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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Reporting the icky thread in working girls...
wait, reporting as in telling us or reporting as in hitting the report key? i'm guessing the last one...

pistachios, oh, favourite of all the nuts. better, even, than macadamia ~ bags of which i suffer through, utterly betrayed by the vast amount of rancid morsels.
ah, pistachio, how i love thee. roasted, salty, raw and plain, green, red, in ice cream... mmm.
and in baklava!

pistachio ice cream mmmm.

there's a lovely breakfast bar thingy I like from starbucks that is mango, pistachio and cashews. cashews are my favourite nut (hehe, we're talking about nuts again - throws first pistachio to hit someone with it.)
I reported the bridal thread in working girls....I'd stick around for some food chat, but my stomach's been a little unhappy since yesterday- I ate one meal in the morning and a piece of toast around 9:00 last night. I'm not hungry now, which is very odd. I might force down some cereal.
It seems to be taken care off cos I can't see any bridal thread...

Poor (((polly))).

I've just had nutella on toast - mmmm (oh, and never try eating nutella whilst typing.)
All this talk of baklava, ahhh. You are all trying to make my ass fatter! Pistachios & cashews are both yummy. I have a fab cilantro-pistachio pesto recipe which had a hint of cardamom, mmm mmm. When I was younger the only nuts I could stand were macadamias, so sadly I am a bit burnt out on them. But now I've developed an appreciation for most varieties. And I love toasted pignolias or candied walnuts, pecans or almonds on salads. Those cinnamon sugared almonds they sell at street fairs and such, those are my sworn enemy. I won't even buy a bag, as I have absolutely no self control with them. But I love cinnamon in just about all forms. That Haagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate (which is nothing more than glorified mexican chocolate, which I adore) calls me from my sleep. It really is a good thing my lactose intolerance keeps me from eating more than a couple spoonfuls at a time. I saw these teensy little boxes of specialty chocolate at the natural foods market and they had a cinnamon flavor. If the price hadn't been so ridiculous, I would've tried it.

poor (((pollys))) tummy
Yuefie, I hate to do this to you, but I have the answer to your cinnamon almond fetish...and it's all Tart's fault! She *devilishly* brought these to my home last year, and I've been hooked ever since! Here's what you do - toast the whole almonds in the oven for about 15 minutes at 300, then drizzle them with about a tablespoon of honey over them, and toss to coat. Then, shake a tablespoon or two of the indian spice mixture garam masala (I make my own) over the honeyed almonds, toss to coat again, and then chuck them back in the oven for another 5 minutes. take them out, and they will cool and the honey will become crunchy on them, and the garam masala is a little spicy, a little sweet, and the cardamom just adds a hint of mystery. Enjoy!!

*leaves thread cackling with the joy of ennabling the tart's almonds addiction*
Oh turbo, you devil! I am going to have to make those, the recipe sounds easy and too yummy to pass up. I love indian spices, mmmm garam masala honeyed almonds will likely be my new addiction.
oh, it *will* be a new addiction, I promise you...just the thought of them makes me hungry, and I know I have a bag of almonds in the freezer, so I think they'll get chucked in the oven when I get home! Enjoy!

Edited to add: if your garam masala doesn't have salt in it, be sure to add a couple pinches to the mixture.
"...fab cilantro-pistachio pesto recipe which had a hint of cardamom..."

um, hello! where is it? post Post POST IT ALREADY!!

yikes, sorry for yelling but Really...

crunchie oven almonds coming right up, ooh the kitchen is gonna smell SO yummy!
Pssst.. pepper, I'll post it in barefoot now.

ETA done and done smile.gif

Dang it, I haven't eaten anything today (except 2 pistachio chocolate chip cookies) and this thread's making me hungry!

I bought sausage rolls, the proper kind with real pastry....think I'll go eat one...or three....
Oooh, ooh, I have a good pistachio recipe....*runs off to barefoot....*
Oh, those crazy stingy Jews! *massive eyeroll at latest working girls thread*

I love the Indian grocery store in my neighborhood. $2.75 for about three times as much spice as you get in one of those $6.99 tubs at Whole Foods or whatever. *sniff* I don't WANT to move away from here, dammit!

Damn, doodlebug. Now I want salty meat!
Yeah, I just reported it as racist spam. Fucking hell.

