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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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YES! Polly, I've had it. It is uber-rich and so fantastic. I think if you search this thread for "blueberry" you will find a picture I posted of blueberry ice cream. I highly recommend it. I have to make a trip to TJs this week and I really hope I don't find that ice cream again.

Oh, TJs also has had pints of pumpkin ice cream in the past, too. Mmm, pumpkin.

Fuck, and you wonder why I still have 50 pounds to lose?! blink.gif
Yeah, I wonder that about myself, too, raisingirl. I'm on Weight Watchers hiatus. Really. I'll go back someday. Until then, I'm having too much fun enjoying food...except when I try to put my pants on. Then it's not so fun.
We don't have Trader Joe's here! [thrashing and wailing]
Such a shame because I really want that blueberry ice cream. And pumpkin ice cream? Oh my word! I looooooooove all things pumpkin-y. It's one of the many reasons why I love the fall. I kinda go pumpkin crazy at this time of year!
public service announcement: we now have a new, resident psycho. I'm not feeling in a particularly understanding mood - I abhor racism, prejudice and ignorance.

No ice cream sad.gif. I need sugar. We don't even have milk so can't nourish myself with caffeine! Sniff.
i'm not agreeing with that bunny and i think others should make up their own minds too.
i think we have a woman who is experiencing something stressful and distressing and she could use a little understanding for a minute.
we all have bad days, we don't all get abusive but hey, maybe it's a really, really bad day for her.
let's err on the side of kindness hmm? we can do that, we're big hearted girls.
no, I really can't. Nothing excuses that blatant racism. The girl needs help, though, and I hope she gets it, but I won't sympathise and molly-coddle her.

Although, yeah, people can make up their own minds and I shouldn't have taken it in here - even though, she said she was going through a metamorphosis into a troll.
well, let's try not to help that along. perhaps we can try the reverse and bring her back from the brink, eh? seems to me like she's standing on the precipice and a push in the wrong direction is that last thing she needs.

you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. but you could do nothing at all right?
it would be good if we could all discuss it though. there is obviously something going on.
and maybe amazing asshole is on the brink of somehting too, but we're not conversing with him. I'm getting really confused about who we should sympathise with and who we shouldn't on here, who is without hope and who isn't.

I was one of a minority who said that pixie was showing worth around here when everyone else was sending her out to the firing range and I was shot down with her. Pixie, despite saying some thoughless things (sorry hun), however, did not spout racist crap.

Pepper, I don't want to get into an argument with you and I know that I am furious right now and madly typing but I cannot justify that crap. Maybe Mel Gibson was having a bad day? That makes it okay?

*Sorry too for bringing other people into it, but I want to know where it says when we can and cannot put our understanding faces on and when we're validated in being outraged.
I have bad days too, sometimes caused by something on the boards, but I don't usually take it out on the boards, at least not right away. I take a step back and compose my anger. Doesn't make it any less genuine but it certainly doesn't come off the way that did. There's a big difference between expressing an unpopular opinion and an outright attack.
Um, yeah. There's "having a bad day" and then there is having a fantastic freak out, spewing forth a vitriolic diatribe of racial epithets because some(one) doesn't agree with something you've said. If she wants to believe we are "all a bunch of white cunts with a few cunts of colour mixed in", then she is entitled to her opinion. She took it upon herself to claim the title of 'troll'.

Amazing_bass believes women like to kick men in the testicles to feel superior. He continually harasses certain members of this board, and fills up our threads with his crap,therefore making himself a troll. This may be unpopular, but I am of the opinion that he, like hummingbird, also felt attacked and misunderstood. Which is why he so proudly wears the crown of King Troll around here. Does it make it any easier to accept his bullshit?

I personally think they are both pathetic. We are all entitled to our opinions.

