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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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Beans and Rice

Eat Fruit

Eat Breakfast!


& Watch Out For The Munchies!

I must admit that the Quickfast PSA is responsible for just about every peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk I consumed as a kid.

oh. my. morgan freeman. oh.

billy and molly lick a lolly?

dying. i'm just dying over here from the pure amusement. ugh.
ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif


I. would. sell. my. ass. to get ahold of one of those freakin' things right now.

I've been buggin' my kids to ask the ice cream dude every day on the truck if he's got the damnable things. At our 2nd house a few years ago, THAT ice cream guy had 'em on HIS truck....

Why can't THIS motherfucker grow a brain cell or two and START SELLING CHOCO TACOS?!?

Wow, Y'all--I just really love it that you've got me wanting Nutella AND the treat of the gods.... dry.gif
Sorry QM, should I not have directed you to this thread?! unsure.gif
true confessions from tes: i have no idea what any of you are talking about except for the choco taco because there is a picture of it.

rosiev: a poor drowning RADISH????

salad cream??

wagon wheels??

um.....yeah. sure, if you say so!

i think i had better go find doodle. boobies i understand. rolleyes.gif
IPB Image

IPB Image

tes, there are LINKS right there on the page girl. watch the foodie cartoons, they're GR8!!!
yeah, tes, what the heck is salad cream? is that like miracle whip? i've never heard of that before. or is it salad dressing? like ranch, vinagrette?

y'all are a bunch of nutella freaks dude! that stuff scares the crap outta me. my parents used to have this one jar of it (for like years, it seems like) and me and my sis were scared of it smile.gif

now goat cheese, that's a totally different story. i got some brie and some herb crackers and am going to chow them down tonight! mmmm:)

fear of condiments- i wonder what that'd be called-condiphobia? but that could be fear of condi rice....hmmmm.
salad cream
Maddy, I'm not fond of Condi Rice, either, so perhaps it doesn't matter! wink.gif

Please note that I do not consider cheese to be a condiment. Just thought I should say that.

Salad Cream! Eep!
[covers head with a blanket]
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 22 2006, 10:07 PM) *

Salad Cream! Eep!
[covers head with a blanket][/font]


I made a kick ass philadelphia cream cheese cheesecake although in future I don't think I'll bake it but chill it, the recipe I had said to bake it but it become more cake consistency than cheesecake consistency.
Nothing personal, Bunny love. Just my condiphobia rearing its head. wink.gif
Ah, I forgot that it's condiments in general.

Cheese is a meal in itself, how dare anyone suggest it's a condiment? scurvy dog!

Do not attack the cheese; "I wear the cheese, it does not wear me" is wrong.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 22 2006, 05:07 PM) *

Please note that I do not consider cheese to be a condiment. Just thought I should say that.

Oh no, we wouldn't be so silly as to presume that, of course not, because cheese is really its own FOOD GROUP! (Sorry, Bunny, I can't say it's its own meal because I MUST HAVE BREAD WITH THE FROMAGE!)

I love how this is evolving into an online picture book. I ate blueberry ice cream for dessert and it looked something like this:

IPB Image
Ack! Sweets! *hides eyes from fattening pictures*

Actually, I've just discovered the deliciousness that is white Stilton with lemon peel, on graham crackers. Sooo good....

yuefie, that quickfast psa was directly responsible for my trying peanut butter on cheddar cheese. Weirdest flavor ever. blink.gif
Had nutella crumpets yesterday (pixie, like english muffins the chocolate seeped into all of the holes). Oh, and the last slice of my Philadelphia cheesecake. Bit of a sweet day but couldn't handle the richness of combining them smile.gif.
nutella crumpets.
i am WEEPING with desire.
so unfair, when i'm OTR and literally devouring entire planets *confident that trekkies will know of what i speak*
.... serves me right for even coming in here.
Mmmmm... peanut butter and cheddar cheese.

I know what I'm having for breakfast.