I had 2 sausage rolls for dinner, and then another one just now. Heh. Bad doodlebug.
oops, wrong thread.
I reported all three of them...and the "For Man Search Woman" or whatever it's called- I've requested it like 3 times now- I don't know why it's still there. I can't believe someone trying to sell a product (even though I couldn't figure out what the hell the product was) would spread such racist shit. Am I missing something here?
ha ha, i'm missing it all 'cause i ain't even lookin'. my ignore thread function is working GR8! Yeah!
hey weprevail!

thanks for giving me reason to pop my ignore feature's cherry! you rule!

mmm, cherries. i love cherries, next to the mango cherries have to be my favourite fruit. now that summer's over and i can't get any cherries i wonder what i'll do? turn to cherry PIE perhaps? that's one fruit that i don't mind cooked as a dessert. mmm, hot cherry pie. with vanilla icecream. and coffee.
(hey, if i'm gonna imagine that i'm eating that bad-for-me-junk in the first place might as well make it worth the while!)
Okay, someone is cut'n'pasting bible quotes in Survivor's Space, telling us about the virutes of forgiveness.
Dear Jesus, please save me from your "followers."
kittenb, that "someone" is our resident psycho, didn't you recognise the well-thought out and effort-involving copy & paste? wink.gif

The ignore function is working a treat for me but -if loungelady isn't going to ban him- I think we need to go back to the powerful deterrant of donations.
That's just ruthless and sick. Jesus may love you, but the rest of us think you're an asshole!
ignore ignore ignore, we asked for it and that's what it's for.
I'm ignoring, all right, but just to let you know there's yet another post, this time in Corn Cob Up My Ass. Yeah, I'd have to say it's time to start a tally again for the donations.
i don't agree. make donations, sure, post it here, sure, but we should all stop acknowledging trolls at all anywhere else, right? i mean, they feed on anything, they're bottomfeeders, like the plecostomis of the lounge only nowhere near as useful.

how are the chicklets in the teen thread faring? hopefully not bearing the brunt of the attack. that loser will die and go to it's own certain kind of hell, of that i'm sure.
I just reported him for the survivor's space stuff. That crosses a line by insinuating that victims are the ones who need forgiveness, IMHO. We should all report it.

I think I may have run out of chocolate in the house.

But I do have butter tarts....
I did too, doodlebug, that shit's just nasty.

ben & jerry made a welcome reappearance in my life this weekend. mmmm.

doodle, get thee to a chocolatier!
i have chocolate. but it's been in the house for so long that i think it's prolly stale. i have ice cream too but ditto. i haven't been eating much lately 'cause of this stupid depression that i can't seem to shake (dumb job, so not worth my anxiety) so that ass-increasing diet my sister and i were aiming for is out the window. it's only taken the past week to drop all the teeny bit it took me to gain in three farging month. sadly one or two pounds was in the chestal area and now it's gone. so i feel like a skinny bag of crap and now i look like one too.

wait, is this the right thread for this? no, i don't think so. i think this thread is for pie. right, pie.
That stuff is exactly the kind of behaviour that triggers people all over the place. People who are not survivors have absolutely no place in a survivor's safe space, because they don't even understand when they might be triggering others...or what "triggering" means, for that matter. I've been pretty good about ignoring this dude and letting him do whatever he needs to do - I do have him on ignore, so I normally have no idea what he writes. But in this case, when someone reported he was posting in survivors' space, I read his posts, and it's quite evident he's gone back to crossing the lines into abusiveness by refusing to respect people's need for a survivors-only space.

Sooooo....on the chocolate front, doodlemama, who is still visiting, went to the 7-Eleven and procured not one but TWO containers of Ben and Jerry's. Unfortunately, I was swearing at a mirror frame I was painting when she returned, and didn't notice what flavours they were. I think one might be chunky monkey.
I am out of gin and am moving on to the rum. I bought a little pecan pie earlier today and I think that might be the next victim.

Peace, y'all!
i just drank all the rum, all the ketel1 and i'm moving on the asolute, even though it reeks of olives. maybe i should just make a dirty martini, eh?

or shall i use the southern cofort and some lime and grenadine and keep drinkin\ \=shots. hm.

decisions, decis\ns.

good thinkg i'm a heathen...


oh shit, where are the pwodered doghtnuts?

fuck the baskpascae buton

shall i x-post in that other thresad? pehaps...
QUOTE(pepper @ Sep 3 2006, 04:10 PM) *

they're bottomfeeders, like the plecostomis of the lounge only nowhere near as useful.