Let's move on, shall we?

amazing ass was given many, many hints and suggestions that he move along as this was clearly not the place for him. he chose to stay to try and force his hand and now he obsessively cannot let it go. there is NO way that anyone else here is anywhere near that, whether he felt attacked or not. he was an asshat right from the start. from the very, very start.

i didn't say that it wasn't horribly bad form, name calling, attacking, crappy behavior. what i said is that it seems to be for one out of character, secondly an extreme reaction to something unknown to us. i am just choosing to withold judgement for a second here. two bads just make more bad so i'm holding off on any condemnation, that would only make this worse and give excuses for further nasty behavior that would then seem justified. does that make sense?

what i'm saying is that when you get in a fight with someone you love and they say something terrible, do you then hold that against them forever? i think there's an explanation and possibly an appology warranted here and i'm leaving the door open in invitation to that. if it doesn't happen it won't be because i wouldn't let it.
Nevermind. I found what I was looking for.

Why have you posted the same redundant idio-egomaniacal bullshit in every thread here?

Go pull your hands off your single nut-hair and find a way to die. Die now.

Thank you.


Oh, and for all the NORMAL people here:

OH. MY. GOBS. Y'all--I made my own orange champagne granita/sorbet last night! I used orange juice, champagne, orange zest and clear corn syrup.

Oh, Maude-be-with-me it was AMAZING! rolleyes.gif

I bought my sticky toffee pudding ice cream. I didn't wait for the coupons. The store had some and I pounced. I haven't tried it yet. Waiting for Le Boy to get his ass off his computer so we can eat it together. I couldn't find the German chocolate cake one sad.gif I'll look somemore!
I just have to tell someone. I had the most sinfully delicious caramel apple shake at Steak and Shake tonight!
Mmmmmm ... caramel apples! Nothing says "autumn" quite like those babies. And pumpkins, of course!

Polly, there are things worth paying full price for. I imagine sticky toffee pudding ice cream falls into that camp. wink.gif
(Hi pixie!)

Yeah after trying it, it was definitely worth the full price. Good thing I didn't see how much it was. So yummy! Were we talking about coconut ice cream in here, or in barefoot? Haagen-Dazs makes a pineapple-coconut, so that's pretty close.
Ooh, that sounds yummy, pixie!

I ate all the Chunky Monkey.
hello pixie, m'dear smile.gif.

that shake sounds delicious, as does the pineapple-coconut ice-cream. I remember being at the Haagen Dazs cafe on the Champs Elysses and having mango and raspberry sorbet AND an ice-cream coffee. Mmmm.
B & J's also has new Chunky Monkey flavored "milk shakes" that you can buy in the grocery store. They look like the StarBucks Frappachino drinks...basically flavored milk. But not too bad. Minipixie is hooked!
Oh, sorry, toots, I've been out here on Fire Island all week with limited net connectivity. I totally meant to report the IP address I have on file for you to AOL -- you're abusing their terms of service, you know -- but it slipped my mind, being out here on vacay and all. I'll be sure to do it first thing when I get home, though, if you still want me to. I know how sad you must be over being upstaged by hummingbird. sad.gif
Oh dude. Get over yourself. Seriously. You're just painting a bigger and bigger picture of yourself as a sad and lonely loser, more worthy of pity than any other feeling.

*goes off to put yet another user name on ignore*
I suppose we should all be "erring on the side of kindness'' when the Klan decides to burn a cross on someones' lawn, too. I mean, they could just be having a bad day, right? And since when are people not responsible for their own actions? Barring a psychotic break from reality (which I see no evidence of--just very, very primitive defense mechanisms), we are.

There are some things that are beyond the pale. And making excuses for people's bad behaviour instead of holding them accountable--which is what you are suggesting, pepper--never, ever makes someone take responsibility for themselves. Especially when someone is reacting like that.

And since when did bunny say others couldn't make up their own minds? I have, and I'm with bunny.