And rosev, I share your fear of condiments. I might put a bit of vinegar on my fries once or twice a year, but other than that, no salad dressing, no ketchup, no mayo, nothing.
mmmmmmmmmmmm. stilton with lemon peel. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

cambozola cheese. (sort of a camembert with pockets of blue, gorgonzola like cheese) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

isn't there a stilton/cheddar cheese? cheddar on the outside, stilton on the inside? or something like that?

cheeeeeeeese. cheese is DEFINITELY not a condiment.

condi-phobia - fear of condi rice!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
We should have a cheese thread.

Sorry mandolyn!

Baklava is today's sweetness of choice, along with baby tea.
lol...I thought this was the cheese thread!

bunnyb, I must know, what is baby tea? 'Cause I'm picturing tea made from tots and served in tiny tea service cups.... huh.gif
ah, this is only so much of the cheese...

baby tea: tea with lots of milk and two sugars so that it's quite weak (sssh, mornington will yell at me - not how the "brits" drink their tea wink.gif).
Mmmm, baklava. I make a wicked baklava, if I do say so myself.
batty - my favorite sammich as a kid was grilled cheese with peanut butter. Mmmm....its just not the same with soy chedda and spelt bread. boo.
Oh, I guess I have the occasional "baby coffee", then! And that makes so much more sense....

I am loving that I am not the only one who's done cheddar and peanut butter. That one horrified my mother to no end....

I want some of Polly's WICKED baklava! Mine's only moderately bad-tempered....

I do make a positively evil cheesecake, though, and as soon as I locate
DARK Chocolate Nutella it will be downright satanic. Mwahahaaaa......
baby coffee, ha! that's the only kind i can have actually. half a small cup with lots of sugar and milk And cream. it's hardly coffee after that, and i hardly drink the whole thing either. that much caffeine and i'm like a hummingbird on speed, no joke.
polly, care to share the wicked baklava recipe (as if it wasn't wicked enough!)?

thinking about it, I probably drink baby coffee too... I like sweetness (and have hazelnut syrup when in starbucks) but recently have had couple of frothy espressos but could only handle them in small quantities.
tea brewed with two teabags of everyday tea to one bag earl grey is divine.
Wooha! S***yg***s is back! His ongoing social experiment continues. Still with the intentionally poor, faux riotgrrrl spelling, but he no longer seems to be bi...
baklava! pistachio baklava! happy happy happy tastebuds!!
does anyone know what the other sweet that is similar to baklava except that each piece is a complete unit (no cut edges, phyllo all around) is called? almost as yummy, a bit less messy to eat.....??

and whilst we are talking about yummy things that are surrounded by phyllo and cut into pieces before eating: spanakopita!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm. i am a spinach FREAK, and whoa that stuff is tasty!

it's strange in a way, but there are a lot of lebanese and greek people here in Mozambique, so i can find grape leaves and feta and other basic ingredients for making that sort of mediterranean food. i made THE BEST dolmades a few weeks ago! lemony goodness! soooooooooooo many great things to eat in the world!!!
I LOVE dolmades!

I sometimes think I'm insane 'cause I don't like tea. I don't understand what's wrong with me. I've tried and tried....I've tried different kinds, different brands, caffeinated, de-caffeinated, green, herbal, with/without sugar and/or cream and/or honey and/or lemon....*sigh*....I just don't "get" tea.

I feel so un-Canadian admitting this. A Canadian admitting to not liking tea is almost akin to a Canadian admitting to not liking hockey. (Which is also true for me.)

I just ate a huge bowl of breyer's pralines and cream ice cream.

Also, this afternoon in a restaurant I had coffee and also ordered an espresso, which I poured into my coffee. Which may be part of the reason I'm still awake at 2:30 AM.
I'm posting the baklava recipe in Barefoot, Precocious and in the Kitchen....