Plecostomi (is that the correct term for the plural? If not, I'm sure I'll be corrected! Hey! How'd you get off my ignore list, you asshat?) serve a purpose- cleaning up the crap so you don't have to. I think a correct analogy would be calling the Lounge Lady a plecostomus, even though that sounds like a mixed compliment. Please don't take that the wrong way Lounge Lady! I loved the plecostomi I've had over the years- they saved me a lot of work! And, pepper, we love you no matter how you spell. happy.gif

ETA: Ah ha! Took out the underscore- sneaky bastard! Back on the ignore list for you!! mad.gif

ETAA: I reported fundie-boy in S.S. too. ((hugs to everybody in there who's been dealing with him so gracefully))
reporting the fuckface that seems to have nothing but time on his hands. funny how anger can sober one up.

fuckface! wanker! wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif
love you all and the pie and the chocolate and the ice cream.
Yum. Ice cream and pie for breakfast! I think I'll top it off with another cup of coffee...
Ice cream and pie? Yummmmmm. Makes me think about that sticky toffee pudding that is lingering in the fridge.

The new duplicate threads have been reported, just so ya know. I trust that the LL is savvy enough to deal with this.
she is: he was goading falljackets by saying how will she find them all if you keep posting above? (this was read before I added him to ignore again) but there's a read this user's post option in your profile, doofus! hehe, she'll have no probs finding them all and clicking the switch bye-bye. Althought it's mainly the duplicate threads, once you have him on ignore the threads return to normal size so no biggy. It was just aggravating to see he had returned but, as always, we'll deal.

So ... who's for more pie?
As long as we don't feed him, he'll go away. He's been awful quiet since the format switch & since he knew most of us had placed him on ignore he changed his name. Patheti-sad, really. I guess everybody has to have a hobby & his are taking it in the nuts & being obnoxious.

I don't want pie today. Last night I had a turkey melt, many beers & several shots of whisky. Still got up bright eyed & bushy tailed at seven in the am. I want a Spanish omelet.
Oh, and if anybody wants his real name and email address, I've got it.
Dope! We should all inundate him with porn & ads for viagra & penis enlargement. Is there something out there for scrotal enlargement? "Crave elephantitis of the testes? Try Ginormi-nut! All natural! *HUGE* balls in only six weeks! The better for the stompin'!"

My cod. I really should be locked away.
Yeah, I've had his info for months, but now I've pretty much had enough of him. He's engaging in online harassment, and it's time for it to end. I'm not signing anybody up for spam or anything, I'm just making it known that, should he continue to be abusive, he will be contacted directly and by name with requests for him to stop. Should that fail to work, I'll contact others around him in an effort to get them to curb his destructive behavior.

By the way, my real name is Janice Erlbaum, and my real email address is girlbomb at bway dot net. Should anybody find my behavior destructive or abusive, I invite them to contact me directly and by name.
Somebody thinks he's Jesus.
All I have to say this morning is....BACON. Bacon made in the oven sprinkled with brown sugar and cracked pepper. I *dare* you not to love sweet, salty, chewy peppery bacon. Take that!

*passes delectable bacon slices around the thread to all takers*
I heart bacon.

Poor Babe and Wilbur.
/me gets in line for some of Turbo's Pig Candy!
rolleyes.gif Oh, Turbojenn! You've made that wonderful, crispy-crunchy-chewy-salty-peppery, bed & breakfast style bacon for all of us!! smile.gif

You wonderful girl.

Now---if Auralpoison would just share some of that omelet of hers.... wub.gif
Oh my goodness, Turbo, I've never made bacon like that before. Sounds amaymay!
Damn, that sounds good, turbo. I've never done the brown sugar and pepper thing, but I can attest that baking bacon is the way to go- put a wire cooling rack on a cookie sheet, spread the strips out on that- they stay flat, they don't sit in their own grease, the crispy parts get crispy and the squishy parts stay squishy, you don't have to stand there and manage the bacon, getting splattered with hot grease. It's so good! About 300 degrees for a half-hour or so.

I'm getting this for Le Boy's Christmas present. He is a bacon fiend.
That's exactly how I made it, polly! I did line the cookie sheet with foil to make cleanup easier. But damn, that is my favorite way to eat bacon, ever. I can't claim the cleverness for it, neighbors of mine introduced me to it - they have a catering business in the city.

I did serve it with an egg scramble with sausage, goat cheese, green onions and red pepper...and the amazing thing - my allergies didn't kick up one bit. I got free range organic eggs at the farmers market, and raw goats milk cheddar - and I have no problems. Amazing!

Later this afternoon, I'm going to whip up a peach-blackberry-raspberry crisp for dessert tonight - whee!

Bacon of the month. That is completely brilliant. I want it. smile.gif
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