QUOTE(pepper @ Sep 12 2006, 05:43 PM) *

i'm not agreeing with that bunny and i think others should make up their own minds too.
i think we have a woman who is experiencing something stressful and distressing and she could use a little understanding for a minute.
we all have bad days, we don't all get abusive but hey, maybe it's a really, really bad day for her.
let's err on the side of kindness hmm? we can do that, we're big hearted girls.
anoushh, come on now girl.
the post you quote below was made after hb's first nasty outburst. at that point i thought her communication here could have been salvaged, perhaps i am wrong but what is the harm in allowing the possibility? at the very least we might have gotten an appology, at the most an explanation and perhaps a chance to help that girl with whatever was freaking her out.
whatever, she went off the deep end. she's a write off as far as this board is concerned. the ignore function is a lovely, wonderful thing.
i suggest that you read mouse's eloquent post in the confessions thread, she makes some valid and almost completely overlooked points.
as far as what i said below, i don't agree with the name calling made At her either. it's a reactionary, angry response, it's immature, it's nasty, i don't like it. we don't go around calling each other names here as far as i have seen. why is it ok to act like an asshole because someone else acted like one first? (bunny, please don't take offense to that, you and i are cool, i'm just defending my own post here not attacking you. we did good work earlier today talking this thing through and i like that).
i do think that going into another thread and provocating a bad situation there spreads it around the board and presents it out of context and exacerbates an already volatile situation. so, yes, in future if there is an argument happening somewhere i for one would like an opportunity to read it in context, in full, and on my own so as to form my own opinion about it rather than getting a one dimensional perspective elsewhere.
as the day unfolded the nastiness escalated on all sides, one doth not a tango make (to quote the queen of bees) and we are all responsible for letting it get so out of hand. hey, we asked for the damn ignore function, if we all choose not to use it we're as much at fault, are we not?

listen, let's not diminish the horror of the klan by comparing it to an irrate poster here. that's a bit much ok.

and certainly, at this point she is accountable for her behavior. it wasn't an isolated knee-jerk reaction on her part, it was deliberate and that was made abundantly clear after i made the post you quoted. i am not excusing her behavior, and i wasn't then either. i was simply giving her a chance to make ammends and explain herself if she could.

bunny didn't say that people can't make up their own minds but travelling into another thread and calling someone names there out of context (in that thread) is provocative and leading, to say the least.

"making excuses for people's bad behaviour instead of holding them accountable--which is what you are suggesting, pepper"
don't, do NOT put words and intentions onto to me. you will find that i am quite clear with my communication. if you have questions as to that, ASK. do not imply or accuse me. you are entitled to your opinion, of course, but kindly present it as such. ie " i think that ___ does___." or what have you. that's just basic consideration as far as i am concerned.

eta, something has been bothering me about all of this and i just realized what it is.
what do we do with trolls around here? as soon as asshats or psychofemmes rear their ugly heads they generally get added to the ignore list, no? that's the drill. if busties engage we ask them not to, no matter what was said. so what was different about all of this?
either there were people here spoiling for a fight and more than happy to engage in it along with the originator using what she said as an excuse to keep it going on instead of just putting it on ignore like we usually do OR there were other people here waiting to see her prove herself one way or another. either way, i was not the only one giving her a chance to come back and appologize or attempt to redeem herself or whatever, at least that's how i'm seeing it upon reflection. why else wouldn't we all just ignore it? it's not like the asshat or the religious nutjob haven't said worse, much worse, over and over and over again. no one responds to that, right? it's a different story i guess when a legit bustie turns on the group.
when the asshat started his trollery in force (i thought he was a disruptive, disrespectful bastard right from the start, remember) people here STILL had this stand of giving him a chance to turn it around. at that point he had actually impersonated someone (me) and sent inappropriate pm's to other people. yes, we provoked him, we were all just getting used to ignoring jerks at that point and dropped the ball for a while. and he had such a sucky poor me attitude that some people actually bought his false sincerity for a while. i remember tallgirl reeming people out for being nasty to him. whatever. when that happened quite a few people suggested we all chill and invited him to stick around even though at that point he had done way, WAY more than make just one nasty post. but we've never had a somewhat established busty freak out like that so... it's no wonder it was a crazy process to get through. perhaps we could try not to attack each other so harshly though eh? lots of peeps wanted to give a stranger the benefit of the doubt, i wanted to extend the same courtesy to someone who is known to us. not such an insane idea, is it?

whatever, this just went on and on and people started to take things personally and make everything about them instead of perhaps focusing on the situation.
in future, when someone acts like a total obnoxious ass there is a way to deal with them. it's called "ignore" and i am going to use it.
pixie, where are these Chunky Monkey milkshakes? I have not seen such a thing! Is it in frozen foods? Milk aisle? Where? WHERE DAMMIT!?

