.gif

I read an interview some time ago where Eddie said he simply HAD to play Frank'n'furter on stage at some point. I wonder if that's still on for him?
Okay, I'll just admit now that my computer has Eddie's voice saying "JAM" whenever I receive a new email, "hod-d-d-d-d" when I get an IM, and "noooooooooooo" whenever I unplug anything from the USB ports. And the "noooooooo" kind of freaked people out at work, because I unplugged the USB cable I use for internet connection during one of those conversational lulls/quiet moments after lunch tongue.gif
Ah yes--hand squeezie death. I remember now. It was what you'd be subjected to every time you went to the Plaza restaurant in Birmingham and would shake hands with Dave. Fine restaurant, but dangerous hand shaking.

He'd be great in that part, of course.

sixe, how how how how how do you do that?! I must shamelessly copy!
I think it's kind of hilarious that the Edie Izzard talk inspires so much proselytizing from the fartbag.
Mornington, just go to and have a peek at Thingy-Things. There's all sorts of fun bits, sounds, etc. I think (if I remember correctly) because you are in the UK you can even get Eddie as a ringtone!
nutella pie. These are two of our favourite things.
girlbomb, I know! Eddie Izzard is so powerful that the mere mention of him draws protest.

Go Eddie, darling! You sweet transvestite, you.

In my fantasy, I am the Queen, and Eddie is my sexy court jester....

Is someone saying something? 'Cause I only hear the Eddie love.

I was wondering how to spell hod-d-d-d-d.

Now I know.
Yes, I looked up the spelling on cool.gif

I'm not into the computer sounds, but I do have one of Eddie's screensavers running on all my computers. The one with the pink flowers on the black background...and the bees....oh the bees....
*runs into thread*

I like my coffee like I like my women. Covered in bees!

I made a skirt, and painted bees onto it... I think I was inspired. The Welshman now keeps yelling "BEES" whenever he sees it.
oooh mornington, you could make bee jewellery!

/poor contribution to lounge izzard conversation.
I like saying "bees."
"Run! It's the clergy!"

*abandons hop scotch track*
You know what's weird? I think I totally love Jesus now. If only someone would email me at with a few more reasons who I should accept Him into my life, I think I could be convinced to make the switch.
I need to report that the Really Good Ice Cream People in my area (a co. called "Graeter's") has as a seasonal flavor right now HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE CHIP. blink.gif Dear God. It's so rich I couldn't even eat a single scoop. And their idea of "chocolate chips" is to take melted good quality chocolate and drizzle it into the cold ice cream as it is stirred, so it shows up in big and little clumps all thru the ice cream. Yum. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
That's wonderful girlbomb! Perhaps he can tell you about The Curly-Toe Miracle. Too little is known about His influence on flip-flops. Word should be spread.

Wait, did someone say hazelnut ice cream?!?! *swoon*

-Quick, scarper, it's the Rozzies!-
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