It's a really simple recipe, and probably not even the most authentic one (the recipe in The Olive and the Caper is waaaay more authentic, using pistachios and some Greek herb that I've never heard of) but everyone swears it's the best baklava they've ever had.

Mmm, dolmades. Greek (and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern in general) are my favorite foods. Some pastitsio, leg of lamb, skordalia, hummus, corfu salad....
Corrected baklava recipe has been posted. smile.gif
The religious nut is back. FUCK OFF!
pollystyrene has said in CF that there's a report option but I can't find it ... I'm sure it's new, probably to save loungelady having to read all the PMs she receives complaining about asshats and wackos. eta: found it (bottom of post). It's like a tag-team effort, we get rid of one and the other reappears.

Hoping to have nutella pancakes that I missed out on last time at lunch today.
um, can everyone stop looking at those posts? it SHOWS how many views each post has had, you don't have to comment to make idjits feel validated, you just have to Look. don't do it!
Like the song off The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, when the advertisment characters come to life and start destroying the town:

[Paul Anka]
To stop those monsters 1-2-3
Here's a fresh new way that's trouble free
It's got Paul Anka's guarantee...
Guarantee void in Tennessee!
Just don't look!
Just don't look!
Just don't look!
Just don't look!

When you see the title, it's obviously a tr**l thread- why do people need to look at it? (unless it's to report it, which is why I went in there. Maybe we should post here when one of us has reported it, so no one else has to go in there.)
exactly pollystyrene, we need to know whether it's been reported or not.
many of us are THRILLED with our new ignore poster button.
i vote that maybe we PRETEND we have an IGNORE THREAD button.
if we're going to report every single thing to the lounge lady, i can see that getting rather annoying.
and they're working on a message for the front page. so let's be patient. k?
an intro would be really great but i still think there should be a time restriction on creating new posts. there really isn't any reason not to, unless it's not possible. patience, yes, but exactly how long does it take to make these changes anyhow? just wondering.
I love the ignore feature. It works fantastically. So I guess I don't understand why folks are STILL getting riled up. At this point, it's like any other spam thread, and the fundie is like any other spammer.

I just got home from a vaycay yesterday, and there was half a jar of lovely Nutella waiting for me in the fridge. (It's summer in the Canadian desert...can't leave that stuff in the cupboard.)

I brought doodlemama back with me for her own vaycay, though....and while I love doodlemama....I hate it when the equilibrium of my tidy, organized kitchen gets thrown off....especially by someone who hates cooking!

This is why I can't live with other people.
Looks like it's time to add another name to my ignore list! tongue.gif

Ahhhh! That add, felt good. I wish there was an ignore feature for co-workers.
Lovely, innit? It's so nice to not hear the tree fall in the woods.
i wish that function worked for co-workers too. wouldn't that be the most excellent part of the day?
LOL Pepper! That would be excellent- "ah ah ah, I'm ignoring you today. Go away!" tongue.gif
What's nice is you can add someone without ever having to open their thread, giving them the satisfaction of one more page view. I mean, it's not like this one makes it hard to tell which new threads are his. ("Hmmm... odd phrasing... biblical quotes... lecturing, self-righteous tone... I wonder, I wonder.") Click on his username and Ignore is right under Options. I love it, I tell you. This has been way too many years in coming.
thanks msp, I hadn't found the options um option and was going through it the long way by going to my controls then having to enter name.
Also, if you're not sure about a new thread (not lil' JD, but less obvious ones), you can click on the username of the thread starter and choose to find users posts, which will allow you to see the post in the thread in question without giving it a new view in the count. This is also good for those that just can't resist peeking. Although, since threads will come up in a google search, I don't think that all the tracked views are actually BUSTies.

And because I can't not mention food, tongue.gif I'm making Lemon-Ginger Cake with Pistachios, just because it's cool enough to fire up the oven!

My ambition today is to make separate dishes that use up goat's cheese, feta and marscapone - cheesealcious! see you later in what i ate.
Nevermind. I'm a moron.
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