*shakes pixie by the shoulders, then gets a grip on self*

I had DQ ice cream cake at BFF's daughter's 18th b-day tonight, which is what we always have for b-days over at their house. I do not understand the ice cream cake concept. It does not taste like cake, nor does it have any cake in it, unless you count those crunchy chocolatey cookie-type bits in the middle. And not only is it nothing more than ice cream molded into the shape of a cake, it always tastes like CHEAP ice cream. Sometimes it tastes like cheap ice cream that's been in the freezer too long. Why not just buy a big tub of really good ice cream and put candles on top of the open container? Surely it would be less expensive, and definitely more tasty.

On MY birthday last year, I bought my own cake. Which wasn't, in fact, a cake. It was a chocolate caramel pecan torte. And it was very, very, very yummy.
i have the worst possible news. i called haagen daz and not only do they not, i repeat NOT produce or distribute sticky toffee pudding or german chocolate cake ice cream in Canada, they are also owned by evil nestle. of which i was aware but conveniently forgot.
i'm going to have to buy a coconut and make my own killer ice cream i'm afraid.
Doodle, check where they stock the bottles of Starbucks Frappacuinos in your grocery.

I saw the Ben & Jerry's shakes myself tonight! It was at the gas station convenience mart, I was paying for my gas and glanced at the case containing the usual bottles of frappacuino and the B&J's label caught my eye. They had Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Brownie and Cherry Garcia flavors. I bought the CM and CB flavors for PJ. He's as happy as a pig in shit, I tell ya...

So for myself, I bought these little chocolate bars made by
New Tree. I got the Cocoon which is milk chocolate with cinnamon, Blush which is dark chocolate with cherry, and Tranquility which is milk chocolate with lavender and lime blossom. I like that they are tiny little things. I tried the Tranquility so far, it was good. I like the hint of lavender, it's not terribly overwhelming. I am looking forward to the Cocoon one though, I love cinnamon and chocolate together and since I've sworn off my beloved ice cream, this will have to do!

The only reason I took it in here was because this is the troll thread and she announced, herself, that she was metamorphosing into a troll, that was making people's minds up for them, no? I thought it best to move it in here as that was what we were dealing with; however, when people continued in the confessions thread it was me who was accused of not putting "the crap to bed". As for the "name calling": I have apologised once and I will not do it again.

I can't get into this anymore; I have vested too much time and emotion into it as it is and I'll just end up ranting about hypocrisy and alienating the board. Thanks to anoushh for being with me, it's been lonely being out on this limb alone.

disclaimer: now entering into food and fluff mode.

so, no sticky toffee pudding HD in either Canada or the UK? That sucks.
I finally called HD. I take it to be a sign from the universe that there are no pints of sticky toffee pudding ice cream within 100 miles of me. Good. Fuckin' bastids.

On the other hand, I think I am still going out for ice cream this weekend, to one of those homemade places where even the kiddie size is too large.

My cholesterol levels are probably thanking HD right now for this cruel twist of fate.

It's all for the best, but... but... ::sobbing::

ETA: GGG, where the hell have you been? Missed you.
My favorite ice cream flavor right now is bryers "fried ice cream". It is very cinnamony and has bits of graham cracker in it!

Doodle, it was with the frappachino in the store I saw it in.

How bad is it that now everytime we go to the grocery store Mr. Pixie asks me if I need more Nutella! I'm still on my first jar!
I really don't know where I have been...*wandering around scratching head*

*about to shock everyone*

I don't like Ice Cream!!!!!!!


Love me some sherbert though!
For anoushh and raisingirl and anyone else who's interested (is it ridiculous that because it has fruit in it, I think fruit ice creams are better?):

Wild Blueberry ice-cream (from Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book)

1 pint small wide blueberries
1/2 cup of sugar
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Sweet Cream Base (below)

1. Toss the blueberries, sugar and lemon juice together in a mixing bowl. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours, stirrig every 30 minutes.
2. Prepare the Sweet Cream Base. Drain the juice from the blueberries into the cream base and blend. Mash the blueberries until pureed and stir into the cream base.
3. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer's instructions.

Makes generous 1 quart

Sweet Cream Base

2 large eggs
3/4 cup of sugar
2 cups heavy or whipping cream
1 cup milk

Whisk eggs in mixing bowl until light and fluffy, 1 to 2 minutes. Whisk in the sugar, a little at a time, then continue whisking until completely blended, about 1 minute more. Pour in the cream and milk and whisk to blend.

Makes 1 quart.

And for rosie:


Sweet Cream Base
1 cup unsweetened canned pumpkin (B&J are wusses and say that fresh pumpkins are too messy)
1 teaspoon ground or freshly grated nutmeg
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1. Prepare the Sweet Cream Base. Pour about 1 cup of the cream base into another bowl, add the pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinammon, and stir until blended. Return the pumpkin mixture to the remaining cream base and blend.
2. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze.

Makes generous 1 quart.

*Chows down on homemade Bannoffee pie, whilst scribbling(dribbling?) down the blueberry icecream recipe.*
[tackles Bunny & covers her in kisses]

Have I told you lately that I love you? biggrin.gif
Gee, pepper, condescending much?

Bunny--oh. my. god.

Pumpkin ice cream. I'm definitely getting an ice cream maker.

I recently had marionberry ice cream from a place that used to make blackberry ice cream that was to die for. I was sadly disappointed. I knew I should have gotten the pumpkin. (Now that I've that the results of my GTT and found that while I don't have gestational diabetes one of my numbers was high and I probably should be more careful about carbs--so I have. But...I'm huge, and ice cream sounds good, and last time I was at the midwife I'd gained 13 lbs in my then 7 months of pregnancy--which isn't a lot. And pumpkin is good for you, right??

It's not like I'm planning to eat the whole tub or anything. Oh god. Just thought---pumpkin ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Um, chocolate ganache has dairy, which has calcium??? Ok, that's too big a stretch even for me to justify. At least on health grounds.
pumpkin is a fruit, there's all the justification you need wink.gif.

omg, I've just realised that I still haven't got around to making turbojenn's nutella wontons OR made anything from my Green & Black's cookbook! I'm a bad BUSTie.
Nutella wontons!!! OMG Bunny, you have to give me the recipie. This must have been posted before I gave into the Nutella craz!
three words: Strawberry short cake. I could smell the strawberries all over the produce section, they were beckoning me. Since I live in the midwest, they were probably the last fresh one's on the season. mmmmmm.......

Pumpkin ice cream sounds yummy!
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jul 7 2006, 01:41 PM) *

Ok, so by popular request in the tr*ll thread, here is the recipe for fried wontons with nutella and marshmallow...its sooo easy. <BR> <BR>1. Buy your wontons, nutella, and bag of mini marshmallows <BR>2. Put some water in a small dish and set up your assembly line. <BR>3. In the center of each wonton, place 1/2 tsp of nutella and a mini marshmallow. (overstuffing is really easy, so watch out!) <BR>4. Dip your finger in water and wipe the water along two adjoining sides of the wonton. <BR>5. Gently fold the wonton over onto the watered edges, making a triangle, and press the edges together with your fingers making a nice seal. <BR>6. Heat a non-stick frying pan and pour in enough vegetable oil to generously cover the bottom of the pan. <BR>7. When the oil is hot, add a few wontons to the pan - don't let them touch, or overcrowd the pan. Turn after about 20 seconds, when the wonton just begins to turn the barest golden. Wait another 20 seconds, and then whisk them out of the pan, onto some paper towel, and eat while still warm and gooey! <BR> <BR>If you're feeling fancy, or having guests over, you can sift powdered sugar over top, and garnish with a slilce or two of fresh strawberry. MMMM...... <BR> <BR>Enjoy!! <BR> <BR>

there you go, pixie! you should pop over to barefoot and precocious cos pepper recently posted a nutella recipe! and one for crepes! mmmm.

eta: pixie, I also have a recipe for wontons -courtesy of voodoo_princess- let me know if you want it and I'll PM you.
Ok..I stole this from another web site, but it looked like something people over here might enjoy, I'd just sub in Nutella for choclate:

Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a falsehood anyway--but Lady Godiva will know!


This is pretty neat.

It takes less than a minute .
Work this out as you read ...
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun! .

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate
(more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1756 ....
If you haven't, add 1755.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number

The first digit of this was your original number
(i.e., how! many times you want to have chocolate each week).

The next two numbers are

YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)

Now *that* is crazy!! Creepy!

But, pixie, you have reminded me that I need to stop at the store on the way home to procure the ingredients for homeade nutella! ...and of course something to slather it on....and if some goat ice cream happens to fall in my cart, well...that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either. heh.
That's kind of freaky! You just blew my mind, pixie!
Has ANYBODY tried the Kraft Peanut Butter with Chocolate yet?

Today's ice cream purchase was pralines 'n' cream. MMMMM. Can't wait.
I may not have found coconut ice cream anywhere, but I've been listening to Harry Belafonte recently and when he sings "Coconut Woman" I think of Busties and ice cream. And that wonderful Thai restaurant thing with sticky rice and coconut ice cream.


Since they were on sale I bought Julie's Mint Fudge ice cream (disappointing as I can't taste any mint at all practically) and B&J's. I can't remember what the latter flavor is called, but it's the one with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and brownies and cookie dough. The frozen yogurt version b/c I like that better.

If this baby's huge after all I'm going to regret this, but in the meantime it made me feel better.

That moron who just spammed this forum then went to the other forum I frequent and spammed there.

Kind of creepy, too.

Where are those bolts of lightning from the sky when you need them?
Ya'll...this evening, I came home from work, and like the good bustie I am, whipped up a batch of homeade *nuttella!* And, now I can tell you, that it is WAY better than the jarred stuff you buy....Mmmmmm.

I just whipped up a few nutella-mashmallow wontons, and DAMN, they were fine. Very fine indeed. And I used G&B's cocoa powder too. It is the finest treat I have had in quite some time.

I have only you ladies to thank for my new obsession. And especially pepper, for her continued public service in search of the highest good for snack foodies. smile.gif
hee hee hee!!! post yer recipe so's i can make it!!
may spammers be smited. especially that one, that's just wrong.

anoushh, I don't have time just now but I'll look at B&J recipe book after the weekend for a coconut recipe. I'm relatively sure they have one. eta: had quick look and all B&J say is to combine a can of coconut milk with the sweet cream base below!

doodle, in the name of research, I thought you were going to be the BUSTie taster-tester?

That chocolate age thing is freaky.
That new spammer in the sex threads ... using the tragedy of 9/11 to sell frickin' Viagra?!?!? That is looooow. I didn't know spammers would stoop that low. Deplorable.

I am intrigued by the homemade Nutella, but I'm afraid by the quantity I may make. And by how short the shelf life must be. And by the fact that I will feel compelled to eat all of it within a week because I wouldn't want it to go bad. Because allowing Nutella to go bad and uneaten would be wong! ohmy.gif
Whoa, Anoushh. I was just listening to Harry Belafonte LAST NIGHT! Okay, that's a little funny...

Turbo, please fan my Nutella fire a little bit more. I am so into the idea of making it from scratch (HYDROGENATED FAT AND PRESERVATIVES, TAKE THAT!) and already have the recipe printed out and ready to go